Wednesday, November 9, 2011

profession of LED

The profession of LED:The blackness of dawn front gives the "recommend" the rating
The LED policy benefit is very continuously.Nation 25 science and technology development programming in, put forward in 2015 LED to share local and in general use lighting market above 30% quota, the production value attains 500,000,000,000 dollars;Five Weis make sure concerning gradually import prohibition and sale incandescent lamp program diagram, will thoroughly eliminate an incandescent lamp in 2016.25 economy energy environmental protection industry the development program policy will soon set.

The short date is hard to see a materiality accomplishment of embodiment.Three quarter degree LED the business enterprise accomplishment accelerate a fall, profession competition vehemence, the gross profit rate descends obviously, however the first half year of each link of industry chain investment expand to produce strength still bigger and illuminate an opening of market to depend on LED the descending of price of article come to a decision the whole profession short-term accomplishment to perhaps continue to fall, the upper stream blue precious stone Chen bottom realm serious excess, seal to pack link to face to shuffle cards.

The LED lighting connects dint carry light realm on dint's back.Compare traditional incandescent lamp and economy energy light, LED owns more economy energy, higher effect, more environmental protection, more longevity etc. advantage, LED profession current development motive with carry on the back light realm is lord, however LED carry on the back light the market have already approached maturity and anticipate will attain saturation in 2014, LED illuminates a realm market huge, will keep a high-speed growth for the last few years.

Invest strategy.In consideration of currently LED the price of article is higher and transfer a matter of time, we short date Be optimistic about the explosion of economy energy light market, recommend economy energy light to pull an electronics with the thin film capacitor group leader company law;Medium the long term recommendation own the Rui plentiful optoelectronics and Hong benefit optoelectronics of technique advantage and scale advantage, the recommendation owns the sunlight lighting of outlet advantage and brand advantage.

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