Wednesday, August 31, 2011

LED illuminates business

LED illuminates business income about 4,278,000 dollars renminbi
Recently, Chinese aluminum electrolysis capacitor manufacturer's virtuous Pu science and technology develops limited company(3823), announcement up to June 30, 2011("review period inside") in period accomplishment.That group records sales amount invite renminbi about 197,000,000 dollars renminbi, gross profit rate and clean profit margin increase to 18.4% and 2.3% respectively.Among them, the LED lighting business records the income is 4,278,000 dollars about renminbi.

Virtuous Pu science and technology chairman Lee eternal life said, that group in January 31, 2011 procure Giga World Industry Company Limited 50% subscribed capital rightses after, start being engaged in production LED to illuminate product business.At the review period inside, record income invite renminbi 4,278,000 dollars, still be placed in development transition period because of that new business, the management deficiency of the business' cent department is 1,042,000 dollars for renminbi around.

In July, 2011, the virtuous Pu successfully procures light to unite science and technology limited company and gentleman fame science and technology limited company subscribed capital rights 100% and 60%.This two LEDs that procure with group the business is complement each other, also help the competition abilities of strengthening the group, that group estimates, this undertaking be able to extend LED further product business and income source.

Currently, virtuous Pu science and technology has already procured several factory premiseses with the production and assemble that carries on LED's illuminating a product.Procures an activity in the 2011 a series of relevant LED business along with that group, expect LED the related business will become group of one of the main income sources.

LED economizes on energy

LED economizes on energy a light:For what difficult go into common people's house
LED(the semi-conductor illuminate) economizes on energy a light not only bright degree Gao, life span long, and compare common economy energy fluorescent lamp knobbiness ability 40% is or so.Under the ideal environment, LED of one tile the economy energy light, equal to incandescent lamp of economy energy fluorescent lamp, 10 tiles of 5 tiles, economize on energy an efficiency tallest.

"The LED economy energy light is expanded by the view lighting to the function to illuminate, it is irresistible general trend to be finally got into a house by outdoors to reside."China Wei Kai in Chuang in the stone house virtuous science and technology development limited company general manager, Zhang Yu Sen, said that LED light the life span is long and responds to a quick characteristics and also suits to develop intelligence to turn an application very much.For example, use LED of infrared control hallway light, rise night light, and stairs light...etc., need not try very hard to applause, stamp foot, a cough, very convenient.

Recently, the reporter discovers through ten inside river, the Rui plentiful nations and ten thousand lamp markets with several lights etc. of going and seeing Peking, the LED house resides to illuminate a product to start to in great quantities flow out into a lamp market."LED light the price is higher and influenced the desire of purchasing of consumer."The ten thousand lights in Peking lamp city a dealer said that for example in Peking of on the market, the LED light selling price of 3 tiles is 20 dollars, 7 soaring of tileses are to 90 dollars;But economize on energy fluorescent lamp 10 dollars is usually or so and then can buy, the incandescent lamp only sells a dollar money.

"Currently, the LED light still isn't suitable for to make decision lighting."Peking citizen, Mr. Liu, who absorbs a light with LED says that LED light really electricity environmental protection in the province, but too bright, sways an eye too much, can not help and change to return to common economy energy light.

Currently, the local LED household-use floodlight still keeps existing some problems."A is spread a hot problem, the local craft uses aluminum quality more to spread a hot machine currently, this kind of spreads a hot machine if stick with LED chip not and tightly, will influence a LED light life span;Two is that the shining degree adjust a class problem, this needs a kind of controller to regulate."Patriot in Peking new energy science and technology development limited company deputy governor, Zhao Wei, said that if local business enterprise concerns "horse race turn ground", don't put idea in the technique to develop and satisfy market demands up, LED economizes on energy a light hard real get into a house to reside a market.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LED business enterprise

LED business enterprise in not even 23 years or greatly shuffle cards
Be"25" program the semi-conductor of one of the strategic newly arisen industries to illuminate(LED) industry, is driving on the speedway currently.Work believes a first half year data to suggest and closes for 6 the end of the months, the symbiosis produces to give out light diode(LED)39,280,000,000 and increases 26.4%.This means that LED industry still is invest heat to order.
This ex- expert predicts that only illuminate LED of realm the industry will attain 500,000,000,000 scales at least till 2015.Numerous business enterprises were attracted to the high market expectation to ascend this industry chain each link, is a particularly medium downstream link.The industry insider estimates that national LED the business enterprise on the industry chain has more than 4000 houses around now.
However, the personages from two bigger optoelectronics business enterprises in Fukien all think:LED the industry will definitely greatly shuffle cards for 23 years.Because technique innovation and standard of make, some business enterprises will be eliminated to bowl out in the development.
National strategy and industry overall situation
The LED the product real national product turns a rate not high, the market is basic to be taken charge of Lang, GE by Philip and Europe, loose the inferior lighting tycoon divide.Our country LED industry start is after the related national strategy carried out, "25" science and technology programmings in the nation particularly come out in July, explicit the coming five years supporting of strategic newly arisen industry and other industries point, economize on energy environmental protection industry the row is among them.The nation supports one of the points to include LED equipments and MOCVD(metal organic chemistry spirit mutually deposition) the national product turn.According to understanding, the government still provides MOVCD the subsidy everywhere.
"LED since economize on energy, is a cold light source again, the life span is long and belong to environmental protection industry, so nation have the policy of one whole set the set", like this does the Chinese electronics business enterprise association vice- president of association, province electronics information group president Liu Jie Ming of Fukien say.
According to understanding, currently our country LED the business enterprise mainly distribute triangle at the bead, long triangle, in Guangdong packs yield to have 70% in the whole country and is national LED lighting importance to produce base and trade center.The data suggests that first half year of this year, LED yield in Guangdong reaches to 14,783,000,000 and take up 1| of the total yield 3.
"Many local governments are all included in LED industry development" is 25"point industry to cultivate and support"s, Liu Jie Ming says.

Monday, August 29, 2011

LED illuminates sex price

LED illuminates sex price ratio to raise day by day
A, Haitz laws guide the industry developed a direction to successfully predict the growth of the semi-conductor industry index number speed and there is exactly the same Haitz laws in the LED industry at past half the laws of Mo Er in the century.According to Haitz laws, the LED single packs biggestly only the flux is risen with every 10 years 2000% speeds and flow clear cost to quickly descend by every 10 years 1000% speeds each time in the meantime.Haitz laws in the past 40 years successful predicted a LED development of speed, in recent years white light LED of rapid the development even outran Haitz laws.

Currently white light LED is again divided into two major types according to color, 1 type is cold white light, show color index number 70-80, color is between 4700-7000 Ks;Another is warm white light, show color index number 80-90, color is between 2500-3800 Ks.The warm white light only falls behind 20%-30% than the cold white on the radiation currently, from habitually up say, big part of Asian guo jias inclining toward use color is lower warm white light, the difference of radiation may cause warm white light LED illuminate market late in cold white light LED the market start.

