Sunday, July 29, 2012

Transformation of LED lighting

There is a $400000000 debt in Shenzhen, apple paid $60000000 for iPad trademark disputes settlement expenses may be an utterly inadequate measure. Now, as a director of the group's founder Yang Rongshan was busy with other things: reforming the mountains and rivers, into a new field of energy.
Yesterday,web camera wholesaler dab4d61ck Yang Rongshan on the " First Financial Daily " reporters, at present only coronal group has received from a number of domestic and foreign investment amount billion yuan investment, set up a new subsidiary, to LED lighting and biomass and other new energy field transformation.
Yang Rongshan says, at present the new company already established outside, the domestic related enterprises are in the pipeline.
In fact, the only crown group a few years ago in LED lighting somewhat layout. Public data shows, 2008, the only crown group had invested $15500000 in Shenzhen to set up a company called EMC photoelectric lighting ( Shenzhen) Limited a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, mainly to do product R & D, design, production, sales and installation in one of the LED lighting business. In 2010, a group of Wuhan Proview Ltd and Wuhan Xing crown electronic limited company also began production and sales Photoelectric LED lighting products. But with the 2010 Yang Rongshan by Hongkong superior court bankruptcy, company stock suspension, the Related Companies to suspend the business.
Yang Rongshan said, the new company will be a former director of group in Wuhan LED production base,office furniture desk neize225dw annual production capacity is expected in 5000000 lights.
But only the coronal group is another field layout is with straw, waste biomass consisting mainly of the new field of energy, for commercial lighting to the municipal lighting extension. Yang Rongshan said, the new company will with home some related equipment manufacturers, and the use of foreign investors' cooperation channels to enter the international market.
Talk about future earnings expectations, Yang Rongshan says, LED lighting and biomass power project two investment period is shorter, mainly in production, marketing power. The only winner of the domestic investors and partners are more familiar with the domestic channels, foreign channels on one hand rely on overseas investment channels of cooperation, and previously director of overseas market wholesale, retail channel will also play a role in.
He expected, the two project profit cycle is not too long. " Conservative, a quarter to two will generate profit. "
The market also will be left to the director of many opportunities? Perhaps the remains to be time answer. But when asked about the future development of enterprises, if successful, will to pay Shenzhen $400000000 in debt, Yang Rongshan's attitude has become some " ambiguous ".
He tells a reporter, the new company is the only crown group under a new business, and after getting into debt disputes in Shenzhen do not have a relation, also without the burden of Shenzhen 's debt. But Yang Rongshan quickly changed the subject, called " the current unsatisfactory ( Shenzhen ) the creditor, hope in the future business development momentum is good,office furniture manufacturer have the opportunity to do return ".


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