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benefit optoelectronics

Start a business the plank greatly order a soldier:White light the group leader Hong benefit optoelectronics
Hong benefit optoelectronics(300219)
Total subscribed capital:123,000,000
Circulate subscribed capital:31,000,000
The first 3 quarterses of this year each income:0.48 dollars
The company is the white light(LED) that the domestic leads to seal to pack a business enterprise, LED produced spare part product already succeed Be applied to Olympic Games opening ceremony programs, such as"starlight", "five wreaths of Olympic Games"s and"astronaut"...etc. in Peking.After several years of rapid development, the company has become domestic to have the LED of competition ability to pack one of the business enterprises most now.

The company announced the first 3 quarter currently degree accomplishment, the net profit is smooth to increase is sooner low than a revenue to increase one of the soon main reasons is a high new technique business enterprise income tax special discount to end at the beginning of this year.

In 6 the end of the months, this year, the company has already handed in a high new technique business enterprise to appeal trial material, is being placed in Mr. to approve a period after showing currently.[One light of]I think, say with the technique real strenght of the company and the policy direction of the guo jia, the company is affirmed for the high new technique business enterprise is probably lead affairs.

The company is a local white light LED spare part group leader, BE[one light]LED illuminate of be subjected to one of the benefit objects most directly.The strategy from the company to see, from seal and pack to application extension, will form positive interaction in these two links, promote a competition ability and lower risk.

The peaceful stock certificate gives "increase to hold" the rating
Company at apply the carrying out of link corpus Lai the emperor is second to illuminate(whole property subsidiary) to get to review "2011 the middle of the years, the country illuminates an electric appliances to have competition ability brand most ", suggest investor of"increase to hold".

OFweekLED illuminates lighting net steven analysis:

The Hong benefit optoelectronics becomes available in the market the stock price is more steady, its limit sells and becomes available in the market the date is May 18, 2012, the amount attains 9,094,400, the distance lifts the ban tide and still has equal period of time, and in the near future policy benefit very repeatedly, LED industry subsidy the policy have already hoped a set and pack a leadership business enterprise to the local white light LED to say, this is the biggest benefit good, and the opposite and local other LED packs a listed company, thunder Man lord offends LED and shows to hold, the Rui plentiful advantage doesn't only seal and pack in the white, Hong benefit the optoelectronics is opposite but speech at[one light]LED the lighting subdivide realm and have advantage most .

Sunday, October 30, 2011

led grow lights

1 Product Name: T12, T8 plant growth lights, plant lamp

The plant is mainly rely on the sun's energy for photosynthesis and growth, blossom and bear fruit. The plant through the leaves to the solar spectrum in different wavelength components for absorption and reflection, OFweek LED forward-looking absorption of sunlight and root absorption of water and carbon dioxide in the air, producing light induced biological changes into sugars. But because of the nature often appear the myriads of changes of climate change and light variable, so that the plant in different growth period can not be fully absorbed into their different growth period needed for photosynthetic nutrition for growth adversely, in this regard, the science reasonable artificial spectroscopy -- ultraviolet light in different wavelength on the growth of plants to create very good absorption and reflection conditions. Greatly promote the plant leaf thickening, especially on Rhizome Growth of plants, has obvious ecbolic fast growth, can promote plant ahead of blossom, changes in mature period, breaking dormancy and germination and improve plant quality control, increase economic benefits. Light emitting light as the sun is mainly applicable to supplement light plant

Widely used in greenhouse cultivation, breeding, flowers and rare trees and fruit trees, tea, all kinds of fruits and vegetables.LED illuminates the business ( tomato, cucumber, strawberry, tobacco, beans, tea, bonsai flowers greenhouse plants)

led lighting automotive

Goes a car safety for exaltation, the European Commission(EC) decides since 2011 and goes lamp for various daytime that the motor vehicle ushers in to devote one's mind.(DaytimeRunningLight call DRL)The daytime goes lamp to differ from common of near light light, it exclusively goes car lighting for daytime but designs, can consume to only have common near light 25%~30% of the light.Used technical daytime of LED to go lamp, economized on energy effect to get to promote further, can the consuming be only near for commonness light 10% of the light.When once the car motor start, the daytime goes the lamp then automatically opens, and continuously increase a bright degree with the attention that causes road up the other automobiles, non- automobile and pedestrian.The that night late condescends to come, after driver hand moves to turn on a near light light, the daytime goes lamp to then automatically put out.

In view of the angle of environmental protection, the daytime devoting one's minding goes lamp to effectively raise car visibility and beat the band degree.This technique aims at daytime to illuminate, so it is more actual than current lighting equipments higher effect.Seeing from those EUs nations that had already carried out that rules, the daytime goes the usages of lamp to really reduce traffic accident to contain actively effective function towards raising a road safety, .Vehicles such as sedan, trucks and bus etc. after installing daytime and going lamp, it it is thus clear that sex gets to obviously promote and increases the safety of going the car thus.

Represent inside the laws process' country director of each member of EU, industry and not**the common discussion of group, and got to unanimously pass.The new laws stipulates:Since February 7, 2011, the EU is all inshore lately multiply by to use car and small scaled truckses have to install daytime to go lamp;Since August 7, 2012, all inshore lately each kind of truckses and buses of EU have to install daytime to go lamp

lighting is included

The Fei Fei that the near segment time network spreads is satisfied 《"25" economy energy environmental protection the industry development programs 》will soon give out light the news that the diode(LED) lighting is included in to subsidize scope, although don't get the direct confirmation of related section, comprehensive local market trend and international great environment to say, this news or can confirm for true.The OFweek analysis thinks that LED subsidizes the policy overall set to be just a matter of time, the reason is as follows:

First, LED public finance subsidy the policy has already been in the grounds, such as Shenzhen and Zhejiang...etc. carries on making experiements implementation, since last year, Shenzhen waits a circumlittoral flourishing region to carry on LED in the way of public finance subsidy, the market makes widely available, residents need use half-price and then can purchase a superior quality of LED illuminate product.The policy implementation region obtained good market result, LED economized on energy the market universality of illuminating the product to consumedly promote, and also consumedly lowering local lighting can consume.From our country of policy implementation regulation to see, usually all take circumlittoral economic flourishing region as an experimental unit, then carry on universality to the whole country gradually.Now LED of each experimental unit district public finance subsidy the policy all obtained not vulgar result, can even confirm as well 《"25" economy energy the environmental protection industry development programming 》will take LED into the reliability of subsidizing scope this news.

Secondly, international great environment to.Today that all initiates low carbon economy in the whole world, the incandescent lamp has already by all means become to eliminate object.And Chinese as the second economy in the world, also more and more important in the position in economic turn in the world, the dependence that the Chinese economy develops for international community is also more and more high, so Chinese economy by all means can not again walk past the the route that begs a high-speed growth, point environmental protection, strongly supported various low carbon industry to also become Chinese new period economy to develop an initial task.LED's economizing on energy to illuminate is representative's industry of low carbon economy, also by all means become nation of initial support object, and 25 will also become LED industry high speed growth of chance, for our country the low carbon economic development open a good head.

End, the national hair changes Wei to wait a related section although didn't directly release to confirm that news, also have no section carry on refuting a rumour to this.Our country the set related policy this information released an outlet very strictly, impossible with the hearsay announcement, especially the public finance subsidizes this policy, once set then will to the market produce biggest influence.And this news release also in the near future to economy energy illuminate the market produced certain influence, several stocks of local big LED listed companies all are subjected to this influence.If that news doesn't greatly is several rates that the empty cave comes to breeze or that policy and passes, the so related organization is inevitable meeting and at that time clarify and avoid continuing and result in market's undulating, however up to now still have no official speech, basic can think that policy already in the middle of releasing and preparing and planning.

led lighting residential

Accumulate water house, the LED residence commercializes to start practice an all light LED to illuminate mode residence
In the past the news general chart accumulated water house launch progressively adopted LED(gave out light diode) illuminate of lived space proposal, started practice an all light, LED illuminated No.1th"life of opened private home" of mode residence in the Ci city county ancient river City.Is the new method of the residence"the green first" of environment consciousness type of that company to sell, continue to suggest the new residence illuminates LED residence.

The line lighting of "life of open private home" adoption usage LED shines in glory the indirect lighting method of wall and ceiling, dazzlingly realization have no of aureole territory.Purchase tool, just just the residence establishing illuminate not, make it make to confuse a LED and building materials, furniture actually, also did to design of try.

The all light LED illuminate, warm light and also used fluorescent lamp to illuminate formely implemental of early cost and type compared and became about 2.500%, but the 155 ms for setting up in Tokyo was 2 residences, can all cut down 78% for a year at the condition of 4 somebody else clans of the electricity expenses and CO 2 eject quantity.

