Tuesday, October 11, 2011

person worry

The China LED industry circumstances makes the person worry
German lighting industry tycoon department Lang company(Osram) in Europe recently for increase he or she is illuminating the portfolio of the system and software of the control, energy management, passed investment company to procure a science and technology company.Now, this science and technology company has become Europe to take charge of a part that the Lang commonness illuminates.Pass this time procure, department Lang in Europe hopes to extend and make stronger its business position in energy efficiency, and lend this further development LED the business.

There has been the bright foreground that many companies see LED as increase engine in fact, this certainly doesn't lack a Chinese business enterprise as well among them.But, the road of the development of the industry of China LED is also not flat.

Global market:I am second half year of to slightly show "tired Tai"
Europe takes charge of Lang commonness to illuminate a radical seat executive officer the Man(Klaus-G ΓΌ nterVennemann) inside the aroma say:"Today, the energy consumption that global lighting needs has 20% that the global electricity energy consumes.In the United States, illuminate of the energy depletion has a business building the electricity consumes of 30% is and the rise, according to business building the Yu raise the need of energy efficiency also at continuously increment."

Obviously, on the market, world's each company's acceptance of persons to the LED industry isn't accidental.The Ao China energy technique consults general manager, Wang Jian Ying, of the company to say to the reporter:"From economize on energy an environmental protection, the LED industries all have revolution meaning.Of so widely be subjected to acceptance of persons, is because it compares traditional lighting can be economical at least 300% ability effects.And, the LED industry is opposite to also have a remarkable progress in past on the craft and have radiation Gao and consume to give or get an electric shock little, long life span and easy control, don't need maintenance, the characteristics of safe environmental protection."

See currently, be subjected to macroscopic economy influence, second half year of this year, the LED profession contains not optimistic economic prosperity, the downstream need will load very big profession pressure.Medium hurl adviser deluxe researcher He point out in R.O.C, because global economy indetermination strengthens, LED terminal need the foreground is weak, manufacturer's scale turns reduction productivity, and the supplier stock number also immediately descends.But at the same time, because the outlet circulates a period to continuously shorten, the efficiency significantly promoted and delivered goods to expect to widespreadly shorten, the customer waits for time lowering, therefore, the stock appearance didn't bring market bigger influence at present, contrary, the market vivid is stronger.

Chinese business enterprise:Struggle in the downstream market bitter bitterness
"25" periods, LED the light source technique is been included in strategic newly arisen industry by China.Illuminates the statistics data that engineering development and industry alliance(CSA) release according to the guo jia semi-conductor, January, this year goes to July, the China LED profession plan adds investment total amount to reach to 125,600,000,000 dollars.According to understanding, upper stream Chen bottom and outside postpone chip is point and heat of investment to order, business enterprise's running about wildly an onrushing power head still doesn't reduce.

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