Tuesday, October 18, 2011

LED to illuminate modern

The white only seals to pack a new technique to guide LED to illuminate modern trend
Along with the thorough public of the "the economy energy reduces row, low carbon economy" idea, green environmental protection of LED the white only illuminate a product to also walk into the public's visual field.After several years of development, LED white's only sealing to pack day by day a technique is mature, application market demands continuously enlarge, LED is gradually come illuminating the brightest Nova in the world and become the revolution that replaces hot Chi light and fluorescent lamp light source.

The policy of guo jia:Support strongly to gradually eliminate an incandescent lamp
Recently, the hair changed Wei to announce 《China eliminated incandescent lamp route diagram(asked for an opinion draft) 》, text middle finger, since October 1, 2012, the our country will forbid sale and import 100 tiles and above common lighting to use an incandescent lamp;From October 1, 2014, forbid sale and import 60 tiles and above common lighting to use an incandescent lamp, release to stew a Wu light an ability effect standard, forbid production, import and sell is lower than an ability the effect limit value of stew a Wu light;From October 1, 2016, forbid sale and import 15 tiles and above common lighting to use an incandescent lamp.The eliminating scope uses an incandescent lamp for common lighting, the concrete type is the power electric voltage to 220 Vs;Socket is E14, the E27 Luo type and the B22 customs station type.Eliminate a target product don't include a glint type among them the incandescent lamp, spotlight, and decoration lamp...etc. other type incandescent lamps and special use incandescent lamp.The route diagram releases to brings universality that quite good development opportunity illuminate acceleration led for LED.The fine expectation that the public only illuminates to the LED white makes it become captivating a cake of big cake and leads to numerous capitals crazy heat to pursue once again.The local LED profession seals to pack a big business enterprise to also significantly adjust a development strategy and actively set up white light the spare part market is LED the group leader business enterprise of the profession, the thunder Man optoelectronics follows close behind market development trend and actively develop white to only seal to pack a new technique, the dint diagram robs to share a market quota in the new realm.

Profession condition:The technique not mature price doesn't accept for the market
White light LED the spare part life span is long, firm structure, achievement consume lower, the shape size is vivid and have economy energy, the characteristic of environmental protection, can make a contribution for the improvement of ecoenvironment, it is extensively applied to lighting and carry on the back light source, is an extremely important realm in the optoelectronics industry, is also the Niu that links the upper stream chip and downstream application to take.Because the white only seals to pack development foreground amplitude, funds threshold again lower, make a great deal of business enterprise flowed out into seal to pack realm, compete very vehemence, cause currently LED on the market white light product fixed position in low level, turn with quality serious, and sank into a price war crisis.Thunder Man optoelectronics development the personnel Be analytical to say and look the newly arisen profession of "thriving" in the amateur, actually the crisis Be dark to flow out.The LED product is in the radiation, spread heat and show color, and patent invasion...etc. various all in many ways exist a problem, LED power, radiation with efficiently the function of fluorescent lamp, Gao Na Deng compare, not only didn't lead person's advantage and on the contrary still had a certain margin;Because the chip spreads hot bad, material and structure handle poor, majority of products spread hot function worse;LED white light of show a color is not high either, product at LED in the light the color easily lose really;In addition, not a few local product existence patent infringement problem, great parts of core techniques still control abroad currently in the well-known business enterprise hand, for example the day is second to control of blue only add yellow fluorescence powder manufacturing white only of craft, make many local business enterprises done not hesitate Ting but walk insurance;The most decisive problem, LED illuminates life span although longer than incandescent lamp, but the price is farer far high than an incandescent lamp, still don't accept for market now and only have to be white to only seal to pack a technique maturity, the cost descends, the price just has significantly descendent day.

Thunder Man optoelectronics:The technique innovation guides LED to illuminate modern trend
Currently, the local big parts of packs a manufacturer mainly produce medium low level product, carry on an unfair competition by low price, the thunder Man optoelectronics is LED the getting of profession soldier business enterprise, head house listed company in Shenzhen, have been occupying by leading a technique medium high level market, now just concentrated development strength development the white only seal to pack a new technique.Aim at currently the white in the profession light spare part existence of problem, the thunder Man optoelectronics will release "daytime" series product in the near future and include high bright perpendicularity to transmit heat SMD3528, the 20 mAs orders a bright 8.5 LMs, the radiation 130 LMs each tile;The 30 mAs orders a bright 12.5 LMs, 3000 hours zero Shuais reduce.Adjustable color Wen Gao shows SMD5050, the color 3000-8000 K's scope is adjustable, and the Ra85 is or so.Effective solution LED is white light spare part radiation, spread hot, show a color etc. problem, and specially development focus on SMD of Japanese market, the whole day fastens a patent material and have no intelligent property right dispute Be concealed to suffer from.The thunder Man optoelectronics illuminates spare part sale the director general slowly just introduced to say, the company was China to lead of the profession turn, internationalized, high-quality of the LED manufacturer, consistent execution blue sea military tactics and difference turned product strategy and refused to fight a price war.Company after becoming available in the market, the scale continuously extends, the traditional packs business and also illuminates extension to LED gradually, besides which, in the horizontal development also in the meantime start lengthways development."Daytime series" this time is a thunder Man the optoelectronics will have more carriages that the outstanding products publish and still keep to get to run in the new realm in the days to come and guide LED to illuminate modern trend with the new technique at white simply sealing to pack the point of departure that the realm grows.

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