Monday, July 25, 2011

greatest outlets mode resolution

The lamps and laterns illuminate the profession four greatest outlets mode resolution
According to understanding, the lamps and laterns profession mainly follows to use four greatest outlets mode currently:The brand acts for mode and keep camp mode, engineering mode and network marketing mode.The product category of management is different, at the different development stage, the outlet mode that business enterprise adopts doesn't exert a homology as well.

The brand acts for mode:Is still main current
Need not to doubt, even if on today in"the outlet overcomes, the terminal is a king", brand's acting for mode still keep being the most familiar and the most universal outlet mode in lamps and laterns profession.So-called brand agency means, the goods of factory house pass many business agents of layer classes, several after turning a hand sell to an end consumer.The ownership of merchandise still keeps belonging to a factory house, business agent in the middle of acting for business, the representative factory house invites customer, invite order and sign contract, and earning profits excess fare from low buy Gao to sell.

Before the brand acts for mode to appear, the lamps and laterns profession is placed in a kind of appearance that spreads goods management.Factory house and of store are just a kind of simple business relation and there is basically no after-sales service.Because Be tossed about to everywhere toward the factory house enter the goods have high cost and wholesale board of trade possibly and fix minority of a few factory houses into the goods at this time.Turn worse along with development and competition of profession in the meantime, the store that start sieving a high-quality store, try a firmness superior quality in the factory house, promote goods frequency and amount in the entering of store.Hence, start many productions of items, conditionally buy on credit, sell countermarch to change a rate...etc..Thus, wholesale dealer's relationship with factory house in this time is opposite stable, although return just business relation, the cooperation contained the match to definitely continue sex and mutual.

And then, along with the further development of lamps and laterns profession, on the other hand, product category and style of factory house are gradually abundant, almost and exclusively can satisfy the wholesale dealer's need;On the other hand, the business agent also requests district to protect.Hence, the brand of lamps and laterns profession acts for mode to emerge with the tide of the times.The brand agency mode owns united image and certain brand public appeal, store also need not give a lot of care the ground seek a source.The factory house provides to definitely train and start practice management support for the store, but the factory house also has a set of strict system request to the store, like image demonstration, spread goods, settle accounts etc..

After getting into 2000, brand monopoly store mode gradually the rise come.The monopoly store owns good brand image demonstration, the product category is as more as style, the price is also opposite stable, be advantageous to the brand of factory house to create and obtain a terminal sale information in time.These special advantages make the lamps and laterns factory house all strengthened monopoly store construction.However, particularly sell mode comprehension to the real brand because of a lot of factory houses currently not good enough, the product line is weak and lack various reasons, such as professional marketing and service team...etc., the monopoly store mode of lamps and laterns business enterprise still the existence win benefit to have weak ability and cheat an etc. phenomenon, the monopoly store mode seems to be not in the lamps and laterns profession performance the fire is not.

choose light taboo

Those have to make you let go of choose light taboo
The light is like eye and bring bright world, but isn't the lights that you like can be used to decorate living quarters.Choose a light to have so which"love but have to release"s of taboo?

Light shape in the living room doesn't be too unusual
The living room space signs a light, desk lamp with decorate for lord, function for assist of design.Signing the light, desk lamp is the assistance light source that matches each space, for the sake of easy to match with space coordination, shape too the geezer lamp is unwell proper.If the room is lower, can use to absorb a light to add floor lamp, so, the living room then seems to be clear quickly generous, have the feeling in ages.The floor lamp goes together with by sofa and goes together with the adornment craft desk lamp again on the sofa on the side tea side-table, or nearby wall up setting lower bracket lamp, so, not only have part lighting while reading a book, and still increased the atmosphere of warm river crab while receiving guest confabulation.

