Wednesday, November 30, 2011

kind of misunderstanding

LED's illuminating productivity excess to deserve a control is a kind of misunderstanding
Hold recently of in 2011 new material development trend seminar up, national semi-conductor lighting engineering development and industry alliance Secretary-general Wu Ling said, LED illuminate industry growth the space is huge, a lot of business enterprises in succession last LED horse illuminates item, someone thinks productivity excess and should carry on a control, this is a kind of misunderstanding, though low level productivity excess, the high level productivity is still not enough.

Hold recently of in 2011 new material development trend seminar up, national semi-conductor lighting engineering development and industry alliance Secretary-general Wu Ling said, LED illuminate industry growth the space is huge, a lot of business enterprises in succession last LED horse illuminates item, someone thinks productivity excess and should carry on a control, this is a kind of misunderstanding, though low level productivity excess, the high level productivity is still not enough.Local foundation research the result is a lot of, the national policy will after supporting the strength enlargement can get an application in the industry in the future, can also apply for patent in the other links local business enterprise of industry chain.

Hold recently of in 2011 new material development trend seminar up, national semi-conductor lighting engineering development and industry alliance Secretary-general Wu Ling said, LED illuminate industry growth the space is huge, a lot of business enterprises in succession last LED horse illuminates item, someone thinks productivity excess and should carry on a control, this is a kind of misunderstanding, though low level productivity excess, the high level productivity is still not enough.

This standpoint gets other experts approbation inside the industry.Chinese lighting electric appliances association chairman of the board Chen Yan said while wasing born in to accept a reporter a telephone interview, in the future LED illuminate the profession would have a stage for shuffling cards, some business enterprises are in the item throws a postnatal period detection to throw in big but produce little will withdraw this market gradually, there being the business enterprise that there is advantage on the real strenght, technique on the economy will be shuffling cards to win in the process.

Wu Ling said that 2010 the middle of the year, country LED illuminates light source yield more than 150,000,000, anticipating in 2015 will over 1,400,000,000, the industry turns into a rapid development stage.At industry chain upper stream, the multinational company applied for patent, the barracks was higher, someone consequently thinks development LED lighting the foreground isn't good, this is also a kind of misunderstanding.Local foundation research the result is a lot of, the national policy will after supporting the strength enlargement can get an application in the industry in the future, can also apply for patent in the other links local business enterprise of industry chain.

Declare:The new wave net carries this text to proceed from the purpose of delivering more informations, don't mean to agree with its standpoint or confirmation its description.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The LED actuator designs

The efficiency is the tallest in the world, the service life grows most of off-line type LED the manufacturer of the actuator IC Power Integrations the company released a style of new reference design(DER-297) today, is the high-efficiency and super tightly packed actuator that aims at a LED lamp bulb design.That power doesn't  insulate single LED according to the LinkSwitch-PL of Power Integrations series actuator IC design but become, specially be applicable to a high pressure LED application, for example Cree release recently of XLamp XM-L and XLamp the XT-E series LED product.DER-297 can provide the high pressure that the LED requests to output, and pass to lower to drive electricity and the achievement that the electric current in the exportation diode results in to consume to promote a whole system efficiency.

The power DER-297 designed to all amount to use 20 components, physical volume smallest, the cost efficiency shows Zhao very much.The LinkSwitch-PL spare part has the highest integration degree, it is single to decline to press in one-rose to press to integrate PFC and Heng to flow function in the electric circuit.For LED of a 4.3 Ws actuator, that design the efficiency can attain 87%(can reach to 86% for 2.9 W outputting an efficiency) under the 115 VAC, in the meantime power factor over 0.9, can easily satisfy EN61000-3-2 like this Class C limit the value requests and make the total Xie wave lost to be really(THD) lower than 20%.

Power Integrations is responsible for the product marketing that LED applies business manager Andrew Smith mean:"The lighting application of small scaled B10 lamp bulbs and same shape tightly packeds puts forward a tremendous challenge for LED light.In DER-297 LinkSwitch-PL of the usage spare part since can let up an actuator physical volume, can raise its work efficiency again, therefore we have never needed to adopt to infuse to note compound or sacrifice its function, can immediately pack the design into a B10 light.The material detailed list(BOM) of simplifying also means that converting the cost of machine is the lowest and makes the price competed day by day a vigorous lighting market."

The applied engineering of the Cree company supervisor Mark McClear add to say:"The B10 lamp bulb outer shell physical volume broughts a very tough engineering challenges for designer of actuator smallest.The LinkSwitch-PL spare part adoption of Power Integrations declines to press-rise a press type the Tuo rush toward structure, not only can provide for LED smooth drive, and return an ability the number and high work efficiency easily satisfy a low component various physics and spread a hot norm request."

Monday, November 28, 2011

science and technology

The organization has a liking for concept Wang Ya3 Wei of LED to get to go together with 400,000 great Yu science and technology
The big dish maintained a narrow to pound at 2400:00 under the push that flapped to concuss, once weighed in the powers, such as coupon company and petroleum...etc. in the dish yesterday, but the quantity can not help under soon after dive under go.Up to close, the index number rises 0.12%, the report accepts at 2383.03:00 and only clinch a deal 46,400,000,000 dollars.
Two cities add up to 5 to rise to stop, 2 falls to stop.(all don't account ST)Be subjected to a benefit to expect so much at the policy benefit among them of water conservancy, grow an industry etc. before residing, tectonic plate rise's finance, have color etc. tectonic plate for lift to pull index number of main power heavy, the media, and electronics...etc. newly arisen industry continues back to vomit, the pre-eminent repairs to fall effect proliferation.
In Long Hu Bang, continued to actively operate last Friday, yesterday organization's totally wading 12 and clean buying is 8, the main concentration is at the time new up, include last Friday square debarkation medium the small knothole frequently ascended optoelectronics, great Yu science and technology and Anne Jie science and technology etc..
Frequently last the optoelectronics absorb a gold to over 50,000,000 on the twoth
Last Friday, win the small plank welcomed 4 news and frequently ascended optoelectronics(002638) just early the dish brief blunt Gao then flapped to concuss next, until the tail dish square has already raised an action, head day only rises 2.33%, for together the one who criticize to be the weakest in a .
Yesterday that on sweeping haze, the dish early namely flapped to concuss to up after quickly returning to trample, the tail dish are also 1 to pull to rise.Up to close, that rises 4.72%, the report is accepted to 25.72 dollars, for together the one who criticize to be the strongest in a .
As early as last Friday, that namely get 3 organizations aggregate the buying is 30,940,000 dollars.But yesterday clinch a deal to requite in, the organization contracts for a buying seat front two, add up buying 21,420,000 dollars;Sell a seat five ex- none organizations.2 trades daytime, organization already total amount single side the buying is 52,360,000 dollars and match about 5.6% that 2,110,000 have to circulate dish and absorb to raise strength still considerable.
Remarkable BE, that issue price(24 dollars) of absolute value not high, but to should publish city Ying rate already 5600%, create in this month a new the issue time is high to record.Participate in 112 organizations of inquiry in the meantime, when the net bottom goes together with to sell only 21 to issue price or above offer, have compare only 18.75%.Among them tallest declare price also however 25 dollars more publishes price to only and up float 4.17%, the closing price has already marked down price 2.8% a little bit yesterday.
The net bottom didn't need to be seen while going together with to sell, second class on the market but strongly absorb to raise, the organization raises anti- Cuo bad or have something to do with that the topic belonged to-the company main camp LED illuminated the application of product, temporary didn't involve chip manufacturing and to pack to wait realm, place profession industry chain most downstream.The industry insider said that in the near future the LED concept is in the policy benefit well under is outstanding, organization rather at second class on the market buying that, display it in the certain degree to one class market the limit sell a period of evade, not expel enter to proceed from a short line operation consideration recently

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Policy catalyst

The profession of LED:Policy catalyst acceleration's permeating to give is optimistic about a rating
:Continue the last week standpoint-the international big factory keep on hair dint, LED illuminates product category rapid increment, terminal LED product again reduce price.In the policy catalyst, the related lighting lamp installs acceleration, the benefit permeates at the LED lighting.Invest a suggestion:See street lamp, tunnel light, tube light used in business and shoot the related lamp need of the light, and PAR light...etc. to have great capacity from the product type, from application the realm see the government bid, building lighting bid etc. is lord;See from the business enterprise, the local government engineering gainer, foreign business building bid gainer will acquire bigger income.

