Wednesday, May 2, 2012

LED lighting applications in food of breakthrough

At present, the supermarket food especially cooked food, PC remote controlcold fresh foods, generally USES the fluorescent lighting. This kind of traditional high quantity of heat lighting system for meat or meat products will cause damage, but also in the plastic packaging is formed within the water vapor condense. In addition, the use of fluorescent lighting often let old customer feel dazzle eye, that they can't see the food situation. Recently, German researchers developed a new type of high brightness LED food even lighting technology, this technology to LED lighting and the technology integration, will be very good solve food lighting problem. It is reported, the researchers have developed two demonstration unit.

A: the glaring and uniform illumination device

Researchers use of high efficiency, high brightness LED light source, through the reflecting surface reflection realize lighting surface no glare expected effect. Now, researchers have developed using high reflection efficiency of aluminum coating the reflection lighting demonstration demonstration equipment, its lighting effect has already reached the uniform lighting optical requirements. Use of the technique can to vegetables, meat and roasted foods uniformity lighting, real reaction food natural colour.

2: intelligent lighting control device

The researchers also developed the LED illumination of intelligent control device. Through the sensor to monitor vegetables, meat or roasted foods radiation spectrum color west Sydney. According to the changes of the radiation spectrum, real-time adjust light intensity to the best lighting effect.

In the next stage, the researchers will focus on how will the two devices integration, design with the above two aspects the function of the new lighting technology products. The study by the German federal actuarial-oriented "HIREFLED" joint research project support. Germany's franco laser technology institute and Alanod, Alux-LuxarundBaero etc 3 enterprises jointly participate in the project development.

If the results are successful words, with LED lighting in place of the traditional lighting lamps and lanterns,bluetooth keyboard will make food extend shelf life, make the color of a food more real, more conducive to customers choose food. As people to continue to study the LED lighting, makes the advantage of LED lighting is more and more, believe that instead of traditional lighting lamps and LED lighting in all areas of the popularity of the time will not far.

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