Tuesday, October 25, 2011

LED profession

The sparse soil price soars the influence to the LED profession my search fox
In the first half of 2011, the madness soars of the product not only have a garlic, and Chinese herbal medicine, but also have the sparse soil to may compare "gold" price now.2011 is 7 beginning of the months, the Gan state sparse soil company oxidizes the price of Te to come to a 23,000,000 dollars|ton;The offer that oxidizes You is 30,000,000 dollars|ton;The price that oxidizes Di also comes to a 14,800,000 dollars|ton.Compare before half year, the price of these sparse soils soars range to be up to 13,000,000 dollars~27,000,000 dollars, its growth range makes a person suddenly tongue.

Still the Pu consults electronics profession analyst point out, investigate its price crazy rise reason, the store stir-fries to make is on the other hand, another important aspect is national two years, pedestal a series policy concerning sparse soil.In April, 2009, the national territory resources department releases 《the sparse soil mineral mine a total amount control index sign 》, will lower a local sparse local product ability further.At the same year November, the work believes a set 《2009-2015 years the sparse soil industrial development programming 》, put forward restriction our country the exit of the sparse soil profession.In May, 2010, the work letter department released 《the sparse soil profession is quasi- into the condition 》.(ask for an opinion draft)At the same year September, State Department announcement 《concerning help the business enterprise to annex reorganization of opinion 》, the first time takes sparse soil into point the profession annex the list of reorganization.In February, 2011, the environmental protection department releases 《sparse soil industrial pollutant exhaustion standard 》, raise sparse soil profession quasi- go into threshold.In May, 2011, State Department releases 《State Department concerning help the sparse soil profession to continuously healthily develop of some opinions 》, the aim is promoting profession healthy to develop.

According to still the Pu consult to release of 《the 2010-2013 the middle of the years, country led product market analysis and investment earnings analyze a report 》middle finger, the sparse soil is important strategic data extensively Be applied to professions, such as chemical engineering, machine, metallurgy, petroleum and glass...etc..The sparse soil is a necessary original material in the LED's profession and use in the world nowadays of economize on energy the light source big parts to all have something to do with it, use the most as sparse soil among them three radicle color fluorescent lamp.Sparse soil three radicle color economy energy lights and common incandescent lamp compare, the stanza electricity rate is up to 80%, not easy result in pollution of the environment, color bad small, is an ideal green lighting nowadays.

BE strongly promoting today that the development economy energy reduces a row, green lighting, the soaring of sparse soil price of article by all means brings certain influence to LED profession.As the direct downstream of sparse soil profession, the production factory house of three radicle color fluorescence powders is at most subjected to influence.The price of sparse soil anticipates a rising, causes a lot of manufacturers doing not wish to make moves and causes parts of factory house's ceasing work because of canning not buying fluorescence powder.

In the meantime, soaring of economy energy light price of article also in the reason.But to those in the economy energy light expansion item top in March object business enterprise to say, is more misery, because current economy energy light cost already now not its ratio, in the mark business enterprise face a huge sum of risk of the deficiency.(Still the Pu consults)

Recently, although the sparse soil price has the fall trend, the in many ways sparse soil production factory house start taking action to just protect is very not easy to rise of"silver price", wrapping the steel sparse soil is also send out to declare October, 201119 stop productions sparse soil promise sparse soil for a month of price, LED the profession still haven't small pressure on the cost.

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