Industry dynamic state and point review:

(1)Siemens lately the detection can be used for led scarlet to give out light material

(2)The Mitsubishi chemistry spreads the Year 13's, the yield white LED uses GaN, the board challenges 40% cities and has(3) the Lu letter creates and draws up and invests renminbis 19,000,000 and only carries on a new century of capital increase(4) to wave tide China a south section 3 factories are in use, the single month illuminates a revenue and challenges in 2012200,000,000 dollars(5) TCL will launch and let a benefit activity in the southwest five cities, the LED price keeps declining big factory ship of 40%(6) Japan the well(Funai) and Suzhou is clear and show off the optoelectronics match and set up two LEDs and illuminate three star electronicses of company(7) and announce life span and reach to LED a lamp bulb for 40,000 hour

(8)The EU grants Holland Philip's company to procure LED that outdoor lighting group Indal(9) in Spain loosenned a company to release a new style of global head transparent glass lampshade lamp bulb(10) three stars announce of 7 styles of face to a consumer LED lamp bulb product, the selling price is lower than USD 20

(11)"25" Guangdong will add renminbi 2,000,000,000 support LED to wait a newly arisen industry development annually

(12)Benefit rather the city draws up in 5 years city area more than 20,000 street lamps replace for LED a street lamp(13) country the head criticize LED the lighting economize on energy a subsidy policy to nearly expect a set, the initial subsidy amount is about 4,000,000

(14)Taiwan will invest 700,000,000 NT$s, will replace the road lighting as LED in 2012 light source

The condition of the market looks back:

The this week A LED profession in, in hair science and technology, crystal optoelectronics and long Ying nicety, return to day the gum industry, big clan laser occupy ex-5 of rise;The Gan shines on optoelectronics, the Hong benefit optoelectronics, the Rui plentiful optoelectronics and sky optoelectronics dragon, allied set up optoelectronics to occupy ex-5 of fall;Thunder Man optoelectronics, frequently last optoelectronics, the Rui plentiful optoelectronics, unite to set up optoelectronics, continent clear science and technology to change a hand before the rate 5.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

common family to release

When does the LED light illuminate a common family to release
House lives martial Chang and go to work at Hankow of Mr. Zhao notice recently, the street lamp of Yangtze River Bridge, Wuhan seemed to become to°from the past orange white.In fact, this because, all of 70 street lamps of of two bridgeheads in Yangtze River Bridge change in September, this year the LED light of economy energy green.

BE illuminating profession, LED has already at that moment and most become vogue the lighting product of environmental protection is most.

At the beginning of in this month, the national hair changes Wei announcement 《China gradually eliminate incandescent lamp route diagram 》, the traditional incandescent lamp acquainted with by behavior once will gradually withdraw a market within five years and took but generation of will be a province electricity the economy energy light of environmental protection.The set of this policy lets is being placeds in to develop medium LED profession very excited.

LED industry several near in the last yearses have already become a to invest a little bit hot tectonic plate.In Wuhan, around the manufacturing business enterprise of downstream in the LED top have already had several, and still have more industry tycoons into this profession.

However, LED illuminates a current market actually have much big?In the future, when can walk into usually common people's house?

The third-time revolution of light source

The LED light has already appeared at us nearby, only the many people didn't discover just.Several year agos, science and technology in light valley in Wuhan will mansion in the exhibition center adopt LED the light source carry on bright turn, the cope of night condescends to come soft of blue, the colorful light hand over to mutually reflect, this is the head green in Wuhan to construct a bright chemical engineering distance.In addition, at Hankow river's pool, as well have more than 7000 LED street lamps."The incandescent lamp gradually eliminates route diagram the set are a very big benefit to like to us."Wuhan the general manager of the Bole Lai optoelectronics company assistant Lin Fan say to the reporter.That company is a profession is engaged in LED the light source product applies a development of business enterprise, their front soon just carried on LED to economize on energy a light reformation for some government unit in Wuhan engineering."Changed the common fluorescent lamp of inside in the mansion all 40 tiles into the LED light of 18 tiles tube, economize on energy above 50%, the radiation still is good friends with than the past.LED is a latest model light source and all have much of advantage in the economy energy, life span, bright degree, and environmental protection...etc.."

According to the introduction, the LED light is a kind of semi-conductor solid to give out light a spare part and use semi-conductor chip as to give out light material, can directly send out red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, the light in white.The LED light lighting has to have fever quantity low, consume electricity quantity little, the life span grow etc. advantage.

LED's illuminating is praised as to illuminate the third-time revolution of light source after the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp.The expert affirms, China LED illuminates the market future quota to over a dollar.

The angle that reduces a row, push industrial upgrading from the economy energy sets out, government department concerned to the expansion that LED illuminates in recent years is also spare no effort.Since 2009, science and technology department promotes "ten cities are ten thousand" engineering, 21 local cities including Wuhan develop LED lighting application engineering experimental unit work, the target replaces 6,000,000 street lamps of this 21 cities before the end of 2011.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

business enterprise collapse

LED the business enterprise collapse tide the round wait to become available in the market to raise funds to"pass the winter"
Capital to the LED industry pursues "replication" basically light Fu the scene of the industry, the its result doesn't have an accident a ground of likeness as well.Along with a sale sum in Shenzhen ascend hundred million of LED business enterprise boss"the entire family runs road", LED the profession ruthlessness reality is uncovered.Not a few LED business enterprises are waiting in line to become available in the market and"pass the winter" by the storage enough funds.

First half year of this year, LED the price of the chip falls 30% or so.Have an analyst estimate second half year of still have above 10% of fall, and think clear will there is still year after next slump space;And 2 inches blue precious stone Chen the market price of the bottom as if also sit last quickly rose to USD 38 from USD 9 per slice last year over the mountain car, arrived to then quickly fall this year, have already fallen to USD 8 currently or so.

Price of the significant slump cause a business enterprise to"close the door" phenomenon repeatedly deliver.According to high statistics in industry graduate school in work LED, this year national LED the amount of the business enterprise collapse exceed 10%, seal to pack among them of have more than 100s;Doing more than 300 of lamp is mostly a small business enterprise.

"Each link investment's expanding to produce acceleration is one great factor that causes the above-mentioned circumstances."The stock certificate analyst, Liu Zhuo Ping, of Dongguan says.According to high statistics in industry graduate school in work LED, add an amount of investment to there are 69 in more than 100,000,000 investment items in the first half of 2011, but last year whole years only 74;The upper stream outside postpones a slice of chip, first half year amount of investment 71,794,000,000, is a whole year last year 52.11% of amount of investment;First half year of invest most explode for the fire of is blue precious stone item, make a contract a programming amount of investment to reach to 21,506,000,000, was a whole year to is 94.63% of amount of investment last year.

"Its result is the problem that faces productivity excess."The chip manufacturer's private's orchid tiny(600460) relevant personage of LED said that" we think, the scale turns to extend to step to order for a quasi- time better."

But consistent viewpoint inside the industry BE, "time orders" that wants to seek now is to want to see an opening of downstream need.Because LED is thought to will become a giving out light of monopoly source in the future, the LED industry will also develop into the huge industry that exceeds a trillion, conceive an opportunity to pump capital into among them and cause capital's piling into.But, because of currently cost high Qi, the need of downstream didn't open, the investment impulse of upper stream by all means causes to supply excess, and the shuffling cards of profession also now draws back.

Liu Zhuo Ping said that the funds of upper stream chip link throws in very big, downstream's applying the outlet of link is as higher as brand barracks, therefore, at LED shuffling cards of profession in, be in the center located on sealing of link to pack realm first hit.

Sees from the current circumstance, the splitting of funds chain is the disaster head that makes the business enterprise closed down."Speak to the listed company in the profession, still nonexistent problem like this."Liu Zhuo Ping says that" because the listed company contains margin outlet, is particularly some lately- become available in the market companies, the funds is abundant, so haven't a few LED business enterprises is waiting in line to become available in the market."

But, the influence been subjected to by listed company is also obvious.To this, Liu Zhuo Ping gave contrast like this:First half year of this year, LED profession listed company operating revenue's increasing on the average is 27%, but increasing of the first 3 quarter degree decline to 20%;Seeing from the net profit smooth level, first half year of its increasing on the average is 40%, but increasing of the first 3 quarter degree only have 23%.In the meantime what demand notices BE, have of company although the accomplishment looks not to differ, profits very big part come from a subsidy.

