Sunday, May 27, 2012

LED chip manufacturers will bankrupt

Analysts say the Chinese half of the LED chip manufacturers will bankrupt
With the decline in the price of Chinese number TV,solar panel dab4c51ck as Samsung and sharp production LED chip company faces dilemma. Analysts pointed out, the oversupply problem will lead to the half of enterprise bankruptcy, but larger, have the government support the company can continue to live.
A small company or go bankrupt
Global television and computer sales landslide may further influence LED chip price, this kind of chip will be up to20% price. For Chinese small LED chip companies, to be integrated or bankruptcy would be the only choice.
But analysts point out, market capitalization of $2800000000photovoltaic San'an and Guangdong BDO 润达will is one of the few to survive the company, because the company access to the Chinese government subsidies or incentives. Nomura Securities analyst Annie Lee ( Anne Lee ) said:" this is China 's strategy. They hope the largest company in the industry recombines survived."
For most of China's LED chip companies, government support is gradually withdraw from. These include support for tax cuts, free land use, as well as for the purchase of LED chip production equipment more than $1600000000.wholesale baby shoes These initiatives in the past 3years to support the development of the industry of china.
And apple trademark dispute occurred in Shenzhen ( micro-blog ) by LED chip prices decline, the increasingly fierce market competition effect. Other affected companies include Hangzhou Silan microelectronics and Foshan country stars such as photoelectric. Summit microelectronics and country star in the past 1 years shares fell more than 30%.
Industry observers have noted, many LED chip factory operating rate is only 50%. From 2009 to2010, through government subsidies to purchase about 700production lines, about half of the current in the idle state. According to the analysts said, in the past year, the problem of excess production capacity in China hundreds of small LED enterprise bankruptcy.
Shenzhen LED Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Bao Enzhong said:" China financial policy does not give enough support to small and medium-sized enterprises. We will see more business failures."
Large enterprises obtain high subsidies
With government support, in 2011 China Manufacturers in the global package LED components market share reached 6%, up from 2% in 2010. An optoelectronic said in 2011, the company's net profit doubled, to 936000000 yuan, the company obtained in 20111900000000 yuan subsidy. BDO 润达2011 net profit growth to 392300000yuan.
Analysts pointed out, these large LED enterprises a total holding nearly 2000000000 yuan of cash, so it can be in market growth slowdown continues to expand production capacity, resulting in the government to support the LED project to gain more share.
UBS said in a report, BDO 润达has added 50for the production of LED chip by metal organic chemical vapor deposition ( MOVCD ) equipment, and this year will increase 100. An optoelectronic also plans to increase the number of devices.
China Science and Technology Ministry said earlierpersonal computer remote, plans to 2015when the Chinese LED industry dimensions expands to 500000000000yuan. Analysts pointed out that in 2011, China, the industry scale is 31000000000yuan, and the industry integration has become a pressing matter of the moment.
The weaker the bankruptcy of the company will be conducive to a larger scale, the support of the government in the development of LED company, the company in the international competition to gain certain advantages. Other Asian major LED companies including Taiwan Sony and South Korea LG Innotek.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