Two, LED illuminates cost to continuously quickly descend

The high cost that LED illuminates is the main bottleneck that the check and supervision market permeates to lead to promote currently.According to Haitz laws, LED flows clear cost to descend annually each time of range is 20.6%, descend every 3 years around half, actually descend of the speed want sooner.LED is mainly to illuminate using of equipments cost to come from both side:(because the life span grows to take no account of replacing cost very much)A time of purchase cost and usage cost.A time of purchase cost can be flowed clear price with the unit to measure and descend to come from both side:1)the dollar spare part brought for producing technique progress and scale pack with applied the cost descend;2)the radiation promote to cause to shine on one degree bottom LED equally an amount|the power demanding decrease.But the descending of usage cost receive benefit promote to cause at the radiation of can consume decrease.The definition that checks against clear cost according to the international lighting engineering association(IES) takes no account of a lamp to replace and supports expenses:(The unit flows clear)illuminate cost=(the unit flows clear) purchase cost|life span+(the unit flows clear)can consume x electricity charges

According to American energy department the solid illuminate development route diagram in 2011, in 2010 LED lamp purchase cost for USD 50|thousand flow clear, use the cost as 14.1 Ws|thousand flow clear, each thousand flow the clear total lighting cost as USD 0.0053|hour.The purchase cost to 2015 LED lamp lowers to USD 10|thousand flow clear, the year all descends 27.5% and uses cost to lower to a 6.8 Ws|thousand flow clear, always illuminate cost to lower to each thousand flow clear USD 0.0019|hour, year all reduction is 18.5%.

We think, although the fast- descending price of article will make the earnings level that packs a manufacturer of upper stream chip and resulted in temporary influence, to the whole LED the lighting industry but speech benefit is bigger than a fraud.Once comparing with traditional lighting is high of purchase cost, open a stage in the market always is LED the lighting permeate to lead the initial obstacle for promoting, while chip and pack cost to have LED respectively lamp 12% and 23%, part of productivity excess soon drive the market demands digest stired up for descending cost.

Three, the company illuminates a big scope application condition with lighting and industry the maturity is already
Illuminate to develop route diagram according to the American energy department solid, the fluorescent lamp average price presses USD 4|thousand flow clear calculation, the service life computes by 8000 hours;The LED unit flows a shining on of clear creation the degree press fluorescent lamp 1.300% calculations, in 2011 LED the lamp whole radiation for 88 flow clear|tile, price for USD 30|thousand flow clear, the service life is 20,000 hours;The electricity charges is USD 0.2|kilowatt-hour, in 2011 illuminate cost is a 60 lms|76% of W fluorescent lamp, decline to 38% then in 2015;In 2011 illuminate cost is a 80 lms|97% of W fluorescent lamp, decline to 49% then in 2015.

Will be LED and tradition to illuminate excess fare to descend quickest for 2011-2012 years time segment, the LED lighting permeates a rate will the growth in this period creation cross over type.According to our measure to calculate, with USD|lm for measure unit, illuminates cost in around 2012 LED will decline to 2 times that of fluorescent lamp, such as LED opposite fluorescent lamp about 2.500% life span calculation at inside, will make the total cost that illuminates in around 2012 LED led to illuminate at the fluorescent lamp.Therefore, we think LED illuminates of large-scale act for will order while starting for 2011 the end of the year and 2012 the beginning of the yearses, willing be the important investment to illuminate the industry to LED for 2011-2012 years.

Equally will repeat process like this in acting for LED light source, LED illuminates a product of act for first in the business, industrial realm occurrence, after getting a good model function, again gradually universal go to domestic expenses illuminate realm.The traditional lighting includes a fluorescent lamp, incandescent lamp, halogen lamp and HID currently, each 36%, 23%, 16% and 13% that have a general lighting revenue.Along with the incandescent lamp is in all countries of forbidden, fluorescent lamp for acting for incandescent lamp, LED light to the incandescent lamp and the fluorescent lamp's acting for will be synchronously carry on.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

LED is each to show magical power

The business enterprise of LED is each to show magical power
The cold idea that illuminates a market with tradition repeatedly compares, LED market this year it may be said hot fire dynasty sky.Be received benefit to the economy energy of guo jia to reduce row and the guo jia large lighting engineering, two years, LED formally drove to go into speedway.Particularly this year, under the influence of the guo jia macroscopic economy and production cost, not a few business enterprises stepped up the last horse and push forward LED item.The chance that arrive for the sake of the confidence traditional peak season, LED business enterprise or carry on outlet construction, or push a new product, or do market expansion, set up 100,000,000,000 dollars market in advance.

The essential brand sets up an outlet
The LED business enterprise should canvass business and how canvassed business to once become the hard nut to crack that perplexed a large LED business enterprise.Illuminate a product with tradition to compare, LED illuminates a product high because of price, universality rate low etc. reason, can hardly make it walk into a traditional outlet.Particularly in Shenzhen, most of the LED business enterprises all take exporting as a lord, at local outlet one blank.

Occupy a pass data to suggest, in 2010 our country LED year the production value have already attained 120,000,000,000 dollars, among them downstream application the whole scale of the realm attain 90,000,000,000 dollars.The expert predicts and goes to in 2015 LED to apply the production value of product to attain 400,000,000,000~500,000,000,000 dollars.Face huge LED applied market, it is can hardly for business enterprise to be robbed by the strength of oneself to share more market quotas, the outlet constucts of the utmost urgency.

The country starlight electricity scolds 90,000,000 huge sums to set up an outlet
Shows to hold by LED to is a main Buddha mountain country starlight an electricity from after getting into LED to illuminate a market, have been occupying in the engineering to illuminate realm, but different from other LED business enterprises BE, the country starlight gives or gets an electric shock always fresh have in the outlet conduct and actions.However, recently country starlight electricity constucted aspect to across in the outlet the materiality is one-step.

On August 22, country starlight electricity releases to announce to call, for the sake of further excellent the starlight turning and constucting a country give or get an electric shock sale network and promote business enterprise profit ability further and strengthen the country starlight electricity brand construction, the country starlight electricity draws up to use super collect a funds 90,293,100 dollars implementation the brand and outlet constuct item.

According to announce to suggest, the country starlight electricity plan is used 60,000,000 among them to set up 20 to keep a camp outlet with 2 years and set up 10 cooperation outlets with 20,000,000 dollars and used for brand construction with 10,000,000 dollars.After item carries out, country starlight electricity will can betterly confidence and follow market demands, improve the service ability to the existing customer, and expand a new market, the country starlight electricity will carry out market investigation, sale service localization with the way construction all-directions sale outlet that keeps a camp, cooperation and extend the market share of company product further.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Each place illuminates

Each place illuminates to the need standard of lamp
Illuminate to design beard consideration light source strength, with is shone on a thing or drive shine on the flat surface gains of light flux.The light source strength calculates unit is flow clear(Lumen).Shine on a calculating of degree the unit is Lux.Both of the relation is a 1 Lux=1 Lumen|m 2.

