Monday, October 17, 2011

LED Heng flows

The LED Heng flows to drive a precise control study
The this text discussion led Heng flows to drive a precise control and relate dissimilarity of drive different applied medium differentiation, include a distribute type the Heng flow to drive principle introduction, soft and hard combine of accuracy control way of thinking, and promote LED to drive the design of efficiency new method.

The distribute type Heng flows to drive principle introduction
In former incandescent lamp and economy energy light market, the specification limited essential lamp model number formed by archduke department, it is very difficult for LED to continue again to obey.LED has its to apply vivid, will bring more power specification in the design in the days to come.We want to avoid excessive power specification, make the yield brought many obstacles.Be in the light of at unlimited make to design vivid in the meantime, return the way of thinking that can give attention to both as far as possible little power design specification, we put forward a distribute type the Heng flow structure.

The principle that the distribute type Heng flows lies in, in each the road that merge to pay road to order to all establish independent Heng to flow a source, pay road and with the management, maintenance and control, pay the stability of road and whole circuit.The distribute type Heng galvanism road can see to circuit structure of integrity, but physically apply to distribute on-line each node of road on the usage, is 1 can flow a control to combine through a Heng ability mutual communication of electric circuit structure.The distribute type Heng flows a design LED product and has high product stability and the design advantage for possessing singly.

At present, the LED product enounces to have a bigger margin with actual service life.At drive a circuit design the technique backlog is measured actual service life with the method of evaluating the product life span under the limited circumstance and easily result in an error margin.But drive the stability of circuit will directly influence a product whole stability.

The distribute type Heng flows the reason that the technique includes high credibility to lie in, makes AC the power part continued to follow to use traditional switch the power and adopts constant pressure power supply mode.Switch the power technique backlog will give LED the power to design to create a quality condition.Under same power power specification, need not again development new of the power model number, the power can get down and permit, consumedly reduce the power specification and raise the power unity.
Soft and hard the accuracy combining control way of thinking

In the middle of driving the power design everyday, peripheral spare part total amount error margin processing's getting up is very tough and cause to drive the power parameter to leave design original intention to differ very and far.The Heng flows to drive a demand electric current examination, usually the way of doing be accidentally paying a string in road to connect a milli- the electric resistance obtain a time to teach an information, attain the efficiency of Gao, the electric resistance value will be more small and lead a small milli- accidentally the electric resistance all bring inconvenience for production, tests, general of the instrument can not verify an exactitude value, the production line will also influence accuracy, electric resistance method's setting electric current is fixed way and adjust inconvenient.

Soft, the hardware combine a way to open LED leaping of applied technique.The LED Heng flows an accuracy value, the software turns, can significantly promote the vivid that LED applies.The Heng flows the actuator electric current enactment software to turn actually be establish to deposit a machine in the IC inner part, according to actual product applied saving of way constitution exportation electric current size, all of all theses are softwares to turn process, don't need to change a circuit design.Can pass a tiny machine operation software, write in completion electric circuit electric current with the number of keeping the view enactment.

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