Sunday, October 16, 2011

panel grade evaluates

The importance of the solar panel grade evaluates
The residence solar energy systems all have the different electric voltage, power and ability the effect grade, all of a lot of parameter grades of solar panels are techniques level of, the inconvenient customer makes reference to, however some grades of keys can the in aid of customer choose a price true efficiency again tall light Fu system.

Most often drive solar panel the manufacturer use to draw on a customer of is ability effect grade, it means to arrive the sun light and conversion of solar panel the comparison of the sun light of electric power.This looking is an easy formula, but in fact the ability effect of solar panel is also subjected to a lot of environment factors influence, for example the battery knothole inclination degree and air temperature etc..

For building up a grade of standard, the solar energy manufacturer adopted the standard test condition(STC) of assessing the battery plank ability effect, including united sunlight, angle, air mass and temperature condition.Now the ability effect of solar panel mainly at 13% arrive of 18%.

The STC grade is assessed by himself[herself] by the manufacturer of solar panel.A lot of states in the United States all request a factory house to become available in the market to go forward to go an independent test in the battery plank.American light Fu standard test(PTC) grade of standard more strict, under the same condition can be a lot of different solar panel ratings.PTC grade's assessing unit is a watt.For example, the solar panel possibility of a 190 Ws is reviewed to 172 grades.Gao Neng Xiao's solar panel price is usually higher.

The solar panel can use for 25-30 years, even more long, but it ability effect but will descend along with time.Solar panel manufacturer general the system power output's that provide a certain comparison promise.Promise that expecting is more long, the power exportation comparison for promising is more high and means this solar panel system is more enduring.Expecting 80% to output power to promise for 20 years is very good, but expects 90% output power to have then for 25 years better assurance.

The electric voltage of solar panel is also each different.Proceed from safety consideration, some people may compare the grade of opening a new road the electric voltage.In fact and only the electric current equipments in the Fu system is limited, the short-circuit circumstance generally doesn't constitute light Fu the safety of the system Be concealed to suffer from.Some solar panels have the attestation that the American underwriter experiments, this is a better index sign of product safety.

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