Tuesday, February 28, 2012

state of confusion

LED industry is in a state of confusion?
LED industry is the lack of a standard, make some inferior products in the market to pretend to play the Yu, inferior LED product market reputation.
In February 27th, Shenzhen NVC Wu Changjiang of president of limited company through the media, saying:" now the domestic LED lighting field, basically in a disorderly competition in the state of chaos, and has the increasingly fierce potential." In Wu Changjiang's view, the disorderly competition in the state of chaos, the most obvious manifestation, it is blind investment caused by expansion of excess capacity. All the funds have flowed into the field of LED lighting, large investment, large scale expansion it is often seen. And the market application side did not erupt, make a huge capacity can not export.
Guangdong poly division lighting company president Wang Junhua in the previous Nanfang Daily reporter the interview also said, because value LED lighting industry of great potential, make lighting, photoelectric products, do 3C, do hardware, are to the LED industry in crowded, think here is the blue ocean. " Even a real estate firm also run to ask me to do LED, is it right? Very make money?"
Jinsha River of the fund last year was $10000000 investment on Shun lighting CEO sun jian-ning tells a reporter, LED lighting industry is technology, capital concentrated model industry, only money is not enough. Some small businesses, to buy chips, lamps, simple assembly, that is LED product. Such things will pass off the sham as the genuine market, let the market. Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of the inspection report shows, 2010, Guangdong Province LED lighting product quality passing rate of only 47%. Although in 2011 the data is substantially increased by 26 percentage points, but only 73.2%. " A pass rate of 73.2%, compared with foreign countries is still low." Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau deputy director Zhang Yanfei pointed out.
The lack of standards, but also one of the reasons causing industrial chaos. " Although the country has introduced some technical standards, but there is no standard system. Combined with the LED technology in the rapid development stage, national standards, industry standards often lag behind the market development present situation, the lack of practical standard." Wang Junhua pointed out. It is because of the lack of LED industry standards, the number of inferior products in the market to pretend to play the Yu, inferior LED product market reputation.
In order to promote the standard of construction, this year 1 month, Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau of Guangdong Province, the office of science and technology jointly issued the first Asia" LED lighting industry standard system planning and road map", the road map display, in 5 years, Guangdong will finished 130 multinomial LED local standards, aiming at more than 130 local standards of positioning, Guangdong Province qualitative inspect bureau put forward" high starting point to " principle, hope to standard strategy to promote the development of Guangdong Province the development of LED industry.

Monday, February 27, 2012

LED industry talent shortage

LED industry talent shortage problem subject to the top
At present, our country high Guangxiao, high reliable LED raw materials almost all rely on imports, high-grade epitaxial chip production technology core technology heteronomy, especially upstream chip patent technology most of the day, the United States and other foreign manufacturers to grasp. With the LED patent war four, domestic enterprises become more aware of the importance of talent. However, with the rapid development of LED industry does not suit is, at present the domestic institutions of professional settings corresponding to just just start, LED talent can not by relevant institutions batch transportation. Talent shortage problem such as unable to crack, the LED industry development will undoubtedly be constraint.

There is a big gap with the developed countriesFurniture industry performance
Different links of industrial chains, the demand for talent of urgent degree.
In recent years, the rapid development of LED industry in China to promote the LED high-end talent team development, formed a batch of key technology and management aspects of high-end talent LED, basically prop up industry of our country LED booming situation. China Optics and optoelectronics industry association vice-president, LED display application industry association chairman Guan Jizhen said in an interview that, on the whole, our country and the developed countries in terms of talents to still have bigger difference.
SKYWORTH photoelectric company general manager Lin Yuetao said, at present our country LED industries in the high-end talent lack, and the developed country has a bigger difference, causes most of the core technology in Japan and the United States of America hand grasp. For a home for new technology, new product investment has developed greatly in the short term, businesses want to maximize the pursuit of interests; on the other hand, the LED industry in our country is developing too fast, senior professionals will naturally demand.
LED high-end talent divided into senior technical personnel and senior management personnel, China's LED industry actual situation,offshore company formation these two kinds of talents are generally lacking in comparison. But specific to different links of industrial chains, the demand for talent of urgent degree is not exactly the same as. Guan Jizhen points out, in the upstream epitaxial chip fields, leading to the high-end technical personnel and mastering core technology talented person demand is very urgent, especially the chip research and development and the key technological equipment, talent resources of our country are very short, to increase the intensity of training. In the packaging and application areas, lack of comparison is compound model technical qualified personnel, particularly in the lighting application problems. The management personnel of any industry, any time is required.
Lin Yuetao said, excellent management personnel to provide technical personnel to provide good conditions and environment, excellent technical personnel for management personnel development strategy and tactics to provide strong support. Patch cord manufacturer Two tactics is caught, two tactics to want hard.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

LED International Exhibition

The second generation CREATOR fast noble considered the series of indoor LED color screen debut 2012 Guangzhou LED International Exhibition
In the big screen audio-visual industry award announced Hisense intelligent television 2011 autumn new listing fast - your side of the LED splicing system expert
In February 20th, receives the global attention in the eighth session of the Guangzhou International Exhibition ( LED LED CHINA 2012 )Furniture industry performance in Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Center is held ceremoniously. The 4 days of exhibition showcases the latest industry LED display technology and a variety of indoor and outdoor LED display products, has attracted from all over the world more than 60000 agents and international trade procurement.

