Sunday, June 17, 2012

LED is a circling

Enterprises to be full of worries, the price of LED is a circling the hom. As to hinder LED promotion is the most important factor,LED Floodlight the high price such both energy-saving and environmentally friendly new lighting in the civilian market. According to insiders, LDE lamps with sapphire as a chip substrate, conductive and use gold, has the sufficient reason to become" aristocratic lamps".
In order to Philips product as an example, a reporter from the Amazon site to see, ordinary25W incandescent bulbs generally at2 yuan a, whereas the equivalent25W the brightness of incandescent lamp bulb3W highlight LED, price has reached 49 yuan, latter is former 24times.
" This price in China is difficult to be accepted. 6cents of electricity, spent big price to buy back the LED lamp, how long will it take to make this post province back?" FSL (000541, shares ) Lighting Association Secretary-General Zhang Hua told reporters," the LED civil lighting, do most still flashlight and desk lamp, the two prices are not more expensive than ordinary."
For LED lamps prices high status, on Shun lighting in this exhibition launched a special version of the 7W LED bulb lamp, three for only one hundred yuan. Lamps using innovative PowerXplore drive and system integration technology, power conversion efficiency up to 92%, can replace the traditional40W incandescent bulbs.
" This lamp can basically meet the needs of domestic function and quality,LED spot light dab4d53ck is the focus of the price is right. The reason why we have to balance the quality and price, the purpose is to promote the civil market energy-saving lighting. Do ordinary consumers can accept the price, and guarantee its quality, this is our R & D core." On Shun lighting CEO Sun Jianning said in an interview.
LED as a first-line brand, on Shun wish to record low price promotion7W bulb lamp, but thirty yuan, a price is still more than a few dollars a bulb of your many, ordinary consumers recognition have great differences. In the LED curtain wall industry Mr. Qin on LED lamps awareness is very clear," my family is directly from the transition to LED lamp incandescent lamp. The price is a bit expensive, but according to the service life of five or six years to calculate, or cost-effective. Long life, energy saving. Thirty yuan a word, is indeed cheap."
While living in Shanghai Baoshan District Shen told reporters, the brightness of 40W, thirty yuan a price is still a little difficult to accept, in the home used fluorescent tubes, a most also with respect to seven or eight yuan of money, suddenly changed into never heard of LED light bulbs, and cumbersome and expensive. She only used LED lamp, LED products can not be assured.
Zhang Hua thinks, in the use of batteries or rechargeable batteries in the flashlight, LED energy saving characteristics can be fully demonstrated. As for the LED lamp,LED Spotlight Lamp LED" eye" function of publicity is a good selling point. If you can fill the LED product publicity and public perception gap, perhaps civil promotion will be more smooth.

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