Sunday, October 9, 2011

invests construction LED

Sun river, Gao Xin Qu, invests construction LED
Recently, sun river City held Gao Xin Qu's business enterprise to finish construction hurl to produce and begin to work to constuct a celebration ceremony rites.On the celebration ceremony rites, Gao Xin Qu declares that 31 business enterprises finish construction hurl to produce, 10 business enterprises begin to work construction and include among them drive be included in Guangdong of the guo jia 863 plan items virtuous industry limited company.This marks that Gao Xin Qu canvasses business to lead property and development to constuct to ascend new step again.

Sun river City tall new technique development area total area is 45.6 square kilometers, from face the harbor industrial park, the Kingsoft run by private capital science and technology park and stand harbor science and technology park, white stone Gang science and technology industrial park, sharp mountain science and technology park, proud Yang science and technology start a business the park and city is north run by private capital science and technology etc.7 gardens in park constitute.Its industry development direction point is electronics information, only machine electricity the integral whole turn, the living creature engineering technique, ocean resources development, new industries, such as material and environmental protection...etc., also encourage to reform a traditional industry by high new technique in the meantime.

The Gao Xin Qu's commission relevant representative director introduces, this 41 business enterprises always invest 2,500,000,000 dollars and all Be finished to reach postnatal period production value 6,700,000,000 dollars increase more than 300,000,000 dollars of revenue from tax annually for year.Than these data more"the chicken moves" public BE, don't lack an intensive type of techniques, such as new energy and new material...etc. in these business enterprises business enterprise, will make Gao Xin Qu's"tall and new"s two words can show more, the virtuous industry limited company is to represent among them in Guangdong.

The virtuous industry limited company invests construction LED to produce base item and covers 100,000 square meters and invests USD 22,000,000 at Gao Xin Qu in Guangdong, anticipating the production value will reach to 960,000,000 dollars, head's expecting engineering will be finished in 2014, the specialized production is applied to a modern after being finished agriculture of don't  illuminate LED lamp.Breaks ground to begin to work in the middle of Guangdong along with the virtuous industry limited company, a be included in guo jia 863 plans, attain the level of global forerunner of the high new technique will carry out a result conversion at river City, Gao Xin Qu, of sun.

The medium virtuous company is a virtuous property business enterprise, that business enterprise gets into Asia to go into business for longer than 20 years and gets into China to go into business for longer than 15 years.Germany covers surname the general manager of the company and Guangdong president MR is in the virtuous industry limited company.Water Mr. Gebhardt said while accepts interviewing, they hoped the production value in year attains an amount of investment of 10 times, under the background of global economy recession, they were very careful to this investment and chosed an address to carry on in the world to investigate for business enterprise and finally fell a sun river, because sun river, Gao Xin Qu, left to them the deepest impression is solid to do.

Our country the start carried out a high technique research in November, 1986 the development plan(call 863 plan) , after more than 20 years of implementation, emolliently promoted high technique in China and its industry development.Prop up a not illuminating of the modern agriculture LED lamp product of all of the techniques call to is a LED light in the modern agriculture realm applied technique, that technique development team comes from the Nanking agriculture university, Guangdong ocean university.The team leads long person, Xu Zhi, just professor said, facilities agriculture, factory's turning an agriculture was very huge to didn't  illuminate LED need of the lamp, the investigation measured to calculate the market cake of was in above 800,000,000,000 dollars.Therefore, that technique is been included in guo jia 863 plan.

The sun river is placed in the middle district of bead triangle and Yue west, sun river, Gao Xin Qu, establishes till now from 2003, already the total amount usher in item 127, the total investment is 29,200,000,000 dollars, 2010 among those years usher in item 56, the total investment is 6,000,000,000 dollars.All of these items are built up to throw postnatal period, various index signs such as industrial production value, revenue from tax and employment post etc. will have a significant growth.

Ocean university Doctor of Guangdong and associate professor's teacher text celebrates to mean, don't  illuminate LED lamp after the ocean industry applies completely, can add production value to count 10,000,000,000 dollars annually, that product can in the sun river's yield, not only can form adding of industry economy a little bit long, also can consumedly promote sun river City is to the ocean economy of the Guangdong province development level.

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