Face a predicament, there is listed company meaning, the gross profit rate keeps is to have no in the profession of above 50% of, so reduce price is affirmative existent, as for can descend to arrive what extent, each company is different.But the analyst think, LED core competencies of the business enterprise is to see who can decline the cost to lowest.

Monday, November 21, 2011

LED profession follow

Will the LED profession follow a cold winter?

This year's Gao Jiao Hui, LED product rather"hot" in early years.The reporter Xuan Hui shoots
Is former years Gao Jiao Hui's star product, current Gao Jiao Hui particularly camp LED join the exhibition a business enterprise to only have an empty several

"There is no technique, use to press a market with low price, don't pay attention to a quality, cost control, wants to get into a market to earn 1 and close down a bankruptcy can be said to be inevitable."

-Some industry insider

Text|reporter Liao Jia is clear

Yesterday, the 13th Gao Jiao would end, this year of stocktaking Gao Jiao Hui, believe that not a few people will discover, in early years Gao Jiao Hui's star product LED product at this year's Gao Jiao will ascend to seem to"stop activity", the optoelectronics flat panel of the No.3 exhibition building shows an exhibition, particularly joining the exhibition of camp LED business enterprise only have empty several.

Recently LED of Shenzhen profession it may be said the dark cloud spread densely and there is experienced industry insider anticipating, first half year of till next year from now, will have more than 50% LEDs business enterprise collapse.Did the LED profession follow in winter?

The LED profession becomes "fragrant Bo Bo"

According to understanding, while economizing on energy the irresistible general trend of environmental protection, March 7, 2009, Shenzhen City released in the national initiative 《LED industry development programming in Shenzhen City 》wait a document to help LED to economize on energy an illuminative development.Henceforth, Shenzhen for participate in a government investment item LED the business enterprise of the model engineering, give according to the price of lamp 10% subsidy, and stick an interest for 3 years, apply the business enterprise of model engineering towards undertaking investment in enterprise item LED, give according to 30% of LED lamp price subsidy.

At that time, the LED profession becomes "fragrant Bo Bo", the each road funds beginning"madness" throws in.A be engaged in LED the profession have 19 years of the business enterprise of long industry insider place's uniting for LED industry in Shenzhen City will start one of the units, it reveals, business enterprise inside the LED profession in Shenzhen is only 800 in 2008, and till the end of last year this number have already become more than 3000 houses and occupy 70% of whole country.

The profession shuffles cards since 2009

But the "madness" devotion of each road funds didn't bring health of profession positive development.According to understanding, turns production and sale along with the LED product scale, the small factory, small workshop constantly joins "battlefield" and adopts some skills that compete with low price more and make LED the price of article descends gradually, let market before completely developing, the vitality greatly harms.

"Same product, the small business enterprise wants to sell 4000 dollars and medium-sizedly wants to sell 5000 dollars, but some slightly a little bit bigger of business enterprise for occupying a market quota to use is lower than cost the price of 3800 dollars rob a market, as time passes, weaker small business enterprise of some funds chains wills is subjected to impact, is squeezed a market."That industry insider says.

"The LED cake is very big and see rich to earn, everyone came in and originally walked 2 can see a LED factory and arrive to°from several 10 people's small factory small workshops to all have at Anne of the treasure, Long Gang ."Shenzhen sees the Jue light Xu electronics limited company representative director, Wang Ming Feng, say.

"There is no technique, use to press a market with low price, don't pay attention to a quality, cost control, wants to get into a market to earn 1 and close down a bankruptcy can be said to be inevitable."Wang Ming Feng says that"'s in fact shuffling cards has been already started in 2009, some large business enterprises merge some small business enterprises, or some small business enterprises withdraw a market."

"I believe first half year of from second half this year from year to next year, there will be 50% business enterprises inside the LED profession eliminating to go out, finally leave some excellent of, have a technical business enterprise."A experienced industry insider means.

Recognize pure situation to play "technique card"

The reporter understands, currently some LEDs that know current situation the business enterprise be all strengthening "technique real strenght" of oneself and go and"rob" a market with the good product.

"We get into profession what to have been walking is development+creative road."Wang Ming Feng says that according to the introduction, that company has already owned 47 patent techniques currently, "super thin, light, the mute, environmental protection is the advantage of our product".

With can consume for example, "we LED of 15 square meters' holding an achievement to consume is 4.5 kilowatts, but old style of of LED need 20 kilowatts or so, is old style of of quarter."Wang Shuo.Fore 2 days of Gao Jiao will up, see Jue only the Xu electronics have already talked the cooperation intention of more than 30 houses, participate in Gao Jiao Hui to have result like this for the first time and let him is very happy.

But another business enterprise-text Zhuo science and technology then release the new Na rice economy energy light, the expectation can broadly expand at household-use market.Its representative director, Li Wen Miao, said that the business enterprise makes use of a Na rice reflection technique, let the LED light"increase a life", the light source life span can reach to for more than 20000 hourses and economize on energy province to give or get an electric shock above 50% in the meantime.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

LED become main current

LCD the television fade out LED become main current
We know that the national economy constitutes to°from each industry of, be like car, steel, bank, and dining...etc., is the profession of all mutual connection, understood the rise and fall of each industry, then can enough solve the movement of whole economy.Each industry is a role in the all economic big stage, our finance and economics channel will gradually release the series program of industry survey and select by examinations those paying of importance pillar industry, and the investor and consumerses all pay attention to very much of industry, combine an important dynamic state to carry on investigating a report way.Today, we come first to pay attention to flat panel display industry.The LCD TV is what we all acquaint with, but the LCD TV also divides quite a few, and separates the forerunner and fall behind.Our reporter understands and just got into an appliance market LCD around 5 years the flat panel television have already faced the destiny of backing the city, the so-called LCD television is also English Jian Xie of the liquid crystal display and arrived beginning of next year, in the front-line city you may the meeting could not see LCD any further flat panel television, take but generation it of then LED carry light source television on LED's back, the its basic reason is LCD the flat panel television can consume too high.Read a report way together.

LCD and LEDs all belong to a LCD TV, but LCD carrying on the back of adoption the light source is a fluorescent lamp tube, while LED then give out light diode and generally call "LED carry light source LCD TV on LED's back", it shows in the service life, color, particularly is consume up all want to be excellent and LCD television.Take a style of television of 32 inches as an example, LED carry optoelectronics on LED's back see of can consume to 60 tiles or so, but LCD the television then be or so for 80 tiles, can consume a high 30% is many.

Consumer:Will choose LED while purchasing television.

After the local business enterprise controled the core technique of LCD glass board, LED carry light source television on LED's back currently the price significantly descend and have of even want still is lower than LCD television.Can say, LCD television already the day decline.

The reporter gives or gets an electric shock a selling exhibition to understand from each everyone of Peking, LED carry the market quota that the optoelectronics sees on LED's back currently have already come to a 90%, will even surge 95% in the near future.But LCD the television then become no man to ask about, in each shopping mall, LCD television under way lowest 5 fold of pure Cang processing.The dealers mean that they are reducing LCD the amount of purchase of the television, at the beginning of next year in the front-line city, LCD the figure of the television probably disappeared.

Domestic LCD glass board already break have no scale

Our reporters also understand, the so-called LED television should be called LED carry optoelectronics on LED's back see, is also 1 kind of LCD TV, but the light source became to give out light diode, the LCD front-panel still was traditional LCD LCD front-panel.Say LCD front-panel we aren't unfamiliar, the flat panel computer, intelligence cellular phone, and digital camera...etc. all can not get away from LCD front-panel.And make reference to the upper stream of LCD front-panel, is also a LCD glass board, this had a little profession, the LCD glass board had to 20-30% of LCD front-panel cost.The global market of this product is waited 4 multinational company monopolies by healthy and peaceful the United States.But, the domestic LCD glass board has already started a batch quantity providing goods now.The industry structure and form that the flat panel shows starts changing.

Recently, the east of the city and China starlight gave or got an electric shock all of two 8.5 LCD front-panel lines of independent construction into hurl to produce a stage and alleviated the our country flat panel showed industry for long time the situation of "lacked Xin little held".However technique content and the profit margins all tallest LCD glass board domestic still can not produce.