It is understood, LED display as a new high-end display media, as Hu Neiwai advertising and stage lighting, enterprise and city image to bring outstanding visual effect, but also the industry was recognized as the most potential for growth and development of the fastest LED application market. As a domestic well-known LED large screen splicing system manufacturers, the CREATOR shortcut in this exhibition to display the latest R & D and noble as the series of indoor LED true color screen series; P12, P15, P20, P22 your optic outdoor full-color LED; P10, P12, P16, P20 color as the outdoor full-color LED. Display control system of display LED HD screen processor, LED screen controller, DVI optical transmitters, professional SDI / DVI / HDMI switching line doubler, HD advertising player, data synchronous distributor, SDI / DVI video matrix switcher, an environment detector and signal processor control device. Either the LED display screen aesthetic display effect or the appearance of elegant new products have attracted many spectators eyes.
The CREATOR shortcut noble as the series of indoor LED true color screen show splendor
The CREATOR shortcut ultra-thin indoor LED true color screen module panorama, each module weight of only 4.5kg
In this exhibition, the CREATOR shortcut booth its unique creative booth layout, allowing visitors to the viewers eyes. In the live show of noble as the series of indoor LED true color screen is the CREATOR shortcut through several times of technical innovation and upgrading and the new development of. Its ergonomically designed by the standard module, module, light weight, only 4.5kg, compared to before the first generation of indoor LED display products and more frivolous. Moreover, it also has a unique, highly reliable system performance. In the event of a fault, also can make system backup, to ensure that the display is regular, before switching when the picture without vibration, no black screen, screen to ensure continuity. In each case are device intelligent memory chip, record each LED display screen brightness, to ensure consistency, uniformity. It can be widely used for the airport, station, port, hotels, shopping malls, gymnasium and other public places, it can meet the higher requirements of the indoor display screen project needs, for the interior space to add a noble and elegant.
The CREATOR shortcut visited the exhibition hall audience crowded
It is reported, during the exhibition, the CREATOR shortcut to headquarters in Guangzhou conference hall to hold LED seamless splicing technology seminar. Invites to the CREATOR shortcut visit agents and friends old and new customers to visit Haixinsha, beautiful city square tour experience CREATOR shortcut applied to Guangzhou Asia / Paralympics high-definition LED display and information release platform of hot technology.
The field staff for the audience presentation CREATOR fast and powerful network centralized control software platform
In order to provide professional audience of CREATOR fast and powerful network centralized control software platform, the CREATOR shortcut in the pavilion built HD advertising player, DVI fiber optic transmitter, YUV double glue line transmitters and other demo experience area, visitors can personally experience. According to the on site staff, DVI fiber optic transmitter multimode transmission maximum distance up to 500M, single-mode transmission maximum distance up to 15KM. And in the process of transmission, DVI signal without compression and transmission, ensure the signal fidelity, image effects and local surveillance of indifference. In addition, also supports RS-232 bidirectional transmission.
The CREATOR shortcut field personnel for overseas audience introduced products
The CREATOR shortcut noble as the series of indoor LED true color screen series products, LED control system equipment products luxury lineup also won the scene to the media and audience alike. The Guangzhou international LED, CREATOR shortcut show in high-definition LED seamless tiled display field, AV control field strength and leading position, also make agents, buyers, participants of the audience for CREATOR quick LED seamless splicing system, LED control system and other products have a more intuitive,offshore company formation more in-depth understanding of. The future of CREATOR fast will continue to increase investment in scientific research, assembly of professional talents, developed more and let the market recognition, customer like high-quality LED display, AV control products, at the same time, keep up with customer demand, optimize ceaselessly upgrade, make internationalization of Chinese nation brand, for people to show more of both quality and surprise of the new product.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

LED Industry Alliance

The South China Sea to build LED Industry Alliance
The South China Sea region larger lighting companies are planning to set up LED industrial alliance, together to develop the market. Preliminary consideration will select the structure relatively simple classification of relatively easy embedded spotlights as a pilot, and then gradually extended to other products.
LED market this year mainly to open up the field
A reporter from the South China Sea Customs was informed that, last year, the South China Sea area of mechanical and electrical products for export 6360000000 U.S. dollars, up 29.5%, total exports of 6 into. The proportion of the same period last year increased 3.5 percentage points. Among them, lamps, lighting fixtures and similar goods exports 260000000 dollar, grow 11.5% compared to the same period last year, and the slowdown.
Nanhai District electric light source lighting industry association secretary-general Liu Yongchang said, the South China Sea has the traditional lighting related enterprises more than 400, some large enterprises have opened LED production line, the South China Sea pure do LED products manufacturers do not exceed 50, and the majority of exports are to do. The South China Sea lighting products are mainly exported to Europe, the United States, the Middle East, South America and other countries, LED products are mainly exported to Europe, the United States and Italy.
According to introducing, Guangdong Province will be in 3 years in the public domain mandatory replacement of LED lighting, involving all government agencies, hospitals and schools, as well as the Pearl River Delta region will be faster in 2 years to complete. The good news of the means, the support of government from the transformation of street lamps extend to the public areas of the interior lighting, will accelerate the LED interior lighting market cultivation. " Although the first quarter of this year the export situation is relatively grim, but LED market is this year the main development direction." Liu Yongchang said.
In the second half of the year at the 13 Hongkong HKTDC Hongkong International Lighting Fair, the South China Sea has 23 exhibiting companies, of which 11 enterprises exhibited LED products. The scene most electronic buyers and lighting buyers say will increase or maintain the LED lamp purchases.
Construction industry alliance to develop indoor lighting market together
Although the situation is excellent, but the South China Sea electric light source lighting industry is also facing a series of problems. Liu Yongchang for example, sometimes the season order too much, big business is busy, sometimes received provincial a multi-billion dollar project, due to capital and capacity limits, enterprise or just to do what I can afford, or simply do not do, for small businesses to help production, enterprises are very worried that product quality, technology outflow problems, severe cases may even damage the brand.
" Large and small enterprises cooperation requires very high level of trust, and this requires both sides in technology, management and other aspects of long-term running. The application of LED lighting market still does not have unified product standards, a manufacturer of the product with another manufacturer completely incompatible, the LED has become a great obstacle to the development of lighting industry." Liu Yongchang said.
He told reporters at the end of last year, Guangdong Province Association worked with the LED Standards Institute, South China Quality Supervision Bureau, the South China Sea 8 home lighting business representatives to the most advanced LED R & D and production base of Xi'an High-tech Zone, investigates the LED Industry Alliance standard information service platform. The platform will be the local enterprises, research institutes and other units in the field of organization, establishment of upstream and downstream, and standardization of information, intellectual property and other resource sharing mechanism, aim to promote standard, evaluation, quality detection system.
The South China Sea electric light source and taking into account the current problems facing the industry, the South China Sea area electric light source lighting industry association this year will also together with the relevant departments, planning the establishment of South China LED alliance and collective trademark, together to develop the market. The South China Sea area by a larger lamp enterprises to establish industry alliance, the first will select the structure is relatively simple classification of relatively easy embedded spotlights as a pilot, and then gradually extended to other products. " If the standard production, then LED from indoor lighting is not far away."
South China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau responsible person, with the establishment of industrial union way of industry self-regulation, protect the legitimate formal production enterprises, strike price low quality and competition of enterprises, to ensure that the lighting industry's healthy development.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

