Tuesday, June 28, 2011

LED oneself advantage

1)show to hold, the traffic sign show light source.The LED lamp has an anti- to flap to bear impact and only respond to speed quick, save electricity and life span to grow an etc. characteristics, extensively Be applied to various indoor, outdoor show to hold, is divided into whole colorses, three colors and monochrome to show to hold, there are totally more than 100 units in whole country is developing production.The traffic sign light mainly uses the extremely high bright degree red, green and yellow LED, because adopts LED signal beacon since economize on energy, credibility again Gao, so in the national scope, traffic sign light just at gradually renewal change generation, and expand speed quickly, the city field contains very great demand.

2)the application of car industry.The car is used the carrying on the back of instrument panel, stereo set indicator and switch that the light includes car inner part light source, read the brake light, tail lamp and side light and headlamp etc. of light and exterior.The car is used an incandescent lamp not to bear a vibration to bump shot, easily damage, the life span is short and need to be replaced usually.

3)LED carry light source on LED's back.With efficiently side hair light of carry on the back light source most for arrestive, LED Be LCD carry light source application on LCD's back and have life span long, give out light an efficiency Gao, have no interference and sex price than Gao Deng's characteristics, already extensively applied at the electronics watch, hand machine, BP machine and electronics calculator with brush card on board, along with then hold an electronics product gradually small scaled turn, LED carry light source on LED's back have advantage more, therefore carrying on the back the light source creation technique will to thinner type, low achievement consume to develop with even consistent direction.

4)LED illuminate light source.The direct target is LED currently the light source act for incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, this kind of act for the trend have already got an area beginning to develop from the part application.

5)other applied.For example a kind of flashlight shoe that are welcomed by child, walk inside LED placing will gleam to give out light, only Wen Zhou region want to give out light diode with 500,000,000 for a year.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

LED lamps and lanterns

The characteristics of LED lamps and lanterns

Cloud MR16 LED lighting lamps and lanterns is proud in recent years very popular favor the new consumption LED lighting products, low energy consumption, high life is proud MR16 LED lamp lighting cloud the outstanding characteristics, it is because these characteristics, L ED just in low carbon world theme is known as "environmental protection" light source.

1) occasions wide serviceability: not only can be used in various venues lighting, can also be used for the designs city-lighting project buildings, Bridges and other buildings in the adornment and lighting, the guesthouse, the hotel entertainment such as interior decoration lighting project, which has a large market prospect.

2) environmental protection: green lighting is the world of the ecological design goal, follow MR16 LED lamp is a kind of high energy efficiency of LED products, do not contain mercury, can reduce energy consumption and reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and other pollutants, is the most environmental protection of one of LED products.

3) super energy conservation: energy saving energy that is free from pollution environment. Dc drive, low power consumption (single pipe 0.03-0.06 watts) lightning power conversion close to 100%, the same lighting effect than traditional light energy saving 80% above.

4) wide light Angle: it can realize all kinds of different view angles to shine, and thus can be used in different occasions and demand.

5) durable: the light is made from high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy is made, and LED by completely encapsulation is in epoxy resin inside, it than light bulb and fluorescent tubes are strong.

MR16 LED lamps and lanterns of its advantages, the industry favour, become the mainstream of the market demand. In this paper a proud cloud electronic LED lighting nets, more information please login: yunao-LED.com

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Japan LED industry trend

Is the oversea manufacturer whom the integral whole turns production, still keep investigating the Japanese manufacturer of division of labour?LED use just the lighting market in 10 yen(about 806,000,000,000 dollars renminbi) scales extension, the competition of domestic and international business enterprise gradually arouses to turn.To not follow replying of failure Zhe, manufacturer in Japan would ever act?

On May 4, station periphery in JR Osaka completes large-scale of again develop, shook a body to become "Osaka station city".Latest open a customer to come to a 1,400,000 for three day, be rated as the second grand occasion of "ten thousand Bos in Osaka".Station city is cross over JR Osaka to stand circuit of huge building.Is two sides at the south north, general merchandise double the male"JR Osaka three more Yi power Dan" and"big pill plum farmland store" opposite but reside.

