Sunday, June 10, 2012

LED industry is much more lively

LED industry is much more lively? This can be seen from the weekend Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition Frankfurt limited company to sponsor," the world's largest lighting exhibition " reputation of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition official figures reflected: lighting exhibition brings together more than 2600 exhibitors,A19 LED Light Bulb covering the21 exhibition,dab4d52ck a total area of 220000square meters, more than100000 spectators approach.

However, the reporter in the lighting show interview process to understand, lively LED industry is brewing a new round of elimination of war, a large number of competitive, blind investment and small LED enterprise is faced with shuffle out of destiny.

Tsinghua Tongfang vice president Wang Lianghai at the Guangzhou international lighting exhibition booth accepted the interview, nearly10000LED enterprises, famous brands but dozens of," the brand enterprises occupy the commercial lighting for more than 90% market share", Wang Lianghai pointed out, some brands of LED company at Jerry to impact with low price the market, the industry had a negative impact," to the current cost, less than 30 yuan LED product basically".
In addition to domestic LED brand enterprises, in fact, more and more global illumination giants in the Chinese market to increase investment.
Shuffle the high voice

Philips Lighting to " the largest exhibitors participated in" this year Guangzhou Lighting Fair, Guangzhou Lighting Fair attached behind, Philips Lighting is on China's Asia lighting market confidence, Philips Lighting announced last week in China 300th fashion lighting shop in Guangzhou horse home furnishing.

Panasonic revealed, Panasonic plans will be lighting stand-up and lighting solutions business into China market. By 2015, Panasonic lighting store number will increase to5000, and actively promote the LED bulb is listed to promote the work of.

Huizhou Yuan Hui Au Optronics Co China area marketing manager Lv Weidong said, the first-line brand access to small business caused great impact, the second half of the year is expected to have about 20% of the LED enterprises are facing the test of life and death.

" International tycoon and are listed domestic LED enterprises will become the dominant shuffle," Guangzhou International Lighting Fair founder Dr. Pan Wenbo said, according to estimation, at present domestic LED business about 8000, in the " small and scattered" state. The industry to shuffle through rectifying the order of development of industry has been a very high voice. In fact, shuffling the undercurrent is also the industry emerges move, from last year,ipazzport bluetooth keyboard will continue to have LED business event at.

In fact, this year 2600exhibitors still the number is huge, but with a2900volume is reduced compared to12%, show the enterprise to enhance the degree of concentration, industry reshuffle is beginning.

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