excess capacity crisis

The global LED industry excessive investment caused by excess capacity crisis emerged.
In February 22nd, the area of the LED chip of the largest investment photoelectric Saman ( 600703.SH ) released the results in 2011, the sales revenue growth in 102.56% of the cases, the main business LED chip 's gross margin was first appeared in 43.47% fell sharply.
Market research agency Displaysearch's latest report,luck2012 beginning in the third quarter of 2011 due to the LED backlight LCD TV sales decreased and LED lighting growth is slow, the 2011 LED appeared the situation of supply exceeding demand, supply and demand gap of up to 30%, and in 2012 second quarter forecast first, this problem has been alleviated but will continue its supply and demand, excess ratio achieve respectively 19% and 16%.
Samsung, LG Electronics, Lunda electronic LED industry giants, the fourth quarter of last year has been the production of LED MOCVD equipment capacity utilization rate down to 50%, while beginning in 2012 is expected to improve, but as the mainland photoelectric Saman, BDO, Tsinghua Tongfang LED capacity have been launched, global LED overcapacity would aggravate.
Clear inventory sequelae
An optoelectronic for inventory low-priced goods rejection, leading to the sharp decline in gross profit margin 43.47% LED chip
The areas of the LED chip has invested 3700000000 yuan, purchasing the MOCVD devices are all in place, is planning a directed through the issuance of 6300000000 yuan prospectus for an optoelectronic, 2011 LED industry emerging stage demand slowed down obviously to feel the pressure.
According to an optoelectronic 2011 Annual Report, by the end of 2011, its inventory scale from the beginning of the year 310000000 yuan rose to 918000000 yuan, compared to its sales revenue is only about 1700000000 yuan. Huge inventory pressure led to its 2010 to raise additional 2900000000 yuan investment in the Wuhu LED chip project procurement of 120 MOCVD equipment, the complete installation and put into use only 50. While the original new round of A shares directed to raise additional funds last year in September from 8000000000 yuan to 6300000000 yuan in compression.
Obviously this and LED industry entire industry demand insufficient, of which the most important is the LCD TV backlight and LED lighting product demand slowdown.
According to Displaysearch's latest research report,96325 the 2011 global LED LCD TV permeability first exceeded 50%, but did not reach the industry at the beginning of the year 60% of the expected. LED lighting products also began to gradually replace the traditional lighting products in the market share, but as a result of higher prices and a lot of the subsidy policy of the government has not reached the expected slowdown.
LCD TV market in China as an example, to the year 2011 only Hisense, Skyworth LED LCD TV penetration of over 50%, and some brands even have only about 30% LED permeability. Skyworth Group President Yang Dongwen told reporters," 2011 LED LCD TV because of backlight module price fall range is bigger, its growth rate is very fast, but from an overall point of view because the CCFL backlight module is substantially reduced, so the final LED permeability fails to meet expectations."
Because LED LCD TV backlight for LED grain overall shipments of more than 40%, so its demand growth situation affects the whole LED industry supply and demand.
In low demand at the same time, Samsung, LG and Taiwan regions of the LED giant from the beginning of 2010 have increased their MOCVD equipment procurement and installation of 2011, these new capacity is gradually released, began leading the entire industry overcapacity.
The Research Report of Displaysearch pointed out, the fourth quarter of 2011 global LED packaging grain supply and demand reached 210000000, only 148000000 hearts, excess supply ratio has reached 30%.
Therefore, many of the LED industry practitioners are beginning to depreciate considerably to clear out inventory. Set state science and technology under the LED specialized research institutions LEDinside report points out, the fourth quarter of 2011 due to out of stock, LED crystal average price decline of about 10% or so, while small and medium power LED reduction or even more than 20%, especially in lighting applications,luck2012 because LED manufacturer faces pressure on the stock, and for small and medium power LED price competition effect of high power LED quote, which appeared to glide apparently.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

LED enterprise IPO great leap forward

February 1st, the Commission published a total of 515 IPO applications in the enterprise name list, at least 9 LED enterprise is the queue waiting for the listing. According to the engineering LED Industry Research Institute survey, currently has about 50 LED enterprise has been completed or ongoing reform, in order to introduce investment, fast implementation of listed.
Expansion, to scale down costs, is LED enterprises listing and financing main purpose. But with the IPO tide corresponding is, LED application market opened slowly, at present domestic LED lighting market penetration rate is only 5%. LED lighting advantage has not yet been excited, experts say, enterprise to open the market it is necessary to strengthen the research and development.
IPO trend will continue
High technology industry research institute in LED research report pointed out, these to be listed on the LED enterprises are concentrated in the packaging field.
In fact, LED package enterprises less lucrative. Zhejiang High Technology Industry Research Institute president Zhang Xiaofei said, China's packaging enterprise has many 1200, productivity is more than market demand. Packaging enterprises, small scale, homogenization of competition trigger price war, wool interest rate goes low continuously.
" Excess capacity is not necessarily a bad thing, profiteering business will automatically exit." BDO chairman Wang Donglei believes that, in the current domestic LED market, cost control ability has become the core competitiveness of enterprises, can not depress the cost of enterprises can only accept be merger or bankruptcy.
Large enterprises hope to scale to keep costs low, in this field have started a price war to survive. Zhang Xiaofei thinks, at present domestic LED industry is still in its initial stage, the gap between the enterprises is not obvious, advantage company hoped to quickly open a gap, established in the industry 's dominant position in the field of. " There are some enterprises choose to buy the way for expansion, either expansion or acquisition, need a large sum of money." He said.
In December last year IPO approved poly fly photoelectric, its financing is the main purpose of expansion. Poly fly a prospectus ( draft declaration ) display, the company plans to raise funds to invest in LED backlight device expansion project, lighting LED device expansion project and LED technology R & D center project. The project raised a complete production, LED backlight device products production capacity will add 1440 million / year, lighting LED device products production capacity will increase by 660 million / year.
"Without a doubt, the LED upstream investment overheat, everyone thinks they can talent showing itself." Zhang Xiaofei said, although the excess capacity of the question can be heard without end, but the capital market for LED industry pursued continues," in the upper reach of the LED enterprise in funding for scientific research or after expansion, the main purpose is to hold down costs." Zhang Xiaofei predicted, the next two years will have a number of LED enterprise IPO.
VC also prompted the LED IPO factors. Zhang Xiaofei said, the domestic LED in early development by multiplex VC favor, but when the enterprise has developed into a subdivision leading the field, VC is clearly hoping to promote enterprises listed and timely exit.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