That company is the residence"the green first" of environment consciousness type to allow to choose a parts to sell an all light LED to illuminate a method.

led stage lighting

How is the market condition of the market of LED satge light in Middle East?
"Middle East region" or"Middle East" means the east of Mediterranean and district in the south, go to°from the east of Mediterranean the big slice of region of Persian gulf, on geography in"Middle East" also the second area of right and wrong continent and Europe and Asia mainland.Generally say that include Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon and Oman, Qatar and sand especially, Syria, allied Qiu and Yemen, Palestine, the cloth nation(Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia) of Ma Ge Li and Sudan, Mauritania and Somalia, , Turkey with fill river bank road Si though geography up belongs to one part of Middle East region, but they from think to belong to Europe.
The Israeli believes in Judaism.Basic faith Islamism in other Middle East nations.

Middle East includes 22 Arabia nations and 5 non- Arabia nation, among them in addition to Israel, fill river bank road all of Sis are a Yi Si the orchid is national.
In the Yi Si orchid nation in Middle East, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan is non- Arabia nation, Arabia nation is all Yi Si orchid nation.Can is divided into 4 according to the dissimilarity of the religion and the religious section circumstance:

The first, the lousy Ni parties has the nation of population majority, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, allied Qiu, Kuwait, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Libya, Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Mo Luo of Somalia, Djibouti and section, Turkey and Afghanistan.

The second, the Shiite has the nation of population majority, including Iran, Iraq and Bahrain.

The third, Oman is the nation that the Yi expects a virtuous parties to have population majority.That parties is a branch that admires the tile benefit Ji parties, it is independence to admire the tile benefit Ji parties in the Islamism at the lousy Ni parties and a religious section out of the Shiite, produce in 7th centry A.D. a middle period.

The fourth, the circumstance of Lebanon is more complicated.The Muslem has 60% around in the Lebanese population, the Christian has 40% around.But the Muslem accordingly belongs to Shiite, lousy Ni parties and virtuous Lu parties etc. different religious section;The Christian accordingly belongs to Catholic Ma Long send, the Catholic wheat Lei card parties and different religious sections such as Rome Catholic, Greece archimandrite and Protestantism etc..The whichever religious section all doesn't share absolute advantage in the total population, therefore the Lebanon assigns a national power according to the population comparison of each religious section and stipulate the president is served as by the parties personage of Ma Long of Catholic, premier's peace negotiations' growing is respectively served as by personage of the Islamism lousy Ni parties and Shiite.

At non- Yi Si orchid in Middle East the nation is medium, the 81.2% residents in Israel is Jews and believe in Judaism.Israel is seen to Judaism nation, Sabbath and all Judean traditional festivals and religious festivals is settled for the nationwide festival.Filling 77% in the river bank road this person is Greece clansmen and believe in east archimandrite;18% is Turkey clansmen and believe in the Islamism lousy Ni parties.Fill river bank road, the Si is the nation that only one a Christian in Middle East has population the great majority.

led lighting manufacturers

"Ever since that time last year government pedestal"ten cities were ten thousand" the policy subsidized a plan, China LED's illuminating profession is it may be said animate and made to pack to start carrying on a development with applied business enterprise also before and strengthened strength for development and management.

We aren't vaporing, currently win of LED profession can say, the first in the world.The soft terms of policy, lets to allow much more of the business enterprise presume a devotion funds and put together the market of robbing this immaturity.

This September, proclaims than the second Di military advance LED illuminates profession, starts setting up a LED strategy plan and publicizes the quality that illuminates than the second Di.More and more business enterprises got into LED to illuminate profession and carried on a big confused conflict.

Canning say that LED illuminates profession to return is young and have the business enterprise of competitive advantage and technique advantage currently, haven't carried on vehemence of fight, everyone is conserving strength and storing up energy, waiting for stormy of approach, certainly will definitely appear a black horse among them, this is inevitable.LED China illuminates the opportunity of profession very big, only each business enterprise's continuing to enlarge a development management , in the top and bottom foot effort of technique and cost, can definitely stick out chest a title in the middle of in the future putting together to kill.

12 volt led lighting

BE praised as LED(Light-Emitting-Diode-give out light diode) of "illuminate a future technique", gradually walked up our daily lifes, and push display the realm a revolution happen huge change.The LED the display technical development speed outran the expert's estimate, as a newly arisen industry, in 10 years,LED lighting revolution the LED display contains the production value to hope to attain USD 3,000,000,000.Liquid crystal display will also with CRT the display is similar and withdraw essential satge!

LED urges to living a new generation display

Currently, in the world to energy, reducing in weight in the province, small scaled turn, the product need of high credibility is extremely urgent, while LED completely matches these conditions.LED belongs to the whole solid cold light source, smaller, more light and harder, the work electric voltage only has two volts, the service life is as long as more than ten years.According to the usual radiation definition, LED gives out light an efficiency not high, but because of LED spectrum almost and all concentrated in it is thus clear that light repeatedly segment, the efficiency can reach to 80-90%.

LED shows that the spare part publishes up to now already more than 20 year, because of the adoption and the restriction on the craft of original material, 10 years ago, was very difficult to make widely available.After getting into 90's, along with craft of continuously the development of improvement and original material, LED shows the spare part is in the life span and bright degree there is all the development to advance by leaps and bounds on the index sign, the cost also consumedly lowers.

On the function, LED develops very quickly.In 2001, the bright degree of red LED is a 1000 mcds and compare the 3 mcds high in 1982500-330000%, convert an efficiency to also attain 20%.Gao Liang Du LED's emergence has the meaning that row the ages, it will be mankind after after Edison invent incandescent lamp bubble one of the greatest inventions.LED that developed at the earliest stage can send out red light and used for the indicator in the electronics equipments and publish one after another along with yellow, green and blue LED, now, LED can already send out red, yellow, blue, green, orange, amber, blue and green double of colors, red and green double of colors, yellow green, purely green and jade-green color, various white light beam.

On the price, 1998, a LED lamp bulb selling price is 1982 of 1|30-1|50, eased to biggest bear for the customer.

The LED technique progress is the biggest motivation that extends market demands and application.At the beginning, LED is a miniature indicator and apply in the upscale equipmentses such as calculator,LED light applies stereo set and video recorder etc., along with the progressing unremittingly of the large scale integration and the calculator technique, the LED display is quickly growing and expand to the stock certificate condition of the market stock machine, digital camera and PDA and the cellular phone realm gradually in recent years.

The LED display gathers a micro-electronics technique, calculator technique and information's processing at the integral whole, with its color fresh gorgeous, dynamic state scope wide and bright degree Gao, life span long, work stable credibility etc. advantage, become most new generation of having the advantage to show medium, currently, LED display already extensively applied at the large square, business advertisement, stadium building, information dissemination, the news release, stock certificate trade etc., can satisfy the demand of different environment.

Go into business industry application and the demanding angle of consumer sees and carry on the back revolution innovation that light LED is a display technique realm, from the flat panel display to plastics display transition, also need 3-5 years, however, we soon can see can curl type display, and can make into to knit into the display of clothes.

LED has a gradually perfect technique, the Du Pont company owns a huge production factory in Hsinchu, Taiwan, that factory already at produce LED display, anticipate a spool of plastics display that will produce to take mile as unit.

The Suo Ni company has already produced the display prototype of LED of a 10 inches, will be large-scale since 2009 to take delivery of goods, this may cause the creation of the new generation super thin type notebook.

led home lighting

The floodlight(the indoor) of LED and LED street lamp and common floodlight good and bad
The bright degree is low, the price is expensive, the LED fluorescent lamp wants to buy 200 to go to 300 more, but common of fluorescent lamp connect the support just want 20 to come to dollar, again lead a decade and eight years, probably bright degree and price should like, LED all uses to use much in showing to hold and decorating light now, I am to do LED product, if you call my home to illuminate a product with LED, I affirmation don't want, is still a traditional fluorescent lamp, economize on energy a light friendly, utility, bright degree Gao.

If you say LED uses on the street lamp on Malaysia road, don't knock down just strange, the LED weakness is that the artillery range is short, the ray shines on not and far, at the time that close quarter saw, you would feel it's very bright in fact and otherwise.Gao Gan Deng of Malaysia road both sides is all generally 5,6 meters high, LED's shining on on the road noodles is already a nothing important light, if use park and path up, bright degree place with not high request, pack isn't a very high street lamp can also had better be solar, the electricity chargeses all save, didn't give or get an electric shock of time can order previous 23.Or are the method that traditional light source and LED combine, the first half night is used traditional light source lighting, the later half of the night uses LED when the person is little light source lighting.

However personal think that the street lamp still keeps hasing no traditional economy energy light currently and stews to turn a thing light, Na light the economy is friendly, LED the quality of the profession is getting more lousy too much now, LED says is use till 100,000 hours, if make into a lamp, with another electronics component combine together be not so returned to matter, the other electronics component life span is generally several ten thousand hours, now a lot of factory house is to use a second-hand electronics component(the factory house of especially ancient town), the life span said nothing of and plused outdoor usage environment to influence, the quality good LED lighting product may have life span for 4-50,000 hour, the quality differs of 5,000 hours all have no, this is also the LED profession price to differ very great reason currently.

led lighting design

LED drives the power
Brief introduction:

LED drives the power is converts the power supply for the particular electric voltage electric current with drive the LED gives out light of the electric voltage convert a machine, usually under the circumstance:LED drives the importation of the power to include high pressure work repeatedly exchanges(namely city electricity), low-pressure direct current, high pressure direct current, low-pressure Gao repeatedly communicate(like the exportation of electronics transformer) etc..But LED drive the exportation of the power then the great majority for can be settling an electric current source to the Heng that presses to decline value variety but changes electric voltage with LED.


