Monday, October 31, 2011

benefit optoelectronics

Start a business the plank greatly order a soldier:White light the group leader Hong benefit optoelectronics
Hong benefit optoelectronics(300219)
Total subscribed capital:123,000,000
Circulate subscribed capital:31,000,000
The first 3 quarterses of this year each income:0.48 dollars
The company is the white light(LED) that the domestic leads to seal to pack a business enterprise, LED produced spare part product already succeed Be applied to Olympic Games opening ceremony programs, such as"starlight", "five wreaths of Olympic Games"s and"astronaut"...etc. in Peking.After several years of rapid development, the company has become domestic to have the LED of competition ability to pack one of the business enterprises most now.

The company announced the first 3 quarter currently degree accomplishment, the net profit is smooth to increase is sooner low than a revenue to increase one of the soon main reasons is a high new technique business enterprise income tax special discount to end at the beginning of this year.

In 6 the end of the months, this year, the company has already handed in a high new technique business enterprise to appeal trial material, is being placed in Mr. to approve a period after showing currently.[One light of]I think, say with the technique real strenght of the company and the policy direction of the guo jia, the company is affirmed for the high new technique business enterprise is probably lead affairs.

The company is a local white light LED spare part group leader, BE[one light]LED illuminate of be subjected to one of the benefit objects most directly.The strategy from the company to see, from seal and pack to application extension, will form positive interaction in these two links, promote a competition ability and lower risk.

The peaceful stock certificate gives "increase to hold" the rating
Company at apply the carrying out of link corpus Lai the emperor is second to illuminate(whole property subsidiary) to get to review "2011 the middle of the years, the country illuminates an electric appliances to have competition ability brand most ", suggest investor of"increase to hold".

OFweekLED illuminates lighting net steven analysis:

The Hong benefit optoelectronics becomes available in the market the stock price is more steady, its limit sells and becomes available in the market the date is May 18, 2012, the amount attains 9,094,400, the distance lifts the ban tide and still has equal period of time, and in the near future policy benefit very repeatedly, LED industry subsidy the policy have already hoped a set and pack a leadership business enterprise to the local white light LED to say, this is the biggest benefit good, and the opposite and local other LED packs a listed company, thunder Man lord offends LED and shows to hold, the Rui plentiful advantage doesn't only seal and pack in the white, Hong benefit the optoelectronics is opposite but speech at[one light]LED the lighting subdivide realm and have advantage most .

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