Acquire LED of illuminating the favor
In fact, these two markets of internal illuminate basic all made changes in LED(give out light diode) to illuminate.The advantage that LED illuminates is the life span is long and consumes electricity quantity little, but for the cosmetics counter, deluxe counter of general merchandise market, it is fatal injury to lose pomp.But conduct three more Yi power the JR west Japanese Yi of the Dan power Dan company means, "of so the decision adopts, just is because the atmosphere of the selling exhibition and the demonstration method of the merchandise are no more lousy than tradition lighting".

Three more Yi power all lightings of 10 F of the Dan underground 2 F, ground in, LED the lighting is around 60%, is 25,000.Increased 60% of the rival of selling exhibition areas in the middle of repairing-the ceiling of the big pill plum farmland store illuminated 45,000 to adopt LED, equal to about 70%.There is still inside the station city a business facilities"LUCUA" that accepts 200 near counters, be actively also adopting LED here lighting.Osaka stands the periphery have already become the biggest LED in the whole Japan to illuminate concentration district.

The LED of the great majority lighting doesn't  come from the loose bottom electrician who holds to have Japan to illuminate market 30% quota and rank secondary Toshiba lighting technique etc. archduke department.But is the headquarters is originally located on central area in Osaka City Ting of the far rattan illuminate a company.

"Include the hanging of sheen and cosmetics makeup circumstance of deluxe jewelry decoration at inside, request the strictest to the merchandise demonstration method to is a general merchandise market.Can get the adoption of market, proved that our LEDs completely can act for tradition lighting, and have advantage more".Establish good three presidentses of the far rattan of that companies at three more the Yi power Dan look up at lighting, the proud of feeling arises spontaneously.

LED illuminates

The LED lighting heads into indoor trend to enjoy lamp profession concern

On international lighting exposition in current Guangzhou, LED lighting product's yielding to nobody ground to become is focused attention most of leading role."Asian LED exhibition" that set up specially for the very first time, the LED product overalies 12 section of countries that the exhibition buildings exhibit scale to reach to 100,000 square meters and occupy the whole exhibition meeting, while LED join the exhibition a manufacturer more than 1800 is also.

Under the background that world strongly initiate low carbon economy, green economy, efficiently the economy energy illuminate the product is sent to the great and earnest hope.The market checked against a clear product to make higher request in the aspects of illuminating an efficiency and economizing on energy level, for illuminated profession to pass creative science and technology to promote an industrial structure to provide good opportunity.Currently, the Chinese incandescent lamp yield is up to 3,760,000,000 and takes up 1/3 of the global yield.Change the efficiently illuminating of the Wei establishment product expansion plan according to the national hair, plan expansion to efficiently illuminate a product in 2011 more than 150,000,000, for economized on energy a light market to bring huge development space.Can say who can hold tight economy energy, who captured to illuminate a making of profession development a little bit high.Therefore, make widely available to economize on energy a light spring tide along with all the people, with economy energy light for the representative's economy energy lighting product be subjected to in the 16th international lighting exhibition in Guangzhou frenzied extol.

LED illuminates to turn a direction development toward the indoor trend obviously

LED lighting's heading into the indoor to turn development trend is fully focused attention by lamp profession

The imbecility consumes, the high life span describes LED to illuminate a product advantage necessary keyword, because these characteristic, LED is praised as "light source revolution" under the world topic of low carbon.Because chip technique, apply problems, such as technique and high price...etc., LED illuminates a product first to have opposite and lower request from the technique, the market accepts one degree bigger view to illuminate a beginning applied, then reduce the help of lining up the policy in the economy energy under, gradually get into outdoor and public lighting realm.However, along with technique gradually mature, will ascend LED the indoor to turn development trend in this year's exhibition have been very obvious.If GE illuminate, Philip illuminate, Europe department Lang illuminate the etc. representative illuminate the international lighting tycoon of profession technique point to exhibit LED the indoor to illuminate application product in succession, and local three male pole light, the Huo Ni Wei Er Lang can etc. tradition illuminate the business enterprise also release an indoor LED product in succession.