LED TV is the same

Equipped with LED backlight LCD TV is in last few years the most attention in the LCD TV, with energy saving, environmental protection and the color performance and other aspects of the advantages to become the new trend of the development of liquid crystal TV, and gradually became the mainstream of current products.company formation Statistical data, at present LED backlight LCD TV attention has exceeded the proportion of ordinary LCD TV, is currently China's LCD TV market the real protagonist.
But the current market sales of LED backlight LCD TV is the same? This really can not be.
In the LED backlight LCD TV launched early, many products are equipped for white LED back light source, is the only emit white light LED light source to replace the original CCFL fluorescent tube. But with the development of technology, RGB-LED back light source start with on the TV, which is composed of RGB light mixing together, in the color gamut performance better than white LED backlight.
Of course, in addition to the LED light itself has the difference, LED back light source of incident position also somewhat difference, can be divided into direct type and side entry type two categories.
Said first side entry type LED back light source, which is the light source is arranged in the side edge of the light guide plate, the light guide plate through special design, make and uniformly dispersed throughout the plane, using the LED number is less, and the body can be designed to be very thin, for instance before Sony launched ZX1, 40 inch thickness less than 1 cm.
But the side entry type LED back light source also has its own disadvantages, such as light source using rate is low,singapore company formationrelatively poor uniformity of straight down type, not for regional control etc..
Straight down type backlight light guide plate does not need LED, LED array in a light box bottom, light emitted from the LED through the bottom surface and the side surface of the reflector, and then through the diffusion plate and the optical module to evenly eject. Compared with side light, straight down type backlight LED to dynamically control the backlight lamp, this performance in some dark scene image, only need to adjust the required backlight area ( on the screen is black or dark section ) local lighting, which can show the contrast of light and shade of high-quality natural image effect.
But the direct LED backlight high cost, generally in the high-end models are equipped with, and large volume, body cannot and using the side entry type LED backlight LCD TV, very thin.
In the direct LED backlight, 2010 also out of a new product, called" FULL LED backlight". It adopts the LED light amount is more, of course can be controlled by the area more, so at a certain regional changes in response to faster, more accurate.
Of course, you may ask the LED lamp more power will be bigger?
In fact, direct LED backlight lamp although many, but the light utilization rate is high, in the actual testing process, we can see the effect of energy saving is also very good.
Comments: in fact, overall the market said" LED TV",Furniture industry performance also or the LCD TV, is nothing but a LED back light source to replace the traditional backlight. Although this is only the back light source transformation, but thanks to the LED light source of excellent characteristics, can greatly enhance the value of the color gamut of LCD TV, LCD TV in the lower power consumption to achieve higher brightness, contrast and color saturation, performance is more excellent.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

LED road lighting

LED lighting products should be in a deep understanding of LED light source based on physical properties and the needs of the users are highly combined, such as human sensation of light combination, with the use of the combination of environmental, develop truly humanized lighting products, and reasonable optical design is a important aspect.
According to the insiders, LED road lighting after several years of exploration and development, the application process of accumulation of technology and product improvement, at present the market continued steady growth, its development opportunity to show. In the eighth session of the China International Semiconductor Lighting Forum" LED road lighting market and technology applications" summit, many technical experts, corporate executives gathered, separately from the use of the environment, optimization design, the feelings of consumers and how the LED light source for scientific evaluation and other aspects of how LED better application in road lighting, how to get more secure, more comfortable road lighting environment. From which we can feel LED road lighting technology and product application to more in-depth, more humane direction of a big step forward.
LED road lighting road lighting products need to follow the relevant technical specifications, to meet the ground irradiance and regional brightness and other related requirements. LED manufacturer is concerned with the output efficiency of light, but for the users, the ultimate concern is the human eye under specific circumstances to feel the quality of lighting, the light efficiency and light quality exists between a conversion coefficient, the coefficient is related to the environment, so the road lighting products before installation need to do a lot of specific research work, can't take a standard everywhere use.
LED lighting products should be in a deep understanding of LED light source based on physical properties and the needs of the users are highly combined, such as human sensation of light combination, with the use of the combination of environmental, develop truly humanized lighting products, and reasonable optical design is a important aspect.
Several commonly used optical design methods are: ( 1) using the structure adjustment of light, is light monomer into array, the lamp panel tilting device, in order to adjust the required light distribution. The optical design of the biggest advantage is low cost, but to meet the higher light quality is not easy to achieve, but also can do single between each different tilts, make overlay the light meets the needs of street lamps. ( 2) with the two optical design, the use of a single in vitro optical design elements, such as the reflector or lens, so that the beam reaches the desired light distribution. It can bring monomer standardization, has high flexibility, can be LED monomer and optical design separately, makes the design more flexible, to meet the different requirements of the road environment. ( 3) using an optical element, in the LED monomer directly with package lens oriented single output light type into the desired distribution form, this kind of design can reduce the inconvenience in structure design. In the road direction on the asymmetric distribution of available light plate tilt or light lens design to achieve, so can simplify the integration, but the cost of design and manufacture cost is high. ( 4) using optical device, found only in the patent, but the product is not used, the design method of optical loss and is easy to repair, can meet the high optical quality requirements. The future road lighting requires the integration of these technologies, but also into the command and control technology and network management technology.
Talking about the LED road lighting challenges, we will usually refer to product quality challenges, such as life, reliability, failure and the investment rate of return. But the product is for lighting services, the end user is concerned there is no glare, sidewalks, is it right? Too dark, white is comfortable, whether the illumination is higher. Energy saving is not only the product itself, energy saving, more important is the application effect of energy saving, is based on the safe and comfortable lighting environment on the basis of a comprehensive consideration of index.
Road lighting to road safety services, first of all need to meet the basic needs of security.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

