Wednesday, October 19, 2011

strategic alliance completely

The Si Parker's optoelectronics opens LED to illuminate the outlet strategic alliance completely
The Hui astute LED holds a net 20 are the newly arisen industries that economizes on energy an environmental protection for October, LED illuminated to deliver under State Department lately of 《"25" economy energy reduced a row comprehensive sex work project 》BE fully paid attention to by policy.That project definitely points out to speed a facilities economy energy reformation, strictly using can manage, the guide consumes behavior and expands an usage to efficiently economize on energy an appliance and illuminate a product in the residents.And take"the semi-conductor illuminates" into "the enlargement economy energy reduces a row technique the industry turn demonstration" item.

Illuminate the rapid development of industry along with the last few years LED, the our country LED production value scale attains 126,000,000,000 dollars and anticipates a growth rate to break 50% more in 2011 in 2010 and attain 180,000,000,000 dollars or so, LED the investment scale of the profession attains 65,000,000,000 dollars.Global LED including SPARK was attracted to huge"cake" of local market to illuminate the overall outlet layout of well-known brand.Recently, the biggest solar energy in the world only Fu illuminate, one of the lamp manufacturer of LED, supplier and exporter, the Si Parker's optoelectronics revealed, the company has already started local outlet construction completely and laid equal stress on a pound to put°through the strategic alliance plan of"colleague's world, the outlet totally wins" outlet and seemed ready to come out of LED illuminate outlet change, the market turmoil illuminating for 2012 local LED raised prologue.

World get to run exit tycoon to lift soon an outlet strategy Chinese layout

SPARK-Shenzhen City Si Parker optoelectronics science and technology limited company underneath internationalization brand, establish in 2000.The development history of the Si Parker's optoelectronics is a development history that the Chinese bead triangle business enterprise strives to make country strong, positive if China LED illuminates the history of industry development to miniature, is the norm guide that the national government encouragement develops strategic newly arisen industry, is LED to illuminate industry race business enterprise development the reality of real strenght corroborate.Processes to°from the exit and beats and loudly internationalizes independent brand, from low cost"price war" to rely on internationalize brand and promote business enterprise core competencies, turns a modern type to the norm from the guerrilla war of "short even quick" business enterprise management, from pure of the product make and participate in the international brand luck camp change completely and pursues an accomplishment and grows up and sets up LED and illuminates industry and turns value chain layout from the initial stage and arrive "Chinese creation" from"Chinese manufacturing" and arrive "sell quantity" from"quality", the optoelectronics of Si Parker with lend the high level product the quality, take orders "quality, innovation, trustworthiness, service" value principle with physically act perfect explained the business enterprise of China LED of two big development set question:Quickly rising, the world set up.

1.2000-2005:OEM develops a stage, international quality achievement product competition ability

OEM is acculturate big production, under the great cooperation trend of LED illuminate a business enterprise the road of market in early days, is also a resources rationalization of one of the effective paths.Our country LED illuminate the industry develop earlier period, according to enlargement the business enterprise own a resources at innovate the allocation of ability, possibly decrease in the devotion of fixed assets, in expanding global market, the Si Parker's optoelectronics chose in early days regard OEM as principle of five years"the technique precipitated" developed strategy.

In pursuit of high level quality completes a technique to precipitate.The business enterprise was established, the Si Parker's optoelectronics namely settled the iron Lyu of "the trustworthiness establishes a career, the quality overcomes".Illuminate profession in local LED, the optoelectronics of Si Parker develops first stage to continuously pass a science and technology innovation, productivity construction and manufacturing in the business enterprise system, quality management and point production and examination the equipments usher in, product line extension etc. business enterprise improvement, again and again acquire global market favor, create and kept the optoelectronics of Si Parker at the exit and process, stick the competitive advantage of the card etc. realm.Close 2005, from LED illuminate the product maritime customs export the data shows the optoelectronics of Si Parker with lend to lead inside the industry of high level quality, good sex product of price ratio and abundant structure, acquired the extensive approbation that global LED illuminates industry, the product sold Chinese mainland and the harbor mesa area, Southeast Asia, Korea and North America and Europe, global market the occupancy illuminate profession to come out in front in local LED and well showed the quality real strenght that the optoelectronics of Si Parker illuminates realm in global LED.

2.2005-2008:ODM develops a stage and lead science and technology achievement innovation competition ability

For LED lamp but speech, leading the science and technology and high level quality is a business enterprise first Life Line!After groping for of the last few years and experience and training, global LED's illuminating a market has already got into the speedway of development and welcome the explosion period of profession development.Accompany with the development of high speed, at the stability, global market OEM's tending of order's the profession of vehemence competes also immediately but living, the Si Parker's optoelectronics relies on the deep cognition to the global market and forward-looking strategic angle of view and ask for help of to lead science and technology and high level quality lighting ODM the realm outshine others at global LED and become global biggest solar energy light one of the Fu lighting, lamp manufacturer of LED, supplier and exporter.

Analyze the science and technology, high level quality of leading of the Si Parker's optoelectronics back, have much heavy international of quality assurance and science and technology development system support, these high standard is the high level quality of the Si Parker's optoelectronics and lead science and technology to protect to drive to escort, is also the optoelectronics of Si Parker at obtain the Jiao accomplishment of the person and the importance of the high level public praise for the last few years because of!

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