Sunday, October 30, 2011

led home lighting

The floodlight(the indoor) of LED and LED street lamp and common floodlight good and bad
The bright degree is low, the price is expensive, the LED fluorescent lamp wants to buy 200 to go to 300 more, but common of fluorescent lamp connect the support just want 20 to come to dollar, again lead a decade and eight years, probably bright degree and price should like, LED all uses to use much in showing to hold and decorating light now, I am to do LED product, if you call my home to illuminate a product with LED, I affirmation don't want, is still a traditional fluorescent lamp, economize on energy a light friendly, utility, bright degree Gao.

If you say LED uses on the street lamp on Malaysia road, don't knock down just strange, the LED weakness is that the artillery range is short, the ray shines on not and far, at the time that close quarter saw, you would feel it's very bright in fact and otherwise.Gao Gan Deng of Malaysia road both sides is all generally 5,6 meters high, LED's shining on on the road noodles is already a nothing important light, if use park and path up, bright degree place with not high request, pack isn't a very high street lamp can also had better be solar, the electricity chargeses all save, didn't give or get an electric shock of time can order previous 23.Or are the method that traditional light source and LED combine, the first half night is used traditional light source lighting, the later half of the night uses LED when the person is little light source lighting.

However personal think that the street lamp still keeps hasing no traditional economy energy light currently and stews to turn a thing light, Na light the economy is friendly, LED the quality of the profession is getting more lousy too much now, LED says is use till 100,000 hours, if make into a lamp, with another electronics component combine together be not so returned to matter, the other electronics component life span is generally several ten thousand hours, now a lot of factory house is to use a second-hand electronics component(the factory house of especially ancient town), the life span said nothing of and plused outdoor usage environment to influence, the quality good LED lighting product may have life span for 4-50,000 hour, the quality differs of 5,000 hours all have no, this is also the LED profession price to differ very great reason currently.

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