Sunday, October 30, 2011

led lighting residential

Accumulate water house, the LED residence commercializes to start practice an all light LED to illuminate mode residence
In the past the news general chart accumulated water house launch progressively adopted LED(gave out light diode) illuminate of lived space proposal, started practice an all light, LED illuminated No.1th"life of opened private home" of mode residence in the Ci city county ancient river City.Is the new method of the residence"the green first" of environment consciousness type of that company to sell, continue to suggest the new residence illuminates LED residence.

The line lighting of "life of open private home" adoption usage LED shines in glory the indirect lighting method of wall and ceiling, dazzlingly realization have no of aureole territory.Purchase tool, just just the residence establishing illuminate not, make it make to confuse a LED and building materials, furniture actually, also did to design of try.

The all light LED illuminate, warm light and also used fluorescent lamp to illuminate formely implemental of early cost and type compared and became about 2.500%, but the 155 ms for setting up in Tokyo was 2 residences, can all cut down 78% for a year at the condition of 4 somebody else clans of the electricity expenses and CO 2 eject quantity.

That company is the residence"the green first" of environment consciousness type to allow to choose a parts to sell an all light LED to illuminate a method.

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