Sunday, October 30, 2011

lighting is included

The Fei Fei that the near segment time network spreads is satisfied 《"25" economy energy environmental protection the industry development programs 》will soon give out light the news that the diode(LED) lighting is included in to subsidize scope, although don't get the direct confirmation of related section, comprehensive local market trend and international great environment to say, this news or can confirm for true.The OFweek analysis thinks that LED subsidizes the policy overall set to be just a matter of time, the reason is as follows:

First, LED public finance subsidy the policy has already been in the grounds, such as Shenzhen and Zhejiang...etc. carries on making experiements implementation, since last year, Shenzhen waits a circumlittoral flourishing region to carry on LED in the way of public finance subsidy, the market makes widely available, residents need use half-price and then can purchase a superior quality of LED illuminate product.The policy implementation region obtained good market result, LED economized on energy the market universality of illuminating the product to consumedly promote, and also consumedly lowering local lighting can consume.From our country of policy implementation regulation to see, usually all take circumlittoral economic flourishing region as an experimental unit, then carry on universality to the whole country gradually.Now LED of each experimental unit district public finance subsidy the policy all obtained not vulgar result, can even confirm as well 《"25" economy energy the environmental protection industry development programming 》will take LED into the reliability of subsidizing scope this news.

Secondly, international great environment to.Today that all initiates low carbon economy in the whole world, the incandescent lamp has already by all means become to eliminate object.And Chinese as the second economy in the world, also more and more important in the position in economic turn in the world, the dependence that the Chinese economy develops for international community is also more and more high, so Chinese economy by all means can not again walk past the the route that begs a high-speed growth, point environmental protection, strongly supported various low carbon industry to also become Chinese new period economy to develop an initial task.LED's economizing on energy to illuminate is representative's industry of low carbon economy, also by all means become nation of initial support object, and 25 will also become LED industry high speed growth of chance, for our country the low carbon economic development open a good head.

End, the national hair changes Wei to wait a related section although didn't directly release to confirm that news, also have no section carry on refuting a rumour to this.Our country the set related policy this information released an outlet very strictly, impossible with the hearsay announcement, especially the public finance subsidizes this policy, once set then will to the market produce biggest influence.And this news release also in the near future to economy energy illuminate the market produced certain influence, several stocks of local big LED listed companies all are subjected to this influence.If that news doesn't greatly is several rates that the empty cave comes to breeze or that policy and passes, the so related organization is inevitable meeting and at that time clarify and avoid continuing and result in market's undulating, however up to now still have no official speech, basic can think that policy already in the middle of releasing and preparing and planning.

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