Sunday, May 13, 2012

cancer treatment principles

Patients with advanced cancer treatment principles
Due to the limitations of the level of diagnosis and a number of other reasons, many cancer patients before a definitive diagnosis, Cancer Treatmentcourse of illness has reached an advanced stage; some patients despite found earlier, but due to inappropriate treatment, to effectively curb the development of the disease, so that appear, recurrence and metastasis, the course of the disease in the advanced stage.ocb1d2ccan
The course of disease development in each stage has its own characteristics, in the treatment, also should insist on different principles. In the advanced stage, some of the early metaphase can be implemented in the operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments become meaningless, while in patients with advanced cancer of the body conditions are relatively weak, for traumatic, aggressive treatment of difficult to tolerate. According to long-term accumulation of clinical experience, I think, in the treatment of patients with advanced cancer should pay attention to follow the following principles:

Overall treatment mainly, supplemented by local treatment. Cancer is a kind of systemic disease, its occurrence and development and a body of a patient 's internal environment, the natural environment, social environment and psychological environment are closely related. Cancer occurs early, patients body internal environment is very bad, tumor lesions is confined to one site, then we by surgical operation excision of the mass,gift and premiumn and is complemented by systemic treatment, often can obtain good effect. But by the late later, cancer cells have multiple disseminated systemic, topical therapy has no positive, but should focus on improving the body's internal environment, improve their holistic treatment on disease resistance.

Protective therapy, aggressive treatment of secondary. Advanced cancer patients because of multiple metastases, tumor operation brings organ defects, chemical drugs and radiation damage, its functions are very low. Then, the protection and improvement of the impaired organ function, should be our primary task. Traditional Chinese medicine is especially suitable for the treatment of advanced cancer, its advantage is that it is a moderate treatment method, it has no trauma, no toxic side effect, the balance of yin and Yang of conditioning, uphold, improve organ function, restrain tumor development. Traumatic treatment such as a special needs should be avoided.

Efforts to improve the quality of life of patients, not the blind pursuit of complete cure. Various chronic disease cure probability is not high, especially cancer especially for advanced cancer. For patients with advanced cancer, should be to reduce the pain, prolong survival, improve the quality of life as the center, treatment, rehabilitation and daily nursing work. Then, the blind pursuit of complete cure is an unrealistic idea, in this idea guidance, will often take extreme measures, but affect the treatment effect and even accelerated mortality in patients with. Advanced cancer patients should be mobilized in vivo positive factors, and tumor" peaceful coexistence", not by fighting and tumor perish together.

Build a positive attitude, avoiding pessimistic despair. Patients with mental state for the prognosis and outcome plays an important and even decisive role. Positive attitude, strong faith, is beneficial to human body immunity disease-resistant ability to play. According to traditional Chinese medicine, good emotion contributes to the righteousness of the germinal, Qi Sheng evil. Positive mental state is greater in patients with a normal diet, exercise, and actively cooperate with the treatment of the basic guarantee. Those who lose the spiritual support of patients,fahter day satisfactory therapeutic opportunities relatively much smaller

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