Sunday, April 22, 2012

LED to raise the threshold of the industry

Closures, quality gates, without the standard, the popularity of hard ... ... This series of events is restricting our country LED lighting industry development, under this background, how to break through predicament to seek the sustainable development of the industry, became numerous LED enterprise faces test.
As the breach difficulty, recently, as the LED industry leading enterprises Dongguan KingSun photoelectric Co.,Yunzhi psp the company launched the " factory hatch a plan", will more than 10 years of successful exploration experience and technical R & D design platform, large-scale production capacity, business models and market operation experience with partners sharing, to provide to meet the different needs of the" service" and cover plant construction, operation, technology, marketing, capital operation, brand construction of one-stop service, with paid services in the form of a nationwide recycling a number of" ground " model factory.
Analysis of the industry, which not only means the LED industry disorder will be effectively reduced, LED industry standard establishment will be accelerated, at the appointed time, the national LED lighting industry will be a new face rise, to seize the market home and abroad.
As everyone knows, in recent years the domestic LED lighting industry is the development of blowout. However, this fiery development trend, LED lighting industry invests overheat obvious signs of. At the same time, the LED industry malign competition phenomenon began to appear. Guangri electrical general manager Wu Wenbin told reporters, the same power LED lighting product cost is the traditional lighting products3-4 times, but the market a large number of crudely made LED lighting products are low-priced market of race to control, greatly reducing the consumer confidence.
To this, industry insiders said, at present LED lighting products to promote the industry trend, rectify, normative market, to establish the LED lighting industry in the eyes of the consumer's credibility has become imminent.
" To the partners to provide the core module,PC remote sharing supply chain, and provide the production management, technology research and development, project inspection, project declaration, patent licensing, marketing strategy of all-round support" is the Dongguan ground photoelectric" factory hatch a plan to " the core content.
Ground the related responsible person said," we launched a plan, is expected to join the LED lighting enterprises can draw lessons from the experience we have explored, standing in the US on the basis of a better development, avoid to walk those we have traversed a tortuous path, as a result, enterprises have to improve production chain and is no longer difficult, investment can get a reasonable planning, product quality has safeguard. Only we work together, share experience, continuous progress, we can make the LED industry to develop faster, catch up with international standards. "
Industry sources, this program promotion, must make LED industry are blind investment, malign competition phenomenon is reduced, a new LED industry appearance will also set up, the benefit of LED lighting products in the domestic market popularity.
But in recent years, the domestic LED lighting industry frequency business failures, the product quality problems, industry, main source is the home of LED lighting industry lacks the standard. To develop standards, and it is a high starting point of the standard, the overall level of the industry must first mention. The ground photoelectric relevant responsible person told the reporter, as the earlier group into the LED lighting industry enterprises, has been very concerned about the domestic ground photoelectric LED lighting standards, the factory hatch a plan to also hope to promote Guangdong Province to take the lead in establishing LED lighting standard. According to introducing, on one hand, the ground photoelectric will through the sharing of resources to help domestic LED lighting enterprises to enhance their own level of strength; on the other hand, the ground photoelectric joint cooperative enterprises, in the LED illumination technical standard research,windsor health develop, use and services in areas such as nonprofit technology cooperation, to reach the industry consensus, so as to promote the whole industry high standards play a role, promote the benign development of the industry.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