The bedroom doesn't be used to absorb a light
The bedroom generally doesn't need very strong ray, on the color the tone that had better choose soft warmth, contribute to the atmosphere that sets off by contrast a comfortable sweet like this.Can replace a central crest of the indoor with the bracket lamp, floor lamp light.The bracket lamp is proper to use surface of bright degree low diffusion material lampshade, can make the bedroom seemed to be ray so soft, benefit in take a rest.Can use the son female desk lamp on the bedstand, the headlight reads lighting, the small light is provided for nighttime to get up to use.Moreover, can still just bedstand next or low short place last footlight to Anne, in order to prevent's rising is stimulated by strong light in night.

Choose a light, is that the door says difficult is not difficult either, say easily not easy knowledge also, but understand some taboos that choose a light, then can help you choose forever an adoring lamp.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Led ushered in the opportunity

Rare earth price all the way, not only raise the energy-saving lamp market price, also let a month ago just winning the Guo Jia efficient lighting products in the promotion of the project ( hereinafter referred to as the" energy-saving lamps promotion project" ) 26 be in a nice hobble home lighting manufacturers.
On July 19th, chairman Wu Changjiang at the NVC OCA lighting and service partners signing Conference on" First Financial Daily" said, because of the rare earth price rises considerably, NVC energy-saving lamps products has increased prices into more than one.

" Because of energy-saving lamp cost rise too fast, has made the CFL promotional project some manufacturers produced retreat meaning, in which there are individual international brand manufacturers." TCL lighting a middle-level expresses, because all major lighting manufacturers in 3 months for energy-saving lamps promotion projects, both at cost price or slightly lower than cost price to grab a single, until the middle of June announced the results of the successful bidder after, energy-saving lamps cost difference. If you continue in accordance with the bid price execution, the enterprises may face huge losses.

" From the successful lighting manufacturers feedback situation, this year's Guo Jia energy-saving lamp to promote the project into a ' hot potato '." The TCL lighting middle.

Be in a dilemma
A reporter from the China Electronics Import and Export Corporation website to the 2011 Guo Jia," the promotion of efficient lighting products project" includes a total of 8 classification of product package, HPS, three color high frequency double end fluorescent lamp and support and general lighting self-ballasted fluorescent lamp 3 products, and the three primary colors of high-frequency double-capped fluorescent lamps and support and general lighting self-ballasted fluorescent lamp winning enterprises amounted to 26.

Among them, the integrity of the Fujian lighting company and the Thorpe letter Jiangxi Industrial Company 5W" U" type energy-saving lamp wins the bid price respectively is 6.60 yuan and 6.39 yuan / only / just.

" The price is now impossible, is definitely a loss." The TCL lighting middle pointed out, Guo Jia bidding products energy-saving lamps will be using three color phosphor, according to this calculation, 5W energy saving lamp cost at least 7 yuan, also do not include logistics, marketing and other expenses.

It is reported, this invite public bidding is Guo Jia energy-saving lamps promotion project carried out since fourth years invite public bidding, according to the Guo Jia development and Reform Commission to develop energy-saving lamps promotion plan, plans in 2011 to promote energy-saving lamps more than 150000000 above. According to" the promotion of efficient lighting products financial subsidies to fund management Interim Measures", the Ministry of Finance for urban and rural residents per user energy-saving lamps according to the winning bid price of 50% subsidies.

The company Philips Lighting and Topstar responsible person expresses to our newspaper reporter, the bid price is 3 month cost price, now energy-saving lamp cost rises quickly, companies are facing great pressure to operate. Topstar relevant responsible person said, the current Guo Jia energy-saving lamps promotion project is still in the process of subcontracting, the manufacturers need to complete the energy-saving lamps to promote quantity has not specific to implement it, so many manufacturers have been through the China Association of lighting and Guo Jia departments in negotiating a solution.

High Technology Industry Research Institute president Zhang Xiaofei investigation in Xiamen lighting manufacturers are aware of, including the Zhejiang sun and Topstar, successful enterprises in the 7 month is devoted to research the matter, whether Guo Jia to relevant departments for the greater amount of subsidies.

