Sunday, October 30, 2011

led stage lighting

How is the market condition of the market of LED satge light in Middle East?
"Middle East region" or"Middle East" means the east of Mediterranean and district in the south, go to°from the east of Mediterranean the big slice of region of Persian gulf, on geography in"Middle East" also the second area of right and wrong continent and Europe and Asia mainland.Generally say that include Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon and Oman, Qatar and sand especially, Syria, allied Qiu and Yemen, Palestine, the cloth nation(Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia) of Ma Ge Li and Sudan, Mauritania and Somalia, , Turkey with fill river bank road Si though geography up belongs to one part of Middle East region, but they from think to belong to Europe.
The Israeli believes in Judaism.Basic faith Islamism in other Middle East nations.

Middle East includes 22 Arabia nations and 5 non- Arabia nation, among them in addition to Israel, fill river bank road all of Sis are a Yi Si the orchid is national.
In the Yi Si orchid nation in Middle East, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan is non- Arabia nation, Arabia nation is all Yi Si orchid nation.Can is divided into 4 according to the dissimilarity of the religion and the religious section circumstance:

The first, the lousy Ni parties has the nation of population majority, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, allied Qiu, Kuwait, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Libya, Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Mo Luo of Somalia, Djibouti and section, Turkey and Afghanistan.

The second, the Shiite has the nation of population majority, including Iran, Iraq and Bahrain.

The third, Oman is the nation that the Yi expects a virtuous parties to have population majority.That parties is a branch that admires the tile benefit Ji parties, it is independence to admire the tile benefit Ji parties in the Islamism at the lousy Ni parties and a religious section out of the Shiite, produce in 7th centry A.D. a middle period.

The fourth, the circumstance of Lebanon is more complicated.The Muslem has 60% around in the Lebanese population, the Christian has 40% around.But the Muslem accordingly belongs to Shiite, lousy Ni parties and virtuous Lu parties etc. different religious section;The Christian accordingly belongs to Catholic Ma Long send, the Catholic wheat Lei card parties and different religious sections such as Rome Catholic, Greece archimandrite and Protestantism etc..The whichever religious section all doesn't share absolute advantage in the total population, therefore the Lebanon assigns a national power according to the population comparison of each religious section and stipulate the president is served as by the parties personage of Ma Long of Catholic, premier's peace negotiations' growing is respectively served as by personage of the Islamism lousy Ni parties and Shiite.

At non- Yi Si orchid in Middle East the nation is medium, the 81.2% residents in Israel is Jews and believe in Judaism.Israel is seen to Judaism nation, Sabbath and all Judean traditional festivals and religious festivals is settled for the nationwide festival.Filling 77% in the river bank road this person is Greece clansmen and believe in east archimandrite;18% is Turkey clansmen and believe in the Islamism lousy Ni parties.Fill river bank road, the Si is the nation that only one a Christian in Middle East has population the great majority.

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