LED business pulling

LED business pulling margin last year net profit increase doubled in size in ETI
Yesterday evening, BDO (002005, shares )PC remote(002005.SZ ) released results in 2011, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of about390000000 yuan, relatively on year increase 100.44%; to achieve operating income 3060000000 yuan, than going up year rise 18.12%. Among them, LED business income is 910000000 yuan,2120000000 yuan of small household electrical appliance industry.
Notably, BDO2011operating profit of146000000 yuan, and the total profit of452000000 yuan. Among them, about 300000000Yuan of profit for its subsidiary company, Yangzhou Wuhu BDO BDO photoelectric government" science and technology three" subsidies, as well as BDO Wuhu access to high-tech enterprise certification to pay income tax rate, less than27.63%.
The report shows,2011 operating profit rate of business driven mainly by LED, LED business with its38.4% operating margin pull business rates for 15.96% small home appliances business, make its overall business rate rose to 22.7% in 2011.
Southwest Securities (600369shares it, Li Hui ) analyst think, with most of the LED of different enterprises, BDO business covers LED epitaxial film, LED chip, LED module, LED lighting products, LED display series the whole industry chain. Vertical integration of the advantages of making the BDO can greatly reduce the cost, Yunzhi Essence and control of the upstream materials price fluctuation risk.
Industry analysts believe that, due to the lighting business oriented LED application business to lower the threshold, a large number of Chinese enterprises began to enter this market, but the competition in many small and medium-sized LED enterprises choose to close out. Thus challenged the industry, the enterprise of this industry uneven, some good and some bad, excess capacity. But the BDO chairman Wang Donglei on the" First Financial Daily" said, LED industry a large number of small and medium-sized closed the real reason they engage only package ( assembly ) and other simple operations, and to master the core technology, need to invest more of the upstream manufacturers are extremely strong, therefore excessive dependence on the upstream manufacturers of low corporate profits, office furnituredifficult to continue.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Strong LED industry

Shijie town mayor You Yaobo said, Shijie will vigorously implement the" electronic town, Ecological Green Town, cultural town " the strategy, a high level of construction of modern information ecological and cultural city.
Promote industry science and technology platform for docking
You Yaobo said, the town will focus on major projects,Yunzhi Essence major industrial agglomeration area, major scientific and technological special issue, formulated the" Shijie Town, the introduction of major and key projects of incentives (Trial )", leading to the project, industry chain deletion projects directed by merchants, key introduction of electronic information industry and LED industry and other high-end industry, and the establishment of the LED industry alliance, do strong LED industry, promote the local electronic manufacturing industry upgrading. At the same time, catch good together, delta tens of billions of and five billion enterprises, formulated the" Shijie town to promote the quality of listed companies and the development of support measures (Trial)", promote the cultivation of reserve enterprises listed on Shijie town enterprises listed in the domestic market, strive to achieve the zero breakthrough.
" Industrial union or association is a platform for the development of." You Yaobo said, Shijie hope that through the industrial alliance, association of these platforms, according to the needs of enterprise development, timely communication and cooperation with relevant scientific research institutions, to further enlarge and strengthen Shijie's LED industry.
You Yaobo also said, Shijie will be the active docking Songshan Lake,mother day through the" force"," borrow a head", promoting dominant industry and science and technology platforms seamless docking. At the same time, strengthen the town of Technology Innovation Service Center, semiconductor lighting technology laboratory, financing service platform and enterprise butt joint, drive LED enterprise to establish a set of endowment of inside and outside in one of Shijie's LED Industry Association and Industry Alliance, as the transformation and upgrading of enterprises to provide support.
Carry out the " good home" action
In city construction, the town of Shijie will be in accordance with the "one city and four area" of the city development strategy, insist to build a canal pays equal attention to, in the town within the scope of" good home action".
You Yaobo says, in" three old" transformation and cross joint to the old village, Shijie town will increase strength to push Tang Hong street, Shijie Village South Embankment old village and city community industrial area, orange Chau Industrial Village, single house features of South of the Five Ridges old village unit upgrade and transformation, and do a good job of" one village one garden" construction, promote the upgrade of the village park, focusing on the use of rivers, ponds and other water resources, implement see seam insert green, see seam landscape, and constantly improve the sports leisure facilities, building the humanities landscape, tube well raise good landscaping and ancillary facilities.
When it comes to expand culture industry, said You Yaobo, Shijie through "retreat 2 into 3"," three old transformation", vigorously developing the creative design, animation, modern media, building the economy emerging strategic industries, to some conditions of the old village, old, old factory buildings for South of the Five Ridges leisure ( diet ) and cultural blocks or creative cultural industry park.
Reportedly, Shijie will vigorously develop urban agriculture, integrated sand waist, Liang Jia village, new sand island about 2000 acres of land natural resources, execute link a development,office furniture the construction of urban ecological tourism park, set ornamental, leisure, science, art, consumption in one.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