LED lighting welcome opportunity
" Energy-saving lamps rise in price, also become the development of LED lighting market opportunity." Honeywell Lonon general manager Deng Chaomin said, the short term, energy-saving lamps prices may rise in price to rise with rare earth, and LED lighting chip prices are falling, so the company intends to borrow the Wal-Mart supermarket comprehensive use of Honeywell Lonon LED lighting product model projects, to accelerate the expansion of domestic business LED lighting market.

Based on the same reasons, Wu Changjiang also said that this year, LED lighting products accounted for the proportion of the total income of NVC will from last year 2% up to 5%, is expected within five years of LED lighting products accounted for the total income proportion will reach 50%. The NVC around 70% products are energy-saving lamps products.

" The ground 5W LED bulb last year the price is 50 yuan, has now dropped to 30 yuan." The ground photoelectric chairman Li Xuliang pointed out, the past domestic LED lighting products has been caused because the price is exorbitant, market size is too small, but now the domestic lighting market has gradually set up a LED lighting popularize storm. ETI ( 002005.SZ ) chairman Wang Donglei at the beginning of this year also had said, when LED products and energy-saving lamps products price is only 1.2 when magnification, LED lighting market will suddenly enlarged.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Pulse LED lighting

China led lighting industry develops momentum strong, but the industry still exist the lack of core technology, innovation capacity is insufficient, the problem such as the disorder of market competition. Thermal industry encounters the cold market is the largest cause of LED illumination energy-saving does not save money, high cost makes many of LED lighting needs of businesses and individuals and step back. Is there a pattern, can save both energy and money? Contract energy management ( EMC ) could play a role in the promotion of LED lighting industry?
EMC LED mixed mode combination
LED lighting and energy management contract the initial binding is from Guo Jia" ten city lights" pilot project started. At that time, a city only replacing part of the street lamps need to spend tens of millions of yuan of funds, no Zheng Fu or the municipal sector is willing and able to come up with so much Qian Lai test. In this case, the advantages of EMC mode is reflected. In this mode, professional energy-saving technology services company to accept customer ( energy-saving business owners ) entrust, with customers through energy services contract signed with funds, the implementation of energy-saving projects, to provide energy-saving transformation of the necessary equipment, technology, capital and other all in one service, and customers through the energy saved cost benefit. This approach solves the LED street lamp demonstration project investment is large, the problem of high risk, but also to protect the production, consumption and finance three party to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks, realize the" Zheng Fu, enterprises, the public" three win-win.
Thereafter, in the LED illumination project uses the EMC pattern in the process, Guo Jia and local Zheng Fu also took a positive support and encouragement policy.
However, with the" Ten City Cup" project development, many problems have emerged: some LED street lamp manufacturers in order to get the project, malicious compression EMC project implementation period, resulting in its run behind one's expenses, have to adopt shoddy and other measures to remedy; due to the lack of * * third party to the assessment of project of energy saving, users and energy service company on energy-saving effect of a user or not; breach of contract to the energy service company payment, causing energy service company capital difficulty; services provided by energy service companies due to the lack of fixed assets and other reason is very difficult to banks and other financial institutions to apply for loan financing ... ... The emergence of these problems, leading to a lot of energy service companies struggling.
Malignant competition into the biggest obstacle
Watch from the market, LED lighting project profit is not particularly high, this is not timely financing is the key. In the EMC model is successful LED lighting project, internal rate of return and some even up to 17%, and the yield is also in EMC contract period of 5 years or even longer time to be able to reach the. Now, some companies in order to be able to get the project, will propagate contract cycle can be signed for 3 years or less. Depress price, compressed EMC execution cycle by means of a malicious competition, causing the project to users that LED lighting project is a high return even sudden huge profits, which could further depress the energy services company profit even living space. This industry environment will cause unreasonable EMC projects fail, has seriously affected the normal energy service company business and even survival.
From the industry perspective, China now for the LED lighting project of energy service companies are mostly small and medium enterprises, in the market are in a weak position. In the early communication with the owners, these enterprise qualification under suspicion, the owners make to its saving promises cannot fully trust. At the same time, LED during the project execution, energy companies will face the challenge of energy saving new technology new product, benefit drops, the owners default, Zheng Fu electrovalency is adjusted wait for a series of problems.
From the service aspect, the market is badly in need of professional LED lighting project of the energy services company. At present, in the LED illumination to project energy service company is divided into two main categories: in a class by LED lighting products manufacturing enterprises derived from, because the EMC project by LED products from the production, will show a" energy service companies that sell products of another kind of understanding;" energy service company is in the original energy-saving service content joined LED lighting part, due to the LED illumination particularity, if business is not based on project specific situation of light design, it becomes a simple replacement of light bulbs, lamp, may seriously affect the project energy-saving effect, easy to cause the EMC project and the user side of the contradiction, even lead to project failure. Therefore, the establishment of professional, * * in the LED energy saving lighting services company imminent. Professional companies to LED lighting and EMC organic combination, can promote the benign development of industry.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

