Monday, July 25, 2011

choose light taboo

Those have to make you let go of choose light taboo
The light is like eye and bring bright world, but isn't the lights that you like can be used to decorate living quarters.Choose a light to have so which"love but have to release"s of taboo?

Light shape in the living room doesn't be too unusual
The living room space signs a light, desk lamp with decorate for lord, function for assist of design.Signing the light, desk lamp is the assistance light source that matches each space, for the sake of easy to match with space coordination, shape too the geezer lamp is unwell proper.If the room is lower, can use to absorb a light to add floor lamp, so, the living room then seems to be clear quickly generous, have the feeling in ages.The floor lamp goes together with by sofa and goes together with the adornment craft desk lamp again on the sofa on the side tea side-table, or nearby wall up setting lower bracket lamp, so, not only have part lighting while reading a book, and still increased the atmosphere of warm river crab while receiving guest confabulation.

The bedroom doesn't be used to absorb a light
The bedroom generally doesn't need very strong ray, on the color the tone that had better choose soft warmth, contribute to the atmosphere that sets off by contrast a comfortable sweet like this.Can replace a central crest of the indoor with the bracket lamp, floor lamp light.The bracket lamp is proper to use surface of bright degree low diffusion material lampshade, can make the bedroom seemed to be ray so soft, benefit in take a rest.Can use the son female desk lamp on the bedstand, the headlight reads lighting, the small light is provided for nighttime to get up to use.Moreover, can still just bedstand next or low short place last footlight to Anne, in order to prevent's rising is stimulated by strong light in night.

Choose a light, is that the door says difficult is not difficult either, say easily not easy knowledge also, but understand some taboos that choose a light, then can help you choose forever an adoring lamp.

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