Monday, October 3, 2011

Recently Jeffries

Recently, Jeffries stock analyst Jesse Pichel notices in an investor in call while speaking of "outlet control" that carries on recently, Be located on second class module production of one class of China the company is carrying a camp by 50% factory utilizations, the reason is that yield excess but need are weak, particularly in consideration of whole European light Fu item funds of missing.As for 3 classes produce a company, Jeffries calls among them some substantially have already evened stop production to close factory.

Pichel expresses the market demands condition in nowadays for"anemic", and point out that the need flexibility is seen make the function that is macroscopic consciousness and letter loan to acquire ability now, not normal investor repay rate.Getting to the Internet to give or get an electric shock price nowadays because the price descends is higher, therefore the repay rate is being placed in higher level.

That analyst said, though the repay rate attains the tallest level in history,still has no evidence enunciation need rally.Pichel also points out that causing the market weak factor BE"the equipments price lower of expectation, the confidence index number of consumer is low, the building is as difficult as permanent sex margin, retails company financing difficulty and negative emotion of medium to solar energy profession."

Pichel believes if the market demands continues weak, then will have more Chinese factories to stop production.Company will with consociation rather than the form existence for annexing, will cause thus retrenchment, make 15 top-class light Fu production the company become stronger and make future market more stable.

The Jeffries analyst points out that the much crystal Huo price needs to be descended further to produce a company to provide support for module again.It is said that the stock on hand price is in USD 47-USD 50|inside thousand grams of scopes, but some prices has already dropped into to USD 45|1000 gram.

Pichel believes that if the need has no by surprise of rally trend, next year Huo metal price is first half year of will attain USD 35|1000 gram.He means this can will only the cost(price) of the Fu module lower 8-9 beautiful cents and make thus a class module produce company with each tile the price of USD 1 the sale and gross profit Be smooth to attain 15%.

If the charged barbed wire net proper price carries out in some guo jias in Europe and California, Hawaii and Japan, the rally of the yield and the growth of the income and profits anticipates to carry out in 2013.

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