LED lighting market competitive positioning

At present, LED lighting industry has been formed in the United States, Asia, Europe three major regional dominant industry distribution in a situation of tripartite confrontation and competition pattern. In energy saving and emission reduction trend in the circumstances, faced with a huge market opportunity and so crazy lighting market competition, the world 's major suit LED enterprises in research and development efforts, new technology has made breakthrough progress in the LED lighting technology innovation pace is being accelerated ceaselessly. Identify and consolidation in the lighting market competitive positioning. ! K8 N5 m #? 7 I : Q2 O9}
# d ~ + - U ) M $K0 Z v& \
International Nichia chemical synthesis, Toyota, OSRAM, Philips, career, five giants monopoly of the high-end product market, the five big enterprises in product and market characteristics, are formed in the LED complete industrial chain. They use the new products and new technology in the field of innovation advantage, mainly engaged in products with high added value production.
+ L + R6 J0 K% C
* A, I: S! G $ C: F { Q4 M1 F domestic market situation!
1 K9 k n L0 L% e # ; _ 9 L, a; P1 X2 R; o $ B1 [ M )
Emerging markets of Russia in Gao Da 166.8%, South America market, an increase of about 121%, the Middle East market rate has reached 43%, the African growth is relatively slow with only 14%. In the emerging market, only the ASEAN market exit does not rise to fall instead, than the same period last year dropped 8.6%. 9 V2 ' E0 ' n 9 I - P . B ]
5 ` a 'P H # # Z $ N. ` the lighting industry problems, mainly in the long-term development of the strategic consciousness is not strong, quick action is outstanding, product quality and the lack of effective control, to export the low-end market, market competition ability is weaker, these both support and regulatory focus, also be industrial structure optimization the upgrade of the difficulty and focus. The first half of the year, by the international economic recovery favorable factors, Zhongshan lighting products export growth year-on-year, but the export process, product quality and the lack of effective control, to export the low-end market, market competition ability is weak wait for a problem to still more outstanding. 5 J. {"? 3 F Y9 B0 H P ( H3 #
( U "x& C Z8 M; H1 Y l& w #
In the lighting industry the existing problems at present, Zhongshan inspection and Quarantine Bureau since the second half of 2009, the increase of production enterprises of assistance, with the promotion of new classification management, planned, targeted the dispatch of business backbone to help enterprises find the problem and an antidote against the disease, encourage enterprises to take the quality, brand. Since 2008, by the United States, the European high-end market encounters the subprime crisis and the credit crisis of Greece, many Zhongshan electric light source and lighting enterprises to develop in low-end products in the Middle East, South America, ASEAN, for the pursuit of profit blindly to meet customers low-cost requirements, reduce export lamps in the overall quality. Among them, energy-saving lamps, outdoor lights, LED lights of the more prominent. 3 V9 L1 U5 Z X7 L; _ )
: V $ @ & H C% J / G - F $ { 2011 market positioning of core competitive ability _ % f ' S8 C& N) ^ {! @ ; U
+ X $a $ o% U6 l traditional lighting giant introduced new LED light source, accelerate the formation of a new business model. Governments actively develop environmental regulations prohibit the use of incandescent lamps. In addition, it is worth mentioning is that the Chinese industry of Taiwan area LED rise rapidly in recent years and its chip yield and encapsulation yield occupies world first place. Data shows, our country Taiwan product market share in the world 60% above, but its products can not enter the first echelon.
, L8 Z + U1 [1 p;? K . S, A4 H1 P _ % {U + A
As a result of the global lighting electricity topped the annual total electricity consumption 20%, with up to 90% of the electric energy is converted into heat energy consumption, is not cost-effective, in environmental protection, energy saving considerations, LED lighting has quickly become a popular technology and industry. At the same time, governments actively develop environmental protection laws and regulations, in the market and regulations double interest stimulation, global LED industry showed rapid growth trend.
2 S + y% E0 W& Y0 {3 X
- I6 K, m T2 \ : ( ~ hLED lighting produced efficiency obviously. Australia in 2007 in the world's first introduced to prohibit the use of incandescent lamp regulations, the EU also in 2009 March through the incandescent lamp and regulations. Therefore, the two major international traditional lighting company Philips and OSRAM in recent years has accelerated in the field of LED lighting layout. They entered the LED to promote the rapid development of the lighting market, but also to speed up the LED technical progress pace. 4 V I, T9 I # @) (` J3 w
+ ~ % W / g; N + Y4 ~ LED lighting advantage it is self-evident. LED LED lamp with high efficiency, long life, its luminous efficiency can reach 2.5 times of fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp 13 times. Incandescent lamp luminous efficiency is very low, only 5% of the electrical energy into light, 95% of the electrical energy into heat waste. As the LED industry lighting in the area of rapid development, the traditional lighting giant hope through the introduction of the new light source design and lighting products more innovative. Therefore, LED lighting and lighting the traditional two areas is gradually become, accelerate the formation of a new lighting business model, which is very beneficial to the rapid popularization and use of LED lighting.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