LCD glass engineering technique research center director, Wang Jun4 Ming, of Henan:The key is this material, there is no this self-made ability, the foreign company is this, you can not produce by yourself he wants for you of the price is very high, of Gao you must also want, you can not get away from it.

Now, Zheng Zhou Xu flew optoelectronics to be finished the fifth generation LCD show a glass board production line and carried out the yield of 800,000 square meters.Become all medium optoelectronics 0.5 millimeters of 4.5 LCD glass board production lines also started a batch quantity providing goods.But domestic LCD board glass up to now only a few production lines can batch quantity production, understand according to the reporter, a LCD front-panel production line yearly yield is 1,200,000 pieces, a piece of front-panel needs two slices of glass boards.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

LED business enterprises

The productivity excess strikes more than 400 LED business enterprises in Shenzhen to close down
Much sign after the LED business enterprise Jun old always after running road, another LED for hasing small reputation in Shenzhen business enterprise Bo Lun especially the optoelectronics also declare a collapse.At that time, LED the profession is agitated.

The export meets cold productivity excess to strike

Much sign after the LED business enterprise Jun old always after running road, another LED for hasing small reputation in Shenzhen business enterprise Bo Lun especially the optoelectronics also declare a collapse.At that time, LED the profession is agitated.

The reporter understands to°from several line wife privates, up to this year first half year of, scale LED business enterprise in Shenzhen has 4000 around, but first half year of have already had more than 100 in homes to visit to pack a business enterprise this year, more than 300 downstream applied business enterprise collapse.

"Monthly have greatly collapse in the factory house that establish, there is also big pair of in the LED factory house, we are to lean against the last silk tiny benefit is supporting, protect to prohibit which day also closed the door to turn to go", Shenzhen City long prosperous optoelectronics limited company boss Yao benefit the noodles take just some little helpless.

The way of difficult existence

The factory of Yao benefit at Anne Anne from treasure in Shenzhen chemical engineering industry area, the factory scale isn't big, only several ten workers, have already done more than three years of light bead to pack.

"To, transparently is also this unit price, five cents, money already very cheapness, again little don't go, pay by cash of words can little one Li money, 49 Lis, this offer is really not getting more expensive."

After firing away a telephone with customer, Yao benefit slightly and helplessly to south all the reporter say:"Doing LED now is this line of of the person is more and more, the price is also pressed more and more low, several cent, the goods customer of money still needs to reduce price."According to Yao benefit introduction, the LED packs mainly currently is export an overseas, the local market concentration decorates in the real estate, but since second half year of last year, "the order reduced gradually, arrived currently compare little at the beginning of last year probably 1/3".

The B of the industrial area high unusual mansion of Anne Anwar from treasure in Shenzhen the 2nd floors are a Yao quick of speech win that of the factory of "do a LED to pack than us like".The factory doorway didn't hang any signboard, the machine voice that opens 1 to sew, "bomb" in the factory door from in spread, stick an AN on the door 4 papers, print the black body word tells a foreign person"factory premises important precincts, no admittance to unauthorized person".

Be like a factory house like this, in Shenzhen all like that, "I am second half year of to is a well to spray a period last year".Introduce according to the Yao benefit, above 99% is small and medium enterprises in LED business enterprise in Shenzhen and scatter in the grounds, such as Anne of the treasure and Long Gang ...etc. and have no from have a thing industry, much depend rent factory premises production, the month rents to be up to 25~35 dollars|even rice."Various LED business enterprises in Shenzhen contain more than 4000 houses now, but in 2008, this number only has 700."

Difficulties of not only be placed in medium visit to seal to pack of small factory, the downstream is the medium small scaled manufacturer of lamp application to also be placed in water and scorching fire in.

The incorporated company of the gold Rui(sign a horse) optoelectronics technique in Shenzhen exclusively produces LED the power since 78 year agos and also sets foot in LED to illuminate a lamp to apply for 23 years, factory's treasure Anne's area in Shenzhen solid Shu China plentiful century science and technology park, there are more than 100 employees.The retail sales store of gold Rui(sign a horse) optoelectronics also at treasure Anne figures electronics city, put to put various outdoor LED light and indoor LED light inside the store.Gold Rui(sign a horse) optoelectronics general manager, Huang Li, lately thinks, "if LED wants to exist currently, cans make outside Mao, but outside the environment of the Mao really also not good".Walks into store in the door to a , but see the customer whom the costliness turn round to walk off again, yellow helplessly shake to say, "can slowly do and insist anyway and like this just now, don't beg profits, but beg to protect an origin."

This return to be just LED profession difficulties existence of the iceberg dime of way.Text Zhuo in industry insider Shenzhen green environmental protection science and technology limited company board director, general manager, Li Miao Wen, , says:"I am to see this profession in fall flop one person, and then looking at a group of new comers to come in.There is a factory house even at the beginning of this year just open, in the middle of the year close the door to turn to go."

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

LED lighting industry

The LED lighting industry still needs "Wu spring"
Eliminate an incandescent lamp, will LED's illuminating an industry can't welcome spring?Answer seem not so certain.The 13th China that opened in Shenzhen yesterday(November 16) international high new technique result commodity fair up, 《everyday economic news 》the reporter discovers, the LED profession presents the general condition of "ice fire two heavy sky".Among them, LED the sale condition of the lamp high level manufacturing business enterprise is good, but a batch of business enterprises in the absence of the core technique faces the danger of collapse.

"Eliminate incandescent lamp route the diagram didn't forbid incandescent lamp export, the incandescent lamp still had a very big market in many developing countries."Become all star in the sky lighting electric appliances limited company general manager week behind sincerely say to the reporter.

"LED will illuminate a direction of profession development in the future, however, LED illuminates an industry to still be placed in the initial stage of profession development, more confusion currently, want to have a right way a set a profession standard take into norm."The week sincerely means behind.

LED also needs "Wu spring"

At the beginning of in this month, the National Development and Reform Commission etc. section announced to press the power size to gradually eliminate incandescent lamp route diagram, and decide from next year October 1 since the import prohibition and sell more than 100 tiles common lighting incandescent lamp, forbid sale and import 15 tiles and above common lighting to use an incandescent lamp till 2016.According to know, China is the production of incandescent lamp and consume a big country, incandescent lamp yield and domestic sell quantity difference for 3,850,000,000 and 1,070,000,000 in 2010.Become all star in the sky illuminate the electric appliances limited company is the biggest incandescent lamp in western region production factory, at route diagram announcement previous already plan transformation.Sincerely introduce behind according to the week, at the time that business enterprise transformed, he had no distinctly military advance LED to illuminate profession, but put energy at technique and market already the fluorescent lamp of opposite maturity up.

"Eliminate incandescent lamp route the diagram didn't forbid incandescent lamp export, the incandescent lamp still had a very big market in many developing countries.Currently, we enlarged the specific weight of incandescent lamp export, exporting the quota has already promoted to°from 10% in last year this year's 30%."The week sincerely means behind.

The profession turbulence cluster livings

The public report way suggests that up to this year first half year of, scale LED business enterprise about 4000 in Shenzhen, but only first half year of this year, already have more than 100 in homes to visit to pack business enterprise and more than 300 downstreams applied business enterprise collapse.

Week sincerely says behind, "the everyones all feel that oneself can divide one cup thick soup in this realm, ignore not to understand and all flowed out to come in."In his eyes, current LED illuminates of the sale realm is still more professional, like government procurement, cabaret, and office building...etc., "fly go into usually common people's house", is "big cake".

《Everyday economic news 》the reporter hand over and will ascend and discover, include large business enterprises, such as Fuji Kang and big clan laser...etc. to all have LED the demonstration district of the lamp in this time Gao.With in the near future in the mountain and a few LED business enterprises in Shenzhen is exploded to sink into a predicament combine the collapse present profession to meet cold dissimilarity of BE, LED of several business enterprises lamp sale the condition is good.

Shenzhen City gathers to make district manager's martial sea east of industry limited company(the brief name gathers to make as follows) to mean, currently selling of company the quantity is good.According to understanding, gather the main business making to provide high level LED the new light source, export a comparison to reach to 80%.