ministries for the LED

LED industry to meet the "warmer"
" Although recently three ministries for the LED products start to fiscal subsidy bidding striking one snag after another, but whether the ultimate flower falls whose home, the whole LED industry, will stimulate terminal market so as to promote the application of domestic LED industry" warmer "; on the other hand,almost lost interest in football in traditional goods export forecast to decline, this year LED application products has been steadily rising situation, downstream applications export orders growth comparative optimism". Green Lighting Shanghai committee responsible person said: as in the first half of 2012China held earlier, a large scale, and internationally influential professional event, the Shanghai international new sources and new energy lighting exhibition and Forum ( Green Lighting Shanghai 2012) has become the industry grows "vane", a number of new products, new technologies, new mode, new opportunities will be in the event to focus on appearance, in order to meet the needs of the industry manufacturers to communicate and display, the organizers of the exhibition site made careful layout and arrangement," hot spots" in the event before the opening of one dedicated to the industry.
The six major area covering the whole industry chain
The exhibition will be held on 2012April 25-27 day at the Shanghai World Expo exhibition is held, adhering to the "professional services, high-quality goods exhibition " purposes, relying on green, innovation, rapid development of the "new light & new energy lighting" industry, will fully display the from the world the industry advanced production equipment, materials and various applications in the field of product.domestic furniture enterprises In order to quality services to create more business opportunities, the exhibition site will set the extension / chip area, material area, lighting application, manufacturing / test equipment area, accessories and accessories and" ideal" zone ( Ideal Lighting ), six zones covering the whole industry chain.
The event core audience invitation application and distribution of foreign visitors are mainly as follows: Reed Exhibitions by overseas branches of 713 invitation international procurement agents, contractors and designers team; International Solid State Lighting Alliance ( ISA ) invited under the banner of85countries ( or regions) Industry Association, member unit delegate. The domestic audience, mainly relying on the national semiconductor lighting project R & D and Industry Alliance ( CSA ) invites the 293 home in the downstream manufacturers representatives, more than 1200works agency representatives,216street management representative,51 domestic designers delegates and 811forum participants, core audience gross will exceed 3000 person,Furniture enterprises other site for the participants not included.

