Sunday, April 22, 2012

LED to raise the threshold of the industry

Closures, quality gates, without the standard, the popularity of hard ... ... This series of events is restricting our country LED lighting industry development, under this background, how to break through predicament to seek the sustainable development of the industry, became numerous LED enterprise faces test.
As the breach difficulty, recently, as the LED industry leading enterprises Dongguan KingSun photoelectric Co.,Yunzhi psp the company launched the " factory hatch a plan", will more than 10 years of successful exploration experience and technical R & D design platform, large-scale production capacity, business models and market operation experience with partners sharing, to provide to meet the different needs of the" service" and cover plant construction, operation, technology, marketing, capital operation, brand construction of one-stop service, with paid services in the form of a nationwide recycling a number of" ground " model factory.
Analysis of the industry, which not only means the LED industry disorder will be effectively reduced, LED industry standard establishment will be accelerated, at the appointed time, the national LED lighting industry will be a new face rise, to seize the market home and abroad.
As everyone knows, in recent years the domestic LED lighting industry is the development of blowout. However, this fiery development trend, LED lighting industry invests overheat obvious signs of. At the same time, the LED industry malign competition phenomenon began to appear. Guangri electrical general manager Wu Wenbin told reporters, the same power LED lighting product cost is the traditional lighting products3-4 times, but the market a large number of crudely made LED lighting products are low-priced market of race to control, greatly reducing the consumer confidence.
To this, industry insiders said, at present LED lighting products to promote the industry trend, rectify, normative market, to establish the LED lighting industry in the eyes of the consumer's credibility has become imminent.
" To the partners to provide the core module,PC remote sharing supply chain, and provide the production management, technology research and development, project inspection, project declaration, patent licensing, marketing strategy of all-round support" is the Dongguan ground photoelectric" factory hatch a plan to " the core content.
Ground the related responsible person said," we launched a plan, is expected to join the LED lighting enterprises can draw lessons from the experience we have explored, standing in the US on the basis of a better development, avoid to walk those we have traversed a tortuous path, as a result, enterprises have to improve production chain and is no longer difficult, investment can get a reasonable planning, product quality has safeguard. Only we work together, share experience, continuous progress, we can make the LED industry to develop faster, catch up with international standards. "
Industry sources, this program promotion, must make LED industry are blind investment, malign competition phenomenon is reduced, a new LED industry appearance will also set up, the benefit of LED lighting products in the domestic market popularity.
But in recent years, the domestic LED lighting industry frequency business failures, the product quality problems, industry, main source is the home of LED lighting industry lacks the standard. To develop standards, and it is a high starting point of the standard, the overall level of the industry must first mention. The ground photoelectric relevant responsible person told the reporter, as the earlier group into the LED lighting industry enterprises, has been very concerned about the domestic ground photoelectric LED lighting standards, the factory hatch a plan to also hope to promote Guangdong Province to take the lead in establishing LED lighting standard. According to introducing, on one hand, the ground photoelectric will through the sharing of resources to help domestic LED lighting enterprises to enhance their own level of strength; on the other hand, the ground photoelectric joint cooperative enterprises, in the LED illumination technical standard research,windsor health develop, use and services in areas such as nonprofit technology cooperation, to reach the industry consensus, so as to promote the whole industry high standards play a role, promote the benign development of the industry.

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