Sunday, October 2, 2011

economy energy environmental

On September 27, 2011, the national economy energy reduces the lining up video-phone meeting to convene.Will ascend to put forward, our country the important step dint Be excellent to turn an industrial structure and help the economy energy to reduce row, strongly develop strategic newly arisen industry, quickly eliminate to fall behind production ability, strongly the development circulating economy.Moreover, 《"25" economy energy environmental protection industry development programming 》will convene in the near future of the seventh environmental protection general assembly up release.Aim at an economy energy environmental protection the business enterprise revenue from tax reduce to don't need, raise industry concentration a degree among them etc. contents will be program a little bit bright.

Under the incitement of the policy of guo jia, "the economy energy reduces a row" becomes at that moment the our country economic structure adjusts of one of the keyword, with economize on energy environmental protection the related industry will also acquire a substantial development.Among them, the green illuminates economy energy to reform, economy energy the technique industry turn model engineering and economize on energy a product people-benefit project in succession is listed as economy energy point engineering.In addition in the middle of pushing business and public economy energy, 《"25" economy energy reduce a row comprehensive sex work project 》also definitely point out to speed a facilities economy energy reformation, strictly using can manage, guide consumption behavior and expand an usage to efficiently economize on energy an appliance and illuminate a product in the residents.And"the semi-conductor illuminates' be included in' enlargement the economy energy reduce a row technique the industry turn demonstration" item in.

When"the economy energy reduces a row" becomes one of the keyword of economic development, the semi-conductor illuminates and then presented it necessary strategic position.The relevant statistics suggests that illuminate with the electricity take up a society and consume total electricity quantity of 12%, economy energy's reducing line up a potential is huge.But change Wei announcement according to the hair of guo jia of 《China eliminate incandescent lamp route diagram 》, till 2016, China will thoroughly eliminate to use common lighting to use an incandescent lamp, anticipating annually can the stanza give or get an electric shock for 48,000,000,000 kilowatt-hours.

The success of the new graphite Xi battery experiment stage undoubtedly will become a new development of battery industry to order.Battery technique is the dynamoelectric car devotes major efforts expansion and development of the biggest threshold, but the current battery industry is being placed in the stage that the lead sour battery and traditional lithium battery development all meet bottleneck, graphite Xi is after keeping a developing of ability equipments successfully, if can the batch quantity produce, then will for battery industry is go to the motor car industry bring a new change.

The price is the great factor that influences this technique expansion, the graphite Xi amount of battery turns production combine extensively applied at the graphite Xi battery, have to also want in consideration of cost problem.Currently, as an electrical conductivity, the machine function all very excellent material, vegetable to graphite Xi well known as graphite Xi currently at at the gold, the price on the Chinese market near decuple's more than 2000 dollars|gram.Under the existing market circumstance, large-scale usage in face to several rates of the dynamoelectric car of common consumer very weak.

But the development team of China enters upon to carry on a research to the production cost project that lowers graphite Xi and win a section hospital rather"phosphoric acid iron lithium| the graphite Xi compound cathode material and try a production technique among them" project of wave material technique and motive lithium battery technique research team in engineering graduate school completion passed a new technique result of new product this year consultation.Rather wave the incorporated company of the Hu Yong electric power device starts adopting this lithium cathode material scale of the technique establishment kiloton class phosphoric acid iron production line, the head expects a productivity 300 tons|year, anticipate to be finished in 2012 and throw to produce.

Rather wave material the new energy technique belonged to of Mr. Liu Zhao Ping also revealed recently that the new graphite Xi makes a technique, he said, the graphite Xi's technique can make the selling price declined to 3000 dollars renminbi every 1000 grams, not current each one is more than 2000 dollars renminbi.But the technique batch quantity's production still needs certain date.

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