Suppose we have a led desk lamp of 10 Ws and send out to come of always only flux is 600 Lumenses.If all of this 600 Lumenseses concentrates in the table's top of one square meter, that shining on of table's top degree be 600 Luxes.

(1) the company use lighting-Bright food, particularly being a bread, hamburger, seafood and roasting etc. can stimulate food 慾 .So the showroom of the bread cake store, hamburger fast food restaurant and restaurant has to have a 1000 Luxes to above shine on a degree.Jewelry, clock and clothing store, have to also have the shining on of brightness the degree, purchase desire by incitement.Nicety industry, color printing, museum, art gallery, optician's shop, 3 C selling exhibition, bookstore, type, graphics, examination rooms have to have a 1000 Luxes to shine on a degree.

(2) general lighting-Office, classroom, hypermarket, general shop front, cafe and fast food restaurant, factory and production line, then have to have 300-800 Luxes.

(3) don't  work situation-Like station, airport, hospital and mansion hall, sickroom and hallway, stairs and toilet, the 100-300 Luxes is then then.The park, parking lot, and street then can be low to 10-50 Luxes.

(4) not business time-The company uses lighting, general lighting at not business time, can decline to 100-300 Luxes.
Moderation of illuminate, to the competition ability of store, absolutely have notable influence.The point counter of convenience store, the department store first floor, including cosmetics, jewelry, shines on degrees all over 2000 Luxes.Illuminate shortage, can't draw on attention and purchase desire.If illuminate excesssive shortage, also increase the personnel's exhausted feeling and sleep an idea.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

LED illuminate market

Stanza electricity consciousness upsurge Philips the military advance Japan LED illuminate market
Global biggest lighting manufacturer Philips declares on the 23th, because stanza electricity consciousness upsurge, arouse etc. place in Japanese office to keep on extension to the need that LED illuminates, the past resolution illuminates the military advance Japanese office and household-use LED market.Philips means that currently already through Japanese Electronics of legal person Philips Japan the selling can be used to the office of replacing the fluorescent lamp to keep a tube type LED lamp bulb with the 22 Ws, its consuming electricity quantity can compare fluorescent lamp to reduce 40-50% and include gearing expenses at inside of the price be or so for Yen 10,000(about 834 dollars renminbi).Philips means that plan in this year inside robbed Japanese office to use LED lamp bulb 10% cities have.

Philips also points out that in addition to the office is used LED the lamp bulb product be also planned to 9 sell 5 styles of household-use LEDs through the etc. thoroughfare in appliance hypermarket by the end of the month lamp bulb product, it consumes electricity quantity biggest can more incandescence lamp bulb reduce 80%, the 5 among those Ws product selling price is or so for Yen 2,000, 9 W the product be or so for Yen 3,000.Currently already the military advance Japan LED the manufacturer of the lamp bulb market has Panasonic, Toshiba and Sharp etc..

After 311 strong earthquakes, because of restricting electricity the measure promoted the stanza of Japanese consumer electricity consciousness and also aroused a LED lamp bulb need to present a rapid growth.According to GfK Japan the investigation report of the announcement point out, the Japan LED lamp bulb sale quantity has whole lamp bulb(include an incandescence lamp bulb, lamp bulb type fluorescence tube and LED lamp bulb) specific weight to reach to 43.5% in June, 2011, 38.2% of better than and incandescence lamp bulb, this outstrips an incandescence lamp bulb for the first time for the LED lamp bulb month sale quantity

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Internet in 2020

The realization generates electricity side proper price to get to the Internet in 2020
"Route diagram" data suggests that comprehensive international estimate of majority of organizations, the light Fu generates electricity of the electricity price will attain a dollar every kilowatt-hour the following in around 2015, 2020 year agos after carry out the proper price of generating electricity the side to get to the Internet.

"The solar energy generates electricity cost to year by year descend, we anticipate fire electricity till 2020 of generate electricity cost and solar energy to generate electricity cost to jump together" Wang Si become mean on the public lecturer.
Become introduction according to Wang Si, according to our country only the Fu industry current development trend, promote further along with the technique with material of overall domestic turn, till 2015, the early investment attains 12,000 dollars each kilowatt and generates electricity cost less than a dollar each kilowatt, is going together with electricity side to attain proper price to completely have confidence realization on the Internet first;After effort, the 2020 the beginning of the years investment attains 10,000 dollars each kilowatt and generates electricity cost to attain 0.6 dollars every kilowatt-hour, at generate electricity a side to attain proper price to get to the Internet is also completely probably.

"Route diagram" anticipates, till 2014, the industry and business industry is used electricity price to exceed light Fu to generate electricity to give or get an electric shock price on the Internet first, the solar energy initiative carries out proper price to get to the Internet;The family is used an electricity in 2018 price exceed only the Fu generate electricity to give or get an electric shock price on the Internet, can also carry out the proper price of terminal consumption to get to the Internet;Till 2021 after, the fire electricity electricity price soars till 0.68 dollars every kilowatt-hour, exceed light the Fu generate electricity of give or get an electric shock price to attain the proper price of generating electricity the side to get to the Internet on the Internet.

However, according to understanding, there is industry insider thinking, the light Fu generates electricity cost and fire electricity unanimously to arrive 5 years in advance.That personage thinks that in consideration of inflation and resources limit a problem, the fire electricity cost will year by year soar, the foreland fire electricity degree electricity cost or higher, anticipate in 2015 two the cost will jump together.

The solar energy generates electricity to welcome a large-scale development period
About five in the last yearses, light Fu's generating electricity a technique has already been tended to maturity, the conversion rate of Huo battery annually with 0.4% arrive 0.5% speed is promoting, much crystal Huo only the average of the Fu module factory efficiency at 16.5% arrive 16.8%, still have opportunity to raise two percentage points for the coming 2-3 yearses, the life span of the battery module has already raised till more than 25 yearses.Because the technique innovation, scale effect and world produce the whole development of chain, the cost of the Huo slice, battery, module and system is continuously descending.

According to know, the solar cell shares above 60% that the light Fu generates electricity system cost, lowering the cost of solar cell is the main path that lowers solar energy to generate electricity cost.From this, solar energy's generating electricity has already had the condition of the large-scale development.

China can the renewable energy learned vice- chairman of the board Meng Xian Gan to say, "generate electricity cost to continuously lower in the light Fu, and in the 2020 realization generate electricity after lateral proper price get to the Internet, large-scale usage will open."
Medium the hurl adviser energy profession researcher allows Hao to rather point out, once light the Fu carry out proper price to get to the Internet and mean light the Fu business enterprise have never needed to depend on a subsidy to acquire earnings.Under the sistuation that the proper price gets to the Internet, the light Fu generates electricity will obtain and coal electricity equal of cost advantage, the light Fu generates electricity of the environmental protection advantage is what coal electricity cans not compare to.