The characteristic request that drives the power with electricity rule and LED according to the charged barbed wire net, want when the choice and design LED drives the power in consideration of following what time:

1.high credibility
Specially be like LED driving of street lamp the power, pack Gao Kong, maintaining is inconvenient and maintains of the cost is also big.

LED economizes on energy a product and drives the efficiency of the power to have to be high.Install in the structure in the lamp to the power, is importance.LED gives out light an efficiency along with the going up of LED temperature but descends, so LED spreads hot count for much.Efficiency Gao of the power,LED street lamp product its loss power is small and have fever quantity in the lamp small, also lowered Wen Sheng of lamp.Beneficial to the light Shuai that defers LED.

3.high power factor
The power factor is charged barbed wire net's request for load.General 70 tile as follows of use an electric appliances, there is no compulsive sex index sign.Although the influence that is a little bit lower to the charged barbed wire nets with the electric appliances power factor of the power not big single isn't big,everyone is light-on in the evening, the same kind load is too concentrated, will bring about more serious pollution on charged barbed wire net.For 30 tiles~LED of 40 tiles drive the power, it is said that near future, probably will have certain index sign request to the power factor. a way
Go through now of have 2 kinds:One is a constant pressure source to be provided for several Hengs to flow source, each Heng flows a source alone the power supply is to each road LED.This way, combine vivid, all the way LED break down, don't influence the work of other LEDs, but the cost will be slightly a little higher.Another is the direct Heng flows power supply, LED establishes or merges movement.Its advantage isn't the cost is a little bit lower, but the vivid is bad and also needs to solve a certain LED breakdown, do influence the problem of other LED movements.These two kinds of forms, in a period of time keep both.Many road Hengs flow to output a power supply method, will be better in the cost and the function.It is a probably later essential direction.

5.the wave flow out a protection
The ability that the LED anti- wave flows out is worse, especially the anti- is anti- to the electric voltage ability.The protection that strengthens this aspect is also very important.Some LED lights pack outdoors, such as LED street lamp.Because the Qi of charged barbed wire net load jilts and strikes by lightning of respond, will invade from the charged barbed wire net system various wave flows out, some waves flow out the damage that will cause LED.Therefore LED drives the power to have already repressed the incursion that the wave flows out and protect LED not drive the ability for damaging.

6.protect function
In addition to the protection function of normal regulations the power, it is negative to had better flow to increase LED in the exportation temperature in the Heng feedback,LED tests foundation once keep LED from temperature Gao.
Gearing type outside the lamp, the power structure has to be waterproof and defends tide, the outer shell wants to bear to bask. the life span of the power and went with LED life span to go together with.

9.want to meet Anne's rules and electromagnetism and the request for permitting.

Is extensive day by day along with the LED application, LED drives the function of the power to more and more suit a LED request.

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LED profession

The sparse soil price soars the influence to the LED profession my search fox
In the first half of 2011, the madness soars of the product not only have a garlic, and Chinese herbal medicine, but also have the sparse soil to may compare "gold" price now.2011 is 7 beginning of the months, the Gan state sparse soil company oxidizes the price of Te to come to a 23,000,000 dollars|ton;The offer that oxidizes You is 30,000,000 dollars|ton;The price that oxidizes Di also comes to a 14,800,000 dollars|ton.Compare before half year, the price of these sparse soils soars range to be up to 13,000,000 dollars~27,000,000 dollars, its growth range makes a person suddenly tongue.

Still the Pu consults electronics profession analyst point out, investigate its price crazy rise reason, the store stir-fries to make is on the other hand, another important aspect is national two years, pedestal a series policy concerning sparse soil.In April, 2009, the national territory resources department releases 《the sparse soil mineral mine a total amount control index sign 》, will lower a local sparse local product ability further.At the same year November, the work believes a set 《2009-2015 years the sparse soil industrial development programming 》, put forward restriction our country the exit of the sparse soil profession.In May, 2010, the work letter department released 《the sparse soil profession is quasi- into the condition 》.(ask for an opinion draft)At the same year September, State Department announcement 《concerning help the business enterprise to annex reorganization of opinion 》, the first time takes sparse soil into point the profession annex the list of reorganization.In February, 2011, the environmental protection department releases 《sparse soil industrial pollutant exhaustion standard 》, raise sparse soil profession quasi- go into threshold.In May, 2011, State Department releases 《State Department concerning help the sparse soil profession to continuously healthily develop of some opinions 》, the aim is promoting profession healthy to develop.

According to still the Pu consult to release of 《the 2010-2013 the middle of the years, country led product market analysis and investment earnings analyze a report 》middle finger, the sparse soil is important strategic data extensively Be applied to professions, such as chemical engineering, machine, metallurgy, petroleum and glass...etc..The sparse soil is a necessary original material in the LED's profession and use in the world nowadays of economize on energy the light source big parts to all have something to do with it, use the most as sparse soil among them three radicle color fluorescent lamp.Sparse soil three radicle color economy energy lights and common incandescent lamp compare, the stanza electricity rate is up to 80%, not easy result in pollution of the environment, color bad small, is an ideal green lighting nowadays.

BE strongly promoting today that the development economy energy reduces a row, green lighting, the soaring of sparse soil price of article by all means brings certain influence to LED profession.As the direct downstream of sparse soil profession, the production factory house of three radicle color fluorescence powders is at most subjected to influence.The price of sparse soil anticipates a rising, causes a lot of manufacturers doing not wish to make moves and causes parts of factory house's ceasing work because of canning not buying fluorescence powder.

In the meantime, soaring of economy energy light price of article also in the reason.But to those in the economy energy light expansion item top in March object business enterprise to say, is more misery, because current economy energy light cost already now not its ratio, in the mark business enterprise face a huge sum of risk of the deficiency.(Still the Pu consults)

Recently, although the sparse soil price has the fall trend, the in many ways sparse soil production factory house start taking action to just protect is very not easy to rise of"silver price", wrapping the steel sparse soil is also send out to declare October, 201119 stop productions sparse soil promise sparse soil for a month of price, LED the profession still haven't small pressure on the cost.

Monday, October 24, 2011


LED and OLED is at every step camps
As early as 1891, the hero pulls virtuous ·Philip and father established a lamp bulb company together, after five years, his brothers Anne Tonga go into.They quickly expand the business to the world-wide locations.

The main funds flows analysis(10|25) the some mow a meat to escape affirmation to regret sudden soar very likely not period but go to people's evangel:The set prison stock has been already saved!In 2011, Philip establishes 120 anniversaries.

Is a year autumn, Holland Ai because of Huo, Philip's source, at its dime of global lighting center:"Shua" ground the light shines, the light,such as bluish green wave, ripples and spreads to leak in the ceiling, ground until bathtub, the wave voice on all sides spreads from the room, this is Philip the bathing scene of dream world sort of LED light construction.

And this is just its house to reside illuminative of one part, in the horticulture, medical treatment, transact, city, school, amusement, market, cabaret, industry, car lighting etc. subdivide on the market, Philip also has layout more and throws in a great deal of funds to develop innovation to illuminate a solution.

Just took office ten thousand Hao Duns of chief executive officer this year, at Ai because of Huo Philip 120 anniversary innovation general assembly up, also spare no effort to express it supports LED the decision of the development.

"Recently, we with efficiently economized on energy light and lighting solution to get stripe to renew Malaysia and the street lamp of Holland superhighway, but was equal for the repay that expenses and economy energy of this expenditure acquire.I believe the repay that today's innovation devotion will definitely bring tomorrow."Ten thousand Hao Duns call.

However, the growth of vision and reality still has very long distance.

On October 18, Philip releases its third quarter of this year, the quarter reports and declares that Philip carries out 6% sale growth, and start 800,000,000 in the meantime euro luck camp cost reduction plan.And the interest tax amortize ex- profits to fall to 6.8% of 2011 the third quarter degree from 11.8% of 2010 the third quarter degree, also slightly low in 2011 second quarter degree.

Though the LED business increases up to 32%, the push lighting business carried out 8% growths, because of sale and development throw in, at first material cost the increment and the bad performances that resided lighting business in the company of Philip Lumileds and house causes an income fall.

For this, Philip will cut down about 4500 work posts.Ten thousand Hao Duns means that"this is a decision that makes person sorry, but also for the sake of improvement luck camp mechanism, make organization more vivid and simplify, more have a competition ability ineluctable measure."

The layout battles out LED to subdivide a market

Ai because of Huo outskirts Marjoland the giant glasshouse of the rose park inside, the big slice of red rose is opening gorgeous, although the sunshine still goes on that day,

One meter much and highly and closely of the flower twig bottom, a lot of leafs and small bud still not easy get ample light to shine on.

