Thursday, October 13, 2011

International LED market

October 15, 2011 will soon the grand opening widely hands over a meeting is the 110th, the opening that widely hands over a meeting this year holds in the international financial crisis explosion and face an outside to need to seriously atrophy background like this under the opening of, this year BE"25" open the year of bureau.The domestic and international environment that face complications to much change, our country the foreign trade take science development as topic and keep an outside Mao policy continuous and stability, raise to aim at sex, vivid and usefulness, to build up prospect, construct good policy environment, trade a great country position for consolidation, push trade big country progress to lay solid foundation.The 110th widely hands over a meeting activity many, layer Gao and a little bit bright concentration, will become the great event of this year's international trade boundary.The important sign that have already become the high-quality terrace that the Chinese business enterprise expands an international market and promote important path and China of outside Mao development quality to outward open.For LED industry, export order have been a piece of huge cake of the whole industry chain market.Expanding an international market to widely hand over will have been a count for much exit to connect terrace.Numerous well-known LEDs apply product manufacturing the business enterprise will walk out from widely handing over.Head into an international market.Widely handing over will apply a product manufacturing in LED the business enterprise expand international market realm to play a more and more important role and become expansion to release a new product, display business enterprise real strenght and obtain a best terrace of international order.

The medium Xiang innovates electronics science and technology 2011 first half year of, the international market expands to obtain important breakthrough.Each series LED applies the product to the international market to keep on to be sold very well.The guo jia network LED item of Turkey Turkmenistan, Malaysia exhibition LED shows to hold item, Zurich, Switzerland lately sees media LED to show to hold item, LED Bangladesh shows to hold item an etc. many large point LEDs apply the satisfactory completion of product item.The 13th Shenzhen light Bo will end up to now many well-known international businessmans to investigate one after another medium Xiang innovation, and sign cooperation agreement.The depth that passes to the international market expands and won Xiang innovation to obtain more perfect, completely international market information dynamic state and customer need analysis data.Is Shenzhen is well-known LED that goes to a whole country to have scale most applied product one of the manufacturers, the medium Xiang innovation will start to undertake more expansion China LED industry, guide the responsibility of environmental protection economy energy low carbon principle.Aim at the difference of global each district market, win a Xiang innovative technology the research & development center aim at different region environment of international market request, different product characteristic need, applied product line to carry on overall technique improvement and get stripe to LED.LED shows to hold a releasing of outdoor high pure series product, intelligence LED illuminates becoming available in the market of series undoubtedly will give medium the Xiang creative international market expand to win more concern and cooperations.Medium Xiang innovation the in beautiful attire attend the 110th Chinese importer-exporter article to trade exposition, is once in the Xiang innovation face to global businessman, the demonstration of business enterprise real strenght, is once in Xiang creative continuously promote ego, perfect ego of inspect.

Widely handing over will win Xiang innovation LED show to hold an application product to see a point:

Hold widely to hand over a meeting in 2011 is the 110th, the medium Xiang innovation will take several LEDs applied product in beautiful attire attendance.Join the exhibition product containment LED show to hold series and LED to illuminate a series product.According to medium Xiang innovation the market department first half year of sale data statistics suggests, obtain a not vulgar sale accomplishment in the local market of super thin LED then holding series show to hold application product, this time widely hand over a meeting will also be once again unveiled.Believe the function of the series product's stability, delicate and lifelike perfect quality, the structure of practical convenience's designing can definitely earn the favor of international businessman as well.

Medium the Xiang innovative technology development department broke several technique bottlenecks for a year while consuming, the independence developed and owned an independent intelligent property right and showed to hold a series product at the 13th whole extremely high pure outdoor colourful LEDs that optoelectronics exposition exclusively releaseses.Product as soon as release medium Xiang creative namely carried on some row markets of expanding, give large medium the Xiang innovate to cooperate a colleague and point the customer send a kind examination, and organize an intention the customer carry on an actual case on-the-spot investigation, test related activities, such as technique parameter and index sign...etc. on the scene.The extremely high pure series product releases up to now, being widely paid attention to by accomplishment to sell an accomplishment to also obtain with good opinion in the meantime can pleased breakthrough.Well worth mentioning is function and quality of the series' product got Zurich, Switzerland to lately see the height of media group to speak favorably and approve, that group signed cooperation agreement with medium Xiang innovation, several LEDs show to hold item just in progress at the strain.Widely hand over a session, high pure series product will be medium the Xiang innovate to particularly recommend the product in beautiful attire is unveiled, technique function of continuously improvement, structure of continuously excellent turn, medium Xiang innovation will to widely handing over will the magic power brought by domestic and international guest's demonstration"medium Xiang innovation the Zhi build".In addition and widely handing over will ascend medium Xiang creative will also exhibit parts of normal regulations LEDs to show to hold a product, have among them:ground brick:Ground brick LED shows to hold, P4 whole colourful LEDs in the indoors show to hold etc..

Widely handing over will win Xiang innovation LED illuminate bright turn to apply a product to see a point:

The global energy is missing at present of worried go up once again of background bottom, economizing the energy is the important problem that we will face in the future, is illuminating realm, LED's giving out light the application of product is drawing on the vision of people of this world, LED's illuminating is a kind of new green light source product, by all means is the trend of future development, will get into in 21th century take LED as a representative of new illuminate light source of ages.LED is called the fourth generation lighting light source or green light source and have economy energy, environmental protection, life span long, physical volume small etc. characteristics, can extensively be applied to common realms such as lighting and city night scene etc..Our country science and technology department under support that"863" plan, the first time puts forward development semi-conductor to illuminate a plan in June, 2003.LED illuminates with its advantage of economy energy, environmental protection and has already been valued by the nation and all levels government, along with lowering of local parts of techniques in the factory house and the production costses, the LED lighting shouts bravo but not good box-office situation about to change.LED of quality goods at reasonable price illuminates a product, will illuminate profession for China to bring revolution impact and brings bright evangel for large consumer!

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