Monday, August 22, 2011

LED projection gets

The LED projection gets into practical ages clear radicle why silent
The light source manufacturer of LED extols

Because this year's Gao Qing Kuan of the Texas Instruments holds a pico projector to show releasing of chip and cast shadow industry for miniature to bring revolution influence.This also shows numerous manufacturers future market foreground, they enlarged a development, not only released adoption DLPPico LED of the high pure chip projector, return LED the bright degree of the projector got significant promote, tallest come to a 500 flow clear, this includes to be like great among them, excellent parties, beautiful Xun etc., however release a Gao Liang Du projector manufacturer of LED to win in succession at these, but the writer didn't see is DLP to lead the name of the brand clear radicle, actually is the reason let clear radicle such of low key?

In fact in recent years, the LED light source technique gets a quick development, is illuminating, appliance, IT product and profession equipments in in usage more and more extensive, not only improved the function of product, but also increase service life, more for economized on energy an environmental protection to do to contribute.But“LED& rdquo;Become a popular vocabulary gradually, among them, projector market, LED light source technique with lend the advantage for possessing singly, have already hoped to replace a traditional lamp bulb to become a new generation projector light source.

Because the LED light source belongs to a cold light source and have to have fever quantity compared with the traditional lamp bulb low, are super long for 20,000 hours service life etc. advantage.Therefore, applying LED the projector physical volume of the light source can attain cellular phone sort size and solved a projector to consume a material expensive problem, and needed not was like a common projector to use to replace a lamp bulb for around two yearses so.See from the industry angle, the LED light source is applied to a projector to bear comparison with a technique to get stripe.

In fact as early as 2006, the handy projector with 500 gs has already been appearing on the market, but that time of the product is subjected to LED the light source bright degree, ray remit to gather technical restriction and project effect and ignore to think, the bright degree only attains 50 flow clear.The high selling price of product also made in the early years it became an exhibition will ascend just get a to see of rare product.However get into till the second half of 2008, the LED light source technique has already developed opposite more mature, the cost also consumedly descends, numerous the manufacturers tend to this it is like Wu and sign LED horse in succession projector item.

Particularly arrived in 2009, the LED light source carried out real breakthrough tallest bright degree to come to a 800 flow clear.And with lend LED the advantage of light source technique, at that time numerous LED projectors pile out, among them, the most mature want to count a miniature projector, and then hold type LED the projector be to belong to the market of the that time development the most outstanding product line of situation, is also a more outstanding sale quantity product line.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

What is high pressure LED

Cautiously understand again once, originally it is just small power LED of a lot of 20 mAses to establish and becomes so-called high pressure LED.Establish a lot of small power LEDs be not what fresh matter, in fact use early and like this in a lot of lamps.Unique dissimilarity of is past lamp manufacturer all already seal to pack good of small power LED establish.For example figure 1 is Long Xing 's company in Shanghai to establish all of the 0.1 Ws small power LEDs that 80 surfaces sticks to pack used for a LED ball bubble light with the characteristic that gets the high electric voltage small electric current in.

Now then from LED production factory house provide 1 kind to establish like of small power LED, and calls it that it is "high pressure LED" just.It is just a kind in integration LED.In fact early there was LED of various integration in the past, with the LED string of different amount LED that merge, gets various different power and electric voltage.Could say to is the Pu Rui(Bridgelux) of the United States at the earliest stage the companies have already released this kind of integration LED.Is also merge for the string on the board to get a big power LED by a lot of small power LEDs.They call it is LED array, for example they releases in 2009 of LED of a 30 Ws the array BXRA-C2000 actually is 25 LEDs of 1 Ws are on the chip 5 combine 5 string but get, its size gives out light the diameter of noodles as 17.5 mms(figure 2) for the 25.3 xes 22.3 mms, just to the electric voltage 16.6 Vs, just to the electric current 1.75 As, the hot Zu is 0.5 ° Cs|W.

High pressure LED and this kind of main difference that integrates LED lie in high pressure LED is all establish, but integrate LED the string then merge.The characteristics that integrates LED is in a method that opens slot on adoption of big chip, incise it becomes a lot of small LEDs, the depth of groove invite in 4-8 μ ms, groove can not too the breadth in order to prevent let up to give out light area.After opening a groove, for spreading to establish to link leading of each LED line, also need to use to insulate a layer to fill up these grooves, again according to establishing or the request for merging but spread homologous aluminum line.

Friday, August 19, 2011

LED packs a business enterprise

The LED packs a business enterprise to sink much heavy pressure dint to trap a bureau
2 quarter degree pack the price of spare part still and continue for a quarter, the price bottom of degree adjusts trend, the lighting is used LED the specification continuously promote, the manufacturer expands to produce range in the meantime bigger, bring stock pressure.Accompany with to consume need of release, tie the capital, extensive advertisement of heap, the LED profession is being placed in the ages of fighting the country conflict.

Medium hurl adviser deluxe researcher He points out in R.O.C, few months, seal to pack a market keep on overcast, the revenue falls ranges bigger, because of each manufacturer's stock gradually increment, start launching large-scale reduce price to consume stock, therefore, sealing to pack price fall and chip price fall will arouse the fall of carrying on the back the light and lighting price of article.Along with the third quarter degree the instauration that opens, expects that the Christmas has goods to arouse order growth.
Packs business enterprise but speech to mainland, suffer a price war when the productivity quickly extends, the business enterprise earnings appears a problem.Mainland packs a market small but dispersion, the general year of packs ability to lead 1,000,000,000 to participate in international competition, but more than 1000s in the mainland pack business enterprise middle age revenue only more than 40 houses in above 100,000,000 dollars or so, seal to pack the profession not vulgar profits circumstance falls among a serious challenge, in the gross profit under the low circumstance, if the business enterprise fall through the production that the scale turns, will biggest influence the earnings circumstance of business enterprise.

Medium hurl adviser research director general, Zhang Yan Lin, points out, the whole LED the industry chain up all appear industry to quickly extend to bring the price the bottom to go risk and seal to pack although just LED in the center together process a work preface,also express very outstanding.Mainland packs a business enterprise to it may be said surround by enemy on all sides and on the other hand faces the pressure that the original material price soars and on the other hand faces the pressure that the price descends and on the other hand faces the Taiwanese tycoon's impact and on the other hand still needs to face the pressure of funds problem currently, in these pressure in fronts, the existence circumstances of small and medium enterprises is imaginable.