Hence, flower twig the bottom is packed ascend a row line up a red and blue and alternate LED small light, manager Damien from product in rose park says and like this repairs only, can make the year of quantity of a flower increased 7%-8%.

The Marjoland rose park is Philip and government and manufacturers to cooperate of a half-hardy lighting experimental unit.Philip half-hardy LED's illuminating engineer, Zhang Su, is following that item, he says, LED of the red plant the lighting can even help the rose to secrete long flower bud.

However, Damien also admits purchasing LED module like this to need to increase 40% investments.Philip half-hardy lighting supervisor Sylvia of LED then explained, "not only can raise yield, under many mode for planting use Philip LED also can economize much and reach to 60%ly can consume.See over a long period of time, invest worth.We are also doing alike experimental unit and expansion, including planting of tomato in China."

According to understanding, in past several years, Philip carried on to on the spot produce a test for many times and thus made sure to adapt to many LEDs for planting spectrum and shone on a degree, and on these grounds release LED of green energy to produce module.

But the horticulture illuminate just Philip gets into a pawn that LED subdivides a market.Illuminate realm in the city, Philip also has many layouts.

In Philip's programming, "CITY TOUCH" is a future city to illuminate preparation of creative item, the this comprehensive LED and intelligence open air with technical information illuminates management system, much more economical reach to 70%ly can consume.This item has already made experiements in some cities of Europe and includes London and Prague.

OLED is also Philip is the new technique of more lighting realm preparation, OLED light not only change atmosphere, external appearance and function of various room, illuminate experienced expert Hellen to introduce according to Philip, it can economize 80%ly can consume, and product life span the ratio originally prolong 800%.Hellen thinks, "in the amusement, market, supermarket, and cabaret...etc., the OLED applied market will make person excited more".

Sunday, October 23, 2011

special subject convene

LED illuminates standard and whole the seminar changing special subject convene
Recently, the SGS attestation holds of LED the lighting conformity assessment procedure and the whole Victoria beautiful Jia hotel that change special subject seminar in Hangzhou Be solemn and impressive to convene.Will up, the SGS expert delivered LED toward more than 30 business enterprise representatives who attend meeting the international attestation of the lamp, apply standard, the latest information and solution of main performance test.Activity aim at draw lessons from international lighting profession standard, promote the business enterprise quality technique level, help a business enterprise product to quickly get into an international market and acquire approbation.As the examination certificate authority that the world leads, SGS relies on huge service network and professional examination ability to provide a technique solution, helps a business enterprise to create high quality brand and wins an international market.

SGS LED illuminates standard and whole the seminar changing special subject is on the scene
SGS the consumer goods examination department electronics electricity safe laboratory lamp set deluxe technique manager, Ms. Xie Zhen Hua, is a meeting lord to speak to mean:"In recent years, our country LED export power the head is sturdy and occupy a very big quota in the market of world and present year by year buoyant growth trend.The our country occupies original material, the lowly absolute advantage of the labor force price, is an international community purchase LED the main location of the product.Currently ability and our country LED export the quantity match of guo jia only have the United States and Japanese etc., expand scope continuously to extend along with global LED, the market competes also gradually white-knuckle.But LED of our country export condition to see and also exist very big secret worry currently, such as export trade situation technique barracks, export a business enterprise to wait standard isn't high in the country place to understand to the Europe and America etc., cause to recall affairs repeatedly hair.Lamp safety test not only promise the consumer's rights more is the pass that exports an international market, the lamp export business enterprise only actively should promise to the international attestation request from design to produce each quality that the link promises a lamp product to match a rules, then can set up oneself brand in the international market of vehemence.At electronics electric appliances realm, with lend us the huge service network, abundant experience and professional technique, SGS always concentrates on the electronics electric appliances product safety.Make greatest efforts to appeal production in the meantime the manufacturer undertakes a Corporate Social Responsibility, has to pass profession safety, environmental protection test and social responsibility to examine to ensure product quality and sets up product brand."

The assembly hall some lighting business enterprise general manager introduces, its company LED has annually several must the exit sum of US$, 80% have to always produce, and year by year pass to increase above 30%, the product exports to the United States, Canada, Germany and England and regions, such as South Africa and Middle East...etc..With Pearl River triangle, etc. manufacturing industry flourishing region in Yangtze River triangle district is representative, more and more of the business enterprise participate in LED and export the big current of the competition in.For satisfying foreign buyer to gradually and strictly examine a request, create the business enterprise strong international brand, the product quality is the best competition ability resources of business enterprise and always put to pay attention to at them first.

Will be medium, aim at the business enterprise concerns most of product quality control problem, SGS expert, Ms. Xie Zhen Hua, LED the manufacturer export Euro-American region lamp LED that need to be paid attention to the standard and attestation did detailed reading, like Anne's rules, electromagnetism and permit(EMC), function etc..To EuP the instruction give toward the renewal transition of Erp instruction professional instruction opinion, also lately illuminate standard ErP to the EU market in the meantime instruction EC 245|2009 do a depth resolution, solution business enterprise the market Be quasi- to go into a doubt.Ms. Xie is engaged in Anne rules attestation professional more than 10 years, have an abundant lighting product whole change experience, exported the business enterprise in the process to need a few links of special attention to do to remind, the help business enterprise overall military advance international market.End smoothly along with the seminar, three meeting business enterprise personnel in succession mean to benefit very many, believe that the comprehension toward the international standard laws controls to also become the success beginning that the business enterprise wins an international market.

Is fair objective global examination, authenticate, test and attestation service of leader and innovation, SGS always with promote mankind's health, safety and environmental protection for oneself to allow, concentrate on to each supply chain of can keep on a development to provide profession to turn a solution.At electronics electricity realm, SGS can provide one-stoply can keep on a development solution, such as the product multinational attestation, chemistry test, electromagnetism and permit and safety test, the credibility test, wireless communication and blue tooth product test an attestation, product whole change project and suggestion, laboratory to test a place to rent and the attestation train item etc. and arrive a product from the product quality safety, from manufacturing, design of improve an environmental protection of can keep on management, SGS helps a business enterprise to continuously promote a market competition ability, and is acquiring the responsibility to the environment and the society of the in the meantime implementing of the business success, the push is Chinese economy, the environment win with the social river crab.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

strategic alliance completely

The Si Parker's optoelectronics opens LED to illuminate the outlet strategic alliance completely
The Hui astute LED holds a net 20 are the newly arisen industries that economizes on energy an environmental protection for October, LED illuminated to deliver under State Department lately of 《"25" economy energy reduced a row comprehensive sex work project 》BE fully paid attention to by policy.That project definitely points out to speed a facilities economy energy reformation, strictly using can manage, the guide consumes behavior and expands an usage to efficiently economize on energy an appliance and illuminate a product in the residents.And take"the semi-conductor illuminates" into "the enlargement economy energy reduces a row technique the industry turn demonstration" item.

Illuminate the rapid development of industry along with the last few years LED, the our country LED production value scale attains 126,000,000,000 dollars and anticipates a growth rate to break 50% more in 2011 in 2010 and attain 180,000,000,000 dollars or so, LED the investment scale of the profession attains 65,000,000,000 dollars.Global LED including SPARK was attracted to huge"cake" of local market to illuminate the overall outlet layout of well-known brand.Recently, the biggest solar energy in the world only Fu illuminate, one of the lamp manufacturer of LED, supplier and exporter, the Si Parker's optoelectronics revealed, the company has already started local outlet construction completely and laid equal stress on a pound to put°through the strategic alliance plan of"colleague's world, the outlet totally wins" outlet and seemed ready to come out of LED illuminate outlet change, the market turmoil illuminating for 2012 local LED raised prologue.

World get to run exit tycoon to lift soon an outlet strategy Chinese layout

SPARK-Shenzhen City Si Parker optoelectronics science and technology limited company underneath internationalization brand, establish in 2000.The development history of the Si Parker's optoelectronics is a development history that the Chinese bead triangle business enterprise strives to make country strong, positive if China LED illuminates the history of industry development to miniature, is the norm guide that the national government encouragement develops strategic newly arisen industry, is LED to illuminate industry race business enterprise development the reality of real strenght corroborate.Processes to°from the exit and beats and loudly internationalizes independent brand, from low cost"price war" to rely on internationalize brand and promote business enterprise core competencies, turns a modern type to the norm from the guerrilla war of "short even quick" business enterprise management, from pure of the product make and participate in the international brand luck camp change completely and pursues an accomplishment and grows up and sets up LED and illuminates industry and turns value chain layout from the initial stage and arrive "Chinese creation" from"Chinese manufacturing" and arrive "sell quantity" from"quality", the optoelectronics of Si Parker with lend the high level product the quality, take orders "quality, innovation, trustworthiness, service" value principle with physically act perfect explained the business enterprise of China LED of two big development set question:Quickly rising, the world set up.

