Sunday, October 30, 2011

led lighting design

LED drives the power
Brief introduction:

LED drives the power is converts the power supply for the particular electric voltage electric current with drive the LED gives out light of the electric voltage convert a machine, usually under the circumstance:LED drives the importation of the power to include high pressure work repeatedly exchanges(namely city electricity), low-pressure direct current, high pressure direct current, low-pressure Gao repeatedly communicate(like the exportation of electronics transformer) etc..But LED drive the exportation of the power then the great majority for can be settling an electric current source to the Heng that presses to decline value variety but changes electric voltage with LED.


The characteristic request that drives the power with electricity rule and LED according to the charged barbed wire net, want when the choice and design LED drives the power in consideration of following what time:

1.high credibility
Specially be like LED driving of street lamp the power, pack Gao Kong, maintaining is inconvenient and maintains of the cost is also big.

LED economizes on energy a product and drives the efficiency of the power to have to be high.Install in the structure in the lamp to the power, is importance.LED gives out light an efficiency along with the going up of LED temperature but descends, so LED spreads hot count for much.Efficiency Gao of the power,LED street lamp product its loss power is small and have fever quantity in the lamp small, also lowered Wen Sheng of lamp.Beneficial to the light Shuai that defers LED.

3.high power factor
The power factor is charged barbed wire net's request for load.General 70 tile as follows of use an electric appliances, there is no compulsive sex index sign.Although the influence that is a little bit lower to the charged barbed wire nets with the electric appliances power factor of the power not big single isn't big,everyone is light-on in the evening, the same kind load is too concentrated, will bring about more serious pollution on charged barbed wire net.For 30 tiles~LED of 40 tiles drive the power, it is said that near future, probably will have certain index sign request to the power factor. a way
Go through now of have 2 kinds:One is a constant pressure source to be provided for several Hengs to flow source, each Heng flows a source alone the power supply is to each road LED.This way, combine vivid, all the way LED break down, don't influence the work of other LEDs, but the cost will be slightly a little higher.Another is the direct Heng flows power supply, LED establishes or merges movement.Its advantage isn't the cost is a little bit lower, but the vivid is bad and also needs to solve a certain LED breakdown, do influence the problem of other LED movements.These two kinds of forms, in a period of time keep both.Many road Hengs flow to output a power supply method, will be better in the cost and the function.It is a probably later essential direction.

5.the wave flow out a protection
The ability that the LED anti- wave flows out is worse, especially the anti- is anti- to the electric voltage ability.The protection that strengthens this aspect is also very important.Some LED lights pack outdoors, such as LED street lamp.Because the Qi of charged barbed wire net load jilts and strikes by lightning of respond, will invade from the charged barbed wire net system various wave flows out, some waves flow out the damage that will cause LED.Therefore LED drives the power to have already repressed the incursion that the wave flows out and protect LED not drive the ability for damaging.

6.protect function
In addition to the protection function of normal regulations the power, it is negative to had better flow to increase LED in the exportation temperature in the Heng feedback,LED tests foundation once keep LED from temperature Gao.
Gearing type outside the lamp, the power structure has to be waterproof and defends tide, the outer shell wants to bear to bask. the life span of the power and went with LED life span to go together with.

9.want to meet Anne's rules and electromagnetism and the request for permitting.

Is extensive day by day along with the LED application, LED drives the function of the power to more and more suit a LED request.

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