Tuesday, November 8, 2011

LED illuminates a chip set

The initial high performance Huo project supplier that Be applied to the electronics product of Gao Neng Xiao Anne Sen beautiful semi-conductor(ON Semiconductor, the American Na Si reaches a gram to become available in the market code:ONNN)release two styles of new LED actuators, help a design the personnel Be excellent to turn the project that they used for car, industry and in general use lighting's applying.
The Anne Sen the beautiful semi-conductor new NCL30051 power factor corrects(PFC) off-line type LED the actuator is only adjustable with new NCL30160 the Heng flow to decline to press LED an actuator to match and be subjected to limit and pay attention to a Gao Neng Xiao's Gao Liang Du's LED actuator application to provide the best project for the space.
The NCL30051 is the power integrated circuit(IC) of a style of appropriation LED, can press the direct current-direct current(DC-DC) conversion machine for declining|LED the actuator(like NCL30160) provide Heng settle electric voltage.This spare part integrated one critical controller and a half bridge Xie conducting electricity mode(CrM) PFC flaps controller, and inside place 600 Fus(V) actuator, aim at the off-line power application carried on excellent turn, had all realizations of Gao Neng Xiao and small shape factor design the characteristic needed.The half bridge segment of NCL30051 adopts a fixed frequency work.This spare part passes the exportation electric voltage of regulating the PFC segment come steady the road press, and integrating feedback wreath opens a new road a protection, add PFC again to lead to press and owe to press an examination mechanism, and can be tallest to set to 75 kilohertzs(kHz) of the adjustable stanza frequency flap to concuss a machine.
The NCL30160 is that a style of switch used for big power LED is steady to press a machine, the adoption settles electric voltage to lower electric voltage according to the Heng provided by the power of the NCL30051 and provides Heng to settle electric current for LED string thus.Pass to make use of only 55 milli- Europes(m?)Of low lead a resistance of internal MOSFET and share the ability of getting empty the comparing by 100%, can provide an ability effect to be up to 98% projects.This Heng's flowing a spare part is worked with the importation electric voltage scope with 6.3-40 Vs, is industry and car to apply the best project.Tallest high switch frequency of 1,400,000,000,000 Hertzs(MHz) makes design the personnel can adopt smaller external component, the help reduces the circuit board size to the least and the cost to decline to lowest.The NCL30160 includes slow control characteristic, the period provides a rapid response in a sudden in the load and reduce the small scaled signal control wreath road repair component.The protection characteristic includes to set LED electric current, LED short-circuit proof, owe to press to target with electric resistance and hot close.
The Anne Sen beautiful semi-conductor computes and consumes the product department deluxe deputy governor Sung a life time glory(Bill Schromm) to say:"NCL30051 and NCP30160 ICs together match a work, with at least the external component simplification the power electric circuit design needed.This kind of structure makes the chip set able to integrate at more tightly packed and higher sex price compares of LED illuminate the power in, used for outdoor illuminate(like street light, parking lot light) and car illuminate etc. in general use lighting application."
The work crunode temperature scope of NCL30051 and NCL30160 distinguishes for-40?The C goes to+150?C and-55?The C goes to+125?

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