Sunday, October 23, 2011

special subject convene

LED illuminates standard and whole the seminar changing special subject convene
Recently, the SGS attestation holds of LED the lighting conformity assessment procedure and the whole Victoria beautiful Jia hotel that change special subject seminar in Hangzhou Be solemn and impressive to convene.Will up, the SGS expert delivered LED toward more than 30 business enterprise representatives who attend meeting the international attestation of the lamp, apply standard, the latest information and solution of main performance test.Activity aim at draw lessons from international lighting profession standard, promote the business enterprise quality technique level, help a business enterprise product to quickly get into an international market and acquire approbation.As the examination certificate authority that the world leads, SGS relies on huge service network and professional examination ability to provide a technique solution, helps a business enterprise to create high quality brand and wins an international market.

SGS LED illuminates standard and whole the seminar changing special subject is on the scene
SGS the consumer goods examination department electronics electricity safe laboratory lamp set deluxe technique manager, Ms. Xie Zhen Hua, is a meeting lord to speak to mean:"In recent years, our country LED export power the head is sturdy and occupy a very big quota in the market of world and present year by year buoyant growth trend.The our country occupies original material, the lowly absolute advantage of the labor force price, is an international community purchase LED the main location of the product.Currently ability and our country LED export the quantity match of guo jia only have the United States and Japanese etc., expand scope continuously to extend along with global LED, the market competes also gradually white-knuckle.But LED of our country export condition to see and also exist very big secret worry currently, such as export trade situation technique barracks, export a business enterprise to wait standard isn't high in the country place to understand to the Europe and America etc., cause to recall affairs repeatedly hair.Lamp safety test not only promise the consumer's rights more is the pass that exports an international market, the lamp export business enterprise only actively should promise to the international attestation request from design to produce each quality that the link promises a lamp product to match a rules, then can set up oneself brand in the international market of vehemence.At electronics electric appliances realm, with lend us the huge service network, abundant experience and professional technique, SGS always concentrates on the electronics electric appliances product safety.Make greatest efforts to appeal production in the meantime the manufacturer undertakes a Corporate Social Responsibility, has to pass profession safety, environmental protection test and social responsibility to examine to ensure product quality and sets up product brand."

The assembly hall some lighting business enterprise general manager introduces, its company LED has annually several must the exit sum of US$, 80% have to always produce, and year by year pass to increase above 30%, the product exports to the United States, Canada, Germany and England and regions, such as South Africa and Middle East...etc..With Pearl River triangle, etc. manufacturing industry flourishing region in Yangtze River triangle district is representative, more and more of the business enterprise participate in LED and export the big current of the competition in.For satisfying foreign buyer to gradually and strictly examine a request, create the business enterprise strong international brand, the product quality is the best competition ability resources of business enterprise and always put to pay attention to at them first.

Will be medium, aim at the business enterprise concerns most of product quality control problem, SGS expert, Ms. Xie Zhen Hua, LED the manufacturer export Euro-American region lamp LED that need to be paid attention to the standard and attestation did detailed reading, like Anne's rules, electromagnetism and permit(EMC), function etc..To EuP the instruction give toward the renewal transition of Erp instruction professional instruction opinion, also lately illuminate standard ErP to the EU market in the meantime instruction EC 245|2009 do a depth resolution, solution business enterprise the market Be quasi- to go into a doubt.Ms. Xie is engaged in Anne rules attestation professional more than 10 years, have an abundant lighting product whole change experience, exported the business enterprise in the process to need a few links of special attention to do to remind, the help business enterprise overall military advance international market.End smoothly along with the seminar, three meeting business enterprise personnel in succession mean to benefit very many, believe that the comprehension toward the international standard laws controls to also become the success beginning that the business enterprise wins an international market.

Is fair objective global examination, authenticate, test and attestation service of leader and innovation, SGS always with promote mankind's health, safety and environmental protection for oneself to allow, concentrate on to each supply chain of can keep on a development to provide profession to turn a solution.At electronics electricity realm, SGS can provide one-stoply can keep on a development solution, such as the product multinational attestation, chemistry test, electromagnetism and permit and safety test, the credibility test, wireless communication and blue tooth product test an attestation, product whole change project and suggestion, laboratory to test a place to rent and the attestation train item etc. and arrive a product from the product quality safety, from manufacturing, design of improve an environmental protection of can keep on management, SGS helps a business enterprise to continuously promote a market competition ability, and is acquiring the responsibility to the environment and the society of the in the meantime implementing of the business success, the push is Chinese economy, the environment win with the social river crab.

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