Thursday, October 6, 2011

LED light tube

The good and bad of the LED light tube
LED light namely semi-conductor floodlight, at our country of the development also had several years, 2010 develops for quickest year and has already usually walked into common people's house, but a lot of citizen at use LED to illuminate, to its higher price"respect but far of".The most doesn't understand LED to economize on energy a light, this new thing, in fact it is what thing has a value.Simple is the good and bad that everyone introduces a LED light.

Save an electricity:Compared with the incandescent lamp bubble, the LED light economizes on energy above 80% under the equally bright degree and economizes on energy a light with fluorescence to compare to economize on energy above 50%.

The service life is long:The life span of the incandescent lamp is 1000-2000 hours currently, the common fluorescent lamp life span is 6000 hours, and the theories life span of the LED light is as long as 5-80,000 hours;

Environmental protection:Install convenience:Can be direct on the common fluorescent lamp support install, have already had the customer of fluorescent lamp support, dismantle the machine of Qi Hui and town to flow a machine;(the electricity town flows the line of machine to shear to go, the both ends support carries of the line directly mount city to give or get an electric shock a 220 Vs then)

The low electric voltage starts an advantage:Drive the electric circuit adoption breadth electric voltage to design, can start to order as usual inside the power electric voltage scope bright, availably prevent°from because 0 electric voltages lead low or lead Gao but influencing, can adapt to a secluded place because of electric voltage low usage;

The style is diverse:LED is several strings to merge the copular, single the physical volume is very small, so very the convenience make into various shape and elegant pattern etc..The shape of common fluorescent lamp is just single root whole.
LED light's replacing fluorescent lamp lighting is an inevitable trend, currently LED light the price is opposite and higher mainly is giving out light of LED the tube chip contain high cost.A lot of archduke departments are developing new chip currently, the LED price has already hoped to descend after several years.In fact under some particular situations, even if use LED lighting now,compare to use a common light to have to be worthwhile:In the places, such as guest house and art gallery...etc., always install manies to shoot a light on the wall, they usually don't close for a long time.Shoot a light now what to use widespreadly is a halogen lamp, this kind of light will have ultraviolet ray, will make the place of irradiation appeared to fade in color;The light inside still has infrared ray, will result in dehydration, so the value isn't high.But LED has no ultraviolet ray and infrared ray, is healthy to be projected light upon object to say, don't hurt.(have no radiation)More important is LED high economy energy and high life span, generally speaking price about 100 dollars 3 WLED the light is all right already, a year a light reduces of the electricity charges have over 100 dollars, several ten money of light provinces will be more.

No matter from the economy energy environmental protection, still from save money aspect, all of LED lights are you head choose of, the thing have a value of lighting lamp.Connect down us again under the introduction LED light tube of light Shuai phenomenon.

How much is the light Shuai of LED light tube ?
LED light tube only Shuai at control for 1000 hours at 10% in be regarded as qualified, generally and a little bit well at used after 40000 hours a bright degree to attain 70% is more excellent.LED light tube only Shuai actually 1000 hours of time have been already produced, the LED light Shuai of just big power will be a little bit small, small power of will be a little bit big, certainly this is just in view of LED.

LED light tube light the biggest decision factor of the Shuai is a LED temperature, if spreading heat to do isn't good, the temperature leads Gao, the Shuai reduces will also very quick of, generally say of LED light Shuai is under the ideal appearance, if is a fluorescent lamp, because manies use, consider spreading heat, the of of LED is apart from, the size of electric current, light hull etc. problem.

The LED chip is LED to use to a flaring key and close good LED, is the chip top fluorescence's powder, outside have LENS.The function of fluorescence powder is the color that makes the LED packed out to become the color that you want, for example white only, now didn't°yet the chip of white light, produce white light the LED method is to add yellow fluorescence powder with the blue chip and go together with into white light.

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