Medium hurl adviser deluxe researcher He accepts in R.O.C 《everyday economic news 》reporter emphasized while covering, be placed in a technique guide at present under of industrial upgrading process, the structure adjustment is inevitable, this since is compete vigorous time, is also outshine others extremely good opportune moment.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

finance subsidy project

LED illuminates the product public finance subsidy project to announce at the end of the year at the soonest
The Chinese stock certificate report reporter learned of ° from relevant personage recently, was changed Wei and Ministry of Finance by the hair to unite LED drafting to illuminate the product public finance subsidy project most quickly probably before the end of the year announce.
This personage reveals that LED illuminates a product public finance subsidy method, will follow economy energy light to subsidize a form, the invitation to bid makes selection production factory house with provide a price of goods space.Only win the object factory patrimony article, just qualified for at in mark agreement price foundation up enjoy the public finance subsidy of certain degree.Subsidizing the object may still is divided into a big religion the customer and city country is 2 types of residents customer.Among them, subsidizing strength to the residents customer of city country will exceed to greatly believe in a customer.
This personage said that this time subsidy contains limited strength, the subsidy amount of money total amount cannot compares with an economy energy light.
Announce in 2008 of 《efficiently illuminate the product expansion public finance subsidy the funds manage a temporary way 》rules, efficiently illuminate product expansion the business enterprise and agreement be provided for price of goods space to pass invitation to bid creation.The national execution unifies invitation to bid, and according to inviting bids a result, Mr. shows medium mark business enterprise, efficiently illuminate a product and mark agreement to provide a price of goods space among them.
Believe in a customer among them and greatly each one efficiently illuminate a product, the central public finance is provided for 30% of goods prices to give subsidy according to the medium mark agreement;The city country each one of residents customer efficiently illuminates a product, the central public finance is provided for 50% of goods prices to give subsidy according to the medium mark agreement.
This personage introduces, LED's illuminating the product public finance subsidy project is starting illuminating a product production factory house to ask for an opinion to LED for 7-8 months.Local LED illuminates a market recession currently, the hope inside the industry can come an ex- set to subsidize a policy in next year's quarterly degree profession off season to promote and boost a market.
Subsidize a policy before the end of the year and at the latest at the soonest to the beginning of next year set, industry already basic reach a consensus, but policy pedestal of concrete time isn't yet certain.
Chinese lighting electric appliances association chairman of the board Chen Yan livings to think, to LED illuminate the product subsidy will be the process of gradual development, choice at the moment set LED the lighting product subsidy policy, to profession but talk having a guide function is more, subsidizing strength in the beginning can't too big, the department concerned wants according to subsidize policy implementation effect, again gradually extend subsidy scope and strength for subsidy.
High work industry institute for research director Zhang Xiao fly a suggestion, in the set before subsidizing a policy, encouragement which products, have to the product which techniques request to wait standard to should be announced to first many, make the subsidy more transparent so much.LED illuminates a product subsidy the scope should include a LED tube light and shoot a light and keep a tube light etc., the whole light bright degree should at 80 flow clear above, Be like this and more advantageous to promising the product whole quality

Sunday, November 13, 2011

being eight paradises

Absolute being eight paradises space hand over for the second time today will to connect whole distanceses to invite half an hour

Space hands over for for the second time will to connect to invite half an hour

Welcome the first-time space on the 14th according to The Xinhua news agency electricity"absolute being boat the eighth"freshwater pearland"paradise the first" separation, for the second time space hand over will to take office duty.From the absolute being boat on the eighth and paradise one the number separate and arrive two times to connect lock tightly completion, whole distances invite half an hour.

20:55 on the 13th Peking time, the absolute being boat No.8 lord landed an area to successfully complete system of the last synthesize to practice.Express that the lord lands an area three as a result that trying equipments appearance is good and had the ability of performance task.

22:37 on the 13th Peking time, under the control of the aerospace flight control centre of Peking, paradise the first/absolute being boat eight the number combine the body is partial to sail 180 degrees in being apart from a ground highly wireless keyboard orbit being about 343 kilometers of near circles, the establishment pours to fly carriage, will work well preparation towards connecting for carrying out to two times hand over.

Tingle according to the vice- director of aerospace flight control centre in Peking always even introduction, up to 22:00 on November 13, paradise the first/absolute being boat eight number combination it has been 10 days and 20 hours since body circulated in the track.

Twice to connect two great dissimilarity

A, the airship want to be advanced line of to withdraw, this is an all new link."First time to after connecting successfully, two aircrafts carried on a lock tightly.Now will open this lock, pass 2 to reach the last separation to push a pole towards receiving and push away two aircrafts."Peking flies to control Li Jian from vice-president teacher in center to say.

Two, shine on area to carry on towards connecting on the light.For the very first time hand over will carry on towards connecting being in the shadow area, but two times then shine on area in the light.Introduce according to Li Jian,golden south sea pearl opposite to say, navigating to measure an equipments will be subjected to strong light interference, may produce some conditions, will is also a tremendous challenge to the stability for answering to handing over.

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The expert calls paradise absolute being eight"the space kisses again"s will face strong light interference to test

Perfect, precision, astronautics in Shanghai City academic association of two deluxe members served as last night when Issue 131 new people science coffee shop lord spoke guest like this evaluated paradise on the first and absolute being boat"the space beginning kissed" on the eighth the ―― and ground imitated experiment compare, paradise on the first and absolute being the first-time space eight November 3 Peking times' handing over will be not bad to connect to complete almost cent second.Press the plan, both will in the next Monday night brief separation after two times to answer, two"space again kiss" of big guys will face strong light interference to wait more tests

Thursday, November 10, 2011

LED policy benefit

The profession of LED:Face good Jian of policy benefit 4
The LED policy benefit is very continuously.Nation 25 science and technology development programming in, put forward in 2015 LED to share local and in general use lighting market above 30% quota, the production value attains 500,000,000,000 dollars;Five Weis make sure concerning gradually import prohibition and sale incandescent lamp program diagram, will thoroughly eliminate an incandescent lamp in 2016.25 economy energy environmental protection industry the development program policy will soon set.

The short date is hard to see a materiality accomplishment of embodiment.Three quarter degree LED the business enterprise accomplishment accelerate a fall, profession competition vehemence, the gross profit rate descends obviously, however the first half year of each link of industry chain investment expand to produce strength still bigger and illuminate an opening of market to depend on LED the descending of price of article come to a decision the whole profession short-term accomplishment to perhaps continue to fall, the upper stream blue precious stone Chen bottom realm serious excess, seal to pack link to face to shuffle cards.

"The most difficult"s IPO in history eight Ling science and technologies are listed to really want that you wait "bachelor" concept to soar cloud calculation or hold ten greatest group leaders now annual report ten earth thunders publish energy science and technology"25" or will release in the near future[tiny Bo]do not miss this inside line opportunity[]big dish or want to present to public to"strip nude" condition of the market

The LED lighting connects dint carry light realm on dint's back.Compare traditional incandescent lamp and economy energy light, LED owns more economy energy, higher effect, more environmental protection, more longevity etc. advantage, LED profession current development motive with carry on the back light realm is lord, however LED carry on the back light the market have already approached maturity and anticipate will attain saturation in 2014, LED illuminates a realm market huge, will keep a high-speed growth for the last few years.

Invest strategy.In consideration of currently LED the price of article is higher and transfer a matter of time, we short date Be optimistic about the explosion of economy energy light market, recommend economy energy light to pull an electronics with the thin film capacitor group leader company law;(600563, )Medium the long term recommendation owns the Rui plentiful optoelectronics(300241, ) and Hong benefit optoelectronics(300219, ) of technique advantage and scale advantage, the recommendation owns the sunlight lighting of outlet advantage and brand advantage(600261, )

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

profession of LED

The profession of LED:The blackness of dawn front gives the "recommend" the rating
The LED policy benefit is very continuously.Nation 25 science and technology development programming in, put forward in 2015 LED to share local and in general use lighting market above 30% quota, the production value attains 500,000,000,000 dollars;Five Weis make sure concerning gradually import prohibition and sale incandescent lamp program diagram, will thoroughly eliminate an incandescent lamp in 2016.25 economy energy environmental protection industry the development program policy will soon set.

The short date is hard to see a materiality accomplishment of embodiment.Three quarter degree LED the business enterprise accomplishment accelerate a fall, profession competition vehemence, the gross profit rate descends obviously, however the first half year of each link of industry chain investment expand to produce strength still bigger and illuminate an opening of market to depend on LED the descending of price of article come to a decision the whole profession short-term accomplishment to perhaps continue to fall, the upper stream blue precious stone Chen bottom realm serious excess, seal to pack link to face to shuffle cards.

