Sunday, October 30, 2011

led grow lights

1 Product Name: T12, T8 plant growth lights, plant lamp

The plant is mainly rely on the sun's energy for photosynthesis and growth, blossom and bear fruit. The plant through the leaves to the solar spectrum in different wavelength components for absorption and reflection, OFweek LED forward-looking absorption of sunlight and root absorption of water and carbon dioxide in the air, producing light induced biological changes into sugars. But because of the nature often appear the myriads of changes of climate change and light variable, so that the plant in different growth period can not be fully absorbed into their different growth period needed for photosynthetic nutrition for growth adversely, in this regard, the science reasonable artificial spectroscopy -- ultraviolet light in different wavelength on the growth of plants to create very good absorption and reflection conditions. Greatly promote the plant leaf thickening, especially on Rhizome Growth of plants, has obvious ecbolic fast growth, can promote plant ahead of blossom, changes in mature period, breaking dormancy and germination and improve plant quality control, increase economic benefits. Light emitting light as the sun is mainly applicable to supplement light plant

Widely used in greenhouse cultivation, breeding, flowers and rare trees and fruit trees, tea, all kinds of fruits and vegetables.LED illuminates the business ( tomato, cucumber, strawberry, tobacco, beans, tea, bonsai flowers greenhouse plants)

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