LED business prospects

Optimistic about the LED business prospects
A shares yesterday narrow shrinking concussion, trading volume shrunk significantly. The show, the motherboard transaction information agencies figure rare. Relatively speaking, institutions to participate in the gem enthusiasm taller, Hongli photoelectric ( 300219 shares it, ( 300291 ), Hualubaina, shares ) respectively has a number of seats in the institutions in.
Securities exchange of Shenzhen gem exchange public information display, February 14th, a total of three bodies seats together to buy LED shares the concept Hongli photoelectric 14070000 yuan, accounting for the total turnover of the 32.77% shares the same day, in contrast, has a body a few sell the shares 1580000 yuan. It shares the same day wide shocks, amplitude is achieved 14.25%, day turnover rose 2.75%, compared with the previous trading day up nearly.
Recommended reading
In February 16th picture: Rose minor repeatedly and continuously to the attention of only 20 shares soaring
The line half a year to be traded with good assault fortified positions to continue fermentation mechanism that dragon head strong pattern of persistent right opportunity to show the four major indexes all upside Prev Close to half a line capital more speculation more Shun beware risk of change disk [ micro-blog ] the main force is used to stock funds market [ shares ] shortly after the trend will let you terrified Hongli photoelectric 14 announcement, confirmed that the company has made an invention patent, patent name for a large power chip fluorescent powder coating process, notice of authorization for January 25, 2012. The patent inventor Li Guoping, patent right as the company itself. Announcement says, the patent relates to technology for the company one of the main technologies, the patent has been applied to the company's existing products, notice that patent has not at present to the company production manages generation major effect, but is conducive to improving the protection of intellectual property rights system, exert the advantage of own intellectual property, enhance the company's core competitiveness.
Previously, Hongli photoelectric released results quickly reported, the company in 2011 attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit profit 66000000 yuan to 75450000 yuan, representing year-on-year growth of 5%-20%, more in line with market expectations. Qilu Securities issued a research report that, because the high technology and new technology enterprise qualification for 3 years a certification cycle, and the identification results are expected in 2012 February final, so this period performance forecast net profit is in accordance with the common enterprise income tax rate of 25% calculation. If the 15% high-tech enterprises preferential tax rate, the profit of the company should be in the 74800000 to 85510000 yuan between.
According to the report, the future Hongli photoelectric will increase strength to the industrial chain extending downstream applications, including LED lighting and automotive lamp. The company is actively involved in numerous large-scale lighting project, is not only helpful to enhance brand awareness, but also is beneficial to reducing the cost rate. 2012 is the world into considering phasing out the incandescent light concentration year, while LED lighting into the commercial lighting market conditions are mature, while the state from the policy of LED general illumination products subsidies, the company's future development direction of the market is worth looking forward to.
For the LED industry's future development, market analysts pointed out, energy saving and environmental protection is the national" 925" strategic emerging industry in the first, and one of the LED lighting was identified as one of the important part of energy saving and environmental protection. At present, the increasingly high price and the global cut-off banned incandescent policy drive LED lighting requirements gradually increase, the Chinese government on energy conservation and environmental protection industries will also support for China LED lighting industry to provide a strong impetus to the development of.
In addition, the gem report, there are two institutions centralized buying 9 has just listed on the gem of the Hualubaina. Data shows, two agencies together to buy the stock 24270000 yuan, accounting for the total turnover of the 12.72% day, Hualubaina fell 2.98%, the exchange rate reached 28.57%

Monday, February 13, 2012

LED detection

In the LED industry boom of the rapid decline in the background, the development of related businesses prospects facing variables. The main LED testing equipment of Hangzhou remote photoelectric, with 50% market share," passive" high-profile marketing mode. However, in the background of industry crisis situation, company IPO solicits throws the project risk is shown further production capacity to digest.
At the end of last year, the distance the gem IPO before, as the 2011 LED enterprise" listing tide" temporarily ending. Out of the ordinary is distant, photoelectric main LED photoelectric detection device, belonging to the LED industry chain segments of a segmented, at present no comparable companies listed in the plate. Money newspaper shows, the company in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 1 to September net profit is 11650000 yuan respectively, 25000000 yuan, 54430000 yuan and 55700000 yuan, showing explosive growth.
Trigger is concerned, the distance a prospectus rendering of the" hegemony" status. According to the disclosure, the current domestic specializing in LED lighting and optoelectronic detection equipment R & D and production manufacturers do not exceed 15. According to the national semiconductor lighting industry alliance project and issued instructions, 2008, 2009, and 2010 LED illumination photoelectric detection equipment industry market ranking, distance photoelectric rank domestic manufacturers first; wherein, in 2010 the total production value of domestic manufacturers, the company has a market share of about 50%.
The company marketing mode of personal independence of conduct. The main means for, in the professional magazines and web site advertising and attend trade shows and seminars, and most of the company products are through customer calls Advisory order or invited bidding went on sale. The" passive" marketing model, seems to be against the company's brand influence.
But insiders told reporters that the distant place LED, photoelectric detection equipment market scale is very small, but the company is also the national semiconductor lighting industry alliance project and the executive director of the unit, with the latter issued a" note" to prove their competitive position is not convincing," the company strongly the rendering industry status, quite Wangpo saying that".
LED photoelectric detection device can be divided into laboratory testing equipment and on-line testing equipment two, the distance was the main laboratory of photoelectric detection equipment. Prospectus disclosure, LED testing equipment industry rise in 2007, thereafter, domestic LED laboratory testing equipment the total annual sales of more than 40% average annual growth rate. Data shows, 2009, the domestic LED laboratory test equipment sales amounted to only 100000000 yuan; in 2011 2010 for about $200000000; less than 400000000 yuan, and LED manufacturing enterprise market size cannot be mentioned in the same breath. In addition, although the product is priced higher, but the international well-known manufacturers in the domestic high-end market still occupied the dominant position, the distance is not sleep without any anxiety photoelectric.
More worrying is, since 2011, due to the demand for compressed, excess capacity and other reasons, the LED industry is obvious in the downlink channel. According to the relevant research organization analysis, global LED industry is left for stock of the challenge, the problem of excess production capacity is expected to continue until the middle of 2013. Industry fluctuations will undoubtedly amplified remote photoelectric IPO solicits throws the project risk. The company raised for the project is mainly used for an annual output of 1500 sets of LED photoelectric detection equipment expansion project, a total investment of 116000000 yuan. According to the control, the expansion project of the new capacity will be the company's existing production capacity of about 1.5 times, if the LED industry is not a quick recovery, production capacity to digest contradiction to highlight.
With the expansion of production capacity related to another project raised is the sales and service network construction. Remote photoelectric plans to adopt" more active" sales service, in the domestic set up 9 regional centers, while strengthening the operational headquarters office radiation ability and service ability, means the company marketing mode from " passive" to "active " change, but the effect of the adjustment of the existence of uncertainty. The company also says frankly, because of poor marketing, sales force could not follow the social development needs to the project raised a new capacity can not be digested risk

Sunday, February 12, 2012

LED company

To share the LED company
Although the LED industry is facing the problem of excess production capacity, but did not reduce the development of the Great Wall ( 000021) and LED industry enthusiasm, the company 13 days notice, the company directly holding 44% of the shares the company developed crystal quasi strategic investment of $25000000 to $1.3847 a share subscription, issue of BridgeLux series E-1 preferred shares of 18054452 shares, holds 7% of its equity.