The LED lighting connects dint carry light realm on dint's back.Compare traditional incandescent lamp and economy energy light, LED owns more economy energy, higher effect, more environmental protection, more longevity etc. advantage, LED profession current development motive with carry on the back light realm is lord, however LED carry on the back light the market have already approached maturity and anticipate will attain saturation in 2014, LED illuminates a realm market huge, will keep a high-speed growth for the last few years.

Invest strategy.In consideration of currently LED the price of article is higher and transfer a matter of time, we short date Be optimistic about the explosion of economy energy light market, recommend economy energy light to pull an electronics with the thin film capacitor group leader company law;Medium the long term recommendation own the Rui plentiful optoelectronics and Hong benefit optoelectronics of technique advantage and scale advantage, the recommendation owns the sunlight lighting of outlet advantage and brand advantage.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

LED illuminates a chip set

The initial high performance Huo project supplier that Be applied to the electronics product of Gao Neng Xiao Anne Sen beautiful semi-conductor(ON Semiconductor, the American Na Si reaches a gram to become available in the market code:ONNN)release two styles of new LED actuators, help a design the personnel Be excellent to turn the project that they used for car, industry and in general use lighting's applying.
The Anne Sen the beautiful semi-conductor new NCL30051 power factor corrects(PFC) off-line type LED the actuator is only adjustable with new NCL30160 the Heng flow to decline to press LED an actuator to match and be subjected to limit and pay attention to a Gao Neng Xiao's Gao Liang Du's LED actuator application to provide the best project for the space.
The NCL30051 is the power integrated circuit(IC) of a style of appropriation LED, can press the direct current-direct current(DC-DC) conversion machine for declining|LED the actuator(like NCL30160) provide Heng settle electric voltage.This spare part integrated one critical controller and a half bridge Xie conducting electricity mode(CrM) PFC flaps controller, and inside place 600 Fus(V) actuator, aim at the off-line power application carried on excellent turn, had all realizations of Gao Neng Xiao and small shape factor design the characteristic needed.The half bridge segment of NCL30051 adopts a fixed frequency work.This spare part passes the exportation electric voltage of regulating the PFC segment come steady the road press, and integrating feedback wreath opens a new road a protection, add PFC again to lead to press and owe to press an examination mechanism, and can be tallest to set to 75 kilohertzs(kHz) of the adjustable stanza frequency flap to concuss a machine.
The NCL30160 is that a style of switch used for big power LED is steady to press a machine, the adoption settles electric voltage to lower electric voltage according to the Heng provided by the power of the NCL30051 and provides Heng to settle electric current for LED string thus.Pass to make use of only 55 milli- Europes(m?)Of low lead a resistance of internal MOSFET and share the ability of getting empty the comparing by 100%, can provide an ability effect to be up to 98% projects.This Heng's flowing a spare part is worked with the importation electric voltage scope with 6.3-40 Vs, is industry and car to apply the best project.Tallest high switch frequency of 1,400,000,000,000 Hertzs(MHz) makes design the personnel can adopt smaller external component, the help reduces the circuit board size to the least and the cost to decline to lowest.The NCL30160 includes slow control characteristic, the period provides a rapid response in a sudden in the load and reduce the small scaled signal control wreath road repair component.The protection characteristic includes to set LED electric current, LED short-circuit proof, owe to press to target with electric resistance and hot close.
The Anne Sen beautiful semi-conductor computes and consumes the product department deluxe deputy governor Sung a life time glory(Bill Schromm) to say:"NCL30051 and NCP30160 ICs together match a work, with at least the external component simplification the power electric circuit design needed.This kind of structure makes the chip set able to integrate at more tightly packed and higher sex price compares of LED illuminate the power in, used for outdoor illuminate(like street light, parking lot light) and car illuminate etc. in general use lighting application."
The work crunode temperature scope of NCL30051 and NCL30160 distinguishes for-40?The C goes to+150?C and-55?The C goes to+125?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Does LED arrive

Does LED arrive in winter?Business enterprise or will disappear,
In recent years, the LED light source is always been optimistic about by the external world, but till this year second half year of whole heat cold come down.The LED of many big factories products all appeared deficiency or negative growth.Particularly after Jun in Shenzhen much signs to close down affairs, some obscure and prostrate LED factories also gradually float a surface and plus the set factory draws up implementation to have no salary false system and makes the whole profession looking like one depressed, parts of profession personages also start yelling "LED profession of have been already come in winter", and the heat also causing an industry insider from here slices concern.cable manufacturer

The business enterprise will disappear, but the profession will stand
The LED industry temporarily faces predicament and financial crisis in the United States and debt crisis in Europe make external environment not quite right relevant, have something to do with the macro view of guo jia adjusting to control of policy, with original material and labor cost rise, renminbi appreciation etc. all relevant, but the writer thinks, a collapse of business enterprise can not lay the blame on on external environment, under the external environment same circumstance the competition is also a fair appearance, so return a root exactly still inside because of cause of.

An industry insider also thinks that currently local LED lamp deficiency according to order, in addition to be subjected to real estate in addition to adjusting the influence for controling, also have the reason of three aspects:On being the sophisticated technique of upper stream industry chain and doing not control in the oneself's hand currently, make production cost too high, and sell cost Gao, so sell at cost.It two is the people not deep to LED understanding, and the product turn with quality too much and there is no new meaning, the dealers all sell with the form of assistance.Three is that there is no good marketing policy corresponding a market, basically put together price in the low level market, directly the collision harm an enemy 1,000 from Sun 800 prices are too high.Four is a profession to have no standard and hear that LED makes money, who all divide an one mouthful, change profession in succession.

Really such, in addition to the influence of environment in the exterior, LED the whole profession and business enterprise existent problem be also worth introspecting, the for example internal bad management or business enterprise turn property isn't good enough to wait.However, be also canning peep according to this, the profession still exists huge development space currently.plate heat exchanger manufacturer

Take a wide view each profession of China overall situation, the LED profession meets currently of the problem page are the circumstance that many professions meet or will meet.In 2008, Internet profession also Gao Han come in winter, was the Internet also to pretty come over?Whichever and newly arisen profession, the big trend can't change, the development process is to the point will certainly exist a height to rise and fall, those mature of the profession once experienced Phoenix Nie as well 槃 subsequently rebirth, need not too pessimism.A few collapses of big business enterprises, not the ability treat the whole profession by the mindset of "a leaf knows an autumn", after all, a business enterprise can fall flop, but profession finally will existence it of value.So say, currently the profession is to be placed in a championship inferior discard a normal phenomenon, the product wants to standardize and applies to want the profession to turn, so"collapse", "shuffle cards" all is unavoidable.

The LED profession went to just in spring and returned to far wear in winter

The net friend the hu 2002211 LEDs thinks that profession of winter comes to is 1 with be partial to all and all set question, LED is placed in spring currently, not winter, can not take small business enterprise as the representative as standard to measure LED profession of season, after all real have ability to contain technical business enterprise, face LED applied the realm huge market, still have big huge space the exhibition boxing the feet, just just starting in spring of these business enterprises.

Profession experienced technique development personnel Meng celebrates cloud to illuminate to be also candid in saying in the net blog in the Aladdin, the LED profession belonged to adjust a period in the early years currently, far and far didn't attain the profession brumal situation, the approach in winter will be greatly shuffle cards of period, even those parts of business enterprises that have already become available in the market also probably face a collapse.The LED profession just arrived to have good winter clothing and kept enough the time of autumn fat currently.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

LED small

The dead of the LED small business enterprise:Majority of LED small and medium enterprises or collapse
The worker is busy at the gearing to used for the LED light bead that the lamp gives out light, this work is placed in LED lamp production of most downstream.The data diagram production LED lamp of south china sea the Dan cooking stove handsome bright hardware product factory front door tightly lock, the boss walks guy.South all reporter, Chen Zhi, just shot a hearsay fearfulness, the hearsay changed into reality worst.On September 30, LED business enterprise Jun in Shenzhen signs boss'cable manufacturer the entire family more to run road, Buddha mountain LED the authorities Be candid in saying"Buddha mountain majority of LED small and medium enterprises contain the danger of collapse."Buddha mountain LED profession Bodhidharma gram the sword of the benefit Si Gao Xuan.Successful in career in January, the sword falls.