According to in the hurl adviser releases of 《2011-2015 the middle of the year, the country semi-conductor lighting(LED) industry invests analysis and foreground predict a report 》suggest, at first the material price soared and sealed pack price of article descend, seal packed a business enterprise is exceeding into with low price turn with quality of period.The data suggests that 2010 the middle of the year, the country LED packs production value 27,000,000,000 dollars, but greatly parts of markets for outside Qi particularly the set Qi control, the Taiwanese tycoon seals to pack the revenue of the business enterprise more than 1,000,000,000 dollars on the average, and have already all fallen to the ground a mainland.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

LED light lighting corresponds

The LED light lighting corresponds by letter two the mistake is not
Can not make a phone call, get to the Internet while taking an airplane, this common sense that is the person to totally know, but in the future one day, a LED light irradiation that need on the above of the seat, can browse a web page and download a video frequency with the notebook, but the airplane safety is the slightest uninfluenced.Semi-conductor graduate school in the Chinese science, hospital according to LED the light wireless correspond by letter principle of"semi-conductor illuminate information net" have already acquired important breakthrough.

At in semi-conductor in the section hospital of the semi-conductor illuminate with information-based model building, one pedestal notebook since have no net line conjunction, also have no wireless net card, but computer screen top is with fluency broadcasting a network video frequency;Some electric applianceses are like television, family cinema, microwave oven, spheroid camera, dynamoelectric curtain etc., the person leaves very far, the cellular phone that need to operate a hand an inside, the television starts broadcasting a program, the microwave oven bright light works, even the camera adjust a focal distance, lens to pull to far draw near etc. very"small" actions can carry out.Medium semi-conductor in the section hospital carry out the profound mystery of this"miracle" and lie in LED that insets on the ceiling the floodlight the associate researcher introduction of Chen Xiong Bin.

Originally the light of the LED light in addition to illuminating, can also used for correspondence and control, its principle passes the signal pulse control LED light, the LED light doesn't stop by the quickest frequency clear dark flicker, carry out signal transmission, this kind of Gao repeatedly of the flicker is what person's eye can not realize, so the LED light can illuminate, send letter number two not mistake.

"Will get to the Internet in the freedom inside the airplane in the future isn't a dream", the satellite signal that needs to on a plane add a central controller, will receive transports the LED reading light in the passenger seat, such a light of commonness became a network to connect into a point and placed at it under of the notebook can connect into Internet, the passenger can get to the Internet surfing's beating hair travel Be getting more lonesome.Can not make a phone call, get to the Internet on the airplane, because worry that the electromagnetism radiation influences an airplane a safety, but LED light the wireless correspond by letter the technique can thoroughly get rid of this worry, because it can't send out electromagnetic wave, is a kind of the very safe wireless correspondence system.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

LED talented person development

The high school talks LED talented person development
Currently, the LED industry just and in imposing arraily develops, however, the management professional of big part of new light source business enterprises, engineer and production line talented persons all lack very tightly, this to a large extent obstructed LED the development of the industry.Here among them, the high school develops to undertake a very great responsibility at the talented person of LED.Recently, 2011 semi-conductors in Guangdong illuminate a talented person to foster exchanges will up, governor in the high school surrounds LED the talented person trains of topic, launched warm exchanges.

Creative LED
The talented person develops a mode Buddha mountain institute of science technology director, Chen Guo Jie,
The Buddha mountain institute of science technology is the only undergraduate course college of the Buddha mountain City.Rely on the rapid development of the Buddha mountain semi-conductor lighting industry, the Buddha mountain institute of science technology develops at the talented person of LED up have very great advantage.Last year, our school to guo jia the application established the guo jia newly arisen industry related profession——Light source and illuminate profession, have already formally passed an application now, and start carrying on to solicit students.Because time that solicits students this year compare night, recruited 35 people just currently, however these qualities that living a source are all very good and tallestly divide a high Guangdong province two duty number line 37 cent.
For trainsing a suitable LED professional talented person for business enterprise, we train the talented person whom the adoption innovate mode.First, we will adopt the teaching method that school and business enterprise combine together.Invite a business enterprise old total arrive the school carry on prelecting and appoint a research the expert serve as a visiting professor etc..Strengthen to practice teaching secondly.Arrange more opportunities to let the student carry on practice, fulfillment to the business enterprise and design such as the graduation thesis, topic etc..Strengthen the interaction of research and teaching again secondly.Light source and lighting profession had no in the professional catalogue of guo jia at first and first established this profession of is replied Dan university.For this, we also with reply Dan university to strengthen to communicate study, raise teacher's professional knowledge and teaching level in LED.

Work well kit service, help LED
The industry develops a light work occupation of Guangdong vice- director Lin Run Hui in the technical college
Currently, light work occupation technical college in Guangdong establishes calculator engineering to fasten, the light chemical engineering distance fasten, spread engineering to fasten etc.13 hospitals fasten and develop a talented person with many business enterprises with well-known house order type development.In recent years, LED the industry development is quick, this also caused the concern of our school, therefore, the school also corresponded ground to declare to set up LED profession and had already got into the third year currently.If make the whole LED becoming a car industry parable, so, our school be is business enterprise development pilot, development packing car and sale car of talented person, not produce concrete car spare parts.In other words, we be for the whole LED industry does kit service.

In the aspects of contributing efforts to the business enterprise, in addition to training the professional talented person of normal regulations, we establish quest south china sea college of optoelectronics, carry on a short date training to the personnel of business enterprise's incumbency, provide more related talented persons.If go with a swing, south china sea college of optoelectronics most quickly can this year inside open a class.

Monday, August 15, 2011

LED develops trend

The coming 10 year LED develops trend
The market research paper, the coming 10 year that releases recently according to McKinsey, the led market quota continuously increases, will attain the scale of 110,000,000,000 euros in 2020.This text stanza chose its report in concerning LED carry light on LED's back, LED is vehicle-use to illuminate and LED the analysis estimate of the in general use lighting.

Carry on the back the light market successful layout:The LED market appeared in 1960 at the earliest stage, with low bright degree the way application of the red indicator in is counted not much of several electronics product in.Along with the technical progress, LED gets into to have Gao Liang Du white light need of applied realm:Move in 1995 telephone carry light on telephone's back, notebook carry light on notebook's back in 2005, the big size screen carry on the back only etc. in 2009.Because Korea and Taiwanese flat panel manufacturer devotes major efforts to invest, LED carry light market on LED's back in 2010 have already occupied a near half quota, anticipate will soon attain peak in 2016, then approach 100%.The market after probably the TV hold to convert OLED TV to hold and hold not to need to adopt to carry on the back light because of the OLED TV from LCD, will urge LED carry bare market on LED's back 4,000,000,000 euros decline to 2,000,000,000 euros from 2016.

Vehicle-use illuminate continuously growth:Be attributed to red only in the gauge light and the application on the brake light, the LED's vehicle-use LED light attains 12% market shares in 2010.For increasing a road safety, the European Commission decides to install a day to go a light in the 2011 compulsive market-available vehicle, and will also request gearing since the large vehicle in 2012.This undertaking benefit good LED lamp.But because of the obstacle of technique, the extremely high bright degree LED light still can not mutually compete with halogen lamp and hernia light of the low price.

