Monday, June 25, 2012

LED: huge profits also has secret worry

In recent years, Weifang city each district outdoor LED large screen such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as erected, Ambilight rolling advertisement, to brighten up the urban landscape.coriolus versicolor However, it has a lot of pedestrians complain: Road on both sides of the big screen light was dazzling, effect and driving safety at night. Recently, the reporter contacted Weifang several major LED several large outdoor screen investment institutions, for the Weifang LED large screen conducted a survey of the status quo.

LED become the advertising rookie ten screen through downtown

Located in the Weifang department store LED outdoor advertising screen, covering the West victory and peace road intersection. The LED screen business person in charge Mr. Zhang told reporters, outdoor LED large screen is profitable, mainly on the lot," if the lot is good, LED large screen is filled with, also does not earn much money."LED Lighting manufacturer dab4d55ck And store the12m*8m outdoor large screen, it is because of the geographical location, investment in advertising price than other lots to your.

LED large outdoor advertisement screen charges, usually by every seconds and rolling times to calculate, but LED's advertising also valuable. Mr Cheung told reporters, Weifang department store to the big screen in accordance with the rolling frequency charge, there are three cases. The first is to play 15seconds, every play 80 times a month, the advertising costs about 16800 yuan,201600 yuan a year. Second is a10 second advertisement, broadcast every day40 times, every months of advertisement cost about 6000 yuan,72000 yuan a year.

The last one is5 seconds of small advertisement, broadcast every day20 times, every months of advertisement cost about 1600 yuan,19200 yuan a year. Mr. Zhang said to give customers a certain concessions.

Wang Shuai is a Chinese advertising company's staff, he is also responsible for Taihua City Holiday Plaza and the center square of 2 blocks of LED outdoor large screen in the capital, he said, in 2011August, Teva mall and Chinese advertising company is collective and contributive, and spent nearly about 1800000with the two big screen.

The reporter consulted the city service staff,baby wholesale clothing in Weifang, LED large advertising screen mainly in High-tech Zone, Kuiwei district and Weicheng District, a total of more than 10large screen

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