Thursday, August 18, 2011

LED light lighting corresponds

The LED light lighting corresponds by letter two the mistake is not
Can not make a phone call, get to the Internet while taking an airplane, this common sense that is the person to totally know, but in the future one day, a LED light irradiation that need on the above of the seat, can browse a web page and download a video frequency with the notebook, but the airplane safety is the slightest uninfluenced.Semi-conductor graduate school in the Chinese science, hospital according to LED the light wireless correspond by letter principle of"semi-conductor illuminate information net" have already acquired important breakthrough.

At in semi-conductor in the section hospital of the semi-conductor illuminate with information-based model building, one pedestal notebook since have no net line conjunction, also have no wireless net card, but computer screen top is with fluency broadcasting a network video frequency;Some electric applianceses are like television, family cinema, microwave oven, spheroid camera, dynamoelectric curtain etc., the person leaves very far, the cellular phone that need to operate a hand an inside, the television starts broadcasting a program, the microwave oven bright light works, even the camera adjust a focal distance, lens to pull to far draw near etc. very"small" actions can carry out.Medium semi-conductor in the section hospital carry out the profound mystery of this"miracle" and lie in LED that insets on the ceiling the floodlight the associate researcher introduction of Chen Xiong Bin.

Originally the light of the LED light in addition to illuminating, can also used for correspondence and control, its principle passes the signal pulse control LED light, the LED light doesn't stop by the quickest frequency clear dark flicker, carry out signal transmission, this kind of Gao repeatedly of the flicker is what person's eye can not realize, so the LED light can illuminate, send letter number two not mistake.

"Will get to the Internet in the freedom inside the airplane in the future isn't a dream", the satellite signal that needs to on a plane add a central controller, will receive transports the LED reading light in the passenger seat, such a light of commonness became a network to connect into a point and placed at it under of the notebook can connect into Internet, the passenger can get to the Internet surfing's beating hair travel Be getting more lonesome.Can not make a phone call, get to the Internet on the airplane, because worry that the electromagnetism radiation influences an airplane a safety, but LED light the wireless correspond by letter the technique can thoroughly get rid of this worry, because it can't send out electromagnetic wave, is a kind of the very safe wireless correspondence system.

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