Monday, April 9, 2012

should establish

LED industry standard should establish
In the industry, because the standard because of the lack of a significant effect, industry development is uneven, quality problems with the industry.
The media has reported, many buyers from overseas to China L E D products made in China is the biggest criticism,PC Remotes LED energy-saving lamps products of inferior quality, not in conformity with the relevant technical standards and environmental protection requirements, short service life and easy to cause harm to the human body. Thus, many LE D lighting manufacturers often suffer from overseas market return.
While this sort of thing in a L E D industry was" very normal". " Because LE D industry standards deficiencies, so it cause the whole industry to enter a doorsill is very low, no matter what people run to do L E D, no special field or not. There is no standard, no leader in the production of all kinds of will, technology requirements are, so the market also appeared a variety of uneven quality of the product." The people complained to reporters, large LED small enterprises lack the core technology research and development and product design, but using imitation and violation of some innovative enterprises of intellectual property rights of way, with" low quality" to hit the market, it is also largely against the innovation enterprise benefit, the impact of market overall health development.
Notable is, at present, foreign companies in the LED standard has already walked in front of.
It is reported,Offshore companyat present many international organization for standardization and the relevant enterprises have attached great importance to standard problem. International Electrotechnical Commission and the International Commission on illumination are very concerned about the development of LED and LED device standardization, Europe and the United States and other countries have their own technical standards and test methods. While some international LED companies such as Philips and OSRAM, active participation in national and international standardization work at the same time, also developed their own business standards, regulate the illumination LED radio parameters, such as voltage, current, flux, color coordinates, color temperature, color, life index. At the beginning of 2010, OSRAM, Philips, by Panasonic, Toshiba and other lighting giant established cooperation - the Zhaga alliance, defines the various optical engine interface standard. At present, standardization has been basically formed, products in the Chinese market will launch.
" LED industry upstream was foreign to grasp, master core technology and chip. China 's LED products are mainly focused on the application of lighting products, but these products are now standard, and by foreign enterprises to seize the opportunity, this is not conducive to the development of national industry." Above the industry said, although at present domestic LED walking pace is fast, but with Europe and the United States on the international peers, still has not little difference. Because many foreign enterprises have independent intellectual property rights, and in the core technology will each cross licensing, and if the master of the LED standard first words, are likely to be gradually eroded the domestic market. "I am very worried about China, the LE D industry's prosperity will not because of lack of standards and flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum." The personage inside course of study.
" In order to better regulate the market, but also for industrial development, should establish the L E D industry standards." Jiang Yue Loong said.
The thirteen China Electronics Technology Group Research Institute researcher Zhang Wansheng had said last year, LED national and industry standards can not be anxious for success. But in the national standard of immature, guild can be of some large enterprises LE D product standards, demonstration, communication,Virtual Office research, establish a benchmark for other manufacturers use, thus for the development of industry and the national standard to lay the foundation.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The advantages of LED LCD TV

The current LED television can be LED TV, or that it is a branch of the liquid crystal LCD, but LED LCD TV with the backlight on the huge advantage, in color, energy saving, environmental protection, appearance and other aspects of leading CCFL LCD tv. And with the technology of lowering the threshold and the upgrading of production capacity, has been plagued by the high price will be smoothly done or easily solved the problem. Perhaps in the near TV market, LED will hold the dominant position.

" LED LCD TV" TV is currently in the market the most popular vocabulary, and ordinary LCD TV with CCFL backlight, LED LCD TV is more energy saving and environmental protection, the service life is longer. LED liquid crystal television is divided into side-transmission type and straight type two, wherein the side ejection type LED volume thin, straight LED can obtain better color uniformity. Because the lateral ejection type LED backlight LCD TV with ultra-thin appearance, thus being more and more consumers.

Because the traditional LCD TV coverage of the color gamut range only standard 65% ~ 75%, color range is small, difficult to realistically show the perfect grassland, sea, Maple Grove and other natural scene. Therefore, the traditional LCD TV in color reproduction has certain defects. Today, intense market competition and the user taste rise ceaselessly, make manufacturer unremittingly search for alternative products to improve the traditional LCD TV color gamut than narrow defects. Finally, LED backlight technology has been successfully applied to the liquid crystal tv. But for the average consumer, on LED television concept is not very clear, here mainly introduce the LED TV advantage.

Powerful color gamut performance
The traditional CCDL backlight liquid crystal television in color performance has been called into question the place, but in the LED television after the appearance of this problem should be solved. With the condensing type backlight lamp constant of different lighting, LED backlight can be according to region and even point to adjust the brightness of the lighting, so in contrast and color gamut all has the very big promotion.

The most intrepid LED TV can reach 105%NTSE color gamut, and the perfect performance in terms of color CRT, plasma be roughly the same, foreign brands of some test products can reach 150% of the color gamut. However, not all LED TV is owned more than 100% of the gamut of NTSC, because LED is divided into RGB-LED and white light LED two, RGB-LED name is derived from RGB LED to enhance the color gamut, have a great role, white LED is just using white light LED diodes, just in the illumination uniformity and the contrast has certain advantages, color gamut performance in general.