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LED and OLED is at every step camps
As early as 1891, the hero pulls virtuous ·Philip and father established a lamp bulb company together, after five years, his brothers Anne Tonga go into.They quickly expand the business to the world-wide locations.

The main funds flows analysis(10|25) the some mow a meat to escape affirmation to regret sudden soar very likely not period but go to people's evangel:The set prison stock has been already saved!In 2011, Philip establishes 120 anniversaries.

Is a year autumn, Holland Ai because of Huo, Philip's source, at its dime of global lighting center:"Shua" ground the light shines, the light,such as bluish green wave, ripples and spreads to leak in the ceiling, ground until bathtub, the wave voice on all sides spreads from the room, this is Philip the bathing scene of dream world sort of LED light construction.

And this is just its house to reside illuminative of one part, in the horticulture, medical treatment, transact, city, school, amusement, market, cabaret, industry, car lighting etc. subdivide on the market, Philip also has layout more and throws in a great deal of funds to develop innovation to illuminate a solution.

Just took office ten thousand Hao Duns of chief executive officer this year, at Ai because of Huo Philip 120 anniversary innovation general assembly up, also spare no effort to express it supports LED the decision of the development.

"Recently, we with efficiently economized on energy light and lighting solution to get stripe to renew Malaysia and the street lamp of Holland superhighway, but was equal for the repay that expenses and economy energy of this expenditure acquire.I believe the repay that today's innovation devotion will definitely bring tomorrow."Ten thousand Hao Duns call.

However, the growth of vision and reality still has very long distance.

On October 18, Philip releases its third quarter of this year, the quarter reports and declares that Philip carries out 6% sale growth, and start 800,000,000 in the meantime euro luck camp cost reduction plan.And the interest tax amortize ex- profits to fall to 6.8% of 2011 the third quarter degree from 11.8% of 2010 the third quarter degree, also slightly low in 2011 second quarter degree.

Though the LED business increases up to 32%, the push lighting business carried out 8% growths, because of sale and development throw in, at first material cost the increment and the bad performances that resided lighting business in the company of Philip Lumileds and house causes an income fall.

For this, Philip will cut down about 4500 work posts.Ten thousand Hao Duns means that"this is a decision that makes person sorry, but also for the sake of improvement luck camp mechanism, make organization more vivid and simplify, more have a competition ability ineluctable measure."

The layout battles out LED to subdivide a market

Ai because of Huo outskirts Marjoland the giant glasshouse of the rose park inside, the big slice of red rose is opening gorgeous, although the sunshine still goes on that day,

One meter much and highly and closely of the flower twig bottom, a lot of leafs and small bud still not easy get ample light to shine on.

Hence, flower twig the bottom is packed ascend a row line up a red and blue and alternate LED small light, manager Damien from product in rose park says and like this repairs only, can make the year of quantity of a flower increased 7%-8%.

The Marjoland rose park is Philip and government and manufacturers to cooperate of a half-hardy lighting experimental unit.Philip half-hardy LED's illuminating engineer, Zhang Su, is following that item, he says, LED of the red plant the lighting can even help the rose to secrete long flower bud.

However, Damien also admits purchasing LED module like this to need to increase 40% investments.Philip half-hardy lighting supervisor Sylvia of LED then explained, "not only can raise yield, under many mode for planting use Philip LED also can economize much and reach to 60%ly can consume.See over a long period of time, invest worth.We are also doing alike experimental unit and expansion, including planting of tomato in China."

According to understanding, in past several years, Philip carried on to on the spot produce a test for many times and thus made sure to adapt to many LEDs for planting spectrum and shone on a degree, and on these grounds release LED of green energy to produce module.

But the horticulture illuminate just Philip gets into a pawn that LED subdivides a market.Illuminate realm in the city, Philip also has many layouts.

In Philip's programming, "CITY TOUCH" is a future city to illuminate preparation of creative item, the this comprehensive LED and intelligence open air with technical information illuminates management system, much more economical reach to 70%ly can consume.This item has already made experiements in some cities of Europe and includes London and Prague.

OLED is also Philip is the new technique of more lighting realm preparation, OLED light not only change atmosphere, external appearance and function of various room, illuminate experienced expert Hellen to introduce according to Philip, it can economize 80%ly can consume, and product life span the ratio originally prolong 800%.Hellen thinks, "in the amusement, market, supermarket, and cabaret...etc., the OLED applied market will make person excited more".

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