LED illuminates lamp

LED illuminates lamp the power to drive the related request of chip to the low pressure:
1.The mark that drives chip calls importation electric voltage the scope should satisfy DC8-40 Vs and apply the demand of noodles by overlay and bear to press such as can be bigger than a 45 Vs better;The simple bridge type commutates machine exportation when the AC 12 Vs or 24 Vs input electric voltage will with charged barbed wire net electric voltage motion, especially the electric voltage outputted while being higher the direct current electric voltage will be also higher and drive IC such as can not adapt to breadth electric voltage scope, usually will be broked through when the charged barbed wire net electric voltage goes up, the LED light source consequently is destroyed by fire.

2.The mark that drives chip calls to output electric current to have big request at the 1.2-1.5 As, is LED that illuminates to use light source, LED of the 1 W power light source its mark calls that the work electric current is a 350 mAs, LED of the 3 W power light source its mark calls work electric current as a 700 mAs, power greatly of need larger electric current, therefore LED illuminate the driving IC of lamp choice must have enough electric current exportation, must make to drive an IC work while designing a product at full negative output's 70-90% best work districts.Use driving of full negative exportation electric current the IC spread heat in the lamp narrow and small space Chang not, easy tired and lost efficacy in early days.

3.The exportation electric current that drives chip must last long Heng to settle, the LED light source then can stabilize to give out light, and the bright degree can't gleam;The same batch drive chip the usage is under the equal condition, it outputs electric current size to want to be consistent possibly, is also long-lost to have to be small, automating to produce on-line production in large numbers of quantity like this then can effectively and have a preface;If there is to the exportation electric current a driving of long-lost chips definitely necessarily choosing, the factory or devotion production line is at before divide file, the resistivity size of electric current enactment electric resistance(Rs) of the adjustment PCB plank, make of the LED lamp Heng of the production flow to drive plank consistent to the giving out light of the same kind LED light source bright degree, keep the consistency of end product.