1.2000-2005:OEM develops a stage, international quality achievement product competition ability

OEM is acculturate big production, under the great cooperation trend of LED illuminate a business enterprise the road of market in early days, is also a resources rationalization of one of the effective paths.Our country LED illuminate the industry develop earlier period, according to enlargement the business enterprise own a resources at innovate the allocation of ability, possibly decrease in the devotion of fixed assets, in expanding global market, the Si Parker's optoelectronics chose in early days regard OEM as principle of five years"the technique precipitated" developed strategy.

In pursuit of high level quality completes a technique to precipitate.The business enterprise was established, the Si Parker's optoelectronics namely settled the iron Lyu of "the trustworthiness establishes a career, the quality overcomes".Illuminate profession in local LED, the optoelectronics of Si Parker develops first stage to continuously pass a science and technology innovation, productivity construction and manufacturing in the business enterprise system, quality management and point production and examination the equipments usher in, product line extension etc. business enterprise improvement, again and again acquire global market favor, create and kept the optoelectronics of Si Parker at the exit and process, stick the competitive advantage of the card etc. realm.Close 2005, from LED illuminate the product maritime customs export the data shows the optoelectronics of Si Parker with lend to lead inside the industry of high level quality, good sex product of price ratio and abundant structure, acquired the extensive approbation that global LED illuminates industry, the product sold Chinese mainland and the harbor mesa area, Southeast Asia, Korea and North America and Europe, global market the occupancy illuminate profession to come out in front in local LED and well showed the quality real strenght that the optoelectronics of Si Parker illuminates realm in global LED.

2.2005-2008:ODM develops a stage and lead science and technology achievement innovation competition ability

For LED lamp but speech, leading the science and technology and high level quality is a business enterprise first Life Line!After groping for of the last few years and experience and training, global LED's illuminating a market has already got into the speedway of development and welcome the explosion period of profession development.Accompany with the development of high speed, at the stability, global market OEM's tending of order's the profession of vehemence competes also immediately but living, the Si Parker's optoelectronics relies on the deep cognition to the global market and forward-looking strategic angle of view and ask for help of to lead science and technology and high level quality lighting ODM the realm outshine others at global LED and become global biggest solar energy light one of the Fu lighting, lamp manufacturer of LED, supplier and exporter.

Analyze the science and technology, high level quality of leading of the Si Parker's optoelectronics back, have much heavy international of quality assurance and science and technology development system support, these high standard is the high level quality of the Si Parker's optoelectronics and lead science and technology to protect to drive to escort, is also the optoelectronics of Si Parker at obtain the Jiao accomplishment of the person and the importance of the high level public praise for the last few years because of!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

LED to illuminate modern

The white only seals to pack a new technique to guide LED to illuminate modern trend
Along with the thorough public of the "the economy energy reduces row, low carbon economy" idea, green environmental protection of LED the white only illuminate a product to also walk into the public's visual field.After several years of development, LED white's only sealing to pack day by day a technique is mature, application market demands continuously enlarge, LED is gradually come illuminating the brightest Nova in the world and become the revolution that replaces hot Chi light and fluorescent lamp light source.

The policy of guo jia:Support strongly to gradually eliminate an incandescent lamp
Recently, the hair changed Wei to announce 《China eliminated incandescent lamp route diagram(asked for an opinion draft) 》, text middle finger, since October 1, 2012, the our country will forbid sale and import 100 tiles and above common lighting to use an incandescent lamp;From October 1, 2014, forbid sale and import 60 tiles and above common lighting to use an incandescent lamp, release to stew a Wu light an ability effect standard, forbid production, import and sell is lower than an ability the effect limit value of stew a Wu light;From October 1, 2016, forbid sale and import 15 tiles and above common lighting to use an incandescent lamp.The eliminating scope uses an incandescent lamp for common lighting, the concrete type is the power electric voltage to 220 Vs;Socket is E14, the E27 Luo type and the B22 customs station type.Eliminate a target product don't include a glint type among them the incandescent lamp, spotlight, and decoration lamp...etc. other type incandescent lamps and special use incandescent lamp.The route diagram releases to brings universality that quite good development opportunity illuminate acceleration led for LED.The fine expectation that the public only illuminates to the LED white makes it become captivating a cake of big cake and leads to numerous capitals crazy heat to pursue once again.The local LED profession seals to pack a big business enterprise to also significantly adjust a development strategy and actively set up white light the spare part market is LED the group leader business enterprise of the profession, the thunder Man optoelectronics follows close behind market development trend and actively develop white to only seal to pack a new technique, the dint diagram robs to share a market quota in the new realm.

Profession condition:The technique not mature price doesn't accept for the market
White light LED the spare part life span is long, firm structure, achievement consume lower, the shape size is vivid and have economy energy, the characteristic of environmental protection, can make a contribution for the improvement of ecoenvironment, it is extensively applied to lighting and carry on the back light source, is an extremely important realm in the optoelectronics industry, is also the Niu that links the upper stream chip and downstream application to take.Because the white only seals to pack development foreground amplitude, funds threshold again lower, make a great deal of business enterprise flowed out into seal to pack realm, compete very vehemence, cause currently LED on the market white light product fixed position in low level, turn with quality serious, and sank into a price war crisis.Thunder Man optoelectronics development the personnel Be analytical to say and look the newly arisen profession of "thriving" in the amateur, actually the crisis Be dark to flow out.The LED product is in the radiation, spread heat and show color, and patent invasion...etc. various all in many ways exist a problem, LED power, radiation with efficiently the function of fluorescent lamp, Gao Na Deng compare, not only didn't lead person's advantage and on the contrary still had a certain margin;Because the chip spreads hot bad, material and structure handle poor, majority of products spread hot function worse;LED white light of show a color is not high either, product at LED in the light the color easily lose really;In addition, not a few local product existence patent infringement problem, great parts of core techniques still control abroad currently in the well-known business enterprise hand, for example the day is second to control of blue only add yellow fluorescence powder manufacturing white only of craft, make many local business enterprises done not hesitate Ting but walk insurance;The most decisive problem, LED illuminates life span although longer than incandescent lamp, but the price is farer far high than an incandescent lamp, still don't accept for market now and only have to be white to only seal to pack a technique maturity, the cost descends, the price just has significantly descendent day.

Thunder Man optoelectronics:The technique innovation guides LED to illuminate modern trend
Currently, the local big parts of packs a manufacturer mainly produce medium low level product, carry on an unfair competition by low price, the thunder Man optoelectronics is LED the getting of profession soldier business enterprise, head house listed company in Shenzhen, have been occupying by leading a technique medium high level market, now just concentrated development strength development the white only seal to pack a new technique.Aim at currently the white in the profession light spare part existence of problem, the thunder Man optoelectronics will release "daytime" series product in the near future and include high bright perpendicularity to transmit heat SMD3528, the 20 mAs orders a bright 8.5 LMs, the radiation 130 LMs each tile;The 30 mAs orders a bright 12.5 LMs, 3000 hours zero Shuais reduce.Adjustable color Wen Gao shows SMD5050, the color 3000-8000 K's scope is adjustable, and the Ra85 is or so.Effective solution LED is white light spare part radiation, spread hot, show a color etc. problem, and specially development focus on SMD of Japanese market, the whole day fastens a patent material and have no intelligent property right dispute Be concealed to suffer from.The thunder Man optoelectronics illuminates spare part sale the director general slowly just introduced to say, the company was China to lead of the profession turn, internationalized, high-quality of the LED manufacturer, consistent execution blue sea military tactics and difference turned product strategy and refused to fight a price war.Company after becoming available in the market, the scale continuously extends, the traditional packs business and also illuminates extension to LED gradually, besides which, in the horizontal development also in the meantime start lengthways development."Daytime series" this time is a thunder Man the optoelectronics will have more carriages that the outstanding products publish and still keep to get to run in the new realm in the days to come and guide LED to illuminate modern trend with the new technique at white simply sealing to pack the point of departure that the realm grows.

Monday, October 17, 2011

LED Heng flows

The LED Heng flows to drive a precise control study
The this text discussion led Heng flows to drive a precise control and relate dissimilarity of drive different applied medium differentiation, include a distribute type the Heng flow to drive principle introduction, soft and hard combine of accuracy control way of thinking, and promote LED to drive the design of efficiency new method.

The distribute type Heng flows to drive principle introduction
In former incandescent lamp and economy energy light market, the specification limited essential lamp model number formed by archduke department, it is very difficult for LED to continue again to obey.LED has its to apply vivid, will bring more power specification in the design in the days to come.We want to avoid excessive power specification, make the yield brought many obstacles.Be in the light of at unlimited make to design vivid in the meantime, return the way of thinking that can give attention to both as far as possible little power design specification, we put forward a distribute type the Heng flow structure.

The principle that the distribute type Heng flows lies in, in each the road that merge to pay road to order to all establish independent Heng to flow a source, pay road and with the management, maintenance and control, pay the stability of road and whole circuit.The distribute type Heng galvanism road can see to circuit structure of integrity, but physically apply to distribute on-line each node of road on the usage, is 1 can flow a control to combine through a Heng ability mutual communication of electric circuit structure.The distribute type Heng flows a design LED product and has high product stability and the design advantage for possessing singly.

