Wednesday, October 5, 2011

strategy speed LED

The LG group adjusts industry strategy speed LED illuminate devotion
September is 26, the LG group announces recently of"2020 green strategies"s programming suggests, the coming 5 years, the LG group draws up to throw in 8 Han Yuan(about renminbis 43,200,000,000) to the green new industry and have the sale of environmental industry till 2015 compare promote to 15%.

The LG group green new industry mainly includes:The dynamoelectric car is zero parts businesses and draw up to throw in 2 Han Yuan and go to 2013 LG chemistry of dynamoelectric car battery yield from current of 100,000 promote to 350,000, till 2015 the global market share lift to above 25%.Solar energy business, plans to 2015 gets into ex- the world 10 strong row or columns, and form the chain of the solar energy business integrity that constitutes to°from the LG chemistry(much crystal Huo) and LG siltron(wafer), LG electronics(battery, mold piece) and the energy of LG solar(generate electricity a station luck camp) system.Illuminate business, draw up to 2015 to mention LG innotek 10% is or so in the global LED market share.

At the same time, it is said that the LG will release high-performance LED to illuminate a new product in October, just at actively layout, prepare to launch a series of LEDs to illuminate a related sales promotion.Special of BE, this time publicity doesn't particularly and not aim at the short-term sex advertisement of product but plan, but hopes to illuminate a market in LED in, beat ring the brand popularity of happy gold.

The placard slogan of original LG group is "Life's Good", this publicity specially changes old slogan into"Life's Good, Lighting's Good", will represent illuminative English word Lighting to join joy the gold brand institutional advertising slogan in, well express that the LG is illuminating the attempt of realm.

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