The space  limit on the scene in the exhibition in, each the true scenario that join the exhibition a company to pass various emulation to introduce LED applied realm, such as imitate supermarket illuminate, because of LED the lighting has Gao Xian Se's index number, therefore make a convenience of fruit in the store etc. goods under the "take care of" of bright LED light of the Ao, seem to be fresher gorgeous and captivating.And etc. environment in bank office in also similar can be extensively applied, because the combination that can form different color at LED, can construct for the employee according to the different request of environment the benefit is at the atmosphere of production efficiency most .Illuminates exhibition hall at Philip, then displayed outdoor, house reside, transact, the store etc. realm of the LED superior quality illuminates a solution and still displayed a style of LED that can directly substitute a 60 W incandescent lamp light source in the meantime, with its special shape and efficiently of function's becoming an exhibition will ascend of a big a little bit bright.The Toshiba LED lighting then brought with LED only engine for center, overalied a family to illuminate office to illuminate of a great deal of product, an among those styles this year lately development come out of LED only engine, particularly is stirring concern, pass LED light the engine combine together with space radiator and use up the source sends out of the heat spread hot structure from the lamp on the side and place inside the electric circuit the control and increased exertion space for the design of lamp, and can provide various solution for tube light and courtyard light;Still have a style of GX53 LED the light source, developed LED special features, shape's designing tightly packed was practical more, the light then adopted an importing product and was applicable to business space, hallway, living quarters and transact environment.

LED jet glue process advantages

At present, the needle tube type glue dispensing jet is being replaced. The so-called injection (jetting), belong to the new technology, it USES the nozzle type replace needle tube, solve the many problems. Jetting nozzle can be in need of the devices on the bottom fill above point glue, need not reaches the end face the following position. Jetting nozzle in the above board along the x, y direction, without vertical movement.

And some glue nozzle needle tube is different, and not to form a continuous flow of filling glue, instead of every second injection is more than 200 points after accurate measurement glue points. Along with the level of the nozzle, glue point to be moving to the formation of need, and truthfully matching with design visible lines, as well as other various graphics. Every time all the precise control injection, a jet by the formation of the glue points minimum 0.33 mm in diameter, this to apply patch glue need to into the precise control of occasions is very important.

Injection technology is a glue fast from nozzle jet, rely on the momentum that glue from glue nozzle. Each injection will spewing out a certain number of glue. The jet frequency is currently 100 hz to 200 hz, but will soon reach 1000 hz ac. Jets glue dispensing with needles from some difference. When the glue nozzle jet, from contact with substrate glue nozzle and separation has before. Each a plastic point injection to base board can form dot, line and graphics. In the process of moving position glue, glue without the Z axis direction of the head, so that saving exercise considerable time. Needles in glue, manipulator in X, Y, Z axis movement from the needle, glue out contact boards, by gravity and substrate surface tension from the glue needle separation. In each point glue is completed, along the Z axis have a significant movement, and then moved to the next point glue position.

The led the market also benefited from spray adhesive technology. Spray adhesive technology can spray including silica gel, UV curing with conductive adhesives etc of phosphorus wide range of optical materials, can be in high speed glue in accurate location of the glue and adhesive volume control. Spray adhesive can improve the accuracy of the high value of the high power LED the yield of the device. Used in the production of white light, the fluorescent powder and mix glue dispensing, make its consistency get good improvement

Sunday, June 19, 2011

LED the industry

Many road capitals flowing out is now toward the LED the industry foam risk beginning
"Since last year, before and behind just about investment organization of 78 different background to once sought us, wanted an investment to us."The LE D production in Shenzhen business enterprise benefit section reaches optoelectronics limited company general manager Kou Be in full form to tell 《economic reference report 》reporter, desolate a period of time of the L E D industry is again very hot, many road capitals are upsurging.

Work believes a data to suggest, the L E D profession invests power in 2010 the head is fast fierce, the whole yearses complete to invest 166,100,000,000 dollars, together compare increase 57.5%, increased to soon compare to raise 54.7 percentage points last year;From January, 2011 to April, the led industry invests to also keep high speed growth, amount of investment already over 30,000,000,000, increase soon more than 90%, become the name matches the reality of investment a little bit hot.

Together create a Wei industry to start a business to invest limited company partner and board director general manager D treasure the jade is accepting 《economic reference report 》reporter interview reveal, currently invest the L E D industry is forming another high peak.And previous of investment the high peak compare, this high peak invests scale larger, the participant involves profession investment organization, other profession manufacturers, foreign capital and civil capital and invest corpus more diversified.

The D treasure jade thinks that many road capital Jings pursue LED industry, is have a liking for LED the industry fine foreground.The profession organization high work L E D report in the industry graduate school predicts that in 2011 our country LED industry market the scale will attain 120,000,000,000 dollars, the L E D industry has already hoped a realization to turn over two targets "25" periods.