The in general use lighting is a key:LED is only 7% in the share of in general use lighting market in 2010, cost Gao is still main cause.But because it compares the obvious advantage that the traditional lighting has, in the middle of constructing and illuminating three radicle color(RGB)s LED have already obtained good permeate, white light LED is also heating.LED can biggest degree economy can the characteristics consuming match a world economy energy trend, anticipate to occupy 43% market quotas in 2016, promote to 64% in 2020.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

LED will dominate lighting market

Low carbon economy energy ages LED will dominate lighting market
The low carbon economy energy is one of the focus of the social concern of current mankind, in spite of is which kind of technique, can reduce to measure with the electricity, is a province to drop electricity charges and reduce carbon dioxide esmissions or pollution of the environment.Though these the economy energy technical cost contains very great difference, some processes that the economy energy technique creates a product belong to hing energy-consuming industry, cautiously precise computation after don't be regarded as sufficient economy as well, at least at some degree top to usage in of the environments influence has the effect to lower.

According to know our country meeting of zheng fu at Copenhagen commitment, will make the local unit total output value carbon dioxide esmissions descended 40% to 45% a little bit in 2005 till 2020.This means that China wants on does "the economy energy reduces a row" greater effort.The central economic working conference that ends on December 7, 2009 emphasizes that pay attention to push economy to develop the change of the way and the adjustment of the economy structure more, develop strategic newly arisen industry, push forward economy energy to reduce a row, repress productivity excess, develop low carbon economy experimental unit, make great effort control greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen ecosystem protection and environment to manage, speed construction the resources economy type, environment friendly type society.Go to this, low carbon and economy energy the principle have already integrated into China to develop main keynote.

Low carbon economy energy general situation next future LED the lamp will dominate lighting market
Seeing from the phenomenon that we were observing on the market, the led illuminated the need of aspect always in the increment, especially at recent years product technique development result continuously birth after, the whole product cost also includes descending of certain degree and gives out light an efficiency to also promote, this makes LED the lighting can have gradually in the lord to illuminate the real strenght that the realm shows up and have already more and more had commendable generation lamp bulb, lamp usage LED regard as light source.
Study data enunciation, because LED was a cold light source, semi-conductor's illuminating an oneself didn't pollute to the environment, compared with the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, the stanza electricity efficiency can attain above 70%.Under the equally bright degree, the consuming to give or get an electric shock quantity is only 1| of common incandescent lamp 10, fluorescent lamp tube of 1|2.If replace with LED we currently 50% of traditional lighting, the our country saves annually of the amount of electricity is an equal to total that electricity station in Yangtse gorges generates electricity quantity, it economizes on energy efficiency very considerable

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

LED dawn the blackness of the front

The LED profession faces "dawn the blackness of the front"
On August 2, being apart from the great luck will soon open a moment, Shenzhen City outward declares whole cities 46 city lightings promote engineering already all complete work combine bright light, particularly gulf athletics center in Shenzhen, is the biggest light engineering in whole citieses, then, the citizen will enjoy flourishing"sense of vision royal feast".According to know, lighting environment in Shenzhen city promotes engineering, the lamp of above 90% adopted to economize on energy led of the environmental protection light source.Lend a great luck chance, LED illuminates of the environmental protection principle goes deep into public, however for LED production business enterprise to say, the whole profession is suffering "dawn before of dark", the business enterprise competition turns worse day by day, price war keep on continuously, the whole profession faces to emphasize to lately shuffle cards.Treasure Anne is LED industry key figure, as to it's developed present condition to carry on a survey.

The price arouses to fight profession sale to face a predicament
"Same of a style of product, two year agos can also sell to 200 diverse prices, can be gone with 50 diverse price sellings just now.Almost suffer a deficit is selling, is for supporting very old customer."Summer Sir helpless introduction.The summer Sir illuminates a business enterprise to do sale at the stone cliff one and has already done three years.This business enterprise mainly produces various LED to illuminate a product, the product category involves view lighting, street lamp to illuminate and the domestic expenses illuminates etc..With lend several years of sale experience, the summer Sir sees the foreground that LED illuminate a market future development."Again lead several years, economy energy environmental protection of LED illuminate the product will overaly social of each corner, become the important product that influences people's daily life.The traditional floodlight will finally withdraw history satge such as incandescent lamp etc.."

Although the foreground is optimistic about, summer Sir now but face sale predicament."The sale pressure in nowadays is more and more big, this year's sale accomplishment still cannot compares with the result in last year, mainly is a profession to compete too vigorous, everyone greatly fights a price war, the price of article continuously depresses.Going together is suddenly many a lot of, sell nature difficult do".

The summer Sir wased on business bead sea last week, be for the sake of can with old customer face to face communication, the maintenance relates to so much.In the Sir's eyes in summer in, have some the price of going together the selling to almost come as a big surprise to person, the product of the same kind type, unexpectedly sell to 10 diverse prices."Really don't know how the product that its company produces promises quality".

And summer the company of Sir's place , in the LED industry of Shenzhen, belong to the scale bigger business enterprise and own own patented product, the biggest advantage of company is a product quality, this also resulted in the price of product hard emergence's significantly descending, don't have price advantage as well.

BE more opposite than LED archduke department but speech, the existence environment of small company equally not lead.Li Xiang flies on the west country inside one industrial area to conduct a workshop type small factory and mainly produce LED carry light on LED's back hold.Li Xiang flies 2 husband and wife's 1 to be responsible for outward the sale deliver cargo, one is responsible for network contact customer.The product technique of their company the content isn't high and invited more than ten employees to do some in brief process.Last year, the market condition of the market was better, the every month will have about 1,000,000 of sell quantity, almost is fifty-fifty of profits, this made Li Xiang fly the excitement of feeling the dry business enterprise.However since the beginning of the year, the product sells quantity to be like situation Waterloo and appear significant fall, a lot of customers reduced a purchase to measure.For the sake of attraction customer, each one carries on the back to only hold, as long as you have the profits of dime money, Li Xiang flies and then will sell out."The product appears to put off, will take up a great deal of funds, to follow-up development disadvantageous."

At present, both the husband and wife, run strength for business in the outside larger, want to visit to be before every weeks of old customer."Before visiting each time, will take some valuable gifts, even if so, sometimes also difficult get hold of a list.Mainly is that the competition is too vigorous, price a but again, again but three of is depressed.BE lower than cost price, can't do."

The competition that has no preface seriously influenced the market order of profession.LED association in Shenzhen releases of first half year research paper point out, LED industry downstream applied the realm belong to investment scale small, get into the threshold low link, continuously draw on the funds of everyone's noodles into, plus LED to belong to newly arisen profession, the renewal speed of technique and product is very quick, technical specification and the quality standard system of the related product are still not perfect and cause from here one large numbers of workshop types of the mountain Zhai factory emerge with the tide of the times.These business enterprise technique storage shortage, produce the equipments is simple and crude, the product quality is inferior, the only competition weapon is a very and cheap price.A lot of mountain Zhais the product selling price of the business enterprise is lower than the original material purchasing cost of regular factory house and seriously pound at the product of normal business enterprise and injured LED because the product function is lowly in the meantime the whole reputation of the profession, make the consumer's trust to the LED product degree weakened.