At present, the LED product enounces to have a bigger margin with actual service life.At drive a circuit design the technique backlog is measured actual service life with the method of evaluating the product life span under the limited circumstance and easily result in an error margin.But drive the stability of circuit will directly influence a product whole stability.

The distribute type Heng flows the reason that the technique includes high credibility to lie in, makes AC the power part continued to follow to use traditional switch the power and adopts constant pressure power supply mode.Switch the power technique backlog will give LED the power to design to create a quality condition.Under same power power specification, need not again development new of the power model number, the power can get down and permit, consumedly reduce the power specification and raise the power unity.
Soft and hard the accuracy combining control way of thinking

In the middle of driving the power design everyday, peripheral spare part total amount error margin processing's getting up is very tough and cause to drive the power parameter to leave design original intention to differ very and far.The Heng flows to drive a demand electric current examination, usually the way of doing be accidentally paying a string in road to connect a milli- the electric resistance obtain a time to teach an information, attain the efficiency of Gao, the electric resistance value will be more small and lead a small milli- accidentally the electric resistance all bring inconvenience for production, tests, general of the instrument can not verify an exactitude value, the production line will also influence accuracy, electric resistance method's setting electric current is fixed way and adjust inconvenient.

Soft, the hardware combine a way to open LED leaping of applied technique.The LED Heng flows an accuracy value, the software turns, can significantly promote the vivid that LED applies.The Heng flows the actuator electric current enactment software to turn actually be establish to deposit a machine in the IC inner part, according to actual product applied saving of way constitution exportation electric current size, all of all theses are softwares to turn process, don't need to change a circuit design.Can pass a tiny machine operation software, write in completion electric circuit electric current with the number of keeping the view enactment.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

panel grade evaluates

The importance of the solar panel grade evaluates
The residence solar energy systems all have the different electric voltage, power and ability the effect grade, all of a lot of parameter grades of solar panels are techniques level of, the inconvenient customer makes reference to, however some grades of keys can the in aid of customer choose a price true efficiency again tall light Fu system.

Most often drive solar panel the manufacturer use to draw on a customer of is ability effect grade, it means to arrive the sun light and conversion of solar panel the comparison of the sun light of electric power.This looking is an easy formula, but in fact the ability effect of solar panel is also subjected to a lot of environment factors influence, for example the battery knothole inclination degree and air temperature etc..

For building up a grade of standard, the solar energy manufacturer adopted the standard test condition(STC) of assessing the battery plank ability effect, including united sunlight, angle, air mass and temperature condition.Now the ability effect of solar panel mainly at 13% arrive of 18%.

The STC grade is assessed by himself[herself] by the manufacturer of solar panel.A lot of states in the United States all request a factory house to become available in the market to go forward to go an independent test in the battery plank.American light Fu standard test(PTC) grade of standard more strict, under the same condition can be a lot of different solar panel ratings.PTC grade's assessing unit is a watt.For example, the solar panel possibility of a 190 Ws is reviewed to 172 grades.Gao Neng Xiao's solar panel price is usually higher.

The solar panel can use for 25-30 years, even more long, but it ability effect but will descend along with time.Solar panel manufacturer general the system power output's that provide a certain comparison promise.Promise that expecting is more long, the power exportation comparison for promising is more high and means this solar panel system is more enduring.Expecting 80% to output power to promise for 20 years is very good, but expects 90% output power to have then for 25 years better assurance.

The electric voltage of solar panel is also each different.Proceed from safety consideration, some people may compare the grade of opening a new road the electric voltage.In fact and only the electric current equipments in the Fu system is limited, the short-circuit circumstance generally doesn't constitute light Fu the safety of the system Be concealed to suffer from.Some solar panels have the attestation that the American underwriter experiments, this is a better index sign of product safety.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

International LED market

October 15, 2011 will soon the grand opening widely hands over a meeting is the 110th, the opening that widely hands over a meeting this year holds in the international financial crisis explosion and face an outside to need to seriously atrophy background like this under the opening of, this year BE"25" open the year of bureau.The domestic and international environment that face complications to much change, our country the foreign trade take science development as topic and keep an outside Mao policy continuous and stability, raise to aim at sex, vivid and usefulness, to build up prospect, construct good policy environment, trade a great country position for consolidation, push trade big country progress to lay solid foundation.The 110th widely hands over a meeting activity many, layer Gao and a little bit bright concentration, will become the great event of this year's international trade boundary.The important sign that have already become the high-quality terrace that the Chinese business enterprise expands an international market and promote important path and China of outside Mao development quality to outward open.For LED industry, export order have been a piece of huge cake of the whole industry chain market.Expanding an international market to widely hand over will have been a count for much exit to connect terrace.Numerous well-known LEDs apply product manufacturing the business enterprise will walk out from widely handing over.Head into an international market.Widely handing over will apply a product manufacturing in LED the business enterprise expand international market realm to play a more and more important role and become expansion to release a new product, display business enterprise real strenght and obtain a best terrace of international order.

The medium Xiang innovates electronics science and technology 2011 first half year of, the international market expands to obtain important breakthrough.Each series LED applies the product to the international market to keep on to be sold very well.The guo jia network LED item of Turkey Turkmenistan, Malaysia exhibition LED shows to hold item, Zurich, Switzerland lately sees media LED to show to hold item, LED Bangladesh shows to hold item an etc. many large point LEDs apply the satisfactory completion of product item.The 13th Shenzhen light Bo will end up to now many well-known international businessmans to investigate one after another medium Xiang innovation, and sign cooperation agreement.The depth that passes to the international market expands and won Xiang innovation to obtain more perfect, completely international market information dynamic state and customer need analysis data.Is Shenzhen is well-known LED that goes to a whole country to have scale most applied product one of the manufacturers, the medium Xiang innovation will start to undertake more expansion China LED industry, guide the responsibility of environmental protection economy energy low carbon principle.Aim at the difference of global each district market, win a Xiang innovative technology the research & development center aim at different region environment of international market request, different product characteristic need, applied product line to carry on overall technique improvement and get stripe to LED.LED shows to hold a releasing of outdoor high pure series product, intelligence LED illuminates becoming available in the market of series undoubtedly will give medium the Xiang creative international market expand to win more concern and cooperations.Medium Xiang innovation the in beautiful attire attend the 110th Chinese importer-exporter article to trade exposition, is once in the Xiang innovation face to global businessman, the demonstration of business enterprise real strenght, is once in Xiang creative continuously promote ego, perfect ego of inspect.

Widely handing over will win Xiang innovation LED show to hold an application product to see a point:

Hold widely to hand over a meeting in 2011 is the 110th, the medium Xiang innovation will take several LEDs applied product in beautiful attire attendance.Join the exhibition product containment LED show to hold series and LED to illuminate a series product.According to medium Xiang innovation the market department first half year of sale data statistics suggests, obtain a not vulgar sale accomplishment in the local market of super thin LED then holding series show to hold application product, this time widely hand over a meeting will also be once again unveiled.Believe the function of the series product's stability, delicate and lifelike perfect quality, the structure of practical convenience's designing can definitely earn the favor of international businessman as well.

Medium the Xiang innovative technology development department broke several technique bottlenecks for a year while consuming, the independence developed and owned an independent intelligent property right and showed to hold a series product at the 13th whole extremely high pure outdoor colourful LEDs that optoelectronics exposition exclusively releaseses.Product as soon as release medium Xiang creative namely carried on some row markets of expanding, give large medium the Xiang innovate to cooperate a colleague and point the customer send a kind examination, and organize an intention the customer carry on an actual case on-the-spot investigation, test related activities, such as technique parameter and index sign...etc. on the scene.The extremely high pure series product releases up to now, being widely paid attention to by accomplishment to sell an accomplishment to also obtain with good opinion in the meantime can pleased breakthrough.Well worth mentioning is function and quality of the series' product got Zurich, Switzerland to lately see the height of media group to speak favorably and approve, that group signed cooperation agreement with medium Xiang innovation, several LEDs show to hold item just in progress at the strain.Widely hand over a session, high pure series product will be medium the Xiang innovate to particularly recommend the product in beautiful attire is unveiled, technique function of continuously improvement, structure of continuously excellent turn, medium Xiang innovation will to widely handing over will the magic power brought by domestic and international guest's demonstration"medium Xiang innovation the Zhi build".In addition and widely handing over will ascend medium Xiang creative will also exhibit parts of normal regulations LEDs to show to hold a product, have among them:ground brick:Ground brick LED shows to hold, P4 whole colourful LEDs in the indoors show to hold etc..

