Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LED industry production

The LED industry production value greatly increases
LED's illuminating revolution has already come for ages
At the beginning of last year, Toshiba announced to stop having 120 years of the common incandescent lamp production line of brilliancy, and declared that LED of military advance China illuminates a market, Toshiba this undertaking was just 1 that global LED illuminated market like rising winds and surging clouds to miniature.In China, the LED industry is a low carbon industry and become son in spoiling of not a few citieses.

Someone says that local LED illuminates the industry various Hou to set up separatist regime, the market competition is already a knives to see red.The last year LED in Dongguan production value is about 8,000,000,000 dollars and illuminate industry in LED have already had a place.

In July, this year, LED the industry is been included in Guangdong province to draw up to lead off to break of three one of the big strategic newly arisen industrieses.Peripheral city in Dongguan has already striven for a layout such as the Hui state, Buddha mountain classes and grades.

LED industry in Dongguan, what should one do?A series of policy in Dongguan gave emollient answer:LED industry make sure for the strategic newly arisen industry, from 2010-2015 years, the strong dint supports 500,000,000 dollars' carrying on to support annually.The LED industry is becoming the new engine that pushes Dongguan to transform a development.

LED industry chain in Dongguan already the first step form
LED business enterprise in Dongguan distributes outside the upper stream to postpone a slice in swiming chip and arrives the downstream to pack, each links such as application and kit material etc., have already formed more complete industry chain, and at in the downstream pack application realm and key equipments to make aspect to have certain advantage.

Dongguan has already cultivated to develop more than 110 houses to be engaged in LED lighting technique and product development, production and applied business enterprise currently, not lack medium gallium semi-conductor, blessing ground electronics, frequently last optoelectronics, Kai space and ambition's becoming China section etc. is one large numbers of framework business enterprises, among them, the overseas-funded enterprises are 29 and take up 25% of the business enterprise total amount around.

With frequently last optoelectronics for example, that company's keeping is higher than a profession growth rate of speed high speed development, completed Guangzhou science center road lighting, the road lighting of the United States Colorado, New Zealand Auckland City LED road lighting and East China Sea, Shanghai City great bridge LED street lamp lighting, river big dike in the east of Dongguan 52.3 kilometers of road lighting etc.s many illuminate engineering.

LED industry production value in Dongguan already arrives 8,000,000,000 dollars and compares to increase 60% in 2009 in 2010.Dongguan is successively affirmed to illuminate application engineering experimental unit for the guo jia science and technology department"ten cities are ten thousand" semi-conductor city and guo jia semi-conductor illuminate the engineering high new technique industry turn base and province LED industry base in Guangdong and province green in Guangdong to illuminate a model city, and get the approval construction guo jia semi-conductor light source product quality direct examination center(Guangdong).

Are total for 5 years 2,500,000,000 promote LED industry development
For push LED the industry develop, July, 2009, Dongguan exclusively established from often work pair mayoral〃 term the senior clerk's Dongguan push forward LED industry development and application model work leadership group, the orchestration moderates to solve to appear in LED industry development in Dongguan and application demonstration of problem.In 2010, LED leads a group to successively convene the lighting industry working conference of the leadership group plenary session and whole city semi-conductor, summary and deploy whole city LED the industry developing.

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