Folks repeat investment industry competition to turn worse
The LED industry is one of newly arisen industries in the investor eyes, the future development foreground is vast.Several years ago, the medium gave full report way to the development of LED industry and drew on more and more investment personages to get into a this trip industry.But treasure Anne is the industrial big area of Shenzhen, LED industry gradually development and perfect, in the national market, occupy important place, only a district market, competition Be tended to become too intense.

Learn of ° from LED profession association in Shenzhen, after several years of development, Shenzhen has already formed more complete LED the chain is up the medium downstream industry.LED business enterprise amount in Shenzhen attained last year 1150, the production value attained 40,500,000,000 dollars, the employee was about 35 myriad peoples.But first half year of this year, according to statistic from the first step, LED business enterprise in Shenzhen already more than more than 1300 houses, production value already more than 30,000,000,000 dollars.Half year several time the Shenzhen LED business enterprise amount increased more than 100 houses.

Seeing from district, LED industry in Shenzhen all has been already distributed in the south mountain, Long Gang , ping mountain, bright etc. area, however the treasure Anne's business enterprise amount is the most, in the blessing always, west country, stone cliff, Long Hua, view Lan etc. the street concentration distribute.

"The LED of Shenzhen industry much regards private enterprise as principle, and Dongguan capital from Taiwan, Hui state the United States the property business enterprise is different, business enterprise in Shenzhen is mostly engaged in the medium downstream of industry and compete more vigorous, the core technique lacks."Zhao Fei of LED profession association information department in Shenzhen minister introduction.

According to understanding, own LED with bigger scale of core technique in the treasure Anne's part business enterprise development power the head is fast fierce, for example just became available in the market soon of continent clear science and technology.Zhao Fei's introduction:First half year of, the LED industrial total production value in Shenzhen together compares to increase 35%, scale the head that reside a whole country, among them, super framework business enterprise of 100000000 dollars of the continent clear science and technology, crystal pedestal optoelectronics and Rui plentiful optoelectronics etc. scale increase soon and together and compare all more than 40%.

BE exactly thus rapid development power head, a lot of LED business enterprises battle out to become available in the market, extension production.According to know, since the thunder Man optoelectronics in last year became available in the market, up to currently, have already had the continent clear science and technology, the Rui plentiful optoelectronics, the electronics of Ao Tuo and Hong benefit optoelectronics, allied set up optoelectronics five business enterprises rush pass success.In addition gather to fly optoelectronics, ten thousand a batch of business enterpriseses, such as smooth science and technology and luxuriant large power...etc. to also get into to become available in the market to sprint a stage.Be optimistic about the development of this trip industry in addition, a lot of business enterprises with strong real strenght set up in succession.For example second Di, the Great Wall science and technology, good Kang, create Wei, and TCL...etc. to become available in the market large manufacturing business enterprise in succession the investment get involved LED industry and turn worse the competition of profession.

"LED industry already drive hot stir-fry several years, the business enterprise amount has already turned over several times as well, this produces without the preface competition, the whole profession still needs further excellent turn, eliminate one big parts of business enterprises, finally contain 34100 scales on the market at the reservation, then norm the whole development of industry", Tai Ma science and technology president Lin Wen Qi analyze.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Internet a dollar is each

Chinese assurance solar energy's generating electricity to give or get an electric shock price on the Internet a dollar is each
China declared a head the whole country unifies of the solar energy light Fu generate electricity to give or get an electric shock price on the Internet, this undertaking brings into relief one Chinese is a world the biggest energy consume a country development can the decision of the renewable energy.

Chinese zheng fu already development can the renewable energy settle for its energy policy point, the plan will generate electricity the solar energy to pack machine capacity to increase to in the coming 5 years current of 10 times.People expect already a long time of the solar energy light Fu generates electricity to give or get an electric shock price on the Internet and ensured that the solar energy generates electricity the electricity price that the manufacturer sells to charged barbed wire net as every kilowatt-hour a dollar renminbi.Approving hurl to produce time according to the item is different from the location, under the parts of condition is every kilowatt-hour is 1.15 dollars.

Analyst means with profession Gao the tubeses, Germany and Italy etc. main market reduced the subsidy toward the solar energy front-panel profession currently, the global need of solar energy front-panel consequently descended gradually, while Chinese enlargement of zheng fu support strength and indicate several countrieses will become global biggest solar energy front-panel to purchase one of in the middle of the year in the future-China is already global biggest solar energy front-panel production country currently.

The English benefit chief executive officer's seedling connects to living to mean:"We believe firmly, China will quickly develop to help one of the biggest and the most important solar energy markets in ball."The English benefit is the biggest perpendicular integral whole in China to turn one of the solar energy front-panel production companies.

Be located on river in the English benefit the north protects to settle of headquarters, develop a personnel to just and nervously design the product of suitable Chinese market, include supply to the solar energy tent of Chinese military authority, and face to**shepherd, suitable Mao cow the Duo take of solar energy front-panel.Last year, the Chinese market still only took up 5% of the English benefit total sales, but as for pronouncement that released according to that company, till next year this number may turn over a time.

Though the earnings circumstance that lately gives or gets an electric shock after the price Chinese solar energy item to the enforcement, analysis personage existence rift, people widespreadly think this time decision that the electricity price promulgation confirmed that the Chinese zheng fu supports solar energy profession.Since 2009, the Chinese zheng fu has already aimed at the breeze electricity item pedestal similar of electricity price measure, push China to become in the world a strong wind electricity guo jia.The high tube inside the industry means that many solar energies in China generate electricity a manufacturer to foresee zheng fu will soon electricity price with beneficial set, have already released to generate electricity item in succession this year.

Still virtuous(Suntech) chief business officer Anne virtuous Lu?Finish Bo(Andrew Beebe) to mean:"Since this year,(China of) the need significantly promoted.The need from China is in our business usually share very small one part of comparisons, but the specific weight is continuously promoting."Still virtuous is global biggest solar energy equipments produces one of the companies.

And someone points out, the Chinese zheng fu is trying to offset international top to the influence that the solar energy front-panel need descends, in aid of ease a Chinese solar energy equipments of the production company's pain and sufferings.The Chinese manufacturer has to the above half of global solar cell yield.

