Sunday, October 30, 2011

12 volt led lighting

BE praised as LED(Light-Emitting-Diode-give out light diode) of "illuminate a future technique", gradually walked up our daily lifes, and push display the realm a revolution happen huge change.The LED the display technical development speed outran the expert's estimate, as a newly arisen industry, in 10 years,LED lighting revolution the LED display contains the production value to hope to attain USD 3,000,000,000.Liquid crystal display will also with CRT the display is similar and withdraw essential satge!

LED urges to living a new generation display

Currently, in the world to energy, reducing in weight in the province, small scaled turn, the product need of high credibility is extremely urgent, while LED completely matches these conditions.LED belongs to the whole solid cold light source, smaller, more light and harder, the work electric voltage only has two volts, the service life is as long as more than ten years.According to the usual radiation definition, LED gives out light an efficiency not high, but because of LED spectrum almost and all concentrated in it is thus clear that light repeatedly segment, the efficiency can reach to 80-90%.

LED shows that the spare part publishes up to now already more than 20 year, because of the adoption and the restriction on the craft of original material, 10 years ago, was very difficult to make widely available.After getting into 90's, along with craft of continuously the development of improvement and original material, LED shows the spare part is in the life span and bright degree there is all the development to advance by leaps and bounds on the index sign, the cost also consumedly lowers.

On the function, LED develops very quickly.In 2001, the bright degree of red LED is a 1000 mcds and compare the 3 mcds high in 1982500-330000%, convert an efficiency to also attain 20%.Gao Liang Du LED's emergence has the meaning that row the ages, it will be mankind after after Edison invent incandescent lamp bubble one of the greatest inventions.LED that developed at the earliest stage can send out red light and used for the indicator in the electronics equipments and publish one after another along with yellow, green and blue LED, now, LED can already send out red, yellow, blue, green, orange, amber, blue and green double of colors, red and green double of colors, yellow green, purely green and jade-green color, various white light beam.

On the price, 1998, a LED lamp bulb selling price is 1982 of 1|30-1|50, eased to biggest bear for the customer.

The LED technique progress is the biggest motivation that extends market demands and application.At the beginning, LED is a miniature indicator and apply in the upscale equipmentses such as calculator,LED light applies stereo set and video recorder etc., along with the progressing unremittingly of the large scale integration and the calculator technique, the LED display is quickly growing and expand to the stock certificate condition of the market stock machine, digital camera and PDA and the cellular phone realm gradually in recent years.

The LED display gathers a micro-electronics technique, calculator technique and information's processing at the integral whole, with its color fresh gorgeous, dynamic state scope wide and bright degree Gao, life span long, work stable credibility etc. advantage, become most new generation of having the advantage to show medium, currently, LED display already extensively applied at the large square, business advertisement, stadium building, information dissemination, the news release, stock certificate trade etc., can satisfy the demand of different environment.

Go into business industry application and the demanding angle of consumer sees and carry on the back revolution innovation that light LED is a display technique realm, from the flat panel display to plastics display transition, also need 3-5 years, however, we soon can see can curl type display, and can make into to knit into the display of clothes.

LED has a gradually perfect technique, the Du Pont company owns a huge production factory in Hsinchu, Taiwan, that factory already at produce LED display, anticipate a spool of plastics display that will produce to take mile as unit.

The Suo Ni company has already produced the display prototype of LED of a 10 inches, will be large-scale since 2009 to take delivery of goods, this may cause the creation of the new generation super thin type notebook.

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