Tuesday, May 8, 2012

LED lighting standard optical

Guangdong 's first LED lighting standard optical components

In May 3rd, the LED market lack of uniform standards of chaos, mother's dayGuangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department, national semiconductor lighting industry alliance project and released in Guangzhou in" L E D lighting standard optical components project", the national22 scientific research institutions, enterprises signed a contract to set up the first national L E D" standard optical components combined research alliance". The Union will jointly develop a unified standard optical components, in its push to become the national standard and international standard, to promote the development of the LED industry.

Due to the lack of standardized standardized optical assembly and lamp standards, coupled with the various enterprises of their existing facilities and equipment, the respective working basis and technological level of development is not balanced, causes the market the LED lighting applications product variety, different properties, poor interchangeability, to the whole industry development posed grim challenge, at the same time also to a certain extent, restricts the healthy development of LED lighting industry. Therefore, Guangdong province hall of science and technology and the national semiconductor lighting industry alliance project and the leading R & D standard optical components,air mouse will make full use of and use of Guangdong Province semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center platform, called the domestic industry leading enterprises, gather national and even global resources of high quality.

Guangdong Provincial Science and technology department deputy director Ye Jingtu said, standard optical components project research and Implementation on cultivating the national brand, breakthrough international patent blockade, coping with international competition in the market, research and development of core technologies are of great help, but also on the entire national L E D industry,operable wall and even the whole world LED industry development plays an important role in the drive effect of. Guangdong Province in the L E D lighting demonstration project priority procurement standard optical components.

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