New electricity price will only be applicable to don't  pass to bid to acquire of solar energy item, because win contract through a bid of usually is those can accept lowest go into net price of manufacturer.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Japan strongly expands LED

Japan strongly expands LED, the lighting delineates "reduce pit economy energy" new energy strategy
Blessing island a pit electricity the station check leak trouble after, the Japanese zheng fu considers nuclear energy foreground and begin heavy draw guo jia energy strategy.The Jian keeps a person, the zheng fu decides on the 29th, this new energy strategy that settles at the next year formal pedestal will fix attention on two big changes, on reducing a nuclear energy quota on the foundation that doesn't give up nuclear energy, two is ask for help of to economize on energy new technique decrease an energy need.

Don't leave nuclear energy
The new energy that the common agency cites that the zheng fu releases on the 29th is strategic policy instruction document report way, the new energy strategy will reduce the dependence to the nuclear energy, but admit a pit electricity in the meantime the station is under the existing energy missing condition the reality of the essential to have.

In June, last year, Japan's passing a comparison that energy plan intends to promote a nuclear energy quota further in 2030 year agos and make the nuclear energy had an energy supply total amount is promoted to 54% by 30% in 2010.

But the document of 29 sunrise pedestals admits, the zheng fu have to overthrow the energy plan in last year, bring into energy safety consideration and re- draw up new strategy.

This document new energy strategy provides policy instruction and put forward Japanese will have to reduce the total thought of nuclear energy comparison on the foundation that incompletely give up the existing pit electricity station from now on.

The document says that thoroughly give up in the short run nuclear energy isn't realistic, can not go.The document points out that short-term condition but speech, "311" heavy earthquakes make the Japanese energy supply sunk into a predicament, if the pit reaction that stops a heap to accept a check now heap could not recover an operation by summer of next year, whole country electricity supply in Japan ran short 9.2% while willing expect in clear summer need high peak.

Lower dependence
For the in the long run, the policy rules gradually reduces the dependence to the nuclear energy, but acknowledgement"how to reduce" still need to be discussed.
"The dependence wanted to reduce the guo jia energy supply to give or get an electric shock a station to the pit, we have to make decision now and how do.This, need the public is extensively thorough to discuss, "the document say.

Reduce to the dependence of the nuclear energy to Japan but speech not easy.The document is explicit, "those through argument safety credibility of pit electricity the station should continue to use".

And, compare a traditional electricity station or new electricity station, check an electricity the cost is lower.Document warning says, if the pit reaction of the whole country all of the heap stop a heap and change to use a traditional or new electricity station, so the Japanese electricity supply cost will rise more than 3 yens(about USD 38,700,000,000).

The energy structure adjustment is a long-term process, and need to adjust a supply and demand relation variety Be continuously tiny to adjust.But see from a different angle, it is the link of essential to have to economize on energy in the energy strategy.

The economy energy reduces to need
This policy document says that for shoulding be missing to energy, for controling energy cost in the lowest limit, the decision of zheng fu pushes forward economy energy product and economy energy technique, relate to medium"need" to commence from the supply and demand, slowly release a "supply" pressure.

Document mentions that the zheng fu plan strongly recommends to give out light the usage that the diode(led) illuminates an equipments within 5 years, and change to pack "intelligent electricity" in the whole country, with cent chronometer price of method force a customer stanza electricity economy energy.

After universal"intelligent electricity", the Japanese plan reforms an existing power supply network and carries out the transition that the traditional charged barbed wire net arrives "intelligence charged barbed wire net".Compare traditional charged barbed wire net, "intelligence charged barbed wire net" more efficiently, can according to using an electricity need, the intelligence allocates the electric power resources that the dissimilarity generates electricity a form and makes electric power supply and demand excellent to turn to circulate efficiently.

Moreover, the Japanese zheng fu initiates to generate electricity to"divide inheritance" an operation with power supply, with creation enough of competition environment, limit energy profits.

Monday, August 1, 2011

LED profession lifts

The LED profession lifts to become available in the market the tide high growth foreground to expect
According to the estimate, the global LED industry production value amounts to USD 15,100,000,000 around in 2010, the year increases 68%.The overall universality ages illuminated along with LED of will soon come, estimate global LED the industry production value will amount to USD 20,800,000,000 in 2011, the year growth leads up to 38%.2012 will amount to USD 30,000,000,000, year growth the rate over 40%.There is an opportunity challenging an USD 50,000,000,000 toll-gate in 2013, the year growth rate will even reach to above 60%.

CSA data suggests, the our country LED the market total scale will attain 100,000,000,000 dollars in 2010 or so.Anticipate till 2015, the local LED market scale will attain above 500,000,000,000 dollars, year compound's increasing soon will attain 38%.Data like this means LED, the industry has vast market capacity and has the investment opportunity to hope to urge to living new high growth industry thus.Is also say, have already corresponded the virtuous Hao of LED obvious realm currently smooth reach, the Rui plentiful optoelectronics, the stem shine on optoelectronics, three Anne's optoelectronics etc.s deliver a business enterprise first already and hope to acquire first hair advantage, thus the Chang enjoy to keep on the industry cake of high growth

Remarkable BE, the LED in the new will present "the well spray" in the near future, the type become available in the market, the Rui plentiful optoelectronics, Hong benefit optoelectronics, continent clear science and technology, the electronics of Ao Tuo but is having already become available in the market of in the LED tectonic plate, shines on optoelectronics(300102) and virtuous Hao such as the stem smooth reach allied create optoelectronics etc., all have recently quite good performance, so is the reason why to cause LED does the tectonic plate oscillate a period to appear a changes in the big dish?

The cheerful industry stock certificate points out that local still weaker than same period of trend of industry index number of LED June our Taiwanese semi-conductor components the index number and Taiwan add power index number.To local LED industry, the factor of product structure and customer's structure, make local LED business enterprise and LED television carry scene spirit on television's back have smaller connection, revenue's undulating sex is smaller than the industry chain of our country Taiwan, but still face a need to slow down, the productivity supply exceeds demand of concealed suffer from.If the need keeps on shortage and only owns technique real strenght and cost management ability, and actively expand the business enterprise that the new product applies realm then can shuffle cards in the survival in the industry.The wide hair stock certificate thinks that since 2011, the LED profession will get into high growth ages.Second half year LED illuminates the possibility of existing the explosion growth this year.Suggest particularly concern to grow up an assurance strong the realm of the and high growth.

Eastern stock certificate new energy analyst Zou Hui's thinking , in recent years, on the other hand be subjected to push of the aggressive factor of national industry policy function, public finance subsidy particularly is a local government to illuminate in the view, biggest stimulated LED the development of the industry, then push LED significantly lowering of the product cost;On the other hand, then because technical progress make the product cost quickly descended.Therefore, in the near future LED industry the favor that obviously got a funds.On these grounds, analyzing a personage to think two types ofs can actively pay attention to, one is a productivity to expand strength big species.The Gan shines on optoelectronics, continent clear science and technology etc. to will become available in the market in the near future of new, with lend IPO to collect funds item, the accomplishment has already hoped quick growth.Two is LED that suits industry development trend concept, among them optoelectronics dragon in the sky and virtuous Hao smooth reach etc. is such.