Sunday, March 25, 2012

LED lighting policy allowance

LED lighting policy allowance extension face "shrink"
Disclose according to its, because the country early subsidy policy triggered the LED upstream investment superfluous phenomenon,LED Lighting module the NDRC in the formulation of a new round of policy support more cautious, expects LED lighting terminal user subsidies promulgated in the year and the possibility of lower.

Recently, the development of LED market concern. " Said originally is the three quarter of this year can be issued, but until now there is no sound." On the 9 day, a source close to the NDRC LED executives confirmed, after the market 's $8000000000LED lighting terminal user allowance not only be long in coming, but it also faces the" shrink" may.

Disclose according to its, because the country early subsidy policy triggered the LED upstream investment superfluous phenomenon, the NDRC in the formulation of a new round of policy support more cautious, expects LED lighting terminal user subsidies promulgated in the year and the possibility of lower.
Root statistics, in 2011 China's LED output is expected to reach 154000000000 yuan, an increase of 22%, an increase of more than 50% and the yield.

"30%-50% growth is the LED development of the normal speed, but the50% growth did not bring the 50% profit growth." Analysts pointed out that, since the second half of this year, on, in, downstream of the LED enterprise gross margin year-on-year decrease of30%-50% range, industry is entering a winter.

Deferred "shrink allowance"
Learn from relevant channel, the national development and Reform Commission and Ministry of finance is to jointly study the development of LED lighting sales terminals for the subsidy policy. Preliminary information is received, the subsidy is not for all enterprises, the products subject to testing, certification, and ultimately to the selected about twelve enterprises, and after rumors of the8000000000 yuan subsidy amount is also carried out in stages.

But then some news pointed out, the first LED terminal subsidy policy will be commercial lighting, product application lock LED lamp and LED lighting of two categories of products, the initial amount of allowance of approximately 4000000branch. According to the current market such lamps average price, with reference to past allowance 50% standard calculation, the amount of subsidy is only about 200000000yuan.

" If several million words, so each enterprise probably millions." Analysts pointed out like this, the more symbolic than real interest subsidy.

According to the national" Five-Year" development plan of science and technology, the 2015 LED accounted for the domestic general lighting market share of30% above, production value achieves 500000000000 Yuan, and the current LED market penetration is only 5%. In order to promote the Chinese LED industry development, reduce energy consumption, the Ministry of science and technology in early 2009 launched the " ten city lights" semiconductor lighting demonstration city plan, according to the LED lighting and lighting compared to traditional investment in increments of 30%?50% subsidy, Bluetooth keyboard devicejoining the city was from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan21domestic developed city surged to present 42city.

This was triggered the industry set off a street lamp heat. Many LED street lamp manufacturers to reflect this, the LED street lamp factory price about thousand dollars, but by the government, purchaser terminal price is a five thousand or six thousand or even million yuan, profits are very substantial.

But as the competition 's constantly, this LED street lamp market conditions have become less. According to reach into the electric energy management ( Shenzhen) company president Zhu Jianqin said, according to the current 1watts 3to4 yuan terms,120 watts at most360 dollars, but also includes the installation and five years of quality protection, profit is very small.

In addition to street, also on the upstream of LED chip production subsidies. Reportedly, a MOVCD machine, government subsidies over three million yuan, the enterprise in order to take the commanding heights, the purchase of a large number of MOVCD machine, launched the project of chip. This led to the upstream chip prices diving.

Monday, March 12, 2012

LED industry is faced

The LED industry is faced with reshuffle
Industry insiders predict" the nearly 8000 LED enterprise reshuffle after only 300 is enough"
In four national LED enterprise of Shenzhen, nearly 1000 LED enterprises in the winter in the" dead" to the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Wang Jun Ouyang reported: Shenzhen, Siping photography is LED display the largest domestic production and supply base, LED back light source of major global production and supply base, operable wallthe world's largest solar LED lamp production and supply base. With 3200 LED enterprise, occupy countrywide gross 40% the left and right sides, grim economic situation this year Shenzhen LED industry development to meet the challenge? Yangcheng Evening News reporter recently visited the Shenzhen LED enterprises and relevant industry associations, research institutions. Relevant person in an interview with reporters said, this year Shenzhen enterprise will reduce the 20%-30%, which means nearly 1000 LED enterprises in the economic winter" dead" to the. While more pessimistic predictions, the country nearly 8000 LED enterprise", as the industry reshuffle, the remaining 300 enterprises will be enough."
Scarcity of talents: a technical personnel year" Thirteen jump"
In Shenzhen LED industry chain of Shenzhen Kelida photoelectric Limited once served during the Beijing Olympics, the bird's Nest stadium lighting design suppliers. At present, the company's main power LED bulb lamp, miniature projector, virtual theater optical solutions and street lighting solutions.
Shenzhen Kelida photoelectric Limited company president, Kai Tai, the company in 2006 to enter the LED industry, but LED is not the core business of the company. " The industry is changing too fast, by the concept of speculation into entities need landing."
Kou Kai Tai said,operable partition at present the company's LED products into the high proportion of 80%, but only 20% of the proportion of benefit.
Why investment benefit is not tall? Kou Kaitai analysis", as the sunrise industry, LED industry gets the country give aid to energetically, domestic enterprises to jump on the bandwagon to repeat construction, not only the talents ' poaching ' phenomenon is outstanding; some accumulation of capital enterprises to make LED products began after the sale, affect the market; more enterprises pure holding a LED name for government funding."
Kou Kai Tai to own company had a technical personnel" Thirteen leap" as an example, a year has already left for Shenzhen industry in 13 different companies, public funding from the original 3000 yuan / month, rising to 13000 yuan / month, and the employee skill but in piaffe, intermediate the reason is that this industry is short of formation This makes Kou Kaitai saddened, also let him once again realized in LED industry talents.

Monday, March 5, 2012

LED lights group

This night will be more beautiful" Monument for Liberation" monument bottom will be installed 43 LED lights group
10 days later, Monument for Liberation at night will be more beautiful! Yesterday, Chongqing people's Liberation Monument lighting renovation construction site responsible person said, Monument for Liberation will be lighting renovation project, after completion of the bottom, which will leave dark, shining golden light for the first time.
It is understood, Monument for Liberation lighting in recent years has been two times after the upgrade, Yuzhong area in 2003 300000 yuan investment in Monument for Liberation monument body lighting engineering transformation, lighting effect is mainly white, Beizuo around and monument top portion of each of the replacement of the 200 lights. Last year, the light source for the replacement of all energy-saving LED lights, with a lamp shade, compared with the previous, integrated energy-saving rate of more than thirty percent. Yesterday began with the third update, mainly on the monument at the bottom fill color. According to the project person in charge, after the previous two lighting after transforming, Monument for Liberation base lighting a tablet is darker, aesthetic deficiencies, besides which the bottom portion of granite are damaged and need maintenance type change, eventually, CMC decided to fit around Monument for Liberation are lighting upgrade project, once again on the Monument for Liberation lighting upgrades.
" This project for a period of 10 days, will put the monument base granite into new equal color granite, and in eight it is inlaid on the base of 2500K golden LED energy-saving lamps, a total of 43 groups. The newly installed LED lights, waterproof protection, the actual use of up to 50000 hours." Lighting renovation construction method is disclosed, which is installed on the bottom of the LED exhibit of lanterns from different angles, on the monument body lighting lighting, engineering lighting after the completion of the Monument for Liberation will look more beautiful.曹安琦生活情感