Widely handing over will win Xiang innovation LED illuminate bright turn to apply a product to see a point:

The global energy is missing at present of worried go up once again of background bottom, economizing the energy is the important problem that we will face in the future, is illuminating realm, LED's giving out light the application of product is drawing on the vision of people of this world, LED's illuminating is a kind of new green light source product, by all means is the trend of future development, will get into in 21th century take LED as a representative of new illuminate light source of ages.LED is called the fourth generation lighting light source or green light source and have economy energy, environmental protection, life span long, physical volume small etc. characteristics, can extensively be applied to common realms such as lighting and city night scene etc..Our country science and technology department under support that"863" plan, the first time puts forward development semi-conductor to illuminate a plan in June, 2003.LED illuminates with its advantage of economy energy, environmental protection and has already been valued by the nation and all levels government, along with lowering of local parts of techniques in the factory house and the production costses, the LED lighting shouts bravo but not good box-office situation about to change.LED of quality goods at reasonable price illuminates a product, will illuminate profession for China to bring revolution impact and brings bright evangel for large consumer!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LED industry production

The LED industry production value greatly increases
LED's illuminating revolution has already come for ages
At the beginning of last year, Toshiba announced to stop having 120 years of the common incandescent lamp production line of brilliancy, and declared that LED of military advance China illuminates a market, Toshiba this undertaking was just 1 that global LED illuminated market like rising winds and surging clouds to miniature.In China, the LED industry is a low carbon industry and become son in spoiling of not a few citieses.

Someone says that local LED illuminates the industry various Hou to set up separatist regime, the market competition is already a knives to see red.The last year LED in Dongguan production value is about 8,000,000,000 dollars and illuminate industry in LED have already had a place.

In July, this year, LED the industry is been included in Guangdong province to draw up to lead off to break of three one of the big strategic newly arisen industrieses.Peripheral city in Dongguan has already striven for a layout such as the Hui state, Buddha mountain classes and grades.

LED industry in Dongguan, what should one do?A series of policy in Dongguan gave emollient answer:LED industry make sure for the strategic newly arisen industry, from 2010-2015 years, the strong dint supports 500,000,000 dollars' carrying on to support annually.The LED industry is becoming the new engine that pushes Dongguan to transform a development.

LED industry chain in Dongguan already the first step form
LED business enterprise in Dongguan distributes outside the upper stream to postpone a slice in swiming chip and arrives the downstream to pack, each links such as application and kit material etc., have already formed more complete industry chain, and at in the downstream pack application realm and key equipments to make aspect to have certain advantage.

Dongguan has already cultivated to develop more than 110 houses to be engaged in LED lighting technique and product development, production and applied business enterprise currently, not lack medium gallium semi-conductor, blessing ground electronics, frequently last optoelectronics, Kai space and ambition's becoming China section etc. is one large numbers of framework business enterprises, among them, the overseas-funded enterprises are 29 and take up 25% of the business enterprise total amount around.

With frequently last optoelectronics for example, that company's keeping is higher than a profession growth rate of speed high speed development, completed Guangzhou science center road lighting, the road lighting of the United States Colorado, New Zealand Auckland City LED road lighting and East China Sea, Shanghai City great bridge LED street lamp lighting, river big dike in the east of Dongguan 52.3 kilometers of road lighting etc.s many illuminate engineering.

LED industry production value in Dongguan already arrives 8,000,000,000 dollars and compares to increase 60% in 2009 in 2010.Dongguan is successively affirmed to illuminate application engineering experimental unit for the guo jia science and technology department"ten cities are ten thousand" semi-conductor city and guo jia semi-conductor illuminate the engineering high new technique industry turn base and province LED industry base in Guangdong and province green in Guangdong to illuminate a model city, and get the approval construction guo jia semi-conductor light source product quality direct examination center(Guangdong).

Are total for 5 years 2,500,000,000 promote LED industry development
For push LED the industry develop, July, 2009, Dongguan exclusively established from often work pair mayoral〃 term the senior clerk's Dongguan push forward LED industry development and application model work leadership group, the orchestration moderates to solve to appear in LED industry development in Dongguan and application demonstration of problem.In 2010, LED leads a group to successively convene the lighting industry working conference of the leadership group plenary session and whole city semi-conductor, summary and deploy whole city LED the industry developing.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

person worry

The China LED industry circumstances makes the person worry
German lighting industry tycoon department Lang company(Osram) in Europe recently for increase he or she is illuminating the portfolio of the system and software of the control, energy management, passed investment company to procure a science and technology company.Now, this science and technology company has become Europe to take charge of a part that the Lang commonness illuminates.Pass this time procure, department Lang in Europe hopes to extend and make stronger its business position in energy efficiency, and lend this further development LED the business.

There has been the bright foreground that many companies see LED as increase engine in fact, this certainly doesn't lack a Chinese business enterprise as well among them.But, the road of the development of the industry of China LED is also not flat.

Global market:I am second half year of to slightly show "tired Tai"
Europe takes charge of Lang commonness to illuminate a radical seat executive officer the Man(Klaus-G ΓΌ nterVennemann) inside the aroma say:"Today, the energy consumption that global lighting needs has 20% that the global electricity energy consumes.In the United States, illuminate of the energy depletion has a business building the electricity consumes of 30% is and the rise, according to business building the Yu raise the need of energy efficiency also at continuously increment."

Obviously, on the market, world's each company's acceptance of persons to the LED industry isn't accidental.The Ao China energy technique consults general manager, Wang Jian Ying, of the company to say to the reporter:"From economize on energy an environmental protection, the LED industries all have revolution meaning.Of so widely be subjected to acceptance of persons, is because it compares traditional lighting can be economical at least 300% ability effects.And, the LED industry is opposite to also have a remarkable progress in past on the craft and have radiation Gao and consume to give or get an electric shock little, long life span and easy control, don't need maintenance, the characteristics of safe environmental protection."

See currently, be subjected to macroscopic economy influence, second half year of this year, the LED profession contains not optimistic economic prosperity, the downstream need will load very big profession pressure.Medium hurl adviser deluxe researcher He point out in R.O.C, because global economy indetermination strengthens, LED terminal need the foreground is weak, manufacturer's scale turns reduction productivity, and the supplier stock number also immediately descends.But at the same time, because the outlet circulates a period to continuously shorten, the efficiency significantly promoted and delivered goods to expect to widespreadly shorten, the customer waits for time lowering, therefore, the stock appearance didn't bring market bigger influence at present, contrary, the market vivid is stronger.

Chinese business enterprise:Struggle in the downstream market bitter bitterness
"25" periods, LED the light source technique is been included in strategic newly arisen industry by China.Illuminates the statistics data that engineering development and industry alliance(CSA) release according to the guo jia semi-conductor, January, this year goes to July, the China LED profession plan adds investment total amount to reach to 125,600,000,000 dollars.According to understanding, upper stream Chen bottom and outside postpone chip is point and heat of investment to order, business enterprise's running about wildly an onrushing power head still doesn't reduce.

Monday, October 10, 2011

enterprise enthusiasm

LED investment in enterprise enthusiasm doesn't reduce
"The Tuo nation share draws up to throw 380,000,000 to set up optoelectronics industry a park, virtuous Hao smooth reach the desire hit 3,000,000,000 to set up the biggest LED in mainland to pack a base, thunder Man optoelectronics desire hurl over 150,000,000 set up high level LED production line, share in the sky is infatuated don't change 360,000,000 to invest LED of item, the purple crystal optoelectronics draws up to throw 2,900,000,000 to produce blue precious stone crystal in Xinjiang, the optoelectronics of Can Yang orders four sets production LED to outside postpone a slice of MOCVD equipments, the Zhong Kai programs 6.22 square kilometers to create LED industry park, martial Long:2,100,000,000 LED the industry item begins to work construction, Shi Ke acquires capital increase especially 180,000,000 LED the industry development increases soon, the coal Qi throws 1,000,000,000 to across enough LED, the blue precious stone Chen bottom item breaks ground to begin to work, wave tide China simply always investing the Yi optoelectronics industry base of facing of 750,000,000 dollars construction to be finished in 2011 MOCVD equipments 60% take delivery of goods to mainland market ……"

Rough collections descend about two months of some invest a fever concerning the LED industry, move then count 1,000,000,000 investment items aren't a few, two investment heats of months are two years of LED industry to invest hot 1 to miniature.

MOCVD in great quantities gets into domestic
As for upper stream investment heat we can see from some datas, local LED the degree of the upper stream investment in enterprise, Taiwanese think factory Digitimes releases on September 19 of report suggest, because of LED television market demands the growth slows down, the Korea LED productivity utilization is lower than 50% and make LG Korea and three stars postponed MOCVD(LED outside postpones a slice of production equipments) equipments of enter goods, share MOCVD of this year to take delivery of goods quantity to descend to 10%, but MOCVD take delivery of goods to mainland market 60%, Taiwan region has 23%.The Digitimes analyst points out that in 2012 LED chip price together ratio next adjust 20% or so, will make LED illuminated price of article to descend to adjust further.Then, replacing LED of 40 Ws the flowing of lamp bulb is clear count attain at least 450 flow clear above.

This year 1-7 months, the equipments of China MOCVD increases more than 200 sets and anticipates 2012, China LED chip productivity will be 10 times of 2010.The equipments of China MOCVD is more than 500 sets currently and calculate top at set up of 96 items, the total number of sets reach more than 1600 sets.