4.Driving sealing of chip to pack should be advantageous to drive a chip tube Xin of quickly spread heat, such as bind tube Xin(Die) directly settle on the coin, also a Pin directly extend to seal to pack an outside, easy to directly weld a knothole copper the screen is at PCB up quickly transmit heat.Such as at an is similar to a 4 X4 mm of Huo slice tube Xin up, pass the electric current with 300-1000 mAs for a long time, by all means have a great achievement to consume, by all means will have fever, chip of physics spread hot structure is also to pass important.
5.Drive anti- EMI of chip, noise and bear high-handed ability to also relate to the whole LED the lamp product can pass attestations, such as CE and UL...etc. smoothly, therefore drive chip is designing Yi to start the production craft that will choose the excellent Tuo plain structure and high pressure.

6.The achievement of driving the chip oneself consumes to have small request at the 0.5 Ws, the switch works the frequency request is bigger than a 120 Hzs, in order to prevent work repeatedly interference but creation it is thus clear that gleam.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

LED industry

According to Guo Jia semiconductor lighting industry alliance project and ( CSA ) data shows, in 2010 China's LED market scale will reach 100000000000 yuan. Predict 2015 domestic LED market will reach 500000000000 Yuan, annual compound growth rate will reach 38%. Such data would mean that the LED industry has broad market capacity, which is expected to give birth to new high growth investment opportunity.
Think Zhongyuan securities, global industrial upgrading, in the low-end production capacity will be transferred to the territory. Taiwan, South Korea LED company by price Zhan Jinjun high-end LED field, and Europe and the United States, Japan enterprise form intense competition. Taiwan and South Korea in low-end production to be pulled out, and transferred to the territory. Foreign funded enterprises and the increase in domestic enterprises expansion together in the low-end production transfer, China's LED enterprises are facing opportunities, chip enterprise benefit most.
Shenyin Wanguo Securities Research Institute recommendations, areas upstream in the release of production capacity is expected to fall in price, may appear, pay attention to use the differentiation strategy of Kingsland and dry as photoelectric; downstream is concerned to actively intervene in LED lighting yankon.
Hundred gold Advisory Council that, there are two stocks can be an active interest, a large variety of capacity development efforts. Dry as photoelectric, Chau Ming technology such as the recent listing of new shares, with the IPO project to raise funds, performance is expected to grow rapidly. Two is in line with the trend of industry development of the LED concept, in which the Denon photoelectric, BDO stocks is so.
Rare earth price rises continuously energy-saving lighting a booming market
Recent high-profile events rare earth rises in price, make its raw materials for energy saving lighting market greatly affected.
Raw material price instability, not allow investors to halt, attracted more capital into energy-saving lighting market, and the energy-saving lighting market is generally high. Experts said, now is the best time to enter the city, energy-saving lighting stock within half year is expected to keep rising.
According to the energy saving lighting network information display, as a result of policy and market reasons in many aspects, 2010, Chinese LED general lighting market scale growth exceeded 150%, become the fastest growing LED applications.
In the LED illumination driving, to 2015, the global LED market will maintain an average annual growth rate of more than 30%.
China is rare 2011 earth once appeared the crisis led to the rare earth production, prices continue to climb, break through the history of critical point. Because of the rare earth such strategic material trade protection considerations, Guo Jia will further restrict the tungsten, rare earth exploitation amount and export quotas, which will be conducive to stabilize the price of the rare earth. But at the same time also said, rare earth price will still in a stable and sustained growth, it is very difficult to be expected to fall.
In energy saving and emission reduction and low carbon economy drive below, domestic energy-saving lamp market penetration speed. Compared with the traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps, LED energy-saving lamp with good lighting effect, high safety, low carbon, energy-saving advantages.
In the raw material market rises in price cause energy-saving lighting product cost under the premise of improving, LED energy-saving lamp market demand also is rising trend. So in the next two years, energy-saving lighting market is still the most popular investment market, a conservative estimate of the annual energy saving lighting market total investment will exceed 40000000000 yuan.
The various favourable factors contrast, several large energy-saving lighting listed company for example Hongli photoelectric, YANKON, FSL etc, share price all appears of different level rise, which Hongli photoelectric in this year by the industry in 22.97 ~ 26.79 yuan valuation, more than 30% increase in space, and several other firms good ascendant space.