At the same time, under certain conditions, development of crystal exercise warrants, which are entitled to $0.25 into more than 13301700 shares of common stock shares, the total share capital of not more than BridgeLux (including expected debt to equity card stock) 5%.

Prior to the announcement of a trading day, the development of the Great Wall and the stock closed at 5.71 yuan, or 1.06%.

According to the announcement, Bridgelux in 2002 in the United States of America Delaware incorporated, headquartered in California.

The company mainly engaged in LED chip, package and optical module product R & D, manufacturing and sales operations. 2011, 2010, 2009 Bridgelux net profit respectively - $79573000 ( Unaudited), - $49004000, - $18860000. The Great Wall development said, through a strategic investment in BridgeLux, which enables companies to quickly enter the LED package, it is chance with this, accelerate group in the field of LED lighting industry chain strategic layout.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Prospectus to be beneficial

Prospectus to be beneficial to increasing LED 400000000
Released in 10 non-public offering of stock plans, the company intends to not more than 10 specific investors, to not less than 5.49 yuan / share non-public offering is not more than 80000000 shares, to raise funds does not exceed the amount of 407000000 yuan, for to the Wuxi LED indoor commercial lighting production and construction projects such as the four.

Announcement shows, the company expects four projects a total investment of 439000000 yuan, the total amount of raised capital of not more than 407000000 yuan, after deducting the cost of issue for all four projects, including the Wuxi LED indoor commercial lighting production and construction project plans to invest 265000000 yuan, Wuxi LED lighting R & D center construction project investment of 50649000 yuan, Wuxi LED lighting marketing network system the project plans to invest 45653000 yuan, Shenzhen mobile phone control board production line technological transformation project plans to invest 46346000 yuan.

The company expects, Wuxi LED indoor commercial lighting production and construction after the implementation of the project, will add a total profit of 144000000 yuan, the project investment, internal rate of return ( after tax) 26.42%, investment recovery period ( including the construction period, after tax) for 5.48 years. Shenzhen mobile phone control board production line technological transformation project, add a total profit of 13288000 yuan, the project investment, internal rate of return ( after tax) 24.43%, investment recovery period ( including the construction period, after tax) for 4.86 years.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Guangdong light LED passion

Along with our country city changes a course accelerate, low-carbon economy, green environmental protection idea to win support among the people, semiconductor lighting industry ( LED ) emerge as the times require, nearly two years of listed companies has become the popular industry in Guangdong and Guangdong, already also became the domestic LED lighting industry one of the most developed regions. On the policy support and market demand under the dual background, Guangdong LED industry has seen explosive growth.
In recent years, Guangdong LED industry average growth rate of 40% above, in 2010 the province's LED industry realizes production value 85300000000 yuan, nearly 3000 enterprises, industrial dimensions accounted for about 50%, production value and scale are ranked first in the country. In 2011, Guangdong Province LED industry dimensions to achieve 150000000000 yuan, production value and scale continue to rank countrywide first place. It is expected that in 2012, Guangdong Province is expected to become the LED industry production value dimensions exceeds 300000000000 yuan of new industrial clusters.
The face of international and domestic Shuangjing jet market, domestic and foreign investment merger and integration of upstream and downstream enterprises to accelerate the process, the traditional lighting enterprises, state-owned capital, folk capital swarmed into a frenzy of investment, LED.
In recent years, Guangdong has much home LED company successfully knocking on doors concept capital market, listed in Shenzhen with country star photoelectric ( 002449, shares ), Hongli photoelectric ( 300219 shares it, ground ( 002638 ), photoelectric, shares ), Lehman photoelectric ( 300162 shares it, ( ), photoelectric in 300241, shares ), Chau Ming Technology ( 300232, shares ) is about to land, and small plate of Zhongshan Sen electronics company. Listed companies in the traditional lighting enterprises involved in the LED industry companies have the FSL ( 000541, shares ), the large group ( 000055, shares ), snow Wright; halfway into LED has Guangdong Gan, BDO ( 002005, shares ), the Shenzhen Konka A, Han's laser ( 002008, stock it), or their the backdoor, or in M & A, or to increase the share of a variety of ways to enter the LED industry. There are dozens of has completed the shareholding system transformation of LED enterprise, also aspiring to enter the capital market.
GF Securities ( 000776 shares of investment banking department,. ) Mr. Zhao commented: Guangdong LED enterprises seeking listing, both show the enterprise is done do greatly strong desire, and the enterprise itself from the mess out consideration. After appearing on the market, the enterprise more financial strength and expansion of power, in the capital drive below, the big fish eat the small fish will frequently performed, LED effect of industrial clusters in the Pearl River Delta region gradually.
Baigezhengliu in Pearl River Delta
Up to now, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan have LED industry as the pillar industry development. Among them, Shenzhen enacted the" Shenzhen LED industry development plan", Dongguan introduced the" Dongguan city to promote LED industry development and application demonstration of the implementation of the work programme", Foshan will "new light industry" as one of the industries.
From industrial region development in Shenzhen City, Guangdong LED industry the most concentrated, Guangzhou times, other more concentrated area also includes Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Huizhou etc.. Among them, Shenzhen LED industry research and development strength strong, become the world's largest solar LED lamp production and supply base, LED back light source of major global production and supply base, LED displays the largest domestic production and supply base, LED package and LED lighting the main production areas. Guangzhou LED enterprise quantity are not many, but a high degree of concentration, strong ability of driving, in the domestic LED industry in the high-end level, has certain innovation ability and the potential of sustainable development.
Shenzhen LED Industry Federation Chairman Wang Dianfu pointed out, Guangdong Province LED industry already shows the full blossom trend, has formed a relatively complete industrial chain and supporting capacity, cluster effect of peep. More and more enterprises, especially to master the core technology of the upstream chip giant, have settled in guangdong. These upstream chip giant settled, and further stimulate the development of related industry in the downstream.
Survival of the fittest represent the general trend
Guangdong many cities will be LED industry as a pillar industry development in LED, everybody wants to divide a cup of a thick soup, jump on the bandwagon, in Dongguan alone there are more than 200 LED enterprise. While the projects, mostly concentrated in the downstream packaging field, repeat construction to already showed signs of. This suggests that, although the Guangdong LED industry while forming an epitaxial, chip, packaging and application of catenary of this one industry, but in every link of the development is not balanced, showing a weak extension, chip, encapsulation, application link strong pattern.
In the upstream epitaxial wafer and chip area, due to the lack of core technology, short-term inside it is very difficult to obtain major breakthrough. The current LED industry, upstream of the sapphire substrate excess capacity is the most serious in the packaging industry, although the capacity is relatively superfluous, but because of the poor ability to resist risks, the industry is expected by the end of nearly 10% enterprises are eliminated, and the downstream LED application of the overall best performance. The concept of LED from Guangdong listed company's share price performance can be gleaned.
In May 1st last year, the national lighting electrical Standardization Technical Committee formulate 5 LED standards introduced. Industry sources, after the implementation of GB, the cost of each product will increase from 8 yuan to 10 yuan, while the market on the part of the profit of the product is only 3 yuan or less. This also means that, if the criteria are strictly applied, there will be a large number of LED enterprises be eliminated.
Guangdong Province LED Industry Alliance President Li Xuliang pierce to the heart of the matter that, in the lighting industry to replace incandescent lamps became the overlord of the new light source, LED development prospects is very broad. But along with the market competition mechanism, those who did not have the strength and market positioning is not clear the artisanal enterprises will be eliminated.
BDO chairman Wang Donglei believes that, at present, the semiconductor lighting industry has been facing many enterprises, small scale, lack of technological innovation, most enterprises focus on the market low, low-level repeat the problem such as competition, a large number of traditional illumination enterprise enter, certainly will make the competition more intense. High price is still popular LED in the process of " stumbling block". Technology upgrading, cost drops considerably, product constantly improve the permeability will be LED industry future development path selection.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mixc LED screen debut

