Monday, October 10, 2011

enterprise enthusiasm

LED investment in enterprise enthusiasm doesn't reduce
"The Tuo nation share draws up to throw 380,000,000 to set up optoelectronics industry a park, virtuous Hao smooth reach the desire hit 3,000,000,000 to set up the biggest LED in mainland to pack a base, thunder Man optoelectronics desire hurl over 150,000,000 set up high level LED production line, share in the sky is infatuated don't change 360,000,000 to invest LED of item, the purple crystal optoelectronics draws up to throw 2,900,000,000 to produce blue precious stone crystal in Xinjiang, the optoelectronics of Can Yang orders four sets production LED to outside postpone a slice of MOCVD equipments, the Zhong Kai programs 6.22 square kilometers to create LED industry park, martial Long:2,100,000,000 LED the industry item begins to work construction, Shi Ke acquires capital increase especially 180,000,000 LED the industry development increases soon, the coal Qi throws 1,000,000,000 to across enough LED, the blue precious stone Chen bottom item breaks ground to begin to work, wave tide China simply always investing the Yi optoelectronics industry base of facing of 750,000,000 dollars construction to be finished in 2011 MOCVD equipments 60% take delivery of goods to mainland market ……"

Rough collections descend about two months of some invest a fever concerning the LED industry, move then count 1,000,000,000 investment items aren't a few, two investment heats of months are two years of LED industry to invest hot 1 to miniature.

MOCVD in great quantities gets into domestic
As for upper stream investment heat we can see from some datas, local LED the degree of the upper stream investment in enterprise, Taiwanese think factory Digitimes releases on September 19 of report suggest, because of LED television market demands the growth slows down, the Korea LED productivity utilization is lower than 50% and make LG Korea and three stars postponed MOCVD(LED outside postpones a slice of production equipments) equipments of enter goods, share MOCVD of this year to take delivery of goods quantity to descend to 10%, but MOCVD take delivery of goods to mainland market 60%, Taiwan region has 23%.The Digitimes analyst points out that in 2012 LED chip price together ratio next adjust 20% or so, will make LED illuminated price of article to descend to adjust further.Then, replacing LED of 40 Ws the flowing of lamp bulb is clear count attain at least 450 flow clear above.

This year 1-7 months, the equipments of China MOCVD increases more than 200 sets and anticipates 2012, China LED chip productivity will be 10 times of 2010.The equipments of China MOCVD is more than 500 sets currently and calculate top at set up of 96 items, the total number of sets reach more than 1600 sets.

The productivity excess market allows of no optimistic
First half year of whole price of article on the industry chain inside the country is significant to descend, local LED industry already present stage invest severity to lead hot appearance.BE exactly under this circumstance, appeared a kind of noise of shouting, LED productivity excess how reply, according to understanding, a lot of local LEDs illuminate the business enterprise has already controled small power chip currently technique, but big power LED the lighting outward postpones material to contain high request, at under the background like this, the Chinese business enterprise wants to think the upper stream industry to divide in the chain in LED a cup thick soup is very difficult, only a small parts of business enterprises can in the middle of clipping and sewing existence.

The market of LED is quasi- lower into the threshold, the beginning starts to invest 100,000,000 dollars and then can set up factory and make everywhere in succession last LED horse's item, and not a few have never set foot in LED before the listed company of the industry also in succession join among them, explain from other capitals will infuse into LED in the near future, the LED investment heat has already increased don't reduce.

According to expert analytical, the LED fire explodes of situation's seeming to be some is similar to the LCD front-panel with before much crystal Huo.From started work construction and plan to constucted an item statistics to see currently, the LED productivity overdrew future at least 3-5 market demands.A great deal of LED item will highlight LED after being built up the industry isn't concentrated, the productivity excess, market have no preface to compete, the talented person lack etc. tough problem.

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