At about 8:00 on the night of November 3, a local well-known website logs out invitation card:The Buddha mountain City south china sea area Dan cooking stove handsome bright hardware product factory boss the bear spring walk guy.The hair person calls Luo to set up Wei and claim to be handsome bright have never settled a providing of payment goods company, collect together a situation.The Buddha mountain illuminates lamp association Secretary-general Zhang Hua confirm, handsome bright is a light association member, set foot in LED lighting, the boss bear spring indeed has already walked guy.Zhang Hua says:"This means Shenzhen, in the profession crisis of the mountain etc. ground spread to Buddha mountain, the profession shuffles cards a beginning already, anticipate Buddha mountain LED of near 10% to illuminate a business enterprise to face a collapse."

"The handsome bright boss ran"

The order ends up in nothing a funds chain to break, the bear spring walks on November 3 the guy owe a payment to be close to 1,000,000 dollars

"Do not seek, the handsome bright boss has already run and sought also useless."This is November 5 diaries cover handsome bright hardware product factory on the way to hear the most answer.At south china sea inside the Dan cooking stove west allied east village industrial area, the handsome bright boss bear spring runs the news of road at this time already the stranger all know.However, the handsome bright worker is small to explain, till the morning of November 3, all workers still at quiet wait for an opening and break quiet is the voice that the machine moves.

What to move machine is old wheat, handsome brightly provide goods of one of the companies.At around 8:30 on November 3, the old wheat delivers goods the way home process the west unite the east village industrial area.Thought of inside the industrial area of handsome bright still have over 60,000 dollars of the payment didn't settle, the old wheat changes route to ascend a Suo debt at the time.

The car goes to handsome bright, but the old wheat discover that inside the factory remains 67 workers foolish sit to play a cellular phone, the machine didn't start work and connected the computers of officeplate heat exchanger manufacturer all have been already moved out.A kind of bad omen prepares a feeling set of, the old wheat quickly takes out a cellular phone to call bear spring, can not connect, bear spring the mother and cuckoldry telephone is also all placed in the appearance of shutting down.The old wheat starts becoming nervous, in quick time ascend to the residence, no man of the 3rd floor bear house, the house has been already got empty.The old wheat says:"I in a twinkling realize that the bear spring ran."

The old wheat is unwilling, he says to the bear spring and provides lamps and laterns for 1 year zero partses, a Zhangs haven't settled accounts.The old wheat decision moves out the machine"finish moving to also arrive not previous 60,000" in the handsome bright factory.

The voice that the machine moves disturbed the convenient store of flank.Convenient store boss said that the worker have already known that the bear spring walks guy, but didn't block old wheat and waited until old wheat to walk the machine luck at that time, the workers are round and round to surround the factory door.Have of report to the police, have of seek village Wei will, also have of dialing and laboring the telephone of section.Later on, old wheat to handsome bright other provide goods of the company send out news, the Suo debt rushes through in succession.A handsome bright obliquely opposite witness of factory said that at least 6 sedans stopped outside the door at that time, several people rounded to make one regiment, factory premises owner Li Xiang became also in the village Wei will of accompany under arrived the spot.Li Xiang becomes to say:"I am also a victim, the bear spring hasn't paid rental and the utilities for 3 months and has never thoughts him to incredibly run."

"The bear spring walks guy", around 9:30 A.M., the gold sand is some to press stalk of boss Luo of factory sets up the telephone that the Wei receives a friend.Later on, Luo sets up Wei to rush toward the Dan cooking stove sand side reputation agency.Allow at 10:00, Luo sets up Wei to check the account of bear spring, the surplus amount is 100.1 dollars, "I understood there and then, he opened for me two months ago of the payment check of 38000 dollars is a rubber check".

Set up Wei introduction according to Luo, this is still both parties' head pen business.In 7 the end of the months, this year, the bear spring finds out Luo and sets up Wei and says because extend production, need to set up the factory son next 34 ten thousand order of the Wei to Luo.Luo sets up Wei to say, bear spring this person Kua Kua it talks, didn't talk in the beginning.Later on, the bear spring comes talks for many times, Luo sets up Wei to unwillingly promise, but makes the request of "the goods arrive check payment", both parties under the label agreement.On September 3, the goods arrive handsome bright, the bear spring opens a check.According to the pact, Luo sets up Wei to withdraw money on November 3 and"see to him early have been already premeditated, makes selection and runs road this day".

On the afternoon of the 3rd, while laboring the intervention of section, factory premises owner Li Xiang becomes the wages that the mat paid 6 workers.The reporter sees in the factory doorway west's uniting village Wei will send out of 《the mat pay a proof 》, Li Xiang became 6 handsome bright worker's mats to pay wages for 3 month, total 26691.7 dollars.Li Xiang becomes to say:"Now that law stipulate that I have obligation mat to pay, I can recognize, but I don't hope to provide the goods the company then to harass me, I am also a victim and lose also over 50,000."

"In fact everybody has a lot of helpless of" makes a convenience of the store boss' regrets to say, "everybody also say that prohibit, the bear spring walks to unexpectedly have no one silk omen before the guy."

"The omen is certain, but we didn't notice."Worker little Chen wants to come to all feel that he or she is a bit stupid now" how have never thought does he want to run?"

Little Chen recalls and orders a square in August because the economic pressure canceled order at the time.After order ends up in nothing, bear spring tube the elder sister of the finance and tube buy the brother-in-law of sale to return to old house in September one after another, the concrete business hands over by the wife of bear spring to be responsible for."Want to come now, at that time they already at plan and prepare to run road."

Introduce according to little Chen, the bear spring returned to worker Sa on October 29 lie:Pay wages on November 3, in the center go on vacation for several days.The supplier also receives the telephone of bear spring in succession in the end of October:November 5, 6 the twoth close book.

On November 1, little Chen's uncle Chen Long the full river in Dan cooking stove is red to fortune upon bear of spring, bear spring told Chen Long at that time, he had a meal in accompanying guest's door.

On the night of November 2, the bear spring didn't appear in the handsome bright factory, but the mother of bear spring and a few convenient stores with still just neighboring workers of river west books eats to stay overnight a night.The convenient store boss clearly remembers that the bear what mother ate stir-fries powder.

On November 3, the bear spring walks guy, the brand of "Buddha mountain handsome bright hardware product factory" drive owner Li Xiang become to dismantle, this is the head in the Buddha mountain's year house to open LED of collapse business enterprise.The circumstance that controls according to reporter's first step, handsome bright owe a payment nearly 1,000,000 dollars.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

gravity transfers

The LED market center of gravity transfers
Recently, private's orchid tiny LED chip gets into the news of illuminating the market to cause to pay attention to inside the industry.Not only such, many roads that before be absorbed in a view illuminates of business enterprise, if Dongguan frequently ascends optoelectronics incorporated company to wait to also turn the center of gravity to the business to illuminate realm in method door

Medium hurl adviser deluxe researcher He point out in R.O.C, actively throw body LED to illuminate a market not on the market currently private's orchid tiny 1, along with illuminate gradually rising of the market, more and more of the store put vision at illuminate tectonic plate, mutually act in cooperation with the development trend of the market in the future, the indoor lighting becomes a business enterprise to vie with each other in setting up of market.LED illuminates the rise of market to take view lighting as to break, present stage, after the development that the view illuminates has already gradually gone into maturity to turn orbit, LED's illuminating the center of gravity of market has already transfered to lighting in the indoor.Funds chain problem

Although the indoor illuminate foreground optimism, the market permeates a rate currently not really high, compare but talk, house resides to illuminate compare business illuminate of expand of the road is more difficult.Because LED illuminates a product to contain high cost and resides lighting with house to compare, the LED business illuminates of the customer accept a degree slightly high, and LED the business illuminate of economy energy, economic effect more obvious, once the outlet opens and expands more easily.In the business enterprise that gets into LED to illuminate realm currently, the tradition lighting business enterprise seems to be more very a raise.