However, the industry insider thinks, LED the investment foam of the industry has been already presented currently.

"The current investment atmosphere contains some ficklenesses, everyone wants to earn quick money."The Kou is in full form to express the discomfort that invests a fever to the L E D industry like this;The thunder private illuminates[3.71-0.27%]president Wu Yangtze River also mean, the L E D industry investment foam has been already presented, the investor should not blindly make moves.

Chinese lighting electric appliances association Secretary-general Liu Be peaceful to be accepting 《economic reference report 》the reporter cover introduce, currently the external world have intention to stir-fry high L E D market scale, the whole scale that illuminate a market in China just 300,000,000,000, but already organic reach LED the market scale"blow greatly" arrive a trillion scale.Aim at L E currently, the D produces the statistics that the market data of each link lacks science, and exists a lot of again statistical phenomenons.Promote in this"fine foreground" under, each road capital gets into the L E D industry in succession and has already made the industry appeared an investment foam.

An industry insider to 《economic reference report 》reporter said, currently more accredit market scale inside the industry is 120,000,000,000 or so, but the whole country has been already known currently of production scale far far above this number.Though under the big background that"25" economy energy reduce to line up, the L E D product will act for a traditional product gradually, but this is an endless process.Therefore, the circumstance that should dash up currently to the investment gives caution.

Monday, June 6, 2011

schedule implementation

Japan limits in the capital circle restriction of electricity power ahead of schedule implementation

Tokyo, Japan etc for high temperature, consecutive days in the Japanese capital city circle and east Japan appeared in peak. Japan's asahi may TV report said, 26, this let whole east Japan power load close to the limit, Japan and the government are very nervous, and is responsible for the east Japan major electric supply the Tokyo electric power company decided to limit the summer ahead of schedule on July 1, to implement. Reports say, Tokyo on the northern side of the-year-old tetsunori nanpei jade county XiongGu city 24, as high as 39.8 degrees Celsius, the temperature in the city has the highest temperature record in June, and in the same day, Tokyo electric power of the electricity consumption within the scope of their jurisdiction as high as 43.89 million kw, close to the maximum power supply 47.9 million kw. Tokyo electric power said the large number of the use of air conditioning to appear peak. Tokyo electric power decided to limit the summer ahead of schedule to July 1 implementation. In addition to the railway, electricity and all large enterprise must electricity saving 15%.

In the east Japan in advance of the restriction of electricity at the same time, the Japanese government in Osaka and also made a decision: will the major Japanese power supply company stock returns for the power of the western section. Japan's kyodo news agency, said 26, that the nuclear power plant closed Osaka, Japan, the mayor flat loose Cardiff 25 nations, says the government will put the city between the stock dividend kansai electric power all used for renewable energy development business. The government in Osaka and currently hold 9% of the shares in the kansai electric power is kansai electric power's biggest shareholder. The government is to consider in Osaka and street lighting to realize the development, LED light bulb recycling energy, and plans to boost average house and factory installed solar power equipment.

After the big earthquakes in northeastern Japan, the main power supplier to the northeast power in the capital circle and the same method: in summer ahead of restriction of electricity period. In central Japan Nagoya, triple county and other regions, the largest power suppliers in central power also calls for people summer section. On the other hand, fukushima nuclear power plant by accident influence the rest of the country, Japan's nuclear power plants have been stopped, and most of the operation to take fire, wind and hydroelectric power, this makes the public power supplies, Japan, summer is a peak period of the year, so Japan up and down the country early summer than in the past to "restriction of electricity," people have started to use in order to respond to the electric fan, has analyzed that, electric fan in the summer will sell like hot cakes.

Japan's annual summer electric Co., LTD, and take measures to the factory from the residential unified power saving. This year thanks to the Tokyo electric power company in the massive earthquake will happen nuclear leakage accident led to nuclear power is to be stopped, and instead use power, it also let the east Japan in this summer electricity exceptionally tight.

However, the other according to kyodo news agency said Japan's trade ministry for restart for regular inspection and TingDui kyushu electric power company of XuanHai nuclear power station, 26, in the city of saga is making the program and that television broadcast on the Internet, the provincial officials repeatedly in hope to restart nuclear power station to public understanding. But before the broadcast, against the local citizen groups restart nuclear power station about 150 people in cable television before writing "the hell up hot rolling back!" devil plutonium "Banners, and held a protest activities.