main competitive direction

The future of LED Lamps lighting the main competitive direction
China's lighting industry in recent years showing a momentum of rapid growth, but the competition is not conducive to long-term development of China's lighting industry, lighting industry's future development at home and abroad by multiple factors,Health Supplement dcb4a51kk this paper integrated these factors on China's lighting industry development trend makes a brief prediction.
After 20 years of development, China 's lighting industry has been rapidly grown, so far, China 's lighting industry basically formed state-owned, collective, individual privately owned, joint-stock, joint ventures, foreign-owned enterprises coexist, and joint-stock and private enterprises accounted for the larger proportion of. The number of enterprises from the initial dozens of development to the present nearly10000, China has become the world's lighting production big country. Lighting production enterprises more concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other provinces and cities, provinces and cities of the four lamps production accounts for about90% of national output.
Development status of the real estate industry on the domestic lighting effect on demand. In recent years, the real estate industry is developing at a high speed, driven by the same industry decoration lighting the fire. Although since 2008, each district real estate growth generally slow or even decline, the lighting industry has had certain impact, but the Chinese city and dweller consumption structure upgrades pace never stops, the lighting industry's demand for space will continue to expand.
On one hand, the light has become a beautiful city scenery, good lighting can greatly enhance a city grade, along with the acceleration of the process of Chinese city construction, city square, road traffic, newly built community, home decoration, commercial and office buildings, all need Lamps lighting decoration, city construction on lighting products demand will continue to increase;
On the other hand, lamps at each home renovation process is essential, such as a chandelier, wall lamp, ceiling, floor lamp and desk lamp, and a number of special purpose lighting, such as wall lamp, lamp, mirror front lamps, lampblack machine night light and so on in great demand. With the continuous upgrading of consumption structure, people begin to pay attention to the home furnishing lighting decoration, Chinese residents of the housing demand in the future for a period of time will continue to maintain strong momentum, the lighting industry's demand for the domestic market the next few years should not appear to fluctuate greatly, especially indoor lighting industry will maintain a sustained growth momentum, the more the high-end home furnishing decoration more needed to design aesthetic of the lamps to be authentic, in order to show the design effect, the real estate industry development will be the important factors influence home lighting market.
In addition, city culture construction is taken seriously increasingly, new year and Spring Festival Gala festival in the main street of the installed lighting atmosphere as is customary.
The developed country industry to transfer to foreign lighting effect on demand. The developed country industrialization tasks have been completed, city changes process slowed down significantly, dweller consumption also has entered the service area, the lighting products demand is basically stable. But developed countries the pace of industrial structural adjustment did not stop, some labor-intensive industries continue to transfer to developing countries ( in recent years, foreign large enterprises lamps to enter China in succession, such as Europe's largest lighting manufacturer Philips company in Shanghai has established a joint venture of the United States of America lamps, lamp manufacturer Thorn company in Guangzhou and Tianjin set up wholly-owned enterprises. The United States second lamps manufacturer Cooper company in Guangdong Shunde, Dongguan and Suzhou respectively, the establishment of joint venture production indoor and outdoor lighting.T8 LED lamp Japan Dashan company OdELic, Matsumoto electrician and Panasonic National and four was established in Beijing Panasonic four companies ), which developed the related domestic industries supply different degree of decline, as the Chinese lighting products go out of the country have a certain market space.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

cancer treatment principles

Patients with advanced cancer treatment principles
Due to the limitations of the level of diagnosis and a number of other reasons, many cancer patients before a definitive diagnosis, Cancer Treatmentcourse of illness has reached an advanced stage; some patients despite found earlier, but due to inappropriate treatment, to effectively curb the development of the disease, so that appear, recurrence and metastasis, the course of the disease in the advanced stage.ocb1d2ccan
The course of disease development in each stage has its own characteristics, in the treatment, also should insist on different principles. In the advanced stage, some of the early metaphase can be implemented in the operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments become meaningless, while in patients with advanced cancer of the body conditions are relatively weak, for traumatic, aggressive treatment of difficult to tolerate. According to long-term accumulation of clinical experience, I think, in the treatment of patients with advanced cancer should pay attention to follow the following principles:

Overall treatment mainly, supplemented by local treatment. Cancer is a kind of systemic disease, its occurrence and development and a body of a patient 's internal environment, the natural environment, social environment and psychological environment are closely related. Cancer occurs early, patients body internal environment is very bad, tumor lesions is confined to one site, then we by surgical operation excision of the mass,gift and premiumn and is complemented by systemic treatment, often can obtain good effect. But by the late later, cancer cells have multiple disseminated systemic, topical therapy has no positive, but should focus on improving the body's internal environment, improve their holistic treatment on disease resistance.

Protective therapy, aggressive treatment of secondary. Advanced cancer patients because of multiple metastases, tumor operation brings organ defects, chemical drugs and radiation damage, its functions are very low. Then, the protection and improvement of the impaired organ function, should be our primary task. Traditional Chinese medicine is especially suitable for the treatment of advanced cancer, its advantage is that it is a moderate treatment method, it has no trauma, no toxic side effect, the balance of yin and Yang of conditioning, uphold, improve organ function, restrain tumor development. Traumatic treatment such as a special needs should be avoided.