The productivity excess market allows of no optimistic
First half year of whole price of article on the industry chain inside the country is significant to descend, local LED industry already present stage invest severity to lead hot appearance.BE exactly under this circumstance, appeared a kind of noise of shouting, LED productivity excess how reply, according to understanding, a lot of local LEDs illuminate the business enterprise has already controled small power chip currently technique, but big power LED the lighting outward postpones material to contain high request, at under the background like this, the Chinese business enterprise wants to think the upper stream industry to divide in the chain in LED a cup thick soup is very difficult, only a small parts of business enterprises can in the middle of clipping and sewing existence.

The market of LED is quasi- lower into the threshold, the beginning starts to invest 100,000,000 dollars and then can set up factory and make everywhere in succession last LED horse's item, and not a few have never set foot in LED before the listed company of the industry also in succession join among them, explain from other capitals will infuse into LED in the near future, the LED investment heat has already increased don't reduce.

According to expert analytical, the LED fire explodes of situation's seeming to be some is similar to the LCD front-panel with before much crystal Huo.From started work construction and plan to constucted an item statistics to see currently, the LED productivity overdrew future at least 3-5 market demands.A great deal of LED item will highlight LED after being built up the industry isn't concentrated, the productivity excess, market have no preface to compete, the talented person lack etc. tough problem.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

invests construction LED

Sun river, Gao Xin Qu, invests construction LED
Recently, sun river City held Gao Xin Qu's business enterprise to finish construction hurl to produce and begin to work to constuct a celebration ceremony rites.On the celebration ceremony rites, Gao Xin Qu declares that 31 business enterprises finish construction hurl to produce, 10 business enterprises begin to work construction and include among them drive be included in Guangdong of the guo jia 863 plan items virtuous industry limited company.This marks that Gao Xin Qu canvasses business to lead property and development to constuct to ascend new step again.

Sun river City tall new technique development area total area is 45.6 square kilometers, from face the harbor industrial park, the Kingsoft run by private capital science and technology park and stand harbor science and technology park, white stone Gang science and technology industrial park, sharp mountain science and technology park, proud Yang science and technology start a business the park and city is north run by private capital science and technology etc.7 gardens in park constitute.Its industry development direction point is electronics information, only machine electricity the integral whole turn, the living creature engineering technique, ocean resources development, new industries, such as material and environmental protection...etc., also encourage to reform a traditional industry by high new technique in the meantime.

The Gao Xin Qu's commission relevant representative director introduces, this 41 business enterprises always invest 2,500,000,000 dollars and all Be finished to reach postnatal period production value 6,700,000,000 dollars increase more than 300,000,000 dollars of revenue from tax annually for year.Than these data more"the chicken moves" public BE, don't lack an intensive type of techniques, such as new energy and new material...etc. in these business enterprises business enterprise, will make Gao Xin Qu's"tall and new"s two words can show more, the virtuous industry limited company is to represent among them in Guangdong.

The virtuous industry limited company invests construction LED to produce base item and covers 100,000 square meters and invests USD 22,000,000 at Gao Xin Qu in Guangdong, anticipating the production value will reach to 960,000,000 dollars, head's expecting engineering will be finished in 2014, the specialized production is applied to a modern after being finished agriculture of don't  illuminate LED lamp.Breaks ground to begin to work in the middle of Guangdong along with the virtuous industry limited company, a be included in guo jia 863 plans, attain the level of global forerunner of the high new technique will carry out a result conversion at river City, Gao Xin Qu, of sun.

The medium virtuous company is a virtuous property business enterprise, that business enterprise gets into Asia to go into business for longer than 20 years and gets into China to go into business for longer than 15 years.Germany covers surname the general manager of the company and Guangdong president MR is in the virtuous industry limited company.Water Mr. Gebhardt said while accepts interviewing, they hoped the production value in year attains an amount of investment of 10 times, under the background of global economy recession, they were very careful to this investment and chosed an address to carry on in the world to investigate for business enterprise and finally fell a sun river, because sun river, Gao Xin Qu, left to them the deepest impression is solid to do.

Our country the start carried out a high technique research in November, 1986 the development plan(call 863 plan) , after more than 20 years of implementation, emolliently promoted high technique in China and its industry development.Prop up a not illuminating of the modern agriculture LED lamp product of all of the techniques call to is a LED light in the modern agriculture realm applied technique, that technique development team comes from the Nanking agriculture university, Guangdong ocean university.The team leads long person, Xu Zhi, just professor said, facilities agriculture, factory's turning an agriculture was very huge to didn't  illuminate LED need of the lamp, the investigation measured to calculate the market cake of was in above 800,000,000,000 dollars.Therefore, that technique is been included in guo jia 863 plan.

The sun river is placed in the middle district of bead triangle and Yue west, sun river, Gao Xin Qu, establishes till now from 2003, already the total amount usher in item 127, the total investment is 29,200,000,000 dollars, 2010 among those years usher in item 56, the total investment is 6,000,000,000 dollars.All of these items are built up to throw postnatal period, various index signs such as industrial production value, revenue from tax and employment post etc. will have a significant growth.

Ocean university Doctor of Guangdong and associate professor's teacher text celebrates to mean, don't  illuminate LED lamp after the ocean industry applies completely, can add production value to count 10,000,000,000 dollars annually, that product can in the sun river's yield, not only can form adding of industry economy a little bit long, also can consumedly promote sun river City is to the ocean economy of the Guangdong province development level.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

LED light tube

The good and bad of the LED light tube
LED light namely semi-conductor floodlight, at our country of the development also had several years, 2010 develops for quickest year and has already usually walked into common people's house, but a lot of citizen at use LED to illuminate, to its higher price"respect but far of".The most doesn't understand LED to economize on energy a light, this new thing, in fact it is what thing has a value.Simple is the good and bad that everyone introduces a LED light.

Save an electricity:Compared with the incandescent lamp bubble, the LED light economizes on energy above 80% under the equally bright degree and economizes on energy a light with fluorescence to compare to economize on energy above 50%.

The service life is long:The life span of the incandescent lamp is 1000-2000 hours currently, the common fluorescent lamp life span is 6000 hours, and the theories life span of the LED light is as long as 5-80,000 hours;

Environmental protection:Install convenience:Can be direct on the common fluorescent lamp support install, have already had the customer of fluorescent lamp support, dismantle the machine of Qi Hui and town to flow a machine;(the electricity town flows the line of machine to shear to go, the both ends support carries of the line directly mount city to give or get an electric shock a 220 Vs then)

The low electric voltage starts an advantage:Drive the electric circuit adoption breadth electric voltage to design, can start to order as usual inside the power electric voltage scope bright, availably prevent°from because 0 electric voltages lead low or lead Gao but influencing, can adapt to a secluded place because of electric voltage low usage;

The style is diverse:LED is several strings to merge the copular, single the physical volume is very small, so very the convenience make into various shape and elegant pattern etc..The shape of common fluorescent lamp is just single root whole.
LED light's replacing fluorescent lamp lighting is an inevitable trend, currently LED light the price is opposite and higher mainly is giving out light of LED the tube chip contain high cost.A lot of archduke departments are developing new chip currently, the LED price has already hoped to descend after several years.In fact under some particular situations, even if use LED lighting now,compare to use a common light to have to be worthwhile:In the places, such as guest house and art gallery...etc., always install manies to shoot a light on the wall, they usually don't close for a long time.Shoot a light now what to use widespreadly is a halogen lamp, this kind of light will have ultraviolet ray, will make the place of irradiation appeared to fade in color;The light inside still has infrared ray, will result in dehydration, so the value isn't high.But LED has no ultraviolet ray and infrared ray, is healthy to be projected light upon object to say, don't hurt.(have no radiation)More important is LED high economy energy and high life span, generally speaking price about 100 dollars 3 WLED the light is all right already, a year a light reduces of the electricity charges have over 100 dollars, several ten money of light provinces will be more.

No matter from the economy energy environmental protection, still from save money aspect, all of LED lights are you head choose of, the thing have a value of lighting lamp.Connect down us again under the introduction LED light tube of light Shuai phenomenon.

How much is the light Shuai of LED light tube ?
LED light tube only Shuai at control for 1000 hours at 10% in be regarded as qualified, generally and a little bit well at used after 40000 hours a bright degree to attain 70% is more excellent.LED light tube only Shuai actually 1000 hours of time have been already produced, the LED light Shuai of just big power will be a little bit small, small power of will be a little bit big, certainly this is just in view of LED.

LED light tube light the biggest decision factor of the Shuai is a LED temperature, if spreading heat to do isn't good, the temperature leads Gao, the Shuai reduces will also very quick of, generally say of LED light Shuai is under the ideal appearance, if is a fluorescent lamp, because manies use, consider spreading heat, the of of LED is apart from, the size of electric current, light hull etc. problem.

The LED chip is LED to use to a flaring key and close good LED, is the chip top fluorescence's powder, outside have LENS.The function of fluorescence powder is the color that makes the LED packed out to become the color that you want, for example white only, now didn't°yet the chip of white light, produce white light the LED method is to add yellow fluorescence powder with the blue chip and go together with into white light.