Nanning Huarun the Mixc LED screen debut
The never-ending fashion stage, international shopping center industry leader, in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hefei city has witnessed the Mixc, Huarun, originating in Hongkong, project cloth and the 39 City, for walking and city engraved under too much classics, Nanning city life the Mixc Huarun accumulated thickness, bright a boast the world light.

Nanning the Mixc since 2009 September start working, for Nanning create eternal fashion stage, with metal gear was born of posture, shock of Yongcheng, Huarun center is the most typical urban complex, where he not only became the landmark of the city, but to build a kind of new way of life. Nanning Huarun center will also become the Nanning landmarks, the trend of the poly. Among them, happiness is more integrated into the international elements and fine, make, become Nanning peak layer Mingshi preferred livable community.

A block west of Huarun exterior finish, reveals the magnificent
Nanning Huarun the Mixc LED screen debut

Postganglionic, Xiaobian personally visit Nanning Huarun center construction site visits, in the project site to see LED display has been unveiled, a block west of Huarun exterior finish, magnificent Huarun center visible form. It is understood, Nanning Huarun center project is located in the China - ASEAN business core area, north faces national Avenue, West Green Road, located in Nanning City as a key development area, so the overall project design to follow the " convergence " concept, give full play to the geographical advantages, fully embodies the commerce Consulate area, the subway and public transportation site, etc.

artificial landscape and park landscape, all kinds of social activities and party convergence effect.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

cylindrical LED bulb

Toshiba lighting technology introduction of cylindrical LED bulb
Toshiba lighting technology released "E-CORE" series of LED bulb two cylindrical ( T ) product ( daylight and incandescent lamp color ). Brightness equivalent to 40W light bulb ( daylight color products to 600 lumens, incandescent lamp color products to 485 lumens ), rated power consumption for 7.4W. This is the first time the company launched T LED bulb.
Toshiba lighting technology plans to use the products to replace the cylindrical fluorescent bulbs ( D type and T type, D type for fluorescent tube exserted style, T shape with shade style ). The use of D type and T type fluorescent lamp apparatus with small size design, in many cases cannot install E26 lights in the ordinary LED bulb.
New product ( T - 7.4W ) can be fitted to the D type and T type fluorescent lamp special appliances (not including the insulation materials construction equipment ). Therefore, applicable to the lamp socket can be mounted laterally of the lamp ( DownLight ), and wall lamps and chandeliers, lamps and lighting equipment requirements of the overall brightness. In addition, can also be used for bathroom lights and other closed apparatus. But cannot be used with light modulation function and circuit apparatus.
T 7.4W product dimensions and Toshiba lighting technology D shaped fluorescent bulbs ( FED15 / 13-Z ), diameter 40mm, length of 109mm. Light distribution angle of approximately 300 degrees, also with D shaped fluorescent bulbs of the same. The product can realize large light distribution angle due to the use of a cylindrical inner surface reflection lampshade, and the LED light source is configured in the bottom surface of the lower position lamp design.
In addition, as a comparison object's FED15 / 13-Z brightness equivalent to general lighting using 60W bulbs ( 810 LM), than the T 7.4W products ( equivalent to 40W bulb to light ). Toshiba lighting technology said, will continue to develop T LED bulbs, future plans to launch the size and shape of the light distribution angle and D type and T type fluorescent bulbs with size, but also a consistent product.
T 7.4W two products will be sold from February 10, 2012. Suggested retail price ( including tax), incandescent lamp color ( model: LDT7L-G ) and daylight ( model: LDT7N-G ) are 5670 yen ( about 470 yuan). Heavy 125g, the rated life of 40000 hours. Sales target of two products together every year 240000.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