Medium hurl adviser research director general, Zhang Yan Lin, point out, industry development of process in each, business enterprise can the step regulating with tight market is the key of existence, the LED market far has no the early good condition of industry development currently, the market competes very vigorous, from currently illuminate the present condition of market can also slightly see 12, lack united standard, the quality isn't even, business model confusion, parts of business enterprises all become industry maturity to turn the sacrifice article in the process.Start a business

According to in hurl the adviser release of 《2011-2015 the middle of the year, country LED illuminates lighting(LED) industry to invest analysis and foreground to predict a report 》suggest, illuminates a product application according to LED, generally have the demarcation that outdoor lighting and the indoor illuminate realm, the outdoors illuminates realm, including view lighting, and road lighting...etc.;The indoor illuminates realm and includes a house to reside lighting and business to illuminate etc..LED illuminates a product to still have no an opposite and united standard currently and expand environment worse, this is also that this market is hard to do great reason.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

LED is dreary

The market of LED is dreary
Three star LEDs and LED lighting(Seoul Semiconductor) in Seoul of South Korean group leader manufacturer of LED are difficult to block market economic prosperity of recession, the 3rd quarters express fair, LED the market current conditions are continuously worsen, the foreground is dreary to have no light in the future.

Three the 3rd quarter of star LED revenue is 358,200,000,000 dollar(about USD 325,000,000), go to for 2011 the beginning of the years the 3rd quarters, accumulate a revenue only 956,200,000,000 dollar(about USD 866,000,000), anticipate containment 2011 the 4th quarters total earning invite and 1,320,000,000,000 of 2010 the dollar(about USD 1,197,000,000) is equal.Three star LEDs not and publicly the business benefits the 3rd quarters, but can the assurance is an away below amount of money profit and loss balance point, high growth trend expect for 2011 the beginning of the years, could not reach half of targets.

The LED lighting in Seoul also announced the 3rd quarter results, revenue and business benefits respectively is 166,100,000,000 dollar(about USD 151,000,000) and 6,800,000,000 dollar(about USD 6,160,800), compare with 2010 the same period Be each to reduce 40% and 85% and reduce 20% and 62% a little bit the 2nd quarters.The year that LED in Seoul illuminates revenue expectation value, from 1,100,000,000,000 of the beginning of the year dollar(about USD 998,000,000) next fix 735,000,000,000 dollar(about USD 667,000,000), business benefits more from 130,000,000,000 dollar(about USD 118,000,000) significant modification is 34,000,000,000 dollar(about USD 30,838,000).Although the sales amount compares with in 2010 and grows up nearly 20%,the business benefits on the contrary reduces to 1/3.

The operation appearance that three star LEDs and LED in Seoul illuminates of so is poor, and carry on the back light the market current conditions depravation of the mold piece(Backlight Unit) can not take off a relation.Particularly global economy crisis remains the aftermath ripple and illuminate a market have to lower a consumption need.LED lighting in Seoul often works Pei to become Xun(translate) to mean and illuminates business to share the whole revenue specific weight that LED in Seoul illuminates to more and more rise currently, anticipating future revenue and income will achieve balance gradually.But market economic prosperity hard estimate, have to develop a revolution new technique combine improvement production mode, then can be real to promote business enterprise results of growth.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LED haze covers

The LED haze covers with investment enthusiasm don't reduce
New light source industry base in Guangdong province opens a park, more than 50 LED business enterprises station in.South all reporter, Guo, shoot after the river
Yesterday, south china sea Guangdong of Luo's village new light source industry base(next call "new light source base") core the garden formally opened a park and overed 50 LED business enterprises go into halt, Luo's village still put forward to invest to be no less than 30,000,000,000 dollars for the coming 10 yearses and surrounded a core garden to create "bright Hsin-cheng", perfect industry kits, such as education and medical treatment, business...etc..But appear an order fall, business enterprise to suffer a deficit this year at the LED industry etc. under the circumstance, how come out a predicament to become business enterprise's concerning most problem.

The kit market business thin business enterprise order falls
The new light source base lays foundation stones in May, 2009, the core garden of 330,000 ㎡s all threw to use yesterday and overed 50 LED business enterprises into halt.Although Luo's village puts forward, will reach to 30,000,000,000 dollars to the production value of 2013 garden,market advantage in the district hasn't presented currently.

The reporter went and saw the south lightning source lamps and laterns market of professional market China of base kit recently.That market opens for year, market still not too economic prosperity.The representative director of Prague lamps and laterns says that start practice up to now the order that receives about 1,000,000 dollars, "at in the mountain ancient town, an order isn't only 1,000,000".The representative director of hero Lang lamps and laterns then says that talk over of the customer is the most only more than 10 persons, minimal a person all have no.

Since this year, the local LED industry has been presenting tired Tai, the etc. ground in Shenzhen still exploded a news that business enterprise closed down recently."This year's day really not lead", new light source base business enterprise 燊 industry optoelectronics president Chen2 Xin Han is candid in saying, this year of company order sharply fall.Reporter the light help to understand and had the member the business enterprise to loss in business to was close to 70,000,000 dollars this year from the Buddha mountain and had some a member the business enterprise one log cannot prop up a shaky structure is looking for a cooperation.Association Secretary-general Zhang Hua says:"The Buddha mountain big parts of LED small and medium enterprises all already neither dead nor alive, of so don't appear collapse tide, is because they mostly operate concurrently other professions and there is also funds foundation."
Analytical:The downstream once invested heat to lack a core technique

Open a park rites in yesterday up, in bureau chief Sun Dian Yi with vice- cooperation bureau from hospital ground in section hospital points out, this year LED the profession is mainly weak because Europe and market economy recession in North America, the need descends, the local LED structure once invested heat to also gradually present.Help a statistics according to the city light, the Buddha mountain set foot in only more than 200 houseses of LED business enterprises last year, this year already more than 300.Sun Dian Yi says:"Local LED market especially the high level market haven't opened, the business enterprise lacks core technique innovation, and this needs to strengthen to produce to learn to grind a cooperation."

China LED illuminates an alliance Secretary-general Wu Ling point out, LED the structure of the industry leads hot"namely once invest hot emergence at industry chain the low level of, make use of industry chain and technique chain mutually fusion carry out industry to promote."

Release according to yesterday of medium LED in the section hospital illuminated lighting the industry total report to say, LED illuminated lighting profession to invest many up to 200 hundred million, but aim at chip and outside postpone etc. upper stream realm only 5,000,000,000.

Opened a park rites yesterday up, in the section hospital brought 27[one light]LED illuminated science and technology result, and more than 60 beads triangle LED business enterprise to answer.Medium LED in the section hospital illuminate Li Jin Min from bureau chief in graduate school to think, compared with the bead triangle other cities, Buddha mountain LED the traditional lighting foundation of the industry good, industry chain integrity, but the technique is as weaker as talented person."Arrive to°from the traditional industry strategic newly arisen industry, need to pay attention to a person and technique of promote."He says that win the industry result that the section hospital brings this time, involve chip, outside postpone, spread heat, applied etc. the whole industry chain, the techniques are all more mature, and can carry out an industry conversion.

Have a conversation
Supporting the funds detailed regulations will soon set
The souths are all:Luo's village puts forward and produces city fusion and creates "bright Hsin-cheng" of 21.8 square kilometers, concrete programming what kind of?

The Luo village street does director, Liu Zong Yang, :"Bright Hsin-cheng" is mainly an around new light source industry layout industry kit, the coming 10 years, such as education, medical treatment and business...etc., the investment anticipates to be no less than 30,000,000,000 dollars.Among them, the bright primary school that covers 50 acres and always invests about 100,000,000 dollars at the end of the year start construction, plan the hurl is used in September, next year, is draw on high level the talented person go into to halt of one of the education kits.
The souths are all:The new light source base will vass business in the future how is direction?

Liu Zong Yang:The core area has already owned "chip- seal to pack- application" to wait each link business enterprise currently, next move perfect service terraces, such as technique development and product examination...etc., attraction group leader business enterprise garrison.
The souths are all:Face a LED the profession current predicament, Luo's village would ever ensure the development of industry base?

Liu Zong Yang:First, Luo's village will have the initiative using of business enterprise in the guarantee garden ground and use an electricity;Secondly, a lot of business enterprise collapses be because lack money and lack a technique, Luo's village will expect margin and technique for being finished develop terrace before expanding further.South china sea at will take 2,000,000,000 to support new light source industry development for"25" periodses, State Department also pedestal small tiny business enterprise supporting policy, next move of the key is a policy to fall to the ground.Relevant support a funds of issue rule, Luo's village already in the valuation, in the near future set.