Efforts to improve the quality of life of patients, not the blind pursuit of complete cure. Various chronic disease cure probability is not high, especially cancer especially for advanced cancer. For patients with advanced cancer, should be to reduce the pain, prolong survival, improve the quality of life as the center, treatment, rehabilitation and daily nursing work. Then, the blind pursuit of complete cure is an unrealistic idea, in this idea guidance, will often take extreme measures, but affect the treatment effect and even accelerated mortality in patients with. Advanced cancer patients should be mobilized in vivo positive factors, and tumor" peaceful coexistence", not by fighting and tumor perish together.

Build a positive attitude, avoiding pessimistic despair. Patients with mental state for the prognosis and outcome plays an important and even decisive role. Positive attitude, strong faith, is beneficial to human body immunity disease-resistant ability to play. According to traditional Chinese medicine, good emotion contributes to the righteousness of the germinal, Qi Sheng evil. Positive mental state is greater in patients with a normal diet, exercise, and actively cooperate with the treatment of the basic guarantee. Those who lose the spiritual support of patients,fahter day satisfactory therapeutic opportunities relatively much smaller

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

LED lighting standard optical

Guangdong 's first LED lighting standard optical components

In May 3rd, the LED market lack of uniform standards of chaos, mother's dayGuangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department, national semiconductor lighting industry alliance project and released in Guangzhou in" L E D lighting standard optical components project", the national22 scientific research institutions, enterprises signed a contract to set up the first national L E D" standard optical components combined research alliance". The Union will jointly develop a unified standard optical components, in its push to become the national standard and international standard, to promote the development of the LED industry.

Due to the lack of standardized standardized optical assembly and lamp standards, coupled with the various enterprises of their existing facilities and equipment, the respective working basis and technological level of development is not balanced, causes the market the LED lighting applications product variety, different properties, poor interchangeability, to the whole industry development posed grim challenge, at the same time also to a certain extent, restricts the healthy development of LED lighting industry. Therefore, Guangdong province hall of science and technology and the national semiconductor lighting industry alliance project and the leading R & D standard optical components,air mouse will make full use of and use of Guangdong Province semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center platform, called the domestic industry leading enterprises, gather national and even global resources of high quality.

Guangdong Provincial Science and technology department deputy director Ye Jingtu said, standard optical components project research and Implementation on cultivating the national brand, breakthrough international patent blockade, coping with international competition in the market, research and development of core technologies are of great help, but also on the entire national L E D industry,operable wall and even the whole world LED industry development plays an important role in the drive effect of. Guangdong Province in the L E D lighting demonstration project priority procurement standard optical components.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

LED lighting applications in food of breakthrough

At present, the supermarket food especially cooked food, PC remote controlcold fresh foods, generally USES the fluorescent lighting. This kind of traditional high quantity of heat lighting system for meat or meat products will cause damage, but also in the plastic packaging is formed within the water vapor condense. In addition, the use of fluorescent lighting often let old customer feel dazzle eye, that they can't see the food situation. Recently, German researchers developed a new type of high brightness LED food even lighting technology, this technology to LED lighting and the technology integration, will be very good solve food lighting problem. It is reported, the researchers have developed two demonstration unit.

A: the glaring and uniform illumination device

Researchers use of high efficiency, high brightness LED light source, through the reflecting surface reflection realize lighting surface no glare expected effect. Now, researchers have developed using high reflection efficiency of aluminum coating the reflection lighting demonstration demonstration equipment, its lighting effect has already reached the uniform lighting optical requirements. Use of the technique can to vegetables, meat and roasted foods uniformity lighting, real reaction food natural colour.

2: intelligent lighting control device

The researchers also developed the LED illumination of intelligent control device. Through the sensor to monitor vegetables, meat or roasted foods radiation spectrum color west Sydney. According to the changes of the radiation spectrum, real-time adjust light intensity to the best lighting effect.

In the next stage, the researchers will focus on how will the two devices integration, design with the above two aspects the function of the new lighting technology products. The study by the German federal actuarial-oriented "HIREFLED" joint research project support. Germany's franco laser technology institute and Alanod, Alux-LuxarundBaero etc 3 enterprises jointly participate in the project development.

If the results are successful words, with LED lighting in place of the traditional lighting lamps and lanterns,bluetooth keyboard will make food extend shelf life, make the color of a food more real, more conducive to customers choose food. As people to continue to study the LED lighting, makes the advantage of LED lighting is more and more, believe that instead of traditional lighting lamps and LED lighting in all areas of the popularity of the time will not far.