LED energy-saving

Can LED energy-saving main battlefield assault fortified positions
Abstract: LED will cause a revolution in lighting has no doubt. Although the product on the market and many, but must face is the key technology is to be a breakthrough," edge lace results" is the state of the industry,Valentine's Day LED lighting products to enter the market truly still has a long way to go.
LED will cause a revolution in lighting has no doubt. Although the product on the market and many, but must face is the key technology is to be a breakthrough," edge lace results" is the state of the industry, LED lighting products to enter the market truly still has a long way to go. Both the national semiconductor lighting project, or" ten city lights" demonstrative project, industry technology innovation strategic alliance, the purpose is to promote the development of this emerging industry, to seize the commanding height of competition --
Not just a lamp to replace another lamp
LED in China has much room for development, from the Ministry of housing and Urban-Rural Development Secretary Chou Baoxing cited the following three groups of numbers to find the answer: A, China had a total of 657 City, municipal lighting only municipal road lamps have 17740000 lights, each year will grow 1500000 around two, I; each year, new building of 2100000000 square meters, and each building unit at least 20 lamp," Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, 36000000 sets of housing guarantee there will be 500000000 to 600000000 light application potential, light is the two building lighting, if 30% using the LED lighting, it can save about 100000000000 electrical degrees; three, there are currently nearly about 20000000 households with power shortage, if these households use solar and LED integration, instead of big power grid, it can save about 50000000000 degrees.
" Just look from these three respects, LED will have a very broad market, LED is a power of the main battlefield." Chou Baoxing said. Our country is in this industry layout is already started. Ministry of science and technology in 2003 launched the" national semiconductor lighting project", come nearly 10 years, through 863 plan, plan to support projects such as the continued investment, semiconductor lighting technology significantly improve, formed upstream materials and chip preparation, midstream, downstream device package of integrated application of relatively complete industrial chain and innovation chain. And a complete industrial chain has become China's LED industry advantage.
" Semiconductor lighting brings us not only a lamp to replace another lamp", vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Ministry of science and Technology Minister Wan Gang said," LED is widely used in many areas, will give us life and bring a lot of influence city."
China's current incandescent lamp 1000000000 lamp, lighting energy consumption accounted for the total electricity consumption 1 / 6, with" out incandescent lamps roadmap" promulgated and implemented, the country will publish subsidy policies to promote the development of LED lighting applications, is expected in 2015 China LED lighting market size will reach nearly 100 billion dollars. Although the current LED industry development is not everything is going smoothly., but a huge lighting business, still attract each capital with hitherto unknown speed go into action without delay.
Not only is the 37 city and 400000000 electrical degrees
By the end of 2010, the whole nation already had 81 city installed over 500000 LED street, although still only accounts for 9% of the total number of these city lights, but as a burgeoning industry, it is really a great progress. This is inseparable from the" ten city lights " drive.
In 2011 September, 37 pilot city survey: Currently, pilot city concentrated near 4500 semiconductor lighting company, the total output value of about 140000000000 yuan.
With the increasing input of semiconductor lighting technology, system integration technology research and development is strengthened ceaselessly, rate of technical progress is accelerated apparently. Some of the early problems through the optical design, cooling and other technology integration, some key technologies are solved, the domestic power type LED chip has the branch stem road lighting and interior lighting has been applied.
Upstream of the chip has been China's LED industry weaknesses, but also the core of R & D, after a demonstration project to promote China's chip, homebred change rate increased from 29% in 2008 to 68% in 2011; large power chip industry light efficiency reached 120 LM / W; with independent intellectual property rights of the silicon substrate to power the chip industry light effect reached 100 LM / W; power type white light semiconductor lighting package near the international advanced level; downstream applications and international technology level is basic and synchronous, indoor and outdoor functional lighting light effect has more than 80 lumens / watt; these indicators have been close to the international advanced level. Homebred chip, device and control system integration application of Yu Guoqing 60 anniversary of the Tiananmen a large screen and a" Renaissance" htc flyer tabletNational Grand Theatre screen performances, and achieved good results. After the operation of the market, product reliability, service life, lighting design and integrated application has made great progress.
The international financial crisis has affected China's export trade, some of the traditional industry in a certain range of decline. But in" ten city lights" drive, national semiconductor lighting applications market development, industrial technology has improved, cost can be reduced, and the foreign products compared with the relative competitive advantage. According to preliminary statistics, at present, 37 pilot city has carried out more than 2000 demonstration projects, application of LED lamps more than 4200000 light years, saving more than 400000000 degrees. Not only that, according to local planning," 925" during program implementation of the demonstration project will exceed 7000.
The Ministry of housing and Urban-Rural Construction issued the " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" city green lighting program compendium, compendium puts forward in the "12th Five-Year Plan", the city green lighting and LED promotion should have a great jump. Industry insiders predict," 925" is the city lighting transition five years.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

LED panel lamp

Recently, GlacialTech subsidiary GlacialLight, in mid December released two Pollux series of new type LED lamp panel. The company has been committed to continuous improvement of product, the Pollux series of new functional advantages, including having three different color temperature, and can reduce the power consumption.
Pollux series LED panel lights, as intends to replace the low efficiency of fluorescent lamp tubes provide consumers with a more flexible choice.

It is understood, GlacialLight LED panel lamp this introduced two different types of products: 300X300 ( GL-PL0303 ) and 300x600 ( GL - PL0306 ), from warm white to cool white ( 3000K, 4000K, 6000K ), a total of 3 color choice. Among them, GL-PL0303 model and GL-PL0306 model only energy 16.5W, the product also uses only 25W, equivalent ratio fluorescent lamp reduces the power consumption of 40%.
Pollux series with its elegant design, excellent heat dissipation structure, became the LED panel lamp to replace traditional fluorescent lamp and lamp ideal. Comparison of fluorescent tube lighting, PolluxLED series advantage is, no stroboscopic light, let the eyes feel comfortable, and have 30000 hours of long life.

Pollux LED lamp panel thickness is only 13mm, in the commercial lighting, industrial lighting, residential lighting indoor applications, can be used in embedded installation or hanging from the ceiling and walls, to provide users with excellent versatility.

Products but also give full consideration to environmental issues, designed by GlacialTech Pollux LED lamp panel does not contain any harmful chemicals, such as mercury; will not emit harmful radiation, such as ultraviolet, infrared, makes them with traditional tube or baking lamp compared more environmentally friendly. Compared with the traditional lighting products, PolluxLED panel lamp is also more economical and friendly, has a lower power consumption, but also can provide more choices for the light.