Monday, July 9, 2012

LED light bulb function new design

1. LED light bulb for only the characteristics of lighting effect, Kathy devised a series of Europe LED light bulb,online ups manufacturerdab4d58ck it not only have lighting effect,

K the light bulb (2 a) and have adornment effect.

2. Traditional LED light bulb lighting direction is fixed, and Kathy's new design a can turn any Angle light bulb, and the state invention patent.

Led bulbs small volume weight, can choose different combination of light color led into illumination soft various modules, any installation in the bedroom, the bedroom lighting lamps light source may result from the ground, metope, window, furniture and decorations.

Therefore, the future will no longer limited to bedroom illume a single lamps and lanterns, and will by single lamps lighting into no lighting appliance feeling the whole lighting effect of the pressing. Different light color and brightness to the person's physiology and psychology can produce different effect, people in many cases don't need very bright white light,PAR 38 LED may yellow or other color of light more suitable for physiological and psychological needs.

Three colors LED can realize the brightness, gray, color of the continuous transformation and choose, make lighting from in general for a variety of white light expansion color of light.

Therefore, people can according to overall lighting needs (such as color, brightness and direction, temperature, etc) to set the lighting effect, realizing the humanized intelligent control, create a different indoor illume result.

Even if the bedroom only LED ceiling and glowing metope, people can also according to their respective requirements, the scene, as well as to the environment and different understanding of life, in different space and time of choice and control the brightness of the light, gray, webber manufacturer neize225dwcolor changes, the simulation of all kinds of the light